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  1. 6 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Mark didnt want to work. And Rex was toxic for him. He had a LOT of talent. But not really the drive or the mind. Darnold is not only physically better than Sanchez in every way, his work ethic and football mind are miles ahead of him as well.

    right about Rex.  If Bowles gets a Sammy D tat, I'm out!!

  2. 9 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Mark Sanchez folded when he faced a real team...the eventual super bowl champion Saints. He also came undone against a much lesser Bills team for 4 interceptions the week after. 

    When Darnold sees the likes of the Vikings, Packers, Patriots(twice), Khalil Mack and the Bears, ect we will know...

    but Sam Darnold looks like he knows what he’s doing a hell of a lot more in his debut game than Sanchez has looked his entire career so I take that as my solace. 

    I agree, but you are comparing Sam to sanchez's WHOLE CAREER.  I'm saying that just looking at that week 1 video?  DAMN!  he looked good.  listen, I was thrilled with him back then too.  Daily News crowned him the second coming of Namath, etc.  and we know what the end result was.  Stafford was drafted in that same year; he's still playing.  sanchez is eating hot dogs somewhere....

  3. 1 hour ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    In all seriousness, when I see and read all of this great stuff about Sam Darnold, my eyes well up with tears. I love that this kid is our QB because I love everything about him. He is uber talented and a great guy.... In fact, I'm tearing up right now.....

    me too.  I have watched the draft night at least once a week.  still get tears when I hear Goodell say: "...the New York Jets select  SAM DARNOLD"  such a moment

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  4. 11 hours ago, GreenWhite said:


    Yesterday reminded me a lot of this game. I always thought Mark Sanchez looked his best in his first three NFL games. 



    damn.  Sanchez looked good.  I always defended him.  yeah there's the butt fumble, but I choose to remember the only QB in Jets history to take us to 2 AFC championship games.  was he the reason?  no.  but he also was NOT the reason we lost either of those games.  bringing in Tebow in 2012 ruined him IMO.

    I don't know if this sanchez video makes me feel good or bad?  I'm all excited about Darnold, but sanchez also looked great first few games.  ugh.

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  5. 1 hour ago, JMJ said:

    I “disagree” with your statement (for a lack of a better word).


    There’s a stark contrast to how Jets fans ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD view Adams vs. how everyone else does.  National football pundits LOVE the guy, and so does every Jets fan I know personally, including many very knowledgeable ones.  It’s only a few turds on this message board who go out of their way to create negativity around everything he does and says (both on and off the field) and a couple sheep who follow their lead and let them create an opinion for them that they themselves did not previously (or justifiably) have.


    Keep being sheep people.  🙄

    I agree.  I'm SHOCKED by all the Adams hate on here.  I'm thinking: "did I miss something??"

  6. 2 minutes ago, JetPotato said:

    The game stayed on if you switched over to WPIX

    very true!  almost forgot about that and surprised no one brought it up.  If I had been working and set it to record on DVR, I would be VERY pi$$ed right now!!  we are in NY!!!  what is this HEIDI??

  7. 1 minute ago, Jetlife33 said:

    Titans game is winnable, they looked bad and lost Delanie Walker for the year. Bills are definitely sweepable. And I still haven’t bought the hype on chicago and Nagy. But 6 seems fair. I predicted 9-7 but I usually overestimate the Jets by 1-2 games. Did you have the Jets winning last night?

    again, it's not WHO you play, but WHEN you play them.  Mariotta missed most of the game agains the dolphins, and who knows if he'll be playing this week?  If JETS were playing them this week, I'd give us a "W".  

    some of these other games?  who knows, but looking at that list, one that I really want is Minnesota....

  8. 4 minutes ago, slats said:

    Week 1 is just too early to judge how good or bad any team will be a month from now. The preseason is a joke, and September is the new preseason. Always notoriously sloppy. 

    That said, the Jets, obviously, far exceeded expectations. I was watching at work last night, and the Giant fans were whooping and hollering when Darnold debuted with that pick six. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I was watching the game in relative silence. Sam was always the key to how this season was going to go, and he was a ****ing zen master from his third throw on. He's the one who put the Jets back in the lead in the third quarter, only then did the wheels completely come off for Patty's Lions. Which was awesome. But Darnold admitted to being a little nervous for his first start. The answer to, "what's the worst that can happen?" happened on his very first throw as a pro, he survived, and that unflappable, even-keeled guy we heard about took over. 

