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  1. 1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:

    It doesnt matter what they had or your argument. Folks are deviating away from the original statement which was Macc has been terrible leading up to this point. 

    All this extra stuff is noise. Dude's track record is poor. 

    oh.  well as I mentioned in another post, maybe I'm late to the party and I guess I am.  Yes no doubt his track record is not good.

  2. 1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:

    It does matter. It mattered when we gave Fitz 12 million and fans said "It doesnt matter, Fitz came off a good season and the team trusts him", and it matters with McCown. 


    yes but Fitz was the starter!  Maybe I'm late to the convo here, but I don't get all this arguing?  $10 M, $5 M, whatever, Jets have PLENTY of cap.  it is not like we could have gotten Mack and now we can't because of Josh!!

  3. 1 minute ago, Villain The Foe said:

    Macc clearly said that if plan A (Cousins) didnt work then plan B (draft) would be for the Jets to be aggressive and put themselves in position to get one of the QB's they coveted. And it wasnt like McCown's market was massive. It was completely dried up. To prove that, the Jets allowed McCown to wait on the sidelines until Cousins made a decision not to go to NY. Then the Jets immediately signed McCown. This means that the Jets could have done the same with trading up. It's not like the Jets traded up on draft