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  1. 2 minutes ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    Yep. That conversation is my current avatar. One of my favorite moments of that show is seeing Namath's unabashed glee for Darnold.

    Namath has been spot on so far with Chad, Sanchez, Geno. He like Chad but said the key will be about him staying healthy, and he wasn't a fan of Sanchez and Geno. He loves Darnold. I love Darnold. I love Namath. Ipso facto, Namath loves me.

    I love the video of the moment you have in your avatar:  "young sir, God bless you"   LOVE IT!!!  haha  It's like Joe is saying what we all are thinking!

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  2. 2 minutes ago, EM31 said:

    I dunno.... I seem to remember Joe being positive or very positive on Geno, Sanchez, Petty, Clemens and Browning Nagle


    and Glenn Foley

    yes, you are absolutely right.  I'm not saying he called Sanchez trash or anything, but he was "critical", which as you stated, he usually is not.

    I think it's an act anyway!  Come on - you know Joe's gotta be like the '72 Dolphins.  If Sam wins a SB with the Jets, Namath is no longer relevant to Jets fans!!  Every time we get a butt fumble, or a Geno KO or a Petty, Hackenberg, etc.  Joe's smiling a little on the inside!!

  3. 3 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

    How can any long-time Jets fan not be nervous about tonight's game. We carry too much emotional baggage not to be. Our hopes have been crushed, chewed up and spit back in our face time and time again to the sound of vitriolic laughter. We've been teased by the short-live success of the Parcells teams, tortured by the nearly 20-year dominance of a HC who should have been ours and demeaned repeatedly by the evil red, white and blue hordes to the north.

    But, hey, you know what? It's different this time. :-D

    A friend of mine recently asked me if I feel the same why about Darnold as I did about Sanchez before his first game. Absolutely not, I told him. And I was telling the truth. When Sanchez arrived, I was hopeful, in pretty much the same way I was with every new Jet QB arrival. I saw things that made me hope he was the ONE. But I wasn't sure. There were flaws, doubts--things that made me think he could flop just as easily as he could succeed. As usual, the flaws won.

    With Darnold, I am not at all hopeful. I am certain. I am absolutely sure that, barring injury, he is going to be a great quarterback. This is the first time I've ever felt that way about a Jets quarterback. I just see it. I see it in his eyes, his mannerisms and the way he plays. I see it like I've enviously seen it in other QBs on other teams over the years. The way I saw it in Rodgers in his first game, the way I saw it in Marino the first time I saw him, in Peyton Manning, in Baker Mayfield when I see him play and, believe or not, the way I saw it in Eli Manning his first season even though he threw up horrible stats. It's that gut feeling I'm sure all of you get sometimes when you watch sports.

    I have no doubts about Darnold, and that's the way it will remain no matter what happens tonight.

    I agree 99% with all you said (as a JETS fan I will never say the word "certain").  with Sanchez, I was hopeful, but all you heard from beat reporters, etc was yeah there is good, but boy is there bad too.

    but now?  As a Jets fan I am so excited to see all good things written about this kid!  when do we EVER see that?  I mean I think the only negative thing I have seen is that he "can't throw downfield".  I personally think that was by design - there has never been an indication that was so.

  4. 20 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:

    I'll take a win anyway I can get it.  Wins build both confidence and momentum.  I want Sam on the whole to have winning experience and not a well at least I played good experience.  It's a team game.  Sometimes the team bails you out and sometimes you bail the team out.  Just win!

    Browns have a team of high talent players who IMHO have developed a losing mentality. I want none of that for us.    

    I get what you're saying, and that's why I followed up with the second paragraph.  But to me, this team is going nowhere this year.  hey - maybe I'm wrong?  but if not, the wins won't mean anything.  I think more along the lines of Peyton Manning in 1998:  3-13 turned into 13-3 one year later.  THAT is what I want!!

  5. 1 minute ago, Paradis said:

    I don't know what you and the others are talking about..



    Darnold's the truth. If you've watched football for any real length of time, it's obvious - he's a franchise guy. The worst part is over.... the not-knowing phase... now, it's just crack a beer time, and watch this thing play out in 2018, and beyond. 

    you must not be a JETS fan for 40+ years like myself!!  I don't think I have ever been that confident about one of my teams!  MAYBE in 1999...and what happens midway through the first game?  yup.

    I really hope you are right, but I will stick with the Jets fans' mantra of: cautiously optimistic.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    You know who isn't feeling really good about the Detroit Lions right now? Everyone in Detroit.

    They aren't sold on the head coach their scared about the offseason passing without improving the team and the team looking so bad in the preseason has them all really worried.

    Spoke to a lot of fans who aren't that high on Stafford either.

    Hope you're right.  I guess their fans are like us:  expect the worst and hope for the best!  Other than this lil tidbit here, I have only seen optimism from our fans here on the forums.  Seems to me all the "experts" are picking the lions.  well straight up anyway - lots are taking the points, but still think Detroit wins.

  7. 6 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    Personally I thought NE looked much worse than previous years. They are really lacking in team speed. Watson was completely awful at QB or they should have beat NE.

    good to hear!  I didn't see the game and just saw the stats.  figured "here we go again".  Man, we need that guy to retire already!!

  8. Just now, Barry McCockinner said:

    Have you ever met a Patriots fan?

    I hear ya, but I live in NY.  People never can understand how I, as a Yankees and Jets fan, could have been "rooting" for the Sox in '86 and the Pats in '07 and '11.  I have ZERO pats friends.  No one to mock me when they win.  as my post showed, EVERYONE around me is a giants fan.  so damned annoying.  getting emails the day after the '07 SB with a cartoon of a "big brother" in a giants shirt with his arm around a little fat kid ("little brother") with the caption: "don't worry lil brother, we took care of the pats for you.


