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  1. Hall and Oates, Hall and Nash, Hall and Dunn? LOL
  2. Yes, you are correct. he went to Chaminade with my cousin. tweeted out a pic of him as a kid dressed as a Jet for halloween and how this was like a dream come true for him. really rooting for this guy.
  3. Cimini is SO negative! 5 for 9?? Really? From all the tweets you guys have been posting on this forum (thanks BTW!), he had many more throws than that. what is he talking about??
  4. I agree, but the trailer did show that ALL FOUR episodes would drop. Kind of indicates there are only 4, but hey I hope you're right!!
  5. Looks good, but I have one concern: I noticed on the Jets website, the section for "One Jets Drive" is now gone and has been replaced by this. And this Flight showed that "all 4 episodes" will be dropped on 6/21. I loved 1JD, and how it would continue throughout the season. I hope they are not getting rid of that and replacing it with only this 4 episode arc.
  6. And let’s not forget: Zach is going against the 1’s. Sam wasn’t at this point. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. I agree, and I don’t see why? Maybe because he was SO GOOD last week? I mean he threw one interception, but it should have been caught. Another thing that I don’t hear most in the media mention (except Connor Hughes): Zach is taking EVERY snap with the first team offense. I mean, that just does not happen typically at this stage in OTAs. Certainly not with the Jets. He is going AGAINST our starting defense. Missing his top three WRs. We all saw the recap of Darnold’s first week of OTAs back in 2018 in another thread. He “looked lost, had multiple interceptions, multiple sacks, was no
  8. agree 100% - that's why I put it in quotes. Someone on the forums here linked an article to Darnold's 1st OTA from 2018. MUCH worse !!
  9. Well that certainly explains why Zach was "a little off" at practice yesterday!
  10. Didn’t Zach come out in support of the Nets a few weeks back? Geez you’d think this kid was a giants fan (or as they currently prefer to be called “Bucs fan”) the way he switches allegiances so often!
  11. good God man! I cannot take the strain!!! We are jets fans - this is not supposed to be!!! LOL
  12. wait.....is this allowed? Based on my last few years of watching Jets football, I just assumed you get a flag if the QB did this?
  13. Once I saw that he said: "right now I wanna win" I stopped paying attention. Unfortunate.
  14. Agreed on the GL ride at GA. Thank God I’ve already got kids, because after that ride......wow!
  15. I know...I know...."who cares? can they play ball?" But I love this kind of stuff. I mean two weeks ago these guys weren't even on the team. Just think about that.
  16. My thoughts exactly. I was such a huge supporter of Sam. He's a great guy; it just didn't work out with the Jets. After the Broncos game last year, I just got tired of the excuses. "yeah but his line...", "yeah but ...GASE...", "yeah but..." then we get the #2 pick, and Jets just had to cut ties. If Darnold beats the Jets by 28 points and has 5 TD passes, it will not change my mind. I think he can be a great QB; just not with the Jets.
  17. I read this completely expecting a C or C+. Did PFF really give the Jets an “A”. Wow I am shocked! I mean I think they should get an A, just wasn’t expecting PFF to acknowledge it! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. I gave it an A. No A+ because we had to give up two 3rd rounders. But realistically, we get the best LG in the draft (who also plays tackle) and a 4th rounder. we gave up a box safety and a 3rd rounder. I'm all in!
  19. wonder why they took the video down? has stayed up every other week.....did anyone actually watch it before it was taken down? wonder if he said something confirming he knows where he is going or something, and they did not mean to upload it until tomorrow?
  20. I agree. Rather lose 42-38 than 9-3. Tired of scoring less than 10 points every game! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  21. I agree. Right now I prefer Wilson but I’m not trashing on Fields! Because you know what? In 17 days, Fields may just be my QB and I will love him! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  22. Looks like some posters on this forum just got the same ESPN update I got!! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  23. We all know the deal as Jets fans: 1) When Darnold is on Jets - explain in article after article after article how he's the worst QB in history 2) When Jets trade Darnold explain how the jets made an historic mistake and should have built around him. 3) Write article after article after article how great Wilson is. 4) Once Jets draft him, write about how his frame is too slight, and he had played against no competition. We all know if Sam was on the Panthers the last three years and this trade was made in reverse, the Jets would be getting CRUCIFIED right now for givin
  24. Sorry, I obviously was not clear. And re-reading my post I can see why! No, I have all the confidence in Wilson. I meant with everyone saying it’s a sure bet Jets take him, watch us take Mac Jones or Trey Lance or someone else! Before yesterday, my line to all my Jets fans was “watch the Jets take the TE with the #2 pick”! At least now we KNOW it will be a QB.
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