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  1. I wonder where they go now too? At the end it did say "next week on OJD...." not "next time". leads me to believe this will be weekly? I mean last year it was supposed to be "Training camp with the NYJ" but it took off, so they added episodes. my point is: there will be an episode in 4 days, yet camp doesn't start till Wednesday. I know the rooks reported today, but no QW. maybe that'll be the episode. like last year's "The Call" episode about Qs journey to the draft? either way, I'll be watching! Oh - and you're dead on with the QB thing. it's just so nice to not have to be worrying about that! we get Bell, we get Moseley...yeah yeah yeah...we've been down this road before getting great RBs (Martin), etc. think of the '98 team - I mean they had Vinny Friggin' Testaverde!!! Imagine if Peyton actually came out of that draft and HE was the QB!!! the 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006 playoffs. we had great TEAMS, just never really THE QB....No, I'm not saying Sam is Peyton, I'm just saying maybe, just MAYBE we may finally have our guy.
  2. is he "savage in the box", like the Yanks?
  3. what the hell is Jones waiting for? the guy should be thanking his lucky stars he's making league minimum!!!
  4. yes, it switches each time. they were home in 2015; they will be home again next time in 2023.
  5. I can only speak for myself, but I agree. I have mentioned this on this very thread a few times: draft 2018, I was convinced Darnold was going #1. I was trying to pump myself up for Baker: "yeah he's really short, but it's ok"...."yeah he's a f#$%ing a$$hole, but it's ok, he'll grow up". As a long suffering Jets fan I am just SO SICK AND TIRED of having to defend the "bad character" guys the Jets always used to bring in here. driving 100 mph while high, and a kid in the backseat with a friggin gun in the car....starting QB who gets punched in the face BY HIS TEAMMATE over a small amount of $$$. etc etc etc Just sick of it! Is this Baker stuff the end of the world? no. certainly not for the Browns, but I would be in the fetal position right now if he was our QB and doing this crap.
  6. No bigger a-hole in the world than a New York “football” giants fan. Just a fact. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. well I didn't want to say that with all the Baker lovers on this forum, but I think we can all agree Baker had/has a MUCH better offense than Sam had here. so there is NO WAY he was going to do better here than he did there. I just gave the best case scenario, and even in that scenario (8-8) I would be cringing right now having him chirping all the time.
  8. well yeah but even if he did the same - what did he go 7-7 during games he started? so say he was with Jets and we went 8-8 AND he was talking all this crap? oh man I'm getting REXingitus again....
  9. they should have a "take a dump on NY giants fans day"
  10. this. I can understand the Browns fans hating on Darnold, because they COULD have had him; or us hating on Josh Allen for the same reason. but makes no sense for us to hate on Mayfield - for his on field performance- because he was not available to us. dead issue. now this off field crap - another story. I'm sure a lot of Jets fans were thinking (like I was) that Sam would go #1, and that we would get Mayfield. I know I was trying to talk myself into it: "I know he's a total a$$hole, but he'll grow up" etc etc. and seeing stuff like this, I think "man, we dodged a bullet!"
  11. me too. not the eagles part but father, brother, sister all giants fans. and subsequently, brother in law #1, brother in law #2, and basically cousins from my wife's family - all giants fans. fun times....
  12. I sometimes think you just like to "pick on Darnold" but this is a very well thought out post. Lot of good points. hey - hopefully he makes "the jump" this year!!
  13. Giants fans weren’t happy with Mayfield’s comments and fired back at him on Twitter. Haha he just can't help himself... keeps stirring the pot... This team has disaster written all over it God knows I HATE the giants, and especially their fans, so to a certain extent, I agree with Mayfield. this is kind of a win-win to me. anything negative to/about the giants is a plus, and again I feel we dodged a bullet with this guy being drafted by the Browns. I can't even imagine if he was here and saying this crap about the giants! it would be like Rex 2.0! Yeah let me write a book about how the Jets will be the best NY team for the next 10 years and then the idiots win the SB the very next year. Thanks Rex!! I have said it on this thread many a time - nothing personal against Baker. he was picked #1, so Jets had no shot at him, so there is no "jealousy", but man we do not need this crap. Could you even imagine Darnold saying anything close to the things that come out of this guy's mouth? now maybe Baker backs it up, wins a SB, etc. fine then chirp all you want, but this whole yapping your mouth when you have done nothing is exhausting as a Jets fan, and I for one am sick of it. Glad we have a "Derek Jeter" type who can lead by example and keep his mouth shut.
  14. anyone else find it funny we have a "peace frog" debating a "war fish"? Only Jetnation....

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