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  1. Thanks for posting! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. I hope you're right, and I agree he had a better game against Dal (not saying much) but part of me believes Sam had a LOT to do with that! Guy played amazing!
  3. I said it to all my Jets fan friends before the season: if the Jets came out of the first 7 games at 3-4 or better, they are set. With all the crap that we have had to deal with, they could still go 2-5, as Jags game is definitely winnable. but if by some miracle, they actually beat the Pats and Jags and are right at that 3-4? My God!!
  4. Well to be clear....I don't think it was "wrong". it was just inconsistent for you. Of course there will always be comparisons between Sam and Baker, Sam and Allen, and now Sam and Jones.
  5. I agree, and as I have said many times: Ken has the same # of SB wins as Marino....
  6. listen, I am not trying to argue with you, but what I have seen from you in the past are things like: Sam does well, people on here say bad things about Baker, Allen or more recently, Jones. Your response seems to be: why bring them into it? has nothing to do with Sam. so now this guy is saying how poorly Baker has played and you respond by bringing Sam into it????
  7. Now THIS is the kind of stuff I like to see! Let's hope this kid works out!! and what is the deal with Harrison? he should be playing for Kalil IMO.
  8. and don't forget Jones (where's that "rolling eyes" emoji?)
  9. how did Sam do with PFF grades? anyone have that?
  10. woo hoo!!! some "Sam positivity" from the man who claimed his number!! LOL but as for the ROTY award.....as MANY (and I mean MANY) midgets fans have pointed out to me, a certain little RB won that award......believe me, I wish Baker had won it....ugh
  11. Listen I was so ticked off after week 1 when people on here were saying things like "tank for Tua", "Sam sucks", etc. it was one game, he actually played pretty well (11th ranked QB that week), and as we have since come to realize: 1) he was PLAYING WITH MONO and 2) the Bills D is legit. ask Brady. So I would be a hypocrite if I now proclaimed Sam to be "God" after this one game, but come on let's have some optimism people!! This kid is real good; hopefully great, and hopefully one day AMAZING! it's not like we have had Montana, Marino and Brady as our past QBs!!! I mean the people on here act like Sam has some tough shoes to fill or something!! I know Namath, but that was over 50 years ago, and Sam is closest yet!!
  12. I agree. Is it me, or does Tru look like he just doesn't care? He seems to be loafing around, not hustling. what a disappointment.
  13. I get it, but key words: "Redskins" and "Giants". Listen, Brady is still Brady, but man - that defense!!! This will be a huge test for Sam!

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