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  1. Just now, Philc1 said:

    Jones’s footwork looked good.  Overall he looked but we have arguably the league’s worst secondary and zero pass rush yet again

    and that's our FIRST team D!!  haha  he didn't even go against that!  it was our backups!!

    I just hope the midgets win like 6-7 games or so.  worst thing that could happen is that this kid wins them nothing, and they get the #1 pick next year and get an actual QB, Tua.....ugh

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  2. 1 minute ago, Philc1 said:

    Our secondary is hideous.  Geno Smith would look decent facing our starters

    Jones reminded me of Geno last night.  If you look at each of his passes, the ball is out in like 1.5 - 2 seconds.  he throws to his first read each time.  staring down receivers, etc.   guess what?  Geno excelled at that too!  but when read #1 wasn't open, and Geno had to use that peanut of a brain he has, that's when he got into trouble!

  3. 11 minutes ago, JiF said:

    I think it's typically 2 games but the NFL found it to be a grossly negligent action or something like that...

    yeah well double the limit and 100 mph will do that.  I know it's the right thing to do and all, and it goes against everything I believe, but he is just SUCH a factor on this team.  oh well - the Jets have gone 10 years without a TE, what's 4 more games right?  LOL

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  4. 11 minutes ago, JiF said:


    Probably because him and the 76 year old man he hit at 100 mph and blew twice over the legal limit are lucky to be alive?


    no doubt.  not advocating what he did at all.  but there is a precedent with these in the past.

  5. I was thinking this myself.  strange that we have heard nothing. 

    such a shame too for me:  my kids got me tix to the first home game this year - I guess it's a Father's Day celebration with an on field experience after the game?  and since it's a "Green out" game and I had gotten the black Darnold jersey already, they got me a green Herndon one and now he won't be playing!  even if he appeals it, he is not getting it down to 0 games!  haha

    oh well - it's a nice jersey!!

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  6. 2 hours ago, Bugg said:

    Think DBs are overhead. You play defense with a talented pass rush, and your DBs are scheme. Tired of watching the Jets spend resources on guys that will get beat no matter what if you give the QB time. Williams will have a scheme, be it zone or man or doubling specific receivers. It's gonna vary week to week, series to series. 

    The Jets and Giants play for real. WIlliams was not going to show anything last night. It was straight up vanilla. And further strong suspicion the NFL does not like anyone blitzing in preseason games. They're never going to say that, but only time the Jets got in the backfield was on  a play action when the safety went to hit the back he thought had the ball to see Jones then complete a big pass. 

    pass rush?  pass rush you say?  WTH is a pass rush???

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  7. 18 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    On the flip side when Carl Banks coached with the Jets my family and I (small kids at the time) along with other fans saw Carl riding his bike at training camp in Hofsra and the small crowd asked for autographs he vehemently said no autographs i'm too busy. i said no loss you are a Giant anyway and others made comments after he was mean to the kids. He said thats right i'm a NY Giant and don't you fans forget that. 

    Last night he had no business announcing that game or any game he cannot talk intelligently  to save his life many times mispronouncing words. 

    Im not a fan of Carl Banks and never will be. 

    good to know.  I absolutely hate the giants and their fans and it was bothering me to know there was one good giant out there!  glad to see they are back to zero!!  haha

  8. Just now, BroadwayRay said:

    I'm sure he's a nice guy. But he wasn't a good announcer last night. Plus his contention that CBs should be allowed to cheat was pretty weird.

    I agree 1000%!  He is the biggest giants homer there is - there is no disputing that.  but I was responding to a comment that he was a "jerk".

  9. 13 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    NBC deserves all the backlash they get from this. Carl Banks is a jerk. 

    I respectfully disagree with this comment.  My Dad and brother are giants fans and when I was a kid there was some autograph signing at a local store by me and it was Carl Banks.  So my Dad "drags" me and my brother to go.  Me being the little bastard that I am,  I figured if I have to go, I'll wear my Jets stuff!  

    And the man could not have been nicer!  he sees me with my Jets shirt on, and he laughed and was so nice.  I don't remember details because it was over 30 years ago, but he took a picture with me, and I saved it all these years.  Whenever I hear him on Joe and Evan (or a Kia commercial - ha!) I get a slight smile on my face, because even though I despise the giants, it's nice to know he is a "nice giant".

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  10. Just now, kevinc855 said:

    Bell and Q weren't even playing. We are gona be good on offense. 