    But Miami looked better than we thought they would, Cleveland pulled Pittsburgh to a tie, I doubt the Bills are as bad as that all year...  we'll see. Optimism is a scary thing for a Jet fan. 

    gotta love those giants fans....classy bunch...of course you can't spell "class" without "ass"!!

  9. 1 minute ago, TeddEY said:

    If we beat the Dolphins, people are going to be talking about beating the Browns to be 3-0 vs. the Jags.  If we beat the Jags, people are going to talk about how if we beat the Vikings (and how motivated will we be to show up the Cousins, who spurned us?), we'll be headed to New England looking to go 11-0.

    that's a little crazy, but I do think if they go in 3-0 vs the Jags...damn I will feel a lot better about a game I certainly had penciled in as an "L".

  10. 1 minute ago, Pointdexter said:

    Have you changed your expectation for this season based on week 1. Schedule is extremely favorable. 4 games still to go with buffalo and miami. Colts, Browns, Bears and Broncos all on the schedule. 

    What do y'all think?

    Is my online bet that I placed for over 6 win total safe?

    I think over 6 seems doable, but I'm not gonna sit here saying the Pats better watch their backs or anything.

  11. 2 minutes ago, hawk said:

    Humbly, I dont think it matters.  The Jets did what they needed to do.  If the Lions are that bad or had a bad game, then the Jets took advantage, and that is not something we have seen for quite some time.  If the Jets are that good, we will find out, and again they took advantage of a bad team, which we havent seen in quite a while.

    My point, they did not play down to the level of the team they played, whether that be a good team that played poorly, or a bad team that did what they are going to do all year, or some where in between.

    The Jets took advantage, and that was exciting.  At least for one week.

    I LOVE how the lions were favored by 7 in this game and we are now talking about how we didn't "play down" to their level.

    my how much has changed in 24 hours!!

  12. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    Exactly.  This game was 17-17 at one point.  Previous Jets teams would have gone 3 & out and given the Lions a chance.  This team drove down for a TD then forced the Lions into a tailspin.  Not too shabby. 

    I've been saying this to my JETS fan friends at work all morning.  THAT was the time in the game that gave me hope for years to come.  the JETS teams I have watched for so many many years would have lost right there.  this team?  Sam marches right down the field in 6 plays and takes the lead right back.  THAT is encouraging.

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  13. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    The Browns aren't bad man.  I've been on the Browns bandwagon throughout their rebuilding process, and I don't have that penciled in as a W. 

    me neither after they tied the steelers.  plus the fact it's a Thursday, and JETS' 3rd game in 11 days...

    but after last night?  I feel a LOT better.

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  14. I don't think the JETS are THAT good....

    but no way the Lions are "bad".  I mean before this week, NO ONE gave the Jets a shot to win this game.  I didn't even see a lot of people take them with the 7 points!  

    typically, what we would see this morning is: "yeah they won BUUUUT...it's the lions and they're not that good, and stafford is a below average QB..." blah blah blah.  every time the Jets do something good, you see people minimize it.

    thus far today?  I'm not seeing that!  such a good feeling and hopefully an indication of things to come!

  15. 4 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Its only one week, but a bit more evidence that they didn't choose right.

    Crowell, 10 carries, 102 yards, 62 yard TD run.  Cheap FA signing. $2MM cap hit.

    Barkley, 18 carries, 106 yards , 68 yard run. 2nd overall pick. $5.7MM cap hit.

    I know its only one game, but it struck me this AM that we got virtually the same production from Crowell that they got from Barkley for a lot less resource.

    best thing about Barkley?  he grew up a HUGE Jets fan!!

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  16. Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

    ...They go on to reach the playoffs.  At least in recent history.  37 of the last 50 teams that won their opener by 30+ went on to reach the postseason.  


    and 89.7354% of the time a team wins by 30+ AND has a defensive TD, a special teams TD, a 40+ yard TD, AND has a rookie in his first ever start....

    they win the super bowl?  haha gotta love these damn stats!!

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  17. 10 hours ago, DMan77 said:

    Sam is Mr. Flatline. And teams follow their QB. I really think his poise and cool will keep the team in check and stop them from getting all overconfident and cocky. 

    Then all they have to do is execute. And they sure as hell showed they can do that tonight.


    post of the day right here.  Couldn't have said it better myself.  this is not "Rex's JETS" anymore....

  18. 10 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    I was thinking something similar... this will be a trivia question someday.  His 1st TD pass was for the other team.  


