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  1. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:

    Thats the best part of uniform discussions.  When people say no, flat out to colors or a design.  That tell others what we are and are not.  Its all opinion and if the uniforms are done right, like Jax IMO, colors wont be all that important, they'll look good.

    I agree with you on Jax:  they look much better.  good choice.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    We’re probably gonna lose. It’s a rookie qb, a young defense and a bad coach against a veteran qb, a young defense and a bad coach. Advantage Browns but they’re not so good that it’ll be a shocking if we win.

    I'm not saying Jets will win, but looking at your assessment, both have bad coaches and young defenses, so that's a wash.

    so then if it comes down to Taylor vs Darnold?  I'll take Darnold any day!!  unfortunately, it doesn't just come down to that....

  3. 10 minutes ago, Larz said:

    They tied the Steelers 

    This is a good team 

    Losing to them on the road on Thursday night isn't the end of the world but this board will be unreadable 

    true, but can you blame them/us?  it will be the whole SOJ crap again.  In the grand scheme of things, we want to see Darnold play well, but even if he throws 4 TD passes and we lose by a point, we will be the butt of jokes....

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Gas2No99 said:

    Could NOT DISAGREE MORE with what you stated. Respectfully disagree.

    Who gives a flying Fickle of the winning percentage of the team and how that correlates to the uniforms they wore at the time. The teams sucked back then b/c Leon Hess (GREAT AMERICAN! RIP.) was interested in COST EFFICIENCY in running his "side business" of an NFL team in NYC and never invested heavily in scouting and quality management. The ONE solid GM during that era, IMO, Dick Steinberg, died on us. The Jets sucked b/c of management & coaching, not their uniforms. 

    I grew up watching the Jets during that era (1886-present) and while I appreciate the nostalgia and understand YOUR association of "the losing years", I don't consider those uniforms and logos ugly. They were simple and not too complicated - and you know, ACTUALLY INCORPORATED the Team Name into the LOGO. In addition, the kids who grew up during that era are NOW the middle aged fans who drop $$$ as STHs, merchandise consumers, away games traveling fans. etc. and competent TEAM marketing will recognize that and try to CAPITALIZE on that nostalgia factor.


    agree.  LOVE those helmets, LOVE the logo back then.  I do like our current jerseys better though.

    However, I believe the Jets are going in a completely new direction.  Someone mentioned on these forums a few weeks back that when they switched Darnold's/McCown's practice jerseys from red/white to black/green that the Jets twitter account tweeted out asking Jets nation what we thought of the new look.  almost like it was a glimpse at the direction they are going?  obviously not those exact jerseys, but more black?

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  5. 1 minute ago, Grandy said:

    I think no matter what team you are, every game against the browns is a must win

    I mean... who wants to be the laughingstock to give them their first win since 2016.....

    this right here.  not a must win, but who wants to be a laughing stock???

  6. Just think of any game as experience and growth for Sam. That’s all that really matters this year so you can even kind of enjoy the losses too. If he shocks the world this year, that’s gravy. I’m happy either way with the future looking bright. 

    Exactly what I was thinking last week BEFORE the Lions game. Figured our team looked awful, so all I cared about was how Sam progressed. Then THAT happened. It’s amazing how much can change in a week. I like this change. Don’t want it to change back.

    Hey I’m not expecting Super Bowls yet, but a nice 3-0 going into Jacksonville sure sounds good!

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  7. 1 more LONG day until the home opener. I’m sure we are all jumping out of our skin at this point and super amped for this game. I just wanted to take the pulse around here and see who you think will shine or step up this game?
    Detroit was a very weird season opener because of our players recognizing signals on defense and jumping routes etc. leading to a blowout. This should be a typical tough divisional rival game so I don’t expect another complete blowout(although I hope for it). 
    Here are a few players that I expect to “stick out” besides the regulars:
    Lee-I honestly think he will settle in finally and play solid football now that he may know his niche. Normally we don’t expect him to do very well but I’m thinking he starts stringing together solid performances.
    Shepherd-He quietly played well week 1 and will feed off the crazy home crowd and wreak havoc on the Dolphins injured O-line.
    Luvu-His high motor will start paying off and will keep flashing his potential.
    Nickerson-I honestly think he felt like he had a pick last Monday and will be HUNGRY. He also sees the opportunity to expand his role next year to #3 or maybe even #2 CB and I think we may have hit on a late round CB finally.
    Kearse-All those targets that went to Q will be shifted to Kearse this week as a result of the Fish game planning for Q. I expect a very solid season debut for Kearse.
    Long-No more Suh in the middle meads Long can shine and Captain our running game and smash them right up the gut. This may be another Mac bargain bin steal. 
    Middleton-I’m hoping for some kind of big play/turnover from him proving that he can be our #3 safety for a while. He will play well in place of Maye again. 
    Roberts(PR)-He will continue to provide good field position and show our coaches/GM he value of a good returner so we get the right long term guy next year. 
    That’s all I got for now besides the “typical” players that we expect to do well like SAM FREAKIN DARNOLD. Anyways, go JETS!

