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  1. precisely. BB is a football genius. Personally, I think he exposed a flaw in Sam's game that week. after his 1st INT, they showed a graphic for Sam previously against the blitz. I forget exact numbers, but he had 0 INTs, and a very good rating. 4 INTs later, and it messed with his head. and I think it carried over into the Jags game (ghostbusters?), and to a lesser extent, even the fins game. Thank God the vagiants are just a dumpster fire and he was able to get back on track! I think the comparison the Favre I saw ealier here is a great one. take that throw to Robbie last week: Sam has a TON of room to easily run for a 1st down, but instead throws a pinpoint pass JUST over the defender for a huge gain. He took a chance; it paid off. if the defender jumps an inch higher, EVERYONE is killing him for making a stupid decision when he could have run for an easy 1st down. It's plays like that: you have to accept the potential for the bad play in order to get the amazing play.
  2. I agree, and think of it this way: the Jets would only be 2 games out of a division championship if they were in the NFC East! that says something!!
  3. exactly! as bad as those teams are, people forget that the Jets were UNDERDOGS in both games!!! Let's not act like Sam is QB of the greatest show on turf here!
  4. NOBODY is saying top 5 QB. Not that I have seen anyway. But the CONSTANT beat downs...week...after week...after week.....it's nauseating! I mean the kid has a great game, and all you hear on here is: "yeah well it's the giants". He has 4 TD passes and it's: "yeah, BUT it was the redskins, AND he had a terrible INT". Then you figure he has a great game against a (then ) playoff team and there are still complaints! all this with a God-awful line (80% of which are not even the starters!), no Quincy, no herndon, etc. again, I have never said top 5 QB, but it's almost like people on here are rooting AGAINST him!
  5. LOVE the people on here always complaining about Darnold.....yeah because we have had such a long line of elite QBs. HUGE shoes for Sammy to fill: immortals like Geno, Hack, Sanchize, the Beard, etc etc etc. Come on people! Not like he’s replacing Montana or Brady here!
  6. I agree. For people like me (born in the 70s), SOJ is not a game like NE where we get blown out; SOJ is Jets BEATING team like the Pats one week, then losing the very next week to a team that has not won a game all year(I.e. Bengals). Jets NEED TO WIN these next two games!
  7. I just do not understand this place. One week we are throwing Darnold away because he sucks, and now we are talking playoffs? Holy crap.

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