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  1. 17 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    This was great...thanks so much for taking the time.


    I think Darnold's numbers would have been much better - but they went mostly into a shell in the 4th (which was the right decision)

    couldn't have said it better myself.  Love hearing the "experts" saying he had "pedestrian" numbers.  please.  midway through the third quarter you knew he wasn't throwing again.  I'm surprised he even did, but it was to convert a couple 4th down conversions!!

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  2. 7 hours ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    Sunday has the potential to become an awesome NFL Sunday for us Jet fans.

    I had no idea until a moment ago but just now realized and absolutely love how our Jets game vs. Miami is a 1:00 game followed by N.E @ Jacksonville as a 4:25 kickoff.

    I love it. We'll now be able to watch and focus on both games.

    Take care of Miami. It's a must. We'll then improve to 2-0 which means that N.E's game @ Jacksonville come 4:25 will be for 1st place and sole possession of the AFC East.

    As a fan base we'll be pulling for the Jaguars as if they're the JETS!

    I already can not hide my enthusiasm for Sunday's games and it's only early Friday morning. And Dante Fowler Jr. returns from his 1 game suspension to face off against the Patriots this Sunday too. 

    Notable AFC games come Sunday:

    1:00 - Jets (1-0) vs. Dolphins (1-0). 

    1:00 - Steelers (0-0-1) vs. Chiefs (1-0). 

    4:25 - N.E (1-0) @ Jacksonville (1-0).

    4:25 - Broncos (1-0) vs. Raiders (0-1).

    Despite Kansas City being 1-0 I'd love for Pittsburgh to start off 0-2 therefore I'm pretty sure I'll hope K.C wins and improves to 2-0 with Pittsburgh dropping to 0-2. However, I can't picture Ben Roethlisberger dropping his home opener. Pittsburgh should win. 

    N.Y Jets: 2-0. 
    Jaguars: 2-0. 
    Bengals: 2-0.
    Broncos: 2-0. 


    Handle business against Miami and our Jets could be one of only 4 AFC teams left who's batting 100% moving forward. 

    hope you're right, but I am seeing a lot of people taking the dolphins this week.  I mean a LOT!  it's scary.  I know it's the ol' "Same Ol' Jets" crap but still....we need a win Sunday, or everything from last Monday will disappear.  You can tell the media is prepping for it.

  3. 25 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    This is a Miami team that lost 8 out of their final 10 games last year. And a Dolphins team who's also coming off an offseason in which they lost multiple impactful players such as Jarvis Landry, Mike Pouncey, Jay Ajayi and Ndamukong Suh and a QB in Ryan Tannehill who's only 1 game removed from a 2017 season ending injury (ACL tear during training camp). 

    We're going to absolutely destroy these guys. And by at least 20 points too.

    Sam Darnold come his home debut is going to send our stadium into an absolute feeding frenzy. 

    1)  I hope you'rte right.  I'm going to the game with my family - 1st time since week 2 against Jags in 2011!!  so I want that win!!

    2)  Miami lost 8 of its last 10...well one of those 2 wins was against us....ugh

  4. 2 minutes ago, thshadow said:

    As those of us who have no lives spend our week picking over the minutiae of last game, here is a stat I heard that's pretty impressive.

    When Darnold passed on 3rd down, he was 4-for-4 - with 4 conversions.  (I think 1 drop-back he was sacked though.)  And if I recall correctly, at the end of the game (when it didn't really matter), he was 2-of-2 on 4th down, converting both.

    No more 5 yard completions on 3rd and 8...


    I noticed that with the 4th downs.  didn't realize the 3rd downs though.  but yeah we were blowing them out so it didn't matter, but those stats are very impressive.  If we were only up by one score in the end, those conversions would be key!  it wa a very nice change of pace, and cool under pressure.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Philc1 said:

    I hate the Giants more than I hate the Patriots

    me too!  was "rooting" for the pats in both SBs against giants.  yes, the Pats are the JETS rivals, but I have ZERO pats fans in my life.  all my family, friends, in laws, etc are all giants fans and they rub it in every chance they get.

