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  1. "root"? no. But I wouldn't be as pi$$ed off afterwards if it led to his retirement. Only time I ever look for Pats to win a SB is when they play the giants.
  2. if he could go back in time, he should have left after week 16 in 2015....
  3. Legend Killa7

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    me too. some of the stuff I have seen on these 55 pages about unis makes me sick. some would make me choose another team. some others would make me stop watching football all together!! LOL
  4. Legend Killa7

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I am by no means an expert on this, but correct me if I'm wrong: 1. Parcells was hired in '97, and was responsible for the change in uniforms right? 2. His first season ('97) was the regular 80s/early 90s unis. His second year we had the current unis; so basically he made the change and the very next year we had new unis. 3. From what I have read, in order to make "drastic changes" to a team's uni, said team must notify NFL 5 years in advance, correct? 4. One Jets Drive episode towards the end of the season: someone mentioned that the Jets "started this process in 2014" - exactly 5 years ago. I mean to me, if they were just going to keep the white helmets and maybe change the green color somewhat, or maybe add a little gray or black here or there, they would not be working on this for 5 years, no? (I know, I know; this is the JETS we are talking about, but still) I am expecting an overhaul myself. Rex was HC in 2014. Can't believe no one has asked him about this? If they "started the process" back then, maybe he knows something? Like what direction were they going? back to the 80s? complete overhaul? mix? God knows Rex has a big mouth and would gladly tell all! I just hope they are not God-awful ugly!!
  5. Legend Killa7

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I admit I am not paying as much attention to these college guys as some of you, but if what you wrote here is true? damn - sign me up!!
  6. Legend Killa7

    Post hysteria post.....

    already seeing things in media about Bountygate.....geez. Jets can do no right. It's friggin' amazing. 1. Jets NEED to get McC!! 2. Report comes out that McC will ONLY coach the Jets. Now word is McC SUCKS and Jets would be morons to take him. 3. Jets hire Gase. Jets are morons for not taking McC. Jets are morons for taking a guy who failed with Dolphins. 4. Jets NEED to get Williams. 5. Jets get Williams. Yeaaahhhh buuutttttt....Bountygate. so sick of it.
  7. Legend Killa7

    Colin Cowherd securely on the Bandwagon...

    wow. whether people like him or not; think he knows what he's talking about or not; it is nice to hear someone say it! Has a nice ring to it that's for sure!!
  8. Legend Killa7

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Just got "the ping" from the Jets!!! Now I can relax - IT'S OFFICIAL!! Damn this is crazy!
  9. Legend Killa7

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Listen, I get it. Schefter said it yesterday, and when that guy says something, you can bank on it. I just want "official" word from the NYJ and then I will rest easy.
  10. Legend Killa7

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    weeelllllllllll........ I'd still feel more comfortable when I get that little "ping" on my phone from the NYJ app
  11. I know what you mean. "New defensive coordinator" like it's a done deal.
  12. I know right? It's like last week with Gase. Wednesday night it's "reported" he's our coach. Next day, radio, papers, etc all talking like he is our coach, meanwhile PC was not till Monday. geez. If you look at back pages of both the News and Post, and they both are saying he "is" the DC. imagine if something happens and they can't agree on a contract and it falls through? Still waiting to get that ping on my phone from my Jets app announcing it. Amazing how they can send out like 20 notifications a day throughout the season: "ST coach PC on the app RIGHT NOW!" etc, but we have to wait days for Gase and Williams? WTF?
  13. Legend Killa7


    I hear ya, and I have now come around on the Gase hire, but part of me worries. I just hope this is not another Rex Ryan thing (except he's offense where Rex was defense). everyone said Rex was a great DC, but knew nothing about offense and that's why he failed. just hope this doesn't happen again in reverse.
  14. Legend Killa7


    I agree. And as I am listening, for all of you worried about him being "prickly" - he is not coming across that way. And as anyone who has listened to a Francesa interview knows, that is hard to do for anyone!!

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