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    2002 - winning AFC East Championship, then blowing out Colts
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    1998 AFC Championship Game
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  1. Legend Killa7

    AAF players who can potentially be a Jet this year

  2. Legend Killa7

    Cowherd’s take on Bell to Jets

    Agree 100%. Last year at this time, I figured we had no shot at Sam so I started trying to convince myself Baker would be ok: “yeah he’s short, but so is Russell Wilson!”, “yeah he’s a douche, but we can overcome it”. Etc etc. man was I happy downs took him and we got Sam. Love having him as the face of the Jets. Still a bad taste in my mouth from Rex always boasting and talking smack..... As for how Baker did last year? Look at those weapons he had! Now look at what Sam had! Last four games of the year, down to third and fourth string RBs, no Quincy, no Shell, Long had to be moved he was so bad, etc, and Sam was THE HIGHEST RATED QB over that span! Now he has to build on that this year. And with the weapons we have gotten thus far (and hopefully more) I’m excited to see where this kid can take us. And even more excited to know that whether he wins or loses; whether he excels, or is the sole reason we lost, he will handle it with grace and not embarrass us Jets fans! Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Legend Killa7

    Cowherd’s take on Bell to Jets

    and it's funny, I felt the same with Francessa last couple of years as well. Because OBJ was on giants, he was always bashing giants, and praising Jets. this is why as a Jets fan / Giants hater I was not happy he got traded. as Francessa said "now they can go back to...being...THE GIANTS" oh God, I feel like I need a shower. always said that team would win nothing with that a$$hole on their team. sorry to see him go. and now I'm sure Francessa will go back to Jet-bashing.
  4. Legend Killa7

    Cowherd’s take on Bell to Jets

    I'm not. since we got Darnold, I swear the guy has become a Jets homer!
  5. Legend Killa7

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    so...Brock time I guess? damn, phins looking bad!
  6. Totally agree, but I just wished that was week 15 instead of 17, you know? maybe flip flop that game with Texans game, and I think we would all feel much better right now. we all thought Sam was playing well, Brady's getting old, blah blah blah. then Pats come in and just put a trouncing on us and go on to win SB. Oh well - we will just have to wait another year to de-throne them. hopefully, it's sooner rather than later!!
  7. you just explained this exactly how I was thinking, but couldn't put the words down the right way. I was all in for "suck for Sam" last year. typical Jets outplayed themselves, but we got REAL lucky. that win against Buffalo was SO huge. I know it didn't put us in the playoffs, but it was huge for our rookie QB (and for us fans and our "HOPE"). Sam gets hurt, McCown steps in against the Bills at home. Jets get slaughtered (against the Bills backup QB!) Just a few weeks later, in Sam's first game back (and against the Bills starting QB - in their house), Sam begins a 4 game stretch where he is the highest rated QB in the NFL! I still think his best game was against the Texans the very next week, but the D blew that one as well. at that point of the season (we knew we were eliminated from playoffs after Titans game), it's a win-win scenario each week. If you win (i.e. Bills game) and Sam looks great, you're happy; if you lose (i.e. Texans and Pack) and Sam looks great, you're happy because of Sam AND the fact we help our draft standings. then....you have the Pats game.....well, at least Sam didn't throw any INTs.....
  8. I would never want to lose that comeback by Darnold. the Defense already took away potential comeback victories for him against Texans, Browns and Pack. I like that he's the youngest QB to ever execute a comeback win. if we had won one of those others, he would have been the youngest to execute multiple comeback wins.
  9. Legend Killa7

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    I agree they were not "that bad". But they weren't great either. with a rookie QB, those receivers, 1st and 2nd RBs out towards the end, and Darnold still should have had more game winning drives like Buffalo (i.e. Texans, Pack). but what happens? The defense doesn't show up. I know most of us are sick and tired of the Jets going defense in the first round, but I think it's a top-heavy defensive draft and they should stick with taking Bosa/Allen/Williams - best available at that point.
  10. Legend Killa7

    Internal server error

    crazy traffic? why? anything happening? LOL
  11. I like this! It's funny how once we got Mosley, it seemed "everyone" (I use the term loosely, but a LOT of Jets fans) seemed pi$$ed off that they had Barr. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise? Either way, we should all be very happy Jets fans today. Now get a center and some CBs please!!
  12. Legend Killa7

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    yes, record-wise. I'm talking about all these idiot giants fans, with their pinkies up in the air, drinking their champagne, eating their caviar....and then you have a guy like Odell on their team physically assaulting a guy on the field, making love to a kicking net, pooping in the end zone, etc....
  13. Legend Killa7

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    OBJ is not classy. I don't like this move. as a giant hater, I LOVED having that idiot on their team. made them look reeeeal bad.

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