    I think Cowherd nailed it in that video.  so sick of everyone saying how the Jets are inept.  my wife's cousin once told me the Jets were "the worst franchise in the history of sports".  he's a giants fan and I asked him to name his starting o-line and there were crickets.  typical.

    but back to cowherd:  nice stat the last 10 years.  I would go back even further to 2001.  hell since eli came to the giants, they have 8 playoff wins.  now I know that resulted in 2 SBs and I would take that any day of the week, but EVERY other time they made the playoffs they were one and done!

    as for the Jets?  the issue is that they give us JUST enough to make us believe, then blow it at the end.  that's why the fact that we got Sam is so special!  we are never awful enough to get a top 3 pick! the one time we were (96) friggin Peyton Manning didn't come out in the draft thanks to Parcells and we get Keyshawn.  colts then get Manning and have at least 11 wins like every year, and the one time he gets hurt, they go 1-15 and get Andrew Luck!!  the giants suck and get Eli!  

    we finally got our franchise QB, and we didn't even have to "suck for Sam" to get him.  now that we got him, I'm so proud that our Jets played their a$$es off last year and didn't tank and STILL got Sam!!

  6. 17 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    No black on uniforms. We are green and white.

    I think that's about to change.  maybe I'm reading into it, but they changed the QB practice jerseys from red/white to black/green and then the Jets twitter account (I think) tweeted asking Jets nation what we thought of the jersey change.  a little foreshadowing?

    Now I HOPE the jerseys are not just that.  it's boring, but I am expecting them to be black with white/green accents

  7. 11 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    I use to HATE Colin Cowherd but now I watch him every day to watch my teams get their balls washed efficiently.

    cool stuff. I seen this early today. I agree, who the hell are the Giants? They won 3 games last year, have players fighting and hurting expensive tackles, players snorting coke and earning 60 mill in guarantees, players with dead bodies in their house and they drafted a RB at #2 overall. 

    Who are these bums? Aside from the 10-6 season two years ago, these guys haven’t seen a winning season since 2012. 

    I agree.  HATE the giants.  EVERYONE I know in my life is a friggin giants fan and I take a LOT of s#!t from them.

    OBJ is kind of like a double edged sword for me.  he is a great talent, so I don't like that, but I LOVE how he physically assaults people on the field and takes a piss in the end zone.  good looks for the "classy giants".  hope he keeps it up.

    it's just nice to look at the two faces of the teams:  Darnold for us and OBJ for them.  Love it.

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  8. 12 hours ago, nycdan said:

    It was like this in 2009/2010.  They start winning with an exciting young QB and everybody wants to be the first on the train.  Thing is, he's not wrong.  He spoke the forbidden words....Giants are not better than the Jets in any meaningful way right now.  And IMO they are trending in different directions.  Big win this Sunday vs. the Phish and the floodgates will open.  Almost everyone will be jumping on except two guys, Pete Prisco and Stephen A Smith who will hold out just to be contrarian.

    yeah but the giants still scare me.  I have said it for years:  you watch any giants game, first half is 28 minutes of awful from Eli.  then with two minutes left, if he gets the ball, you know he's scoring.  2nd half?  same thing.  28 minutes of just mind blowing awful, hen BAM!  he scores with two minutes left.

    difference between 2007/2011 and now?  he's getting field goals/4 and outs now vs TDs back then.

    what you really need is for their defense to suck.  if Eli is down by 24 with two minutes left, who cares?  

    the thing about Eli, and I have noticed it a LOT more now in the last couple of months or so after watching Darnold, is the dude is just NOT accurate.  like AT ALL!  I mean 1-20 yards, Eli can't hit the broad side of a barn man!  his bread and butter has always been, and continues to be either 1) heaving the ball 40 yards downfield and praying his receiver out jumps the defender or 2) throwing a quick 2 yard slant and hoping OBJ can run 99 yards (Victor Cruz anyone?)

    but as awful as the giants played last week, like I said, it's still scary that they could have/should have won that game.

