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  1. wow. everyone is talking about how good Herndon is or not. Am I the only one here who saw that comment and would be royally pi$$ed if the Jets took a TE with their #11 pick? My God just the thought makes me ill!!!
  2. so we are onto the conference champions now, huh? I hope you are right!! From your mouth to God's ears!!
  3. PFF writer lost all credibility with "the 2017 quarterback draft class...."
  4. I think you nailed it! This point can not be under-stated. How many drive killers did we have last year (and the year before)?? As bad as our line was, the one time they actually gave Sam maybe 2 seconds to make a play, it was called back for holding or some other stupid penalty.
  5. Just hope everyone remembers this next year when they are all on here talking about how much Darnold sucks.....
  6. last year, the Jets proved that they don't need a kicker. now, they'll do the same with punter! who needs 'em!?!?
  7. Love it! and just yesterday I'm reading on here that idiot vagiants fans are on their boards licking their chops because the "deal was done" ? idiots.
  8. post of the year right here! Undefeated against the midgets in our Blacks!!
  9. well. they went to SB 4, so the Jets still had the longest anyway, but I get your point. part of the reason I will be "rooting" for the niners - don't want these teams that have never won a SB, or haven't one in ages (like the Chiefs) winning and then it just singles out the Jets even more.

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