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  1. 15 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    Probably because:

    1) The 2011 season was a massive disappointment and the beginning of the end of the Rex/Sanchez era

    2) He was bad in the last three games of 2011, culminating in a team collapse and two heart-breaking losses in back to back weeks to end the season.

    Lots of stuff you'd want to forget

    you are correct.  8-5 going into 3 VERY winnable games, including losing to the friggin midgets ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!  ugh

  2. 59 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Seems like the folks over at GQ were looking for a story, so they took things out of context, combined multiple conversations while omitting things that would set the proper context in order to get that story. This wouldnt be a first in sports Journalism.

    Good to hear that Mayfield personally reached out to Jones to set the record straight. Seems like Mayfield is just a competitor and football fanatic...not a hater. 

    two comments:

    1.  WTF is with the mustache?  creeepy!  haha

    2.  love the new avatar!

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Nope.  Geno had an 8-8 season his rookie year with a dogsh*t team.  Sanchez went 9-7 with the best roster we've ever had, and in his rookie season had a 5-INT game and lost despite 300+ rushing yards.

    Geno also had a much better profile coming out of college than Sanchez did.  And since we took him in the 2nd rounder, there were much lower expectations on him.

    Both terrible QB's but I felt better about Geno after his rookie season than I did Sanchez.  

    I think with Geno, he had the tools, but man, he could not make the right decisions!  If his first read was open, he looked great.  but when that first read was not open, that's when the s#$t hit the fan with him!

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  4. Just now, Warfish said:

    I should be clear, I absolutely think Sam Darnold has the potential to be the type of QB who can meet and exceed those metrics of production.

    I just want to see him do it BEFORE I start using words like "best ever", "faith" or "best since Namath".

    I'm very optimistic about Sam.  But I expect him to show us this year.

    "best ever"?  yes, I agree, no one should be saying that (yet?  hopefully?)

    but "best since Namath"? - again, it's not like he has huge shoes to fill!  I mean after Joe, who's next?  Chad?  Vinny?  The Jets even  sent around an email recently asking us fans to pick the "all time team" and their choices for QB were:  Namath, Chad, Vinny, Kenny and Richard friggin' Todd! (in that order)

    he really does not have to do much to be the "best since Namath" to be quite honest!!

    now be better than Namath?  THAT is what we are all hoping for!!

  5. 2 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    I can't speak for others, but here is what I'd like to see:

    -- 4,000 Yards Passing or more. (12 QB's reached or exceeded this mark in 2018.)

    -- 25 Passing TD's or more. (13 QB's reached or exceeding this mark in 2018.)

    -- A 2:1 Passing TD/Interception Ratio or better. (17 QB's were 2:1 or better in 2018, more than half of Starting #1 QB's.)

    -- A 60% Completion Rate or better. (Only 3 QB's failed to make this mark in 2018, including Darnold).

    I think this is a VERY reasonable expectation of an elite QB in the NFL in a Gase system with the talent we have in 2019. 

    If Darnold is in fact an elite QB, the best we've has since Namath as you say, matching the production of a 12th ranked QB is pretty reasonable to expect.

    Would you agree?

    yes, I would.  but isn't it sad to look at those expectations, and realize we really have never had a QB to reach them?  I mean maybe Chad with the comp %, Sanchez had 1 year with the TD passes, Fitz as well, but what else?

    I think that's why a lot of us are so excited about this kid.  it's not like we've had Brady or Peyton the last 20 years and this kid has big shoes to fill, you know?


    LOL you didn’t include my full quote though! I did say I don’t want them to lose three games. But IF it happens, I want to see how Gase handles things. “I’m so sick of answering questions about THAT guy” when asked about Tannehill last year, etc.
  7. Could you imagine if the Giants took Sam, after we traded up to #3. 

    We'd be stuck with Rosen right now, and it's clear that he's not on the level of Sam or Baker. 
    The good part of this though, I've always been a sucker for the underdog. If the Jets and Browns end up dominating the league, I can accept that. 
    As a side note. I like Daniel Jones. The day after the draft I said that I wouldnt have drafted him 6th overall, but taking him with the 17th pick I wouldnt have had a problem with. I thought Jones was a top 30-40 player talent coming out of college. I think it's wise to sit him for a year, but I think that though they passed on Sam, ending up with Barkly and Jones may end up being a nice tandem. 
    They just need to find a receiving threat. Maybe their TE develops. 