    My son (11 years old) is a HUGE Teddy Bridgewater fan.  He is a Jets fan, but is VERY bitter they got rid of Teddy B.  so he is like talking smack to me the whole night!  "sam Darnold threw 3 TD passes"  I said he only threw two.  "well 2 to the Jets, but 1 to the Lions"

    wise a$$

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  19. 1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:

    It was ugly.  It was like a punch in the gut.  But it was necessary.

    My first real thought on Darnold's pick 6 was, "this is exactly the type of thing he didn't do in preseason, making bad decisions, that earned him the trust of the coaching staff.  Maybe the stage is too big for him."

    But also, maybe it's our collective history as Jets fans that helped us (many of us) take it in stride.  We've seen so much sh!t (fake spikes, butt fumbles, shovel passes by Bubby Brister, etc.) that this honestly shouldn't have really floored us.  We have a callous for these types of things given our history.  And, if there was ANY time I wanted a play like that to happen though, it was on the first play.  Get it out of the system.

    Maybe that was the exorcism we needed to go through?

    "It's always darkest before the dawn"


    It's a new day, my fellow Jets fans.

    The sun is rising.

    Personally, I could have done without it.  But as a Jets fan who has all family/friends that are giants fans, I was thinking "oh crap here we go again.  here come the texts, the emails, the calls"

    a giants fan called up to Boomer and Gio this AM and summed up perfectly:  said he was a giants fan who wanted to "make sure" the giants chose wisely by taking barkley instead of Sam.  he saw the pick 6, and turned off the game to watch the yankees for the rest of the night.  said "typical Jets - yeah we chose right".

    then he wakes up this morning and sees what happened.  and to quote him, he said: "uh oh, this isn't good"

    I think a lot of giants fans are thinking that this morning.  Like I said, I could have done w/o HIS FIRST EVER THROW IN THE NFL being a pick 6.  I mean couldn't it have been his 3rd or 4th?  but whatever.  he had adversity and showed why we took him. I am so pumped for the future!

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  20. 9 hours ago, LionelRichie said:

    this game just got away from detroit and patricia showed his inexperience in not being able to stop the momentum.   the lions looked terrible and i have no idea what their game plan was.  the jets OL looked great tonight and darnold was even more of a stud than i expected.  

    i think the 17-17 in the 3rd was more of a realistic sense of where this team ultimately is but i couldn't be happier with overall result.   Really fired up for the sunday game which is more than I can say for a week 2 in recent memory.   

    maybe, but I'm not so sure.  I think because it was such a blowout, and everyone wants to talk about the INTs, the PR for a TD, the Saquo....I mean Crowell 62 yard TD run...what gets lost is the fact that Detroit tied this game!  scored 10 points on 2 possessions before we could get the ball again.  THAT was the point where Darnold showed us what we have to look forward to.  THAT is the point where the "same ol' Jets" lose the game.  uh uh.  Sam marches right down the field and scores in SIX PLAYS!!!

    yes, it unraveled for Detroit after that, but THAT right there is what gives me hope for years to come.

  21. 7 hours ago, KRL said:

    The season couldn't have started any worse and I'm sure the trolls
    were out in full force after the pick 6.  But what a turnaround that
    led to an encouraging 48-17 win against DET.  Let's take a look:

    General Notes

    - Two impressive runs by the Jets, after the pick 6 they outscored
    DET 48-10 the rest of the game.  And after DET tied the game at 17
    they outscored them 31-0

    - Good to see the penalties cleaned up and not have a negative impact

    - How great was it to hear the J-E-T-S chant in a quiet dome at the
    end of the game???

    Special Teams

    - A perfect night for Jason Myers and Lachlan Edwards.  Myers will need
    a leg massage for all the PAT's, KO's and FG's he kicked.  And Edwards
    barely broke a sweat as he punted three times all game

    - What a shock to finally see a returner flip field position and be
    an actual weapon.  Terrific game by Andre Roberts with three huge punt
    returns (70+ yards, 40+ yards & 15+ yards) and a TD.  What a pleasure to
    see someone not muff punts or lose yardage


    - Excellent defensive effort, holding DET to 10 points in their building
    is not easy.  Add in FIVE INT's and a pick 6 and you had the crowd booing
    and leaving early

    - DLine was an absolute wall against the run, holding the "improved" DET
    running game to 39 yards.  And even though they got no sacks, they had constant
    pressure on Matthew Stafford which led to rushed throws and INT's.  Credit
    to Steve McLendon and Henry Anderson as they screwed up DET OLine schemes
    with constant penetration.  In fact Anderson caused the Darron Lee pick 6
    because he was in Stafford's lap

