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    2002 - winning AFC East Championship, then blowing out Colts
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    1998 AFC Championship Game
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  1. Thanks! Worked for me!!
  2. Great! Anyone know how these fit? Big, small? True to size? All my clothes are XL but according to their size chart, I’d be a Large. I can’t remember the last time I wore a large in anything! Thanks.
  3. Legend Killa7

    R e l a x

    I agree 100%. I'm just saying it was nice not be the NY team getting roasted on talk radio, in the papers, etc. it's always the Jets who get Tebow, have Rex guaranteeing a trip to the white house, having geno get punched in the face by a teammate, etc. I was just getting used to the giants being the mess, and not hearing anything "bad" about us you know?
  4. Legend Killa7

    R e l a x

    what pi$$es me off more than anything? all you have been hearing about is how bad the giants are with their idiot GM, the knicks tank and can't get the #1 pick, the Mets....well they're the Mets....and when it came to the Jets? crickets. no news is good news. and now we have this. unbelievable.
  5. Legend Killa7

    Mac fired!

    I don't have a link, but Joe and Evan just read the statement from Chris Johnson. Gase is interim GM. wow.
  6. the Jets have had 10 TEs???
  7. Where did you purchase it?
  8. it's funny because while I disagree with a lot of the Ws he gives us, I couldn't believe he had us losing to the Raiders and Bills! I mean I'm not saying they will def win those two games but to be like: "yeah Pats and Eagles are wins, but not the mighty Raiders and BIlls!"
  9. Legend Killa7

    Adam Gase press conference

    I will start to worry about Gase once he starts referring to Darnold as "that guy"...
  10. I keep looking myself. does anyone know if Nike actually makes "elite" jerseys? I keep going to their site and I see $150 limited jerseys for players like Barkley and Mayfield. you would think since they came out last year they would certainly have elite jerseys for them by now, no?
  11. Wow. I mean I’m as optimistic a Jets fan as anyone but 13-3?? Daaaamn!
  12. Legend Killa7

    Kelechi Osemele Lefkoe Show interview

    I hope so!!
  13. Legend Killa7

    New York Jets: Endgame (Hype Video)

    love it!

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