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  1. Sarcasm duly noted, and point taken.
    My point still stands though, and it isn’t only the Giants QB. It’s every other young one drafted within the last two, three years. The only one who gets credit (begrudgingly at that) is Mahomes, and it’s always with the caveats that he’ll come down to earth, or he has so many weapons, like Mayfield, lol.
    Wentz is glass, Goff is garbage, Mayfield low ceiling, Allen a injury waiting to happen.... I could go down the list of every single one taken since ‘16, except one. Guess who?

    I can only speak for myself, but I personally have only seen “negative” posts about Mayfield, and now...Daniel-san here.

    For Mayfield, I think (again MY opinion) that the negatives mostly have to do with his off-field issues. Running his mouth, calling people out, etc.

    Danny boy here was because this troll - a disgrace to his forum name BTW - started an obvious false thread proclaiming his greatness. He baited, we bit.

    But Wentz? Goff? Even Allen? I really haven’t seen it. Maybe Allen’s accuracy issues, but it’s not like he’s getting killed on here like Mayfield has been. And now Jonesey poo will as well because of the troll.

    As for Darnold - hey we are just excited man! This is not like we have had someone like Peyton or Brady for 20 years and Sam is filling big shoes. I mean really- since Chad, what have we had? An injured HOFer, the Sanchize, Geno, Hack, Fitztragic, I could go on. We have been waiting for a LONG time for this, and we are all just excited that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this kid is it!
  2. 4 minutes ago, WayneChrebet80 said:

    From Inside Training Camp: Eli Manning is the #Giants starter and when Daniel Jones has to play, he‘ll be ready. ... but Jones has been even better than the team imagined, thus far

    wow he can't even beat out Eli?  how bad is this kid?  I mean I was thinking bad, but not THIS BAD!!!

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  3. 5 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Absolutely.  Many great QBs are the result of luck btw.  Brady falling to the 6th.  Aaron Rodgers and Marino dropping in the 1st round.  Peyton not going into the draft after his sophomore and junior seasons (which we picked #1 overall both times) certainly helped the Colts out.  

    that Peyton thing STILL kills me to this day.  Jets were playoff team 98, 01, 02, 04, 06 with Vinny friggin Testaverde and Chad.  just imagine if we had Peyton on those teams!!!

  4. 1 minute ago, Drums said:

    Sometimes I go to other boards to check out their opinions, and what I tend to find is sometimes there hasn’t been a post in days, even though they are the first ones to pop up on google. This is a great forum. 

    wow.  days w/o arguing over Baker's greatness or whether Eli belongs in the HOF?  that's just crazy talk!!

  5. 10 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    This is horrible news about our defense and Poole.  He's going to be a disaster!

    I see what you did there.  and you are right.  it's weird watching/hearing about these camp practices.  On one hand you're thrilled Tru gets an interception:  "yes!  maybe last year was garbage and he's back!"  but on the other hand: "CRAP!  Sam threw a pick!!"

    the roller coaster of emotions is real!!

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  6. 38 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Wow ....

    Darnold had 1/4 the supporting cast of Mayfield last year.

    This year will tell a lot.

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    exactly.  and....Mayfield only won 3 more games than Sam.  THREE!!!  not like he went to the playoffs or anything!  Texans game, Packers game, even the Browns game:  all of them Sam had the lead late in the game and the Jets "staunch D" did what we Jets fans have come accustomed to:  they blew it!  the only reason we won the Colts game was because Sam had given the D such a huge cushion.

    Point is:  Jets easily could have been a 6-7 win team last year.  with THAT roster....crazy!!  If Mayfield does not make the playoffs this year with his roster.....wow

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  7. 5 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

    For 3 weeks. Just sayin... 😇

    They were 3 good weeks though, so that’s something to hang our hats on.

    4 weeks - including the Pats game.  and he didn't play great in that game, yet he STILL was highest rated over that 4 week period.  wonder what his rating was over weeks 14-16?  again with your #1 and #2 RBs out, wr issues, OLine issues, Bowles as your HC, etc.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, peebag said:

    I'm not worried.  Look at what Sam had to work with the last 4 weeks of last season.  And he's a got year under his belt.

    this right here.  I don't think enough people give him credit for that.  My God!!  who were his RBs?  receivers?  60% of his O-line was either injured or not playing their position....and yet he was ranked #1 of all QBs.  crazy.

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