    That said, I really fear our secondary is going to be awful. We may have to win with shootouts. 

    can you even imagine?  it'll be like the 80s all over again!  Marino and O'Brien lighting it up.

    unfortunately, back in the 80s, the NFL was more about RBs and defense....and now it's all about the QBs and the offense.  Jets always seemed to be late to the party - Rex with his "ground and pound", etc.  Hopefully with Gase and Sam, things are about to change!

  11. 3 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    I agree, but i'm trying to remain positive there.  even in worst case scenario one does, its not replacing the entire offense like we switched out last night.

    Injuries are sadly bound to happen.  No team goes unscathed throughout the year, but if we minimize it we will be much better off.

    Hey listen, I try to stay positive too.  normally I'd be re-watching this game over and over now, but since the "real Jets" were only in for a series each, the excitement kind of ends quickly.  next week we'll see more playing time, and then week 3 will be the one to really watch.

  12. Just now, chrisfaceoff said:

    I have high expectations for this offense.  Last night did nothing to make me reconsider.


    It s a beautiful thing.

    I hear ya, but last night just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  we better hope none of our starters get hurt, man.....

  13. Just now, Rhg1084 said:

    Crowder is going to be a huge part of this offense.  I think the Chiefs have the best offense in the league. But honestly, other than them I think the Jets can matchup with any other team offensive. A lot of the national media is sleeping on this Jets team. This offense is going to be explosive this year. 

    and that's the way I like it!  One of my Jets fan buddies at work was complaining to me this AM that we are currently ranked #23.  I think that is great!  fly under the radar!

    but I'm still a nervous wreck watching this team.  I am also a Yankee fan, and it even carries over to them.  sure, they have won 9 in a row, but I'm just waiting for disaster.  44 years as a Jets fan will do that to ya!!

  14. LOVE them. especially the helmet!  and the color.  the only thing I liked better on the old ones was the jersey.  I liked when we wore white, the sleeves still had a lot of green and vice-versa.  if they could keep the new uniforms, but switch back to old jerseys and pants with the new color green, I think it would be better.  that dark hunter green was just not good.

    but as a whole, I do like the new ones better.  never was a fan of the white helmets at all.  I was saying it to my son as we were watching last night:  outside of the Jets 1's just slicing up the giants, the unis were my next favorite part!  Yeah Webb keeps throwing INTs, but hell, he looks great doing it!!  LOL

  15. 4 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    If he steps up under GW he's not going anywhere unless he asks for stupid money. 

    Hes better than the board thinks he is

    with QW there now, teams won't be able to double team him as much.  in fact, they will hopefully be double teaming Quinnen, which should allow for Leo to have a monster year.

    now, that being said, if he does NOT have a monster year with QW and "G-dubbs" then.....

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  16. On 8/7/2019 at 11:52 AM, slats said:

    A 1-5 start would be pretty depressing, but I was just talking last night at work about the difficulty of the early part of the schedule. I'd like to think the Jets take one or two more of those early games. Sam beating Mayfield week two would be particularly sweet. 

    They make a good case for Leo not to be extended. Jets have a lot of money tied up in the DL, and we've been hearing from a couple of the depth guys in camp. Letting Leo walk for what would almost certainly wind up being a third round comp pick in 2021 would probably be appealing to Joe Douglas, as would the saved cap room. 

    everyone I have been talking to is going on about how the Jets have the 2nd easiest schedule (most of which are giants fans, who btw have the EASIEST schedule - but I digress) but I have always said:  it's not WHO you play but WHEN you play them.  If the Jets start out 1-6, I don't care that the next 6 or 7 games are "winnable".  the snowball starts picking up speed.

    now if the Jets can start off 3-4 or God-willing 4-3 or better, we are in for good times!!

  17. Just now, GREENBEAN said:

    2011 was ruined by the 2010 offseason for me. I had very little hope after we basically dismantled the team that got us to the two championships. Ellis, cotchery, Edwards, Smith etc. replacing them with guys like plaxico Burris or Anthony mason. Heart breaking stuff.

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    no, you're absolutely correct on that.  But at least there was still hope.  Yeah we lost a few pieces (I remember Jason Taylor being interviewed after the AFC champ game saying "this will be the last time we will all be together" - gulp) but I was still excited for the 2011 season.  not since.

    now last year, I was excited for Sam, but was just hoping to see him progress.  this year we want to see a winning record, and maybe sneak into playoffs!

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