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  1. 1 minute ago, jetscrazey said:

    I would not trade Josh Allen for Darnold.  Allen has benefitted from a much better o-line and roster.  That's the main difference.  His coach also seems better.  But if you put Josh Allen on this team you'd have the same amount of losing, maybe even more.

    As for Lamar Jackson, yeah he's better now but a guy with that skill set usually has a short shelf-life, so in 7 years when Darnold is just 30 with some good years left and Jackson is on the back end of his run, we may be glad in the end.  Jackson still has 0 titles, remember.

    I agree.  Love fans on here who kill Sanchez who won 4 playoff games in two years and reached two AFC Championship games:  "yeah but he had great teams - not because of him".  Same fans are all pining for Allen now.  Crazy.

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  2. I love how I come into a thread called "Sam Darnold looking good in camp" figuring maybe I will get some KRL updates or something, only to find dozens of posts by some MadCowDisease guy who has a hard-on for Josh Allen?  Wow.  replying once, twice, maybe three times?  fine.  but this is ridiculous!!

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  3. Rex had a 2 year run built with Mangini's players. I think Rex is a good coach, but I have to put his success in perspective.
    I always thought Herm built a solid program. Made the playoffs in 2001, 2002, and 2004. His teams underachieved but I would have liked to see him stay after the 2005 season and seen where things went. Although he wasn't very successful once he left for Kansas City. 

    I think you stole my answer right here. Mancini got so screwed because of Favre. Goes 9-7 and gets fired. Rex has the same record a year later and goes to AFC Championship.

    And I loved Herm. The only two years Jets missed playoffs with him as coach were the two Pennington was hurt.
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  4. 30 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    I hope they do one every week unlike last year. They really didnt do them that much during the loses. 

    well I think that's the point, you know?  I mean I don't know about you, but I personally would NOT want to see the OJD after that Pats loss last year!!

    Hopefully, the Jets give us a lot more wins this year, and therefore, we get more OJDs!!

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  5. 2 hours ago, kdels62 said:

    At Buffalo - Win (Sam seems to like Buffalo and Williams will have Allen figured out)
    Vs 49ers -Win (1pm start for a west coast team plus its a good matchup for us)
    At Colts - Win (I feel pretty good about matchups against the Colts and Philip Rivers is increasingly inconsistent)
    Vs Broncos - Win (Long travel on a short week for the Broncos)
    Vs Cardinals - Win (Hype machine starts but our defense is built to play a game close to the line of scrimmage)
    At Chargers - Loss (West Coast Trip )
    vs Bills  - Loss (I hate when we play the Bills at home)
    At Chiefs - loss (Our defense will struggle in games where the team likes to get vertical)
    Vs Pats - win (Revenge game that gets us back to the winning ways)
    At Miami - Win (Hype comes back as we beat the Fins)
    Vs Miami - win (We're back)
    Vs Raiders - Win (**** the raiders)
    At Seahawks - Loss (Travel gets us again)
    At Rams - Win (We stay out west and pull some sh*t against the rams)
    Vs. Browns - Loss (Vertical type offense with weapons and a revamped OL)
    At Pats - Loss (Division on the line and the Patriots have a shot to play spoiler. I don't think we beat BB twice)

    10-6 to win the division.

    We play the Steelers or Indy in the Wildcard and win

    We play the Chiefs in the Divisional round and lose

    I would take this in a heartbeat!  Don't feel very confident about it though...

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  6. I always say "it's not WHO you play but WHEN you play them".  We will know after tonight just how tough the schedule is.  Jets always get screwed with like first 7 games against playoff teams!  crazy!  I'd rather have some "cupcakes" at the start of the year; build up some confidence with wins, THEN be ready for the tougher games at the end of the year.

    See last year, they had the tough games up front, then the "easy games" in the middle/towards the end.  That's what made last year so impressive IMHO:  to be 1-7, there is no longer such a thing as an "easy game" because guess what?  those teams were looking at the Jets as their easy game.

    if the trend for the Jets continues, they will be playing at Buffalo, at Seattle, home for KC, then niners to start the season.  it's amazing, really!

  7. I said for years the best player the Fins had on their team was the punter!  You'd think with all the practice he has had the last few years that Lach Edwards would have been better....fills a need.  Unfortunately, we have/had SO MANY need, that you cannot make everyone happy!

  8. 1 hour ago, PCP63 said:

    Can't blame last year's poor decision-making on the OL. When Darnold did have a clean pocket, he still made terrible decisions. He still has a lot to prove. Especially in today's NFL, where QBs come in and shine immediately.

    I remember those exact two times last year when he had a clean pocket!!  And one was right after the mono.  the other?  well...no one's perfect!!  LOL

  9. I liked the draft a lot. Douglas did all we could have asked. Now it's up to the players and coaches to take it from here.
    Bechton can become a beast. I like that we took a chance on potential to be great.
    Mims was a good pick, but I'm a little worried about him, to be honest..
    Davis, Hall and Mann... love these picks.  Davis might become the player who finally replaces Deontay Burnett as my "adopted Jet"
    The only thing I'd have liked Douglas to do over would be not take Morgan, and get another WR instead with that pick. With this roster, why take a guy who will only get on the field when we don't ever want him to? (unless you think we'll be blowing people out 35-3 in the 4th).

    I agree with you. Or I should say, I did when the pick was made. For whatever reason, I thought we still had Siemian. Once I realized our only backup was Fales, I thought better of this pick. Still would have liked to have gotten another WR, but this pick of a backup QB doesn’t seem as bad anymore. And we see what happens to the Jets offense if Sam goes down!
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  10. 9 minutes ago, TNJet said:

    This guy is my favorite Jet defensive lineman. At 6-4 and 320, this dude could end up being the best NT since Kris Jenkins for us. He's surprisingly nimble for such a big guy, shows when he shoots the gaps for TFL's. That is all.

    That is some big praise.  Love Jenkins, and hope this guy can be as good for us!

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