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  1. very nice, as always - thank you. I am not even trying to be funny here but did Lawson play today? I didn't see anything in any of the media tweets earlier and now nothing here either. I'm not worried, just asking. Maybe Saleh told him to take it easy today? LOL
  2. this feels eerily similar to SARs message last year proclaiming the Jets would start 5-0. and we all know how that went!
  3. not sure, but any time I see this much positivity surrounding the Jets, or a specific player, the "SOJF" in me gets real nervous! I cannot WAIT for the day those feelings go away for good....
  4. Yes, and he has used that MANY times - so it's not a typo!! and the ever popular "errand throw"!
  5. and that wasn't even the wackiest one! there was one about putting someone in a blender? huh??
  6. I agree, but to his credit, he did mention that it was 7 on 7s and that doesn't mean as much. He's right but still. He did amazing in 7 on 7s, but that is not as important as say an 11 on 11 drill.
  7. I listen to this podcast daily as well, and agree with Nimbly. Well, it doesn't bother me at all, but I agree that he could use a lozenge!
  8. well in Sam's defense, he has to get used to al these new receive.......oh wait....
  9. Nice video. You know how when you're playing Madden and the RB/WR makes these "unrealistic" cuts with this crazy speed and you think: "that just does not happen in the NFL"? that was like watching Moore in that video! Can't wait!!
  10. I tell ya: I was there today and I didn’t even see half this stuff! Nice job! Man I’m getting old. Thank God Wilson was wearing a black sleeve on his right arm, or I could not tell which one was him.
  11. Agreed. I REALLY want to see how he (and others - such as Moore) perform once they have the pads on. this is only day 1. I'm taking my son tomorrow, so I'm looking at it like this: better he gets the kinks out today, so he plays lights out tomorrow!! LOL
  12. I know DJ works for the DN, but did they have to give him the Manish seats? My God, could he be any further away?!?!
  13. now today - I care about these tweets! hopefully we don't see any "ball was only thrown more than ten yards once, and it was a pick six" tweets today re: Wilson!
  14. I guess what I forgot to mention was that this year, like 2018, we are not "expected" to make the playoffs. This isn't Sanchez in 2009 where the team is set and we are a "QB away". could we make the playoffs? sure. is it likely? probably not. so yes, if we ate 7-5 and Zach goes down, I'm with you - we are all in. but I was going with the assumption that it would be like Darnold in 2018 - we are below 0.500, not expected to go anywhere, and all we are really looking for is progress from our QB.
  15. Not a chance. Finally changing culture around here. Don’t need him and all his baggage.
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