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  1. well that and the fact the Jets had ZERO run defense back then. worked well when they were blowing out the Colts and Peyton had to keep passing, but the Raiders ran the ball I think like 15 consecutive plays at one point? it was ridiculous - the Jets just could not stop the run.
  2. I think you said it right there. The best team in the NFL against this rag tag bunch of guys, and we are not being embarrassed.
  3. after reading this, we should totally tank to get the highest draft pick possible! I have the utmost faith....
  4. wonderful. guess we'll have to "settle" for Bell....
  5. I heard on the radio this AM that the Jets have the toughest remaining schedule in the whole NFL. But I love the optimism!!
  6. I have been saying this for years: it's not WHO you play, but WHEN you play them. no different this year. it is funny though how we all thought Playing NE earlier in the year would be a good thing. not the case this year as they are definitely beatable right now.
  7. no I agree 100%. It was a great game for him, and should be "counted" - but just didn't fit into my argument.
  8. me too. I have enough giants fans in my life telling me how awful the Jets are (see the irony in that?) - so I don't need to come HERE and get the same thing! it's ridiculous.
  9. I actually initially had the Packers game in there but then removed it because the point I was trying to make was 4th qtr comebacks, and the Jets were winning pretty much the whole game. actually, now that I think about it, did the Pack actually take the lead in the 4th qtr? maybe they did - I forget. bt yes, that was another great game out of Sam. unfortunately, he never got a chance in the OT.
  10. exactly. just like the texans game last year...and the Browns game last year.....both times, Sam had the 4th qtr come from behind win in hand...and then the defense gave it up and we lost both games. same happened yesterday, but this time, Sam went right back down the field yet again and won the game. progress. and I agree. the fact that people are complaining about this guy shows just how good he is! we would have all killed for a performance like that out of Geno, or Hack, etc etc etc
  11. I will say, I do like these type of games better than the Bengals/Dolphins/Redskins types. nobody is expecting a win, so anything is gravy. those other types of games, we are expected to win, and when we do, the reaction is: "meh well it was ONLY the fins". I just hope the Jets don't get embarrassed like the Pats game. at least play a little competitive, and as always, the biggest thing is for Sam to play well (or at least as well as a person can with that team...)
  12. I think you nailed it right there. can't bitch and moan about the 1-point loss in week one and then still be pi$$ed about yesterday! Sam could not lead the GW drive in week one, and he did yesterday. that is progress. we have seen games where overall he played very well, but in crunch time, he could not get it done. yesterday, he played very well in the first half and then had a bad second half (he was the first to admit it at the press conference afterwards) but he had two GW drives in the 4th quarter yesterday. man, it felt like the texans game from last year: Sam leads team down for a GW drive and then the defense just lets the opponent go right down and score. difference is, this game, Sam marched the offense right back down the field again and won the game! and I don't want to hear that it "was only the fins". the fins that had beaten us 4 times in a row. and that team that the Jets trotted out there yesterday should not be able to beat any professional football team. I'm sorry. the fact that we could win against anyone yesterday is a good thing.
  13. Exactly! The fact the Jets can win against ANYONE with that roster is a minor miracle. How many starters are out? Both corners, one safety, three LBs, FOUR o-linemen, Herndon, Quincy, Bell (BELL!), then even Griffin goes down! Are you kidding me?
  14. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I have been saying this for weeks! It’s not like we had Brady here for 19 years and Sam is replacing him. Uncle Josh, Fitztragic, Geno, Hack, Sanchez....I could go on....
  15. That’s right! JETS only AFCE team to win today! How often does that happen?
  16. And technically, the giants win. It was early 4th quarter, but still a “4th quarter comeback” victory.
  17. 100% yes. I also watched the practice today at 12:15 and EA was commenting on how Sam had a nice "snot missile" or "snot bullet" or something like that. but yes, you could totally hear it in his voice during the PC, and how he kept "sniffling". let's hope it's not another round of the "M" word....
  18. me too. not "worried" but as a Jets fan, can't help but to think: "what if?" and if they DID lose....My God
  19. I feel like all I am doing today is responding to your posts! LOL I was at that game against the Bills. I can barely get to go to any games, so that one sticks out for me. but yeah, throughout the game, I was definitely disappointed with the offense. I was not one of the people on this forum who expected the Jets to put up 35 points a game, but something seemed...off. and three days later we find out Sam has mono. I know you don't like to use it as an "excuse" but come on! as a guy who had mono when he was 21 (yes folks, it does happen at that age - Sam is only a year older than I was!) I am amazed he was able to come back and play NFL football by the cowboys game! we can argue about that game and the fins game - that's all I keep hearing about nowadays: "man, if the Jets had just held on against the bills and beaten the fins".....I look at it more with the mono. is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the Jets as they are playing right now would beat the browns and eagles? The pats - forget about it, but man, losing Sam for those three games to mono was the real killer.
  20. man you are all over the place! when we beat the vagiants and redskins (and Sam plays very well) you dismiss it because those teams suck. but now, if we lose to yet ANOTHER (fins) winless team, you don't think it will be that big of a deal? I do however, agree with you on Darnold. we need to see him keep playing well. last year, after he came back and beat Buffalo, I was all in on "let Sam play well, but have the Jets lose, so we get a higher draft pick". but that was in week 15. But it's week 13, and the Jets are in the midst of something special - I want that 5 wins in a row! Plus, I have no confidence in the Jets front office to make any good picks in the draft anyway. I know we now have Douglas, but until he proves he can draft well, I'm pessimistic. I'm getting off track here. My point is: I think Jets NEED to win this week and next week. and they need to not get embarrassed by the Ravens, like the pats game. If they do all that, I think they have a real shot at winning the last 2 games and going 8-8. and after mono, CJ, herndon, this O-line, 1-7 start etc etc etc, that would be amazing!
  21. I have absolutely zero expectations of Jets making the playoffs, but a Bills collapse does sound wonderful!!
  22. I'm with you on that. this game against the bengals scares the crap out of me. all these good feelings we have been having for the last month get flushed down the toilet if the Jets lose.
  23. I agree. Let's go back to Hack. or Geno. or Sanchise. or...... Please.
  24. sometimes, you just gotta stop feeding the trolls, you know Jet Nut?

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