  9. when I first heard that they were changing uniforms next year, I was excited!  but after seeing the new Titans unis?  my Lord.....now I'm worried that some a$$ clown will do to ours what was done to the titans!!

    I like our current uniforms, but LOVE the old 80s helmets much better.  I just don't wan a white helmet.  don't like the green jersey/green pants combo at all!  any other combo is fine.  

    I really just A) don't want them to go back to anything "Titans of NY" crap.  UGLY.  B ) would like to see more black than white.  not too much, but similar to what the jets did in the early 90s:  black outlining of numbers/names, on the face mask, etc.  now if they go black jerseys/black helmets, then more green than white.  to me white is just so boring.  gotta have some color!

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  10. 12 hours ago, Nixhead said:

    Well I can guarantee that Miami isn’t gonna just rush 3 and they have Wake who always eats us for breakfast - and don’t knock Tannehill out of the game because Miami’s backup usually beats us. Not sure if it’s still Matt Moore or could it be Petty? In either event Jets can handle Tannehill. I don’t wanna see Moore. 

    I have a dolphin fan at work and we were talking about Petty.  Supposedly, according to her, he got a season-ending injury in early September.  Out.

  11. 1 minute ago, rangerous said:

    imo the main problem with the early schedule is that they don't get much time to recuperate from a game.  and this means recuperating from a win as well as a loss.  as we have seen in the past, the jets seem to get too full of themselves and drop easy games.

    as for the next or any opponent, last season's performace is no guarantee of this season's.  yes we expect the doltfins and browns to be their usual clown car teams but the browns also got a tie and the doltfins usually play the jets pretty hard.  but they do need to win these two games if only to take pressure off of having to win the next one and so on.  needing to win 7 out of 12 is a heck of a lot easier than having to win 9 out of 12.

    exactly.  hey it could have been worse:  imagine if Cleveland and Jacksonville games had been switched???

  12. 1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:

    I actually really like the game. Im not any good at it, which makes it even weirder given that the game is so much fun though I lose alot. When I first seen it I thought it was ridiculous, but I played it and was hooked like sea bass. 

    I used to play this game Destiny.  similar, but more FPS.  my son goes to play Destiny and in the crucible (a one on one type situation against another person) he starts friggin jumping around and shooting.  I grabbed that controller out of his hands and kicked him out!  haha

    they are so damned obsessed with that game that I have removed video gaming from my life.  so annoying.  kind of like you're a smoker and catch your kid smoking.  how do you tell them they can't do it?

  13. Just now, joewilly12 said:

    HELL YES and all I keep hearing how high they are on Kyle Lauletta what else can they say. 

    not sure, but I think it was the Daily News that had the headline: "Giants plan at QB:  Eli Manning is immortal!"

    and boy, did he look awful on Sunday or what?  that Eli cannot hit the broad side of a barn from 1-20 yards.  it's borderline pathetic.  his bread and butter is to just launch the football 40 yards downfield and pray his receiver can outjump the defender. he NEEDS to score from more than 40 yards away.  I'm telling ya!  look at the preseason game against he Jets!  idiot Canon fumbles a kickoff on our 15 yard line.  what does Eli do?  NOTHING.  field goal.  giants get a big punt return to our 30 yard line.  what does Eli do?  nothing.  field goal.

    giants fans can deny it all they want, but you KNOW it is killing them.  I have another family party this Saturday.  As Bart Scott would say:  "can't wait!!"  and I don't say a word.  I'm smart enough not to rub anything in.  but there is no sound on earth as beautiful as a silent giants fan....

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    This cant be far off. Jets players were out there doing Fortnite Dances. 


    I know, right!  MY kids both play that AWFUL, ANNOYING game.  sad that I even knew that dance was a fortnite dance.  I immediately shouted for my son and daughter to come watch it.

    pretty much the only way I could ever get my daughter to watch a football game!  LOL

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  15. 3 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    NY Giants fans family and friends deny the fact they blew it. 

