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  1. Two streaks: 1) Jets have never beaten the Eagles in a regular season game 2) Jets have never lost a day game wearing all blacks One streak will be broken. Hoping it's the first one!
  2. calling it right now: w/o Jones in there, giants win this game. man, he is an awful QB.
  3. Play White. Zach is 100% our QB1. Let White come back down to Earth against a real good team, then throw Wilson in the following week against the "softer" part of our schedule (if there is a such thing with our defense!) Worst thing that could happen is you throw Wilson in against Buffalo AT HOME and we get destroyed. then the boos will come, people call for White, etc.
  4. I have been saying this the past two years. the Jets are undefeated in day games wearing the blacks. and looking at the schedule, EVERY remaining home game is at 1 PM. keep going with the blacks till they lose. (and next home game is the Bills, so probably then. haha)
  5. the o-line and d-line were the biggest disappointments to me. all I kept hearing all week was how awful the panthers o-line was and how Q and co. were going to feast......1 sack??? and Zach running for his life certainly reminded me of Sam from the last three years. the difference: Zach didn't buckle and turn the ball over in crunch time. In fact that's when he got BETTER and led two TD scoring drives. lots of hope, but man that o-line better get fixed and fast.
  6. Nervous as all hell. Listening to all Jets podcasts and Jets you tubers saying how Jets will win, but then seeing typical NY media, ESPN etc all saying Jets have no shot…..I just want Zach to have a MUCH BETTER game than Sam and I’ll be happy, no matter the result. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Love it! although now i have to return my jersey for one with a "C"
  8. not sure where else to put this but listening to Saleh's PC, and Zach named a captain. wow! this is not the norm, am I right? speaks volumes about how the team feels about this kid!
  9. On September 3??? Come on man! Gotta be rooting for Zach to kill it and hope the team does well. If they win great. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. No mention of an episode next week, huh?
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