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  1. Lol I do because I read what you wrote.
  2. Backup QB Vet CB Begin the quest for a legit FB
  3. For the love of god draft a kicker with 207. I can't take another Ficken year.
  4. Lol ok now this is getting insane. I could defend the past 4, not this one. Should have drafted Mason at the bottom of the 5th, there were better options than Echols.
  5. Well it's not. 1 LB 1 Outside CB 1 Slot CB 1 S/LB Our secondary sucked last year and we have no linebackers. These are solid dart throws this late.
  6. Yeah I totally appreciate dart throws at outside/nickel corner and OLB with what seem to be high character guys. Now make my dreams come true and draft a fullback and a kicker in the next round. Edit: God damn you Ravens.
  7. We didn't need to draft Brevin Jordan because we already have the same guy from the same school in Chris Herndon.
  8. Do it JD: 4. Jabril Cox, OLB, LSU 4. Jordan Smith, EDGE, UAB 5. Larnel Coleman, OT, UMASS 5. Larry Rountree, RB, Missouri 6. Jose Borregales, K, Miami 6. Ben Mason, FB, Michigan
  9. "Hey CanadienJetsFan, your mom really looks like the type that I could dump a bunch of loads in." Is your first response: "YES! Finally someone tellin' it like it is." or "Oh no that's ******* gross, I'm going to punch that a$$hole. For real? He said that on the radio?" You can still rail against political correctness and admit Carton is a d bag.
  10. We have no outside linebackers on this team. It's one of the biggest needs we have.
  11. You realize good players fall out of the first round....EVERY YEAR right?
  12. We also tried to sign Keanu Neal this offseason to play WILL backer in a 4-3, so it's not insane to think that we would use JOK in the same way in Saleh's defense/the team sees this as a clear need.
  13. Ya he is. Deion Jones plays in the 220s. If we're blown away with a trade offer, by all means, take it. But if we stay, he's the most logical pick for us.
  14. Gesicki destroys us in every game too so it's a longstanding problem. As much as I lean toward Teven Jenkins, I feel like the Jets can find someone to sit for a year in Rounds 4-6 and take over for Fant next year. As much as I want a CB, I'm not jazzed about any of these 2nd round guys. Sign Steven Nelson/Poole and roll with the young guys. As much as I want WR, I think you're better served just picking a speed guy in the 4th to complement the existing group. JOK is an instant starter and a massive improvement for the whole unit. Sign me up.
  15. The stupidity was drafting Darron Lee to be a 3-4 ILB. He was TINY for a 3-4. JOK is ideal size for a 4-3. JOK is a prototypical 4-3 OLB. We don't have any of those.
  16. NE is back to running 2 TE sets. We need LBs who can cover. Unless they really love one of the WR prospects, it's a no brainer
  17. The griping about the Morgan pick is truly insane around these parts. When are you guys going to realize that we were so devoid of talent going into the draft last year, basic things that good teams plan for (cheap backup QBs, RBs, a reliable punter) were nowhere to be found on this roster. We all want instant starters, but there is no "middle class" on this roster, you know, guys who fill out the roster on their second contracts. The guys Mac should have hit on that are now mostly out of the league. I didn't see a lot of boom or bust from JD's first draft, he was mostly looki
  18. Not bad! Need another interior lineman prospect in there, but otherwise this is pretty solid. I'd love to draft Ben Mason at FB if possible - local kid from Newtown, CT.
  19. As much as I've disparaged the "all offense at all costs" crew, 2 defensive players in the first 3 would be a massive mistake. If the Jets want to pick a CB high, I'm all for it given how awful that position looks right now. For that matter, given how stacked our Dline is now, we probably need 4-3 LBs who can cover more than edge guys. I'd be ok with a defensive guy in the top few rounds, but C/G, RT, WR, TE, RB is where they really need to do the most work this draft.
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