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  1. Naaah.  It's not that bad at all. Ive been on far worse. Green Lantern right at Great Adventure is a worse experience with the stand up crap. It hurts my head, ass, nuts and back.  If pain was their goal it's a masterpiece. 
    They re tracked the Cyclone. It's smoother than just a few years ago.  It's still a rough ride but thats the charm. not too bad at all. 

    Agreed on the GL ride at GA. Thank God I’ve already got kids, because after that ride......wow!
  2. 34 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    meh, I like to look at myself as a realist. If Wilson fails, I will properly acknowledge it. I was one of Sam’s biggest supporters before 2020. It took less than half the season to understand what I was probably forever looking at when I watch Darnold. I understood nothing was probably ever going to change or get better.

    I also understand if you don’t believe in him, totally fair, you’re allowed to have that opinion. Wouldn’t be the first or the last person on this board to feel that way. OTOH, we just drafted him though, for those of us who believe, we’re extremely excited and eager to see the QB we have now. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    My thoughts exactly.  I was such a huge supporter of Sam.  He's a great guy; it just didn't work out with the Jets.  After the Broncos game last year, I just got tired of the excuses.  "yeah but his line...", "yeah but ...GASE...",  "yeah but..."  then we get the #2 pick, and Jets just had to cut ties.

    If Darnold beats the Jets by 28 points and has 5 TD passes, it will not change my mind.  I think he can be a great QB; just not with the Jets.

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  3. wonder why they took the video down?  has stayed up every other week.....did anyone actually watch it before it was taken down?  wonder if he said something confirming he knows where he is going or something, and they did not mean to upload it until tomorrow?

  4. If I were running a team this is what I would do. Stack to the max. Give me all the OL and help this year. I don't anticipate being a great team in 2021 so let the offense grow around the QB and then I'll spend all the picks on defense next year. Only way I divert from OL/o-skill in the top 86 is for an edge rusher

    I agree. Rather lose 42-38 than 9-3. Tired of scoring less than 10 points every game!

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  5. Can we all admit that we have zero clue who will be better between Wilson and Fields? They’re both very talented but flawed prospects. I’ll be happy with either. The insane tribalism between the two camps has become a bit much. 

    I agree. Right now I prefer Wilson but I’m not trashing on Fields! Because you know what? In 17 days, Fields may just be my QB and I will love him!

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  6. 5 minutes ago, AlexVanDyke said:

    Since we had a Greeney topic, thought we would start one for this clown.  Is he for real lobbying to keep Sam? The guy included the “seeing ghosts” narrative in essentially single article he wrote about Sam for year.  How can he, with a straight face lobby to keep him? While cimini seemed more level headed compared to a hack like Mehta, I just don’t understand some of these writers.

    We all know the deal as Jets fans:

    1) When Darnold is on Jets - explain in article after article after article how he's the worst QB in history

    2) When Jets trade Darnold explain how the jets made an historic mistake and should have built around him.

    3) Write article after article after article how great Wilson is.

    4) Once Jets draft him, write about how his frame is too slight, and he had played against no competition.

    We all know if Sam was on the Panthers the last three years and this trade was made in reverse, the Jets would be getting CRUCIFIED right now for giving up three picks for him.  You just have to ignore all this crap.

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  7. The way I’m looking at it is that it really can’t get any worse than the 30th best QB in the NFL lol. 
    No, but joking aside, be excited. Wilson is an extremely entertaining pick if nothing else. There is a lot to like & as all other prospects, there are questions. You have to like the situation Wilson is coming into opposed to the situation Darnold walked into in 2018.
    Joe Douglas > Mike Maccagnan by a long shot.
    Robert Saleh seem to be the guy we’ve been looking for & LaFleur is a young innovative offensive mind bringing in a swab friendly system, a system that’s working really well right now & a system Zach Wilson is not only familiar with from concepts used at BYU, but he’s got the perfect skill set to compliment this system.
    Corey Davis, Jamison Crowder, Denzel Mims, Keelan Cole & Is much better than the previous 3-4 years. 
    Big boy Becton wasn’t on the line before Sam got here. Wilson will have the advantage of Becton year 2 & Wilson will be the center of a focused plan by JD to put the most talent possible around him.
    Lots to like about Wilson’s chances compared to our previous attempt.

    Sorry, I obviously was not clear. And re-reading my post I can see why! No, I have all the confidence in Wilson. I meant with everyone saying it’s a sure bet Jets take him, watch us take Mac Jones or Trey Lance or someone else! Before yesterday, my line to all my Jets fans was “watch the Jets take the TE with the #2 pick”! At least now we KNOW it will be a QB.
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  8. I'd be happy because they get to the SB, but I wouldn't have to watch them lose it.  The only thing I have going as a Jets fan is that they are undefeated in the SB!  I'd rather them be 1-0 than go to 4 straight like the Bills and lose them all.

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  9. 55 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    My son just said what if Jacksonville surprises everyone and takes Zach Wilson. 

    I agree.  remember 3 years ago when Sam was universally thought to be the #1 pick?  and then on draft day all of a sudden a report came out that the Browns were thinking Baker?  I'm not saying Sam is Trevor, but stranger things have happened.

    As you can tell by my picture here, I have been a "Sam guy".  I am so disappointed, because I feel the Jets have failed him, and when he goes somewhere else with an actual team, he will be a superstar.  But after today, when the Niners traded up to the #3 spot, I have to feel that Sam's days are numbered.  You have to think the Niners called Douglas with at least that offer and the fact that he refused it?  The writing is on the wall.  I will miss Sam, and wish him well, but I root for the Jets team, not the player.  I'm all in On Wilson!

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  10. 1 minute ago, jetscrazey said:

    I would not trade Josh Allen for Darnold.  Allen has benefitted from a much better o-line and roster.  That's the main difference.  His coach also seems better.  But if you put Josh Allen on this team you'd have the same amount of losing, maybe even more.

    As for Lamar Jackson, yeah he's better now but a guy with that skill set usually has a short shelf-life, so in 7 years when Darnold is just 30 with some good years left and Jackson is on the back end of his run, we may be glad in the end.  Jackson still has 0 titles, remember.

    I agree.  Love fans on here who kill Sanchez who won 4 playoff games in two years and reached two AFC Championship games:  "yeah but he had great teams - not because of him".  Same fans are all pining for Allen now.  Crazy.

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  11. I love how I come into a thread called "Sam Darnold looking good in camp" figuring maybe I will get some KRL updates or something, only to find dozens of posts by some MadCowDisease guy who has a hard-on for Josh Allen?  Wow.  replying once, twice, maybe three times?  fine.  but this is ridiculous!!

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  12. Rex had a 2 year run built with Mangini's players. I think Rex is a good coach, but I have to put his success in perspective.
    I always thought Herm built a solid program. Made the playoffs in 2001, 2002, and 2004. His teams underachieved but I would have liked to see him stay after the 2005 season and seen where things went. Although he wasn't very successful once he left for Kansas City. 

    I think you stole my answer right here. Mancini got so screwed because of Favre. Goes 9-7 and gets fired. Rex has the same record a year later and goes to AFC Championship.

    And I loved Herm. The only two years Jets missed playoffs with him as coach were the two Pennington was hurt.
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