    I’m so nervous. Because A) I’m going to the game, and who wants to go to a game and see their team lose? And B) this past week has been AWESOME! Jets talk of the town, etc. but you can just feel it....everyone is getting ready for the SOJ. If they lose tomorrow, all the “were the Jets that good or Lions that bad” starts to go in the other direction.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    To me, it's not even about Barkley or Darnold, per say. They could have taken Allen or Rosen and I would have been fine with it. 

    To me, the issue is that they have a 37 year old QB who hasn't been above average since 2015 and were picking number 2 overall in arguably the best QB draft since 2004. 

    yes and that 37 yr old QB is Eli friggin Manning!!!  

    All i kept thinking last year when the Jets kept winning games and the giants kept losing was: "OMG the friggin giants are going to get Sam Darnold"

    I was STUNNED when they didn't take him at #2.  it's going to drive giants fans NUTS for years.  I mean after only one game, people are already saying it.  this is going to happen every week!!

  9. 1 minute ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    He was laughing because the question was ... weird. Like - how has Sam been acting after his first regular season win - any different than he acted during the preseason? The whole thing was pretty awkward.

    no I get the laughing now, but AFTER he said something like: "who let her in here" or something.

  10. 1 minute ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    I don't know the context as I haven't seen or heard the clip yet, but I remember Bowles giving Martin some press and interviews even after she moved to Newsday. They could have a friendly relationship where he feels comfortable ribbin her like that?

    I hope so, because I don't wanna see this get ugly. it's the last thing this team needs....

  11. Just now, UntouchableCrew said:

    I think I've watched Episode 3 like 10 times. Whenever I'm bored I just throw it on.

    yup.  I watch it at least once a week.  Still get a tear in my eye when I hear Goodell:  "with the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, The New York Jets select...."

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  12. 2 minutes ago, DMan77 said:

    More and more predictions coming in and some(ESPN and CBS to name a couple) are picking the 'Fins... And I love it. Let the Jets keep that chip on their shoulder and have something to prove. Keep that us vs. the world mentality and the confidence that comes with it.

    But, you know, also play a good game...

    that's exactly how I think of it.  don't like to see too many people saying Jets will win.  "NFLPickwatch" compiles pretty much all picks against spread.  Jets are picked in 80% of them currently....ugh

  13. 39 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    This episode gave me chills and hands down the best episode yet. 

    Darnold is a natural..this guy can really be the best.

    I'm at work and haven't been able to watch it, but I am SO excited to see this!  I thought the One Jets Drive was so well done throughout.  was supposed to be 6 episodes.  I remember at the end of ep 5 they said "next week on the season finale of...."  then they added 4 more.  and then...that was it.

    now today, I go to the Jets website and there is an episode 11.  can't wait to watch!

    Personal faves:  Episodes 3, 7 and 10 thus far.  Hope this measures up.

  14. 16 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    there's some validity here.  it's not always how well a team recovers from a loss but also how well they do after a lopsided win.  we have seen jets teams get all puffed up about a game and then lay an egg the week after.  didn't they go win-loss-win-loss a couple of seasons ago?  and how many time have they played down to their opponents.  a strong showing on sunday will give their win some validity and will also go a long way to showing this team can handle success.

    yup - 2013 with Geno.

  15. 9 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    She asked "what did you see from Sam this week coming off his first win"? Then he asked "Is she supposed to be in here'


    Expecting #metoo incoming.

    I know.  that's why I asked.  when he said that, I thought: "uh oh"

  16. 10 minutes ago, Lith said:


    did anyone see Bowles' press conference today?  I can never hear the questions, only his answers, but someone asked him a question and he was (uncharacteristically) cracking up!  like I mean belly laugh!!

  17. 2 minutes ago, JetFreak89 said:

    For anyone who hasn't watched, I would suggest taking a look at the highlights of the Miami/Ten game to get a true picture. Seriously not impressed with their offense. This is a game that the Jets SHOULD win this week. Miami won because: 1) TEN had horrendous tackling. Missed tackles all over the place. 2) Mariota threw 2 terrible interceptions. 3)Kickoff return to start 4th Q when their offense only managed 10 points.  4) Long TD in 4th Q by Stills which again, showed poor tackling. 

    Tannehill threw some bad picks too and who knows what would have happened if Mariota didn't get injured and they weren't up against Gabbert. Obviously, the Jets can always pull a no-show this week (wouldn't be the first time) but based on talent alone, this should be considered a must win game if we are going to be playoff contenders this year. 



    I did this last night.  As a Rangers fan, I was a little surprised to hear a familiar voice calling the game!!

  18. 5 minutes ago, NYs Stepchild said:

    One big run is nice in fantasy football but it doesn't help win games.

    agree 100%.  I understand we don't have to vote for Sam every week but wow!!  I mean up until that run, he had a 2.0 y/c!!  almost as many runs for negative yardage as positive.  

    yeah he had a 68 yard TD run, but Crowell had a 62 yard one.  and had better runs in addition to that, AND we were winning and Lions knew we were basically running out the clock...

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