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  1. I read this completely expecting a C or C+. Did PFF really give the Jets an “A”. Wow I am shocked! I mean I think they should get an A, just wasn’t expecting PFF to acknowledge it! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. I gave it an A. No A+ because we had to give up two 3rd rounders. But realistically, we get the best LG in the draft (who also plays tackle) and a 4th rounder. we gave up a box safety and a 3rd rounder. I'm all in!
  3. wonder why they took the video down? has stayed up every other week.....did anyone actually watch it before it was taken down? wonder if he said something confirming he knows where he is going or something, and they did not mean to upload it until tomorrow?
  4. I agree. Rather lose 42-38 than 9-3. Tired of scoring less than 10 points every game! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. I agree. Right now I prefer Wilson but I’m not trashing on Fields! Because you know what? In 17 days, Fields may just be my QB and I will love him! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Looks like some posters on this forum just got the same ESPN update I got!! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. We all know the deal as Jets fans: 1) When Darnold is on Jets - explain in article after article after article how he's the worst QB in history 2) When Jets trade Darnold explain how the jets made an historic mistake and should have built around him. 3) Write article after article after article how great Wilson is. 4) Once Jets draft him, write about how his frame is too slight, and he had played against no competition. We all know if Sam was on the Panthers the last three years and this trade was made in reverse, the Jets would be getting CRUCIFIED right now for givin
  8. Sorry, I obviously was not clear. And re-reading my post I can see why! No, I have all the confidence in Wilson. I meant with everyone saying it’s a sure bet Jets take him, watch us take Mac Jones or Trey Lance or someone else! Before yesterday, my line to all my Jets fans was “watch the Jets take the TE with the #2 pick”! At least now we KNOW it will be a QB.
  9. Love these PK, thanks! I feel like everywhere I look, I see all the “experts” saying it’s a given the Jets take him. That’s what I want (especially after yesterday) but I just have this bad feeling.....
  10. I'd be happy because they get to the SB, but I wouldn't have to watch them lose it. The only thing I have going as a Jets fan is that they are undefeated in the SB! I'd rather them be 1-0 than go to 4 straight like the Bills and lose them all.
  11. I am 45 and say draft Wilson. I was the biggest Sam supporter. If the Jets first rd pick was outside the top 10 or even the top 5 I would probably think differently. But we are sitting there at #2. I remember all the videos three years ago when the Jets took Sam at #3. How this was the highest picked QB since Namath. Let’s do it again, and actually give him some help this time! Looks like the coaching is better now (I know- only on paper) so fingers crossed. I will actually be very disappointed if they trade down.
  12. I agree. remember 3 years ago when Sam was universally thought to be the #1 pick? and then on draft day all of a sudden a report came out that the Browns were thinking Baker? I'm not saying Sam is Trevor, but stranger things have happened. As you can tell by my picture here, I have been a "Sam guy". I am so disappointed, because I feel the Jets have failed him, and when he goes somewhere else with an actual team, he will be a superstar. But after today, when the Niners traded up to the #3 spot, I have to feel that Sam's days are numbered. You have to think the Niners called Douglas
  13. The struggle is real with these! Are we happy because of the offense, or disgusted that our new Jamal blew it? LOL
  14. I agree. Love fans on here who kill Sanchez who won 4 playoff games in two years and reached two AFC Championship games: "yeah but he had great teams - not because of him". Same fans are all pining for Allen now. Crazy.
  15. all jokes aside: my number 1 takeaway from this video? My God how much time he has!!! Man, if Sam could only get that much time.....
  16. No. If he's not better than those two, then we have major problems. Kind of sad that he's even being compared to them. I am hopeful for the days when someone asks: "rank these three: Darnold, Mahomes, Wilson" or something like that.
  17. I love how I come into a thread called "Sam Darnold looking good in camp" figuring maybe I will get some KRL updates or something, only to find dozens of posts by some MadCowDisease guy who has a hard-on for Josh Allen? Wow. replying once, twice, maybe three times? fine. but this is ridiculous!!
  18. I think you stole my answer right here. Mancini got so screwed because of Favre. Goes 9-7 and gets fired. Rex has the same record a year later and goes to AFC Championship. And I loved Herm. The only two years Jets missed playoffs with him as coach were the two Pennington was hurt.
  19. Yeah you go, girl! Point is: Jets fans don’t walk around acting like they are the Yankees. Midgets fans do. Always have to hear them talking about their “classy giants” and how they would never get a dwi, etc. My, how the times have changed! These aren’t your Daddy’s giants! The days of genuflecting in the end zone have been replaced by getting down on all fours and lifting your leg! Classy! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  20. I tell ya: every time I hear a story about one of these classy giants, it always brings a smile to my face!
  21. You’re one of my favorite posters on here. I feel terrible for you. All the best for you to have a speedy recovery.
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