  9. 10 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

     I'm a Lauletta fan but I still think the Giants were crazy to pass on Darnold.  QB is such a valuable position and the Giants could've sat Darnold for 2 years under Eli and then put him in as the successor.  Saquon is probably going to be terrific but RB is an easy position to fill.  Also, will he stay healthy?

    I don't really care one way or the other, but like I said, almost everyone I know is a giants fan.  and there is no bigger a$$hole on the planet than a NYG fan....the amount of smack talk about how they did the right thing in taking Barkley instead of Darnold blah blah blah.  and then they go and release the guy they had as Eli's backup??  LOL  really doesn't matter how Lauletta is - he was NOT on the team when they passed on Darnold!!  

    Giants really have to win the SB this year, or they will regret this decision for a LOOONG time.  and I will be one Jets fan ready to take out 43 years of aggression on all these jerks when it happens!!  Haha

  10. My theory is always "it's not WHO you play, it's WHEN you play them".  I see a lot of people picking Jets as 5-11 (again...ugh) or as good as 9-7 and possibly playoffs.  

    to me, the Jets have three very winnable games in Lions, Fish (at home) and Browns.  Problem is:  they are within 11 days.  those three games IMHO will make or break our season.  I think if they somehow come out 3-0, they will edge closer to these SI guys predictions.  If they are 0-3, ESPN predictions...

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  11. 53 minutes ago, Jetsplayer21 said:

    The funny thing is, giants passed on darnold for Eli. If the jets had a choice of Eli/darnold or darnold/McCown Jets would easily pick darnold/McCown Lol. Darnold has said he can’t even put into words how much McCown has taught him already. We know Eli the diva wouldn’t help Sam at all if he was here. Maybe why Webb has not reached some of his expectations. By next yr Webb as our backup, may even be a better player than Eli lol

    My Dad, brother, friends...hell pretty much everyone I know is a giants fan.  they have all been trying to convince me (themselves maybe?) that the giants were "so smart" to pass on Darnold and take Barkley because they "had their QB of the future" - Davis Webb.

    So now the Jets have their QB of the future and the giants "QB of the future" as well!!!  haha I love it!  Now they are saying that Kyle Lauletta (who threw for an impressive 1-2 for ONE yard against the Jets in the most important PS game) was the giants plan!?!?!?  HUH??  when they passed on darnold, they had Eli and Webb.  Lauletta was a 4th round pick this year!!  I think giants fans know they are screwed big time!  

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  12. 1 hour ago, teptep said:

    I'm sure many won't agree, but I think these look pretty good on the field (the brawl not withstanding):

     Also the Rams' uniforms are spectacular here as well.

    I liked them 10 years later (Boomer time) when they had the black outlining, and black on the helmets instead of the white.

    I really just miss the green helmets.  white is just so bland....

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  13. 35 minutes ago, jetrider said:

    I agree about the ugly Titans colors but the problem with kelly green as a stand alone color is it's too limpdick visually. That's why black was added as a reinforcement to give it a harder edge. People forget the uniforms have to read on a large field not just a computer monitor.

    O God PLEASE no Titans crap!!!  My kids are currently 13 and 11, and the ONLY Jets game we went to as a family was against the Jags back in week 2 of 2011.  And guess what unis the Jets wore that day?  So pi$$ed!!!  We are going to the home opener this year and they better not pull another stunt like that again!

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  14. 13 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:


    Nonsense. Here is my Starter jacket from middle school and it's still dope AF.


    NICE!  I am in the minority I know, but I like the black!  I still have my Black starter jacket with the 80s JETS logo in green across the front (the one Parcells wore all the time in '97).  Still use that when I go to the gym at 5 AM in the winter months!!

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  15. 18 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    Except I've never seen this conservative run offense we like to believe he runs.  Fitz set the passing TD record.  McCown like Fitz had his best season under Bowles.  So I don't think being conservative is the plan.  We'll have to see once Sam gets experience how the O plays out.  

    you make a couple of really great points that I never thought of.  Hey, I hope you're right!!

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  16. 16 hours ago, edscuba said:

    I think Bates has been holding back the bombs to Anderson and Pryor........Bombs away. Jets win.


    funny you say that because I was thinking the same thing.  Not that I am predicting a Jets W, but still.  All you hear about is how Darnold can't (hasn't?) thrown the long ball.  come on really??

  17. 17 minutes ago, Suck4Sammy said:

    Todd Bowles doesn’t name a Week One starter

    Posted by Josh Alper on August 31, 2018, 6:40 AM EDT

    Jets coach Todd Bowles has been asked a lot of questions about the team’s quarterbacks this summer and the answers about who would play in preseason games or who might be closing in on the starting job rarely led to direct answers.

    While there have been several signs that the Jets have settled on Sam Darnold as their choice in recent days, Bowles isn’t veering from the path he’s charted the last few weeks. Josh McCown started Thursday’s preseason finale while Darnold remained on the sideline, but Bowles said after the game that he hasn’t made a decision about which of them will face the Lions on the first Monday night of the regular season.

    “They both can take reps and I’ll give them an idea when I see fit and go from there,” Bowles said, via NJ.com.

    They could both take reps, but that would be a pretty unusual way to prepare for a regular season game even if the presumed starter wasn’t going into his first NFL game. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it does feel like the intrigue is strictly manufactured at this point.

    I honestly do NOT understand this at all.  It is no surprise; Detroit will not be game planning for McCown.  he just looks foolish.

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