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  1. Rex. geez. after last night's win, he'd be booking a trip to see Trump!
  2. I know you did not, but you were responding to someone who said we would give up 35 ppg, and you said we'd be fine because of Darnold. Hey, I HOPE I'm wrong!! either way, when was the last time we saw an offense liek that last night and last week? Gase said he wants Sam at the line with ~25 seconds on clock. check his plays - he pretty much was! it's exciting that's for sure!
  3. listen, I'm as optimistic about Sam as the next guy, but to expect more than 35 ppg ON AVERAGE from this offense is crazy talk!!
  4. yes, but this is not Geno Smith throwing the ball!! and we know Anderson can get separation...
  5. I agree about the PI. I was shouting at the TV!! haha how cool is it that we have a team you actually care enough about to shout at the TV during PS??
  6. Spotlight white. Jets website has photos of lockers with white jerseys. Shocked they’re not going with the green pants this week. Jets and their “fashion show” and all.
  7. not confirmed but we are on the road, so I'm guessing white. and knowing the Jets, they will want to show off the new unis. so probably green pants tonight since they did the all white last week. then we are home the next two. guessing they follow suit and we have green jerseys/white pants for one game and all green for the other. hopefully they save the "unveiling" of the stealth black for the Browns on Monday night!
  8. agree 100%. as a fan, you just hated having to "defend" Rex's mouth. "Jets will be the best team in NY for the next decade!!!"; giants go on to win SB less than 1 year later. I mean you can't make this crap up!!
  9. what??? is this 2009? is Rex our HC? have you discovered time travel? who is chirping? Jamal talks, but it is like silly stuff. he's not proclaiming he will meet the President; he's not writing books saying Jets will be the best football team in NY for the next 10 years, etc. we've been down this road before....these are the new Jets!
  10. funny you should say that: even though I'm old, I caught that disclaimer last year and cancelled the auto renew. and man, you hit the nail on the head! in order to sign up again, they had issues, and I had to create a new account with my work email, and they gave me some code to get it for free, since I paid, and they did not recognize it on my original account!! I don't like using CCs, so I get it through itunes, and use itunes gift cards. what a mess! hopefully Sammy D and the Jets make it worth my while!!
  11. This. although I am in NY so I watch it live on TV, but the gamepass is great for re-watching. the condensed game option in particular, is awesome!
  12. Mark Sanchez anyone? yeah as much as I want to see Sam play, not worth it if these guys can't keep his uni clean...
  13. again with the PFF grade for the final 4 games last season. after seeing Villain's post about the PFF grade for Sam in ONE DRIVE this preseason, I think it makes that grade last year all the more impressive!! I mean the man drove the Jets down the field slicing and dicing the IMMORTAL NY midgets defense and they nitpicked one bad decision. so if he led all QBs last year over that 4 game stretch, and now you see that they nitpick complete BS like that? My God!!!
  14. he's really banned? that is too funny. they should just make him change his name. his comments are good for a 2 second chuckle, but he is a disservice to the name. I understand Chrebet grew up a giants fan, but it's like me going on the giants board as SaquonBarkley26....
  15. these are the tweets I come here to see every day! thanks!
  16. Thanks for posting Villain. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. CC nails it. 1st read every time, staring down receivers, etc. but as they say, when a team has two QBs, they have none and couldn’t happen to a nicer organization!
  18. and that's our FIRST team D!! haha he didn't even go against that! it was our backups!! I just hope the midgets win like 6-7 games or so. worst thing that could happen is that this kid wins them nothing, and they get the #1 pick next year and get an actual QB, Tua.....ugh
  19. Jones reminded me of Geno last night. If you look at each of his passes, the ball is out in like 1.5 - 2 seconds. he throws to his first read each time. staring down receivers, etc. guess what? Geno excelled at that too! but when read #1 wasn't open, and Geno had to use that peanut of a brain he has, that's when he got into trouble!
  20. normally, I'd be hysterically laughing right now, but remember: they are on Hard Knocks. gotta make it interesting....
  21. yeah well double the limit and 100 mph will do that. I know it's the right thing to do and all, and it goes against everything I believe, but he is just SUCH a factor on this team. oh well - the Jets have gone 10 years without a TE, what's 4 more games right? LOL
  22. no doubt. not advocating what he did at all. but there is a precedent with these in the past.
  23. I was thinking this myself. strange that we have heard nothing. such a shame too for me: my kids got me tix to the first home game this year - I guess it's a Father's Day celebration with an on field experience after the game? and since it's a "Green out" game and I had gotten the black Darnold jersey already, they got me a green Herndon one and now he won't be playing! even if he appeals it, he is not getting it down to 0 games! haha oh well - it's a nice jersey!!

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