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    2002 - winning AFC East Championship, then blowing out Colts
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    1998 AFC Championship Game
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  1. Legend Killa7

    Was today the best possible outcome for Sam?

    exactly! I was saying this to all my Jets fans yesterday: this was the BEST possible scenario. just IMAGINE if Sam had started yesterday and this happened!!! Oh man everyone would be ready to dump him. at least now we know this is not Sam's fault. even the vet could do nothing yesterday! I feel so much better about Sam now. now we just need them to get rid of Bowles and Bates, and use that $$$ wisely!!
  2. Legend Killa7

    Man you guys are reactionary

    THIS I agree with. The OP is right though: people are WAAAY to over reactionary!!! I definitely do not want him to get hurt, and if he is hurt badly enough, fine sit him. But if he sits, I honestly won't watch the game. this year has always been about his progression. if he's not in there playing, no reason to care. a lot of these guys probably won't even be here next year anyway.
  3. Legend Killa7

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    yes. easily. everyone else has. what do they have an average of 10 points per game or something? Please.
  4. Legend Killa7

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    yeah because SAM is the reason the Jets won't win the SB this year. this is now like last year all over again. Root for Jets to lose until Sam comes back. If McCown truly starts, I won't even watch.
  5. if 5 years from now we are looking at this kid like Geno or Sanchize, I think this will finally break me. Not sure how much more I can take.....
  6. Legend Killa7

    TOP 10 Worst Jet Losses of All Time

    #2 and #9 were particularly devastating for me. I just sat in my chair for like 3 hrs after the AFC champ game against Denver. didn't say a word. THAT was the SB as an easy game against a Falcons team we had already crushed awaited. and 2011 game against giants. ugh. Christmas Eve and I was about to go spend it with my family - ALL giants fans. worst Christmas ever.
  7. Legend Killa7

    Ryan Tannehill ruled out; quick thoughts.

    THIS is what makes the Jets the Jets. Jets are not this awful 1-15 team that constantly gets a top 3 pick in the draft every year. they are JUST good enough to get you to believe, by beating GOOD opponents, then when all they have to do is beat this awful team, they screw it up. I can totally see 5-5 at bye. everyone going nuts: "Jets have two weeks to prepare for Pats! this is it!" etc etc. then they go out and lay an egg and everyone on here wants Jets to trade Sam....
  8. I love it. all those years with idiot giants fans mocking us. now who's the clown??
  9. Legend Killa7

    If Bowles and Mac are Fired...

    not sure. I know for sure in '98 it was a Parcells thing.
  10. Legend Killa7

    Eli the fraud

    without a doubt! first Eli: I saw this stat that he has 8 TDs and 6 INTs this year. But FIVE of those TDs were with less than 2 minutes left in the game when his team was down by 14 or more points. so basically garbage time TDs. THAT is where his stats all come from. he basically has 3 TDs WITH THAT OFFENSE??? are you kidding me??? yeah he got sacked 7 times in that game but I saw numerous times where he had plenty of time, and he just missed throws. even back in '07 and '11, I have always said that Eli plays like crap for the first 28 minutes of a game. then 2 minute warning and like a switch goes off for him and he's beast mode. scores a TD. rinse, repeat with 2nd half. he still does same now, the difference being he gets FGs now instead of TDs. and I cannot believe all this talk about him being a HOFer! you take out those 8 games in the SB seasons, and he is below average QB at best. 15 years in NFL, and 13 of them he has ZERO playoff wins. those 2 SB years (8 games) make him a HOFer? I just don't get it. and as you said, he won because of his defense. you can't give an MVP to the full defense, so he gets it. now Sam: as a Jets fan and giants hater, I watch for Sam's progression, which I am very pleased with. But I also like to watch and think "WWED?" (what would Eli do?) everyone talks about the giants offensive line, but how much better is the Jets o-line? I mean really? My daughter, who knows nothing about football, watches the games with me and she asks of Sam: "why is he always running?". Eli is a statue. Sam steps back, can't even plant his feet and BAM he has to run because he has someone in his face. WWED? SACK! But Sam can scramble. I'm telling you, the Jets hopefully spend all this money this offseason wisely, because imagine what Sam could do if he actually had someone to throw the ball to? and if they actually had a run game (see Broncos game).
  11. Legend Killa7

    Is Darnold the Starter In 2019?

    I’m not so sure. I heard Hack is available. Jets should pounce! REALLY??? Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Legend Killa7

    Doug Brien's Jets Tenure

    Playoff game against steelers. that is all.
  13. Legend Killa7

    Sam was really bad

    agree 100%. cannot believe I have not seen anyone else mentioning this! that was back-breaking. and then the very next play.....ugh
  14. Legend Killa7

    Giants trade Eli (Apple) to Saints

    what a hot mess this team is!!
  15. Legend Killa7

    Eli the fraud

    yeah well my Yankees have won a ton of WS. means nothing, just like Eli's SB wins now. what matters is here and now, and the future. and Giants look preeeeeetty bad....

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