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  1. Just now, Jet Nut said:

    Sexy Rexy with the brainless plan to switch his captains on a weekly basis

    Cutting the legs out of the points to naming captains

    exactly.  it's supposed to be an honor!  then he goes to Buffalo and makes Incognito a captain, and that Emkapali (sp?) dude who punched Geno in the mouth a captain against us?  so stupid.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Apache 51 said:

    I don't think anyones complaining, These are 1st world problems, scraps on the floor. You don't think six is too many. We use d to have 2 back in the day. Maybe feelings will be hurt?

    at least it's going to consistently be the same guys.  could be worse: "hey, we're playing the Steelers, let's make Bell a captain this week!"...."hey, we're playing the Ravens, Mosley, you're up!"  sound familiar?  Now THAT was something to complain about...

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  3. 3 minutes ago, freestater said:

    Nice observation. Thanks. I've noticed that he hasn't had a playcall wristband on during the preseason. That's pretty impressive for a 2nd year guy in a brand new system. 

    believe me, I am all in on Sam, so this is not a negative at all, but I believe he did not wear one during last preseason either, and then did during the year.

    I know it was at least one PS game where he did not wear it last year because I remember making a big deal about it that he doesn't need red light-green light like the Sanchize!  I just think they really are not opening up the playbook at this time, so not much need for the wrist band.

    again, I'm not being all "negative Nancy", just pointing out an observation.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Bills (W)
    Browns (W)
    @ Patriots (L)
    @ Eagles (L)
    Cowboys (W)
    Patriots (W)
    @ Jaguars (W)

    I see it that way.  Split with the Pats.  Split with Dallas/Philly.  Beat the 3 AFC teams we will be favored against (Jax will be 2-5) and who weren't that much better than we were last year.  Win all our home games.  Go 1-3 on the road.

    SAR I

    that 7 game stretch is the key to the season IMHO.  If we go 5-2 as you say, I agree we can win the division, as the next 6 games after that are all "winnable" games.  

    now, if we go 1-6 like 2014 or 2-5 like 2016, it won't matter much how "easy" those games are.

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  5. 1 hour ago, rammagen said:

    except most if not all of those catches were swings out of the back field, how many was he lined up as a wide receiver, hence my comment about running routes. I am knocking him it is the offense and he plays well in it, just let me know when he lines up as a wide out...


    the average depth per reception were 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage...almost like a long hand off

    on a totally unrelated note:  Eli's comp % shot up last year too....

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  6. 18 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Exactly teams, both the Jets and whoever we play in week 12 most often arent what we think they are today as they will be in week 12.

    We beat an unimpressive Colts team.  A few weeks later when they started a run they probably destroy us.  

    A year or two back we beat the Chiefs when they were in a funk.  Couple of weeks later theyre rolling over teams again, we probably get destroyed.


    this.  I've been saying it forever:  it's not WHO you play, but WHEN you play them!

    take our 2011 season:  flip the Broncos and Raiders games and Jets are 10-6 and a playoff team!  We played Raiders at the beginning of the year when they had that running back (can't remember his name).  he destroyed us!  a week or 2 later he went on the IR and was done for season; so were the Raiders.

    at the same time, the broncos were just AWFUL with Kyle Orton at QB.  they then made the change to Tebow, who started performing his miracles for the rest of the season.  of course we played the Broncos towards the end of the season.

    if we play the broncs at the beginning with Orton, and the raiders at the end, w/o that RB and while they re in a free fall, that's 2 more wins!

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  7. Villain has been following Baker since college.  Can’t blame him for wanting him on his NFL team, at all.  What I respect is he never knocks Sam to pump Baker, he gives Sam his due.  No agenda.
    You guys that harp on his Baker love get what you deserve, he’s going to play it to the extreme.  Gotta love it.

    This. I mean check out his avatar for crying out loud...
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