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  1. this right here. Jets are NOT one player away. a one year rental would be stupid.
  2. Legend Killa7

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    My point is: there are plenty of BAD teams in the NFL. Teams that haven't won anything, haven't made the playoffs in forever, etc. The SOJ term is because they win games they shouldn't, and give us hope. then when they can make a run, they blow it. Case in point: 2015. Jets were 5-5 and going nowhere. then they pulled off 5 straight wins, including an OT thriller against the Pats. SOJ because they won that game and the Steelers lost theirs, so again, we had hope. all we had to do was beat the Bills. and we know how that turned out. if they lose this week, then lose to denver and Indy and Minn, etc, that's not SOJ; that's just a bad football team with a rookie QB.
  3. Legend Killa7

    What's Hardest to Watch?

    me personally? an awful offense. Rather see a game like NO v Atl yesterday than Tenn v Jax. just boring when it's a defensive battle.
  4. Legend Killa7

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    what people forget is: Same ol' Jets is not only losing games to teams like Miami and Cleveland, but also WINNING the games everyone thinks we have no shot in. i.e. Week 1 in Detroit and week 4 in Jax.... not saying they will win, but if they do, THAT would be Same ol' Jets!!
  5. Legend Killa7

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I swear...if these (American flag ones) are our uniforms next year, I will root for another team....awful.
  6. yup. and what gets lost in the result last night is that he converted a 4th and 10!!!! in crunchtime. when was the last time you saw that with the Jets?
  7. Legend Killa7

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

    really? I'm in shock. I will say - he has been very high on Darnold.
  8. Legend Killa7

    The good news is...we play JAX next week

    funny you say that. everyone always talks about "Same ol' Jets". well they always look at that as a negative, and well yeah it mostly is. but you know what else is "Same ol' Jets"? coming out and beating a team like Jax next week when we will probably be 10 point dogs. that is same ol jets. beat teams like Jax and Minn, lose to teams like Browns, Miami and Buffalo.
  9. you're right, but we needed a TD there, not a FG. You just knew the Browns were going to score on the next drive. you could feel it as they were rolling on offense.
  10. agree 100%. I was about to post this. I couldn't believe it when they showed that. and the other one, I believe was when the QB was sliding and he "hit him" with his hand in the head? Come on! at real speed, he's reaching then the QB slides. I don't know man. I think this sport is getting too soft. we better start watching under water basket weaving or something....
  11. Legend Killa7

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    it was stupid, and I hate that crap, but the Browns, on the ensuing kickoff started on the 26 instead of the 25.... yes, they COULD have started in much better FP, but they didn't. Doesn't excuse what he did, but it literally had ZERO impact on the game.
  12. Legend Killa7

    This Game Broke Me

    1. Lions game gave us hope 2. Beers. Beers all over Cleveland. and because our jets were THAT team. 3. Baker Mayfield. Seems like everyone, even the media were all ga ga about Sam. then last night had to happen. Now it's "Browns made the right decision", etc. 4. Add to that the fact that Sam did not have a good game. yes our o-line is bad. yes Quincy wouldn't even be on the giants practice squad with their receiving corp, and he's our #1. I get all that. but still, he wasn't very good. we want to see progression, and I did not see it last night. Of all these, 1-3 sting, but to me personally, #4 was the killer. If Sam had 0 TDs and 0 Ints, but passed for 250 yards and played average, and all other stats in game stayed same, I wouldn't be as devastated today.
  13. we're nervous because no one wants to be "that team" who finally lost to the Browns. and no, someone else posted on the forums that the EA tweeted that the Jets will be wearing white jerseys / green pants.
  14. Man, I hope all of these are right! I would hate for it to be "Beers on Jets"....

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