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  1. The pattern of signing OL who do not commit penalties continues.  If nothing else, we should at least expect to have a disciplined OLine.  

    I think you nailed it! This point can not be under-stated. How many drive killers did we have last year (and the year before)?? As bad as our line was, the one time they actually gave Sam maybe 2 seconds to make a play, it was called back for holding or some other stupid penalty.
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  2. 6 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Good luck with that one Leo.

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Giants "aren't close" on an extension with free agent DL Leonard Williams.
    The Giants have looked unwilling to meet Williams' asking price to this point, which is expected to be at least $15 million annually. With talks not progressing, franchising Williams remains a possibility, but there's now a chance they let him hit the open market. After giving up third and fifth-round picks for Williams, it would be a letdown if the Giants didn't get something done.

    Love it!  and just yesterday I'm reading on here that idiot vagiants fans are on their boards licking their chops because the "deal was done" ?  idiots.

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  3. On 1/21/2020 at 7:50 PM, TuscanyTile2 said:

    KC waited 50 years between SB appearances. The Jets now have the longest drought in the NFL.  OTOH, "we're due!"

    well. they went to SB 4, so the Jets still had the longest anyway, but I get your point.  part of the reason I will be "rooting" for the niners - don't want these teams that have never won a SB, or haven't one in ages (like the Chiefs) winning and then it just singles out the Jets even more.

  4. 16 hours ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    The only ones I don't like are the all green.  They are too much for me, but any of the combinations of the 3 look great.


    Only thing i wasn't too high on at the time was the logo, but I've been coming around to it.  The color of the helmet in person its actually stunning.

    this exactly for me as well.  Never liked the all green - old unis or new.  never liked the whole "shrek" look.  Love the new unis - just wish they would wear more of the black and switch those up as well - wear black with white pants.  MAYBE with the green pants, but I'd have to see it.

  5. 1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

    I can respect it. I just don’t love the way it unfolded is all. I would of much rather watched us be offensively competent in those games but a W is a W, I guess.

    Hopefully another year in this system, more supporting pieces and we’ll be winning and looking solid while doing it.

    my stance is more or less on Gase than anyone. I feel like once he gets into mid-game, he doesn’t know what to call. He has no bread and butter that works no matter what.

    well said.  now this I can agree with.  sure, I would have liked "sexy wins" better, but at least they showed something, which gives me just a little (very little!) hope for Gase!

    and I know it doesn't mean anything to most (just stupid me!) but there were a few things I was looking for at the end that were brought up in various media that I REALLY wanted, so the wins certainly helped:

    1.  last 4 games of the season, the Jets had the hardest schedule of any NFL team (tied with Bears) and they went 3-1.  this is very good!

    2.  going into the Steelers game, I saw that if the Jets lost one more game it would be the first time in franchise history that they would have four consecutive double-digit loss seasons.  They won both games and avoided this!

    3.  also going into Steelers game, they were 4-3 at home.  wanted that home winning record.

    4.  Sam missed 3 games this year.  Jets lost all three.  going into last game of the year, they were 6-6 with Darnold.  nice to see him have a winning record in games he played.

    5.  Lastly, again with Sam; and this was one I was tracking since the Bengals game (the game that REALLY killed his chances at getting this because they didn't even score 1 TD):  Namath holds the record for most TD passes in his 1st 2 years as a Jet.  Sam fell one short.  I know it's a totally different NFL now vs then (and it REALLY says more about the crap QBs we have had the last 50 years!) but still, I was rooting for Sam in this one.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    See, idk why guys say this. I understand 6-2 feels good but I didn’t enjoy barely beating Steelers back up QB’s, I didn’t enjoy winning 13-7 or whatever it was. I didn’t enjoy barely beating Buffalo’s back ups and I didn’t enjoy seeing Darnold look underwhelming in the finale. I see we got the W’s but I’m really not encouraged HOW we got the W’s.

    I usually agree with you on almost everything, but I could not disagree more.  a win is a win is a win!  it's contagious:  as they say winning breeds winning.  we lost to Buffalo by 1 and got destroyed by the Pats - but they both count as losses.  The Jets kept three teams out of the playoffs:  Steelers, Raiders and Cowboys.  sure, you can argue the first two, but no doubt about the boys!  and at the time, Raiders and Steelers were the #6 seed when they played the Jets.  

    I agree with Darnold.  I felt better last year at this time even though we lost at the end, but Sam looked great vs winning at the end this year because of defense.  But man, he just has absolutely NOTHING to work with.  Hoping Douglas shores up that line and Sam should be fine.  