    I agree 100%.  my Dad, brother, sister, brother in law, friends, hell EVERYONE I know is a friggin' giants fan.  Man, do I hate the giants.  but yeah we had a family party the day after the giants released their "QB of the future", you know:  the reason they didn't take Darnold?  I didn't know this and I was like: "WHOA!!  you released him??  for WHO???  KYLE LAULETTA?  who was friggin 1 for 2 for ONE YARD against the Jets???"  and they got all defensive that KL was so much better etc etc.

    I mean maybe he is (I have heard he is not) but they got him in the 4th round!!!  when they got Say What? Barkley, all they had was Eli and Webb.  just makes no sense.

    Listen, it's gotta be driving giants fans nuts!  they are already hearing it about Sam after ONE GAME!  

    AND I LOVE IT!!!

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  16. 20 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Rookie or not, Detroit paid a LOT of respect to Darnold right from the beginning. Generally the book on rookie QBs is to stack the box and "dare" the rookie to pass, and then try and confuse him with combo coverages, LBers dropping under short passes, delayed blitzes, mug looks, etc... Detroit did some of that, but they were in 2 high a lot (and Sam even exploited that deep), and generally did not blitz too much, and tried to catch him with more exotic coverages. And Sam didn't fall for any of it. What little film there was of Sam from the preseason, was enough for Detroit to be much more conservative from a LOS standpoint than you almost ever see with rookie QBs. If this stays true, it will really open up the run game, and make it even easier on Sam. One of the most amazing things Sam said Monday is that he has to be extra patient in the NFL, which also means that for Sam the NFL is not too "fast", he has even said it is easier to read than college. Darnold's processing of NFL plays is among the best I have ever seen and he is a rookie. Look at the slant he threw, he had it perfectly in Enunwas hands in like 1.5 seconds with a pump fake. That was amazing. I guess we still need to be prepared for rookie mistakes but other than that first throw (which was a designed play) he just doesn't play like a rookie at ALL.

    I know everyone is focused on "Sammy D" and rightfully so, but some other things I took from Monday were more team related.

    This team was ranked #32 last year.  over/under was 1.5 wins.  predicted to possibly be the worst offense in NFL history.  we won 5 games.  got "Seffarian Jenkined" in 2 games that cost us.  plus the atlanta game.  2nd game against Miami?  I mean you could get hit by lightning twice in three seconds before anyone could lose that game again.  My point is:  we could have / should have been at least 8-8 last year.

    and that was with McCown.  we didn't have Enunwa, didn't have Crowell (ask Bart Scott about him!), no TJ on D, etc etc etc

    yes, we should be much better this year looking at our team now vs team then, but our schedule is the problem.  Detroit/Miami/Cleveland doesn't sound so bad, but in 10 days?  and we better get like 7-8 wins in our first 10, because anyone look at our last 6 games??

    look at 2014 schedule.  when you start off 1-7, kinda makes it tough to make a run you know?  if we can just get out of these 1st 3 games at least 2-1 (3-0 would be REAL nice!) I think the Jets can build on that.  but they need to keep the momentum rolling.  if they can get to like 7-3 or so when they hit those last 6 games, maybe momentum can help.

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  17. 1 minute ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Yes, but my point being — you can still look good in Week 1 and also not look like you know what you’re doing at the QB position as good as someone who has an identical game day. Darnold was calmer, went thru progressions quicker, converted seemingly effortlessly on 3rd downs. 

    Sanchez did look good in Week 1 but Darnold QB’d better than Mark in his Week 1...if that makes sense.

    Yes, I hear ya.  and I am by no means a Football Expert.  Just looking at the tape of MS vs SD, I think they look similar.  But you are right:  what I love now is that it seems that EVERYONE (the beat reporters, the "experts", radio hosts, even "the Pope" himself Mike Francessa) is / has been raving about this kid!!!  it is very exciting!!

  18. I agree with a lot of what you said.  Listen, when we are complaining about him taking a sack, you know things are looking REAL good!!!  I mean WWGD (what would Geno Do) in that situation?  Throw it to the team wearing the other color!!!

    I will say this though:  before Monday night, I was just looking for Darnold's development because I though our team was awful.  Now?  I'm not saying SB or bust, but I feel a LOT better about our JETS!!

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