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  1. I always say "it's not WHO you play but WHEN you play them".  We will know after tonight just how tough the schedule is.  Jets always get screwed with like first 7 games against playoff teams!  crazy!  I'd rather have some "cupcakes" at the start of the year; build up some confidence with wins, THEN be ready for the tougher games at the end of the year.

    See last year, they had the tough games up front, then the "easy games" in the middle/towards the end.  That's what made last year so impressive IMHO:  to be 1-7, there is no longer such a thing as an "easy game" because guess what?  those teams were looking at the Jets as their easy game.

    if the trend for the Jets continues, they will be playing at Buffalo, at Seattle, home for KC, then niners to start the season.  it's amazing, really!

  2. I said for years the best player the Fins had on their team was the punter!  You'd think with all the practice he has had the last few years that Lach Edwards would have been better....fills a need.  Unfortunately, we have/had SO MANY need, that you cannot make everyone happy!

  3. 1 hour ago, PCP63 said:

    Can't blame last year's poor decision-making on the OL. When Darnold did have a clean pocket, he still made terrible decisions. He still has a lot to prove. Especially in today's NFL, where QBs come in and shine immediately.

    I remember those exact two times last year when he had a clean pocket!!  And one was right after the mono.  the other?  well...no one's perfect!!  LOL

  4. I liked the draft a lot. Douglas did all we could have asked. Now it's up to the players and coaches to take it from here.
    Bechton can become a beast. I like that we took a chance on potential to be great.
    Mims was a good pick, but I'm a little worried about him, to be honest..
    Davis, Hall and Mann... love these picks.  Davis might become the player who finally replaces Deontay Burnett as my "adopted Jet"
    The only thing I'd have liked Douglas to do over would be not take Morgan, and get another WR instead with that pick. With this roster, why take a guy who will only get on the field when we don't ever want him to? (unless you think we'll be blowing people out 35-3 in the 4th).

    I agree with you. Or I should say, I did when the pick was made. For whatever reason, I thought we still had Siemian. Once I realized our only backup was Fales, I thought better of this pick. Still would have liked to have gotten another WR, but this pick of a backup QB doesn’t seem as bad anymore. And we see what happens to the Jets offense if Sam goes down!
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  5. 9 minutes ago, TNJet said:

    This guy is my favorite Jet defensive lineman. At 6-4 and 320, this dude could end up being the best NT since Kris Jenkins for us. He's surprisingly nimble for such a big guy, shows when he shoots the gaps for TFL's. That is all.

    That is some big praise.  Love Jenkins, and hope this guy can be as good for us!

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  6. The pattern of signing OL who do not commit penalties continues.  If nothing else, we should at least expect to have a disciplined OLine.  

    I think you nailed it! This point can not be under-stated. How many drive killers did we have last year (and the year before)?? As bad as our line was, the one time they actually gave Sam maybe 2 seconds to make a play, it was called back for holding or some other stupid penalty.
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  7. 6 minutes ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Good luck with that one Leo.

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports the Giants "aren't close" on an extension with free agent DL Leonard Williams.
    The Giants have looked unwilling to meet Williams' asking price to this point, which is expected to be at least $15 million annually. With talks not progressing, franchising Williams remains a possibility, but there's now a chance they let him hit the open market. After giving up third and fifth-round picks for Williams, it would be a letdown if the Giants didn't get something done.

    Love it!  and just yesterday I'm reading on here that idiot vagiants fans are on their boards licking their chops because the "deal was done" ?  idiots.

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  8. On 1/21/2020 at 7:50 PM, TuscanyTile2 said:

    KC waited 50 years between SB appearances. The Jets now have the longest drought in the NFL.  OTOH, "we're due!"

    well. they went to SB 4, so the Jets still had the longest anyway, but I get your point.  part of the reason I will be "rooting" for the niners - don't want these teams that have never won a SB, or haven't one in ages (like the Chiefs) winning and then it just singles out the Jets even more.

  9. 16 hours ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    The only ones I don't like are the all green.  They are too much for me, but any of the combinations of the 3 look great.


    Only thing i wasn't too high on at the time was the logo, but I've been coming around to it.  The color of the helmet in person its actually stunning.

    this exactly for me as well.  Never liked the all green - old unis or new.  never liked the whole "shrek" look.  Love the new unis - just wish they would wear more of the black and switch those up as well - wear black with white pants.  MAYBE with the green pants, but I'd have to see it.

  10. 1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

    I can respect it. I just don’t love the way it unfolded is all. I would of much rather watched us be offensively competent in those games but a W is a W, I guess.

    Hopefully another year in this system, more supporting pieces and we’ll be winning and looking solid while doing it.

    my stance is more or less on Gase than anyone. I feel like once he gets into mid-game, he doesn’t know what to call. He has no bread and butter that works no matter what.

    well said.  now this I can agree with.  sure, I would have liked "sexy wins" better, but at least they showed something, which gives me just a little (very little!) hope for Gase!

    and I know it doesn't mean anything to most (just stupid me!) but there were a few things I was looking for at the end that were brought up in various media that I REALLY wanted, so the wins certainly helped:

    1.  last 4 games of the season, the Jets had the hardest schedule of any NFL team (tied with Bears) and they went 3-1.  this is very good!

    2.  going into the Steelers game, I saw that if the Jets lost one more game it would be the first time in franchise history that they would have four consecutive double-digit loss seasons.  They won both games and avoided this!

    3.  also going into Steelers game, they were 4-3 at home.  wanted that home winning record.

    4.  Sam missed 3 games this year.  Jets lost all three.  going into last game of the year, they were 6-6 with Darnold.  nice to see him have a winning record in games he played.

    5.  Lastly, again with Sam; and this was one I was tracking since the Bengals game (the game that REALLY killed his chances at getting this because they didn't even score 1 TD):  Namath holds the record for most TD passes in his 1st 2 years as a Jet.  Sam fell one short.  I know it's a totally different NFL now vs then (and it REALLY says more about the crap QBs we have had the last 50 years!) but still, I was rooting for Sam in this one.

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