    But yeah - never discount a win, man!  I don't care if we had an "easy" schedule - when we were 1-7, most pundits had the Jets as the worst team in football, therefore beating ANYBODY is a great thing!  and beating backups?  The Jets went on the field with a 3rd string team at best, so no apologies!!

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  7. 1 hour ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Could be in-game, draft, FA, etc.


    Lets try to keep the positives as genuine positives.


    (in no particular order)


    1. Of all the training camps I went to over the years, one of the practices was hands down my favorite.  I was able to get a picture with Sam, and autographs from Sam, Jamal, Jamison, Le'Veon, Gregg Mosley, and many others all in a single day.  I have gotten lucky with autographs from players over the years, but the quality of players in one year, let alone one day - and getting the pic with Sam on top of it was one of my favorite Jets summer moments ever.

    2.  The Jamal Adams "Gimme that!" strip fumble TD run.  Jamal is one of my favorite players on this team, not just current, but ever. and that was such an awesome play to see.

    3.  Tie between beating Pittsburgh, and Dallas.  I hate both teams, but living in Pennsylvania where Steelers are more arrogant than even the worst pats' fans on Sundays was such a great feeling.  Listening to all the **** talk for both of these games all week, to just being able to come in, not having to talk, watching coworkers and friends sink their heads so low, while just waving hi, with sinister smirk was a nice bit of revenge.  Adding the fact that the Jets victories basically took both these teams out of the playoffs was even more satisfying.



    1.  The Patriots game at home.  Actually being at the game made it even worse.  I always wanted to see Brady play in person before he retired, but I also wanted to see a competitive game.  Oof.

    2.  The Jamal Adams drama.  This was blown way out of proportion on both sides, and with the losing slump, injuries piling up, this was the straw that broke the camels back.

    3.  Sam getting Mono.  Would it have made any difference?  Who knows, but this was the start of such a downward spiral in what most felt was going to be a promising season of growth.  If that didn't take the wind out of everyone's sails, I don't know what did.



    I was at that practice and remember seeing you, because you said you had that green f@#$ the Patriots shirt on I believe?  And same here:  I was there with my son and he got so many autographs!  He brought his Jets helmet and got Sam and Jamal, who we thought were the really cool signatures, and another that, at the time, seemed like nothing, but is now one of his favorite players:  Burgess!  LOL  funny how things work out! we were waiting for Sam, and Burgess just comes up to him and says: want my autograph?"  I mean we really didn't know who this guy was, but my son politely feigned excitement (guess it's that great parenting!) and now he's so thrilled to have it!  makes for a great story.

    My son calls it the "holy helmet" now and wants to bring it again next year for hopefully some more autographs!  It was  a great day!

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  8. 7 hours ago, Dcat said:

    This is the narrative the Giants would like everyone to believe. The reality is the Vagiants wouldn't match the the offer he got from Carolina (an offer he couldn't refuse and one the giants had to refuse .... because it is absurd for an inexperienced college HC).  

    exactly.  the vagiants panicked.  enough said.  Panthers make the announcement, and within an hour, the giants say they are in negotiations with Judge since the night before.  huh???  they did not hire him at that point (to my knowledge, they STILL have not?) so why announce that ONE HOUR after the Rhule announcement?  why not announce it the night before?  why not wait till...you know...you actually HIRE the guy?  total panic move and once again, vagiants trying to cover it up.


    now hey, the guy may wind up being a great head coach;  who knows?  but the midgets knew the writing on the wall:  all three of their rivals in their division now had SB winning/appearance HCs and "their guy" got away.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Maxta_p said:

    The giants were already in negotiations with judge yesterday. They cancelled their interview with Rhule because they knew they were hiring Judge

    that's what the midgets WANT us to think.  think about it:  WHY would they rush to announce this 1 hr after the Rhule announcement?  they still had interviews lined up.  makes no sense.  they care how they look / how they are perceived and knew they would get slaughtered.

    boy, this day just keeps getting better and better!

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  10. 56 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    One of the more curious things about this to me is, why the rush? It's not like teams were lining up to interview Judge for HC. They didn't even want to listen to what anyone else had to say? It reeks of a panic decision after Rhule was scooped up.

    because they want to make it SEEM like they chose him over Rhule.  Not that Rhule chose Carolina and they had no other choice.  typical VaGiants...gotta keep up the image.

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