    Meh. I just hope midgets win 6-7 games this year. Worst thing that could happen is they get the #1 pick next year and get Tua....
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  8. 1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:


    I really did want us to draft Baker. I was legit pissed for about 10 minutes when the Browns made that pick, I cant even lie. Meh, It wasnt meant to be.

    Folks generally think that im just trolling, and alot of times I do play into it just for kicks, but folks who followed me for the past 4+ years know that I've been all in on Mayfield for a long time. 

    Im just glad I didnt curse him. It seems like every QB I vouched for ended up either terrible, not making the cut coming from college or with an unusually long neck (Glennon). lol. 

    well at least the giants didn't take Sam.  that would have been awful.  I did not want either Josh!

    but when they took Barkley, of course the Jets fan in me was STILL thinking "watch them not take Darnold!"  hey- they finally got it right!!

  9. 9 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:

    I ate my Gase crow very early on--he was the LAST guy I wanted because of all the noise that his players hated him, his front office hated him, his owner hated him and the fan base hated him.

    After it turned out to be just that--noise--and now that I've actually seen the guy in action, here him talk on interviews on the radio or pressers (other than his first disaster--although 30 mins later on Michael Kay he was awesome), seen him in practice and with the guys--I am 1000% on the Gase train.

    I think he's going to be an incredible coach and the fact that he brought in Douglas who then brought in a real FO, I'm sold.

    while I agree with you, and hope this continues, everything has been unicorns and rainbows for him so far.  I want to see how he handles a three game losing streak (not that I want the Jets to lose three games...)

    his first "adversity" was this Williamson thing, and I must say I think he handled it brilliantly!  not many coaches admit to that being a mstake and that they regret their decision.

  10. 35 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    I figured our QB should have such a thread on a Jets forum. 


    If plays like this are to be expected from our QB, this Jets are pointing in the right direction. 

    This is a great example of pocket awareness & discipline by Darnold, helping out Chuma Edoga (#75) who got completely smoked on the play by quickly climbing back up into the pocket and flowing to the right side of the pocket that is now vacant and flicking his wrist on this beautiful pass that Q dropped. 

    Q has to catch that ball. 



    For a while, I just thought you were a Darnold/Jets troll, but I did see that post you made last week about how you were following Baker all through his college career, and he was the QB you wanted, etc.  and I get it.  you love the Jets, but you really wanted Baker (and God knows I thought Darnold was going #1 last year and we would probably get Baker, so maybe that was your thinking too?) so it must be hard for you.  who knows?  maybe it's Jets-Browns for the AFC title for many years to come!

    At any rate, thanks for the vid!

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  11. 52 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Na bro. Around here we defend Giants QB's, for as long as it allows us to talk sh_t about that short midget out in Cleveland Baker Mayfield. 



    No, no, no!  Not defending anything giants around here!!!

    it's a win-win!  Baker keeps running his mouth, but it's about the midgets, which is great!!

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    I thought camps over, they're into regular practices now? 

    I usually come here and to another site (not sure about rules here if I should mention it?) and neither had anything about today.  Just now that other site did have their daily report up, and they said reporters are still allowed at practice today, tomorrow and Thursday, even though camp is officially over.  starting next week, no press, and therefore, no more reports.

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  13. 4 minutes ago, Paradis said:

    What kind of logic is that? I neg repped half as many ppl as you in any Baker thread and the ones I do is because they said like human moth balls. Who fcking cares. We got guys beating women and kids and some of you alter boys want to get your stockings in a bunch because Mayfied said what everyone was thinking? 

    GFTO here. Get over him and seriously enough of self righteous moderating on your end this year. 

    ^^ @Legend Killa7 get over it. Get over him and focus on our own team. 

    what exactly am I supposed to "get over"?

    1.  I wanted Darnold - we got him

    2.  Did not want either Josh - no issue

    3.  was completely prepared to get Baker, since Sam was universally thought to go #1.  From a football standpoint, would have been happy, but not from a character standpoint.

    And now that we have Sam, and NOT Baker, I CAN focus on my QB, and MY team, because MY QB doesn't open up his friggin' mouth every chance he gets!!!  MY QB focuses on NEW YORK JETS FOOTBALL, and I will take that all day, every day!!!

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Jetsbb said:

    Did Francessa say rescheduled or canceled? They had training camp today. It's different now bec they are doing it with cards simulating preparing for a game. No more first team defense vs first team offense.

    he said there was a "scheduling conflict" and that they would have to do it some other time.  not sure if that means this year or next?

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