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  1. Look at this goddamn Grey Cup winning hero (Chris Streveler)
  2. I'd laugh at their expense, but I just looked at the Jets' 2019 draft haul. Quinnen and....yuck.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks it's really dumb that our plan for LB is trotting out a group of former safeties learning new positions as our only depth behind CJ and Quincy? We can't stop the run for sh*t to begin with, now we're gonna challenge guards and tackles with safeties? It's the one thing that makes zero sense to me in Saleh's defense.
  4. The wife: "Did you just watch 3 hours of Jets propaganda?!" Yes, sadly I did.
  5. There was zero presence on this line on the interior OL that any other teams would respect before AVT arrived. That alone makes it a good trade in retrospect. The 3 seemingly serviceable depth players that came out of the trade could make it sweeter.
  6. Bruh, you are really behind on this story if that's your hot take. It gets worse with each passing day. Even Watson's lawyers weren't aware of these new accusers/allegations. And now the Texans helped facilitate some of it with hotel rooms and NDAs? Geeeeeezus. The Browns could give the middle finger to public opinion and just play him. But with each passing day, that is looking like a pipe dream.
  7. I also see us keeping 6 WRs: Garrett Wilson Elijah Moore Corey Davis Braxton Berrios Denzel Mims Jeff Smith/Irvin Charles/Calvin Jackson/Rodney Adams/Tarik Black Mims feels just as likely to nail down a spot as he is to be traded/cut, so he's #5 for now. The coaching staff seems to love Jeff Smith, so he's the incumbent the other guys need to beat out. But whoever that is, he's gotta play special teams at a competent level and have a unique skillset that diversifies the group, whether that's Irvin Charles' size or Calvin Jackson's speed as examples. Or this group could be bolstered with a post-training camp cut. Should be fascinating to see unfold.
  8. Lol this is such a weird thing to be upset about.
  9. But for real, can some journalist get an interview with Mac? The dude really needs to eat some sh*t for how abjectly terrible he was during his time here. Is he selling insurance now?
  10. Welp, draft is over. Time to get WAY too emotionally invested in UDFA signings.
  11. Can we please trade future picks to make Revis announce more picks? Dude is lit as hell
  12. Lol nah bud, I've watched every Jets draft spanning decades. And even picks that have been great value have been truly stupid in the course of the long-term outlook of the team. Look to the past 20-30 years for most examples. So again, yesterday's 1st round feels like the ONLY time over that timespan that the broader NFL world massively approves of what we did here, outside of 2006 with Brick and Mangold. We generally do not get that kind of love in post-draft analysis. Am I missing something? Is the hill you're dying on that NFL media approves of the Jets' moves every year as they just annihilate the draft annually? Clearly that's not the case.
  13. Came here to say this. Outside of the Brick/Mangold draft, the Jets have never been this universally praised for their first round as they have today.
  14. Oh ya totally, it's a next year pick. But hey, even if they roll with someone like Muma at 38, learning from Mosely for a year wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.
  15. Mosely is gone after next season when they have an out on his contract. The depth behind him and Williams are converted safeties. The cupboard is bare.
  16. The 2nd rounder has to be used on another defensive starter, be it DT or LB. Ideally after trading down a few spots. Those are the glaring holes on the roster right now. Then use the rest of the draft to get a swing tackle, running back, tight end and safety.
  17. What the hell, rest of the draft mock: 2. Chad Muma, LB 3. Kellen Diesch, OT 4. Isaiah Likely, TE 4. Thomas Booker, DT 5. Pierre Strong, RB
  18. The going rate for trading up seems to be insanely low this year. If they love JJ, the ammo is there to do it.
  19. Got the best CB and WR in the draft. Can't really be upset at this point.
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