    - The LB's gave the DLine excellent support in stopping the run.  Avery 
    Williamson was the enforcer but unlike David Harris and Demario Davis he
    provides speed.  Frankie Luvu had a good debut as he had multiple TFL's and
    batted a pass down at the line.  And Darron Lee finally had an impact game
    worthy of a #1 pick with two INT's and a pick 6.  And each pick gives you 
    hope that maybe he's learning.  The first one he disguised his coverage then
    jumped the route for the pick 6.  And on the second one he dropped to the
    proper depth in zone coverage and snatched it out of the air
    - The secondary was off the charts.  As they covered, tackled, showed great hands
    on INT's and displayed depth when players had to leave to be checked for injuries.
    Credit to Morris Claiborne, Buster Skrine and particularly Jamal Adams.  Adams
    had a total game as he was excellent in run support, bringing edge pressure,
    coverage and finally got his first pick.  In addition people need to recognize 
    his ability to diagnose what the offense is doing and putting himself or his
    teammates in proper position


    - Two strange calls by Jeremy Bates that I have to bring up.  The first was the
    pick 6 which to me was a little much for a rookie QB's first throw in the pros.
    The second was the Robby Anderson reverse on 3rd and 2 which led to a loss and
    pushed us out of FG range.  Other than that how could you complain?

    - The OLine was excellent in both phases and controlled Ziggy Ansah.  Who cares
    if he got a sack, Ansah did his normal thing in getting a "stat", having no
    impact then getting injured.  People need to start watching the OLine play and
    stop repeating the narrative that they're shaky.  The zone blocking scheme was
    devastating and Sam Darnold was kept clean.  Credit to the TE's Eric Tomlinson,
    Neal Sterling and Chris Herndon for their help in sealing the edges of DET defense

    - Welcome back Quincy Enunwa as he was solid in his first game back.  He provides
    the offense with flexibility, makes tough catches and runs "angry".  Good to see
    Sam Darnold and Robby Anderson connect on the 40 yard TD.  And Anderson showed strong
    hands in ripping the ball away from the safety.  Finally Terrelle Pryor also was
    solid in his reps, once Jermaine Kearse gets healthy this will be a dangerous WR

    - Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell were excellent as a tandem (22 rushes / 160 yards).
    And Powell was incredible in blitz pickup putting LB's on the ground multiple times

    - Sam Darnold's awful start displayed one of his best traits, being a "flatliner".
    His ability to shrug off the pick 6 allowed the team to stabilize the game and change
    momentum.  Because how many times have Jet fans seen Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith commit
    turnovers and go straight into the toilet???  Once the INT was out of his system Darnold
    went right back to being accurate, mobile and making good decisions.  What a strange
    feeling to actually have confidence in your QB

    Final Thoughts

    - Why didn't the booth review the Parry Nickerson almost INT at the end of the half???
    It was close enough to give it another look

    - With MIA and the home opener coming up, is this team mature enough to take this effort
    and build on it???  Or will they get full of themselves and think they accomplished something   

    lots of stuff here, so I obviously will not speak to every point but:

    1) the two bad offensive calls - I thought the same thing.  other than that?  DAAAMN!  I mean 3rd and 2 in Detroit territory.  any JETS team I know would have run there.  uh uh.  41 yard TD!!!  are you kidding me???  and how many Jets games did can you remember sitting there with over 6 minutes left in THE THIRD QUARTER that the game was over?  it was a nice feeling.  and the Jets didn't just do the ol' "hand the ball off up the middle" to eat clock.

    2) continuing with that point:  the yards per rush is also skewed because while they didn't just run, run run, punt, we did have the lead, and Detroit KNEW we would be rushing!  my point is, I'm sure those rushing averages were brought down after the huge lead.

    3) your final thought:  this is not Rex's JETS.  I don't think this is a team that gets full of themselves.  they may get crazy excited for the home opener and make some silly mistakes, but I do NOT see them taking the fins for granted.  I'm going to the game, so I sure as hell hope they don't!!!

  22. 1 hour ago, southparkcpa said:

    OK...  Ill start. His first pass a pick 6.  What did you really think?


    It aint sexy but I laughed my arse off and said welcome to the JETS!!!!

    But deep down this kid has shown REAL talent and I felt confident that it would be a real

    motivator for him.


    GO JETS!!!!!!

    I was devastated.  I mean FIRST EVER THROW IN THE NFL, and it's a Pick 6?  are you kidding me?  I could just see all my idiot giants fan friends and family laughing their a$$es off.  luckily, we got the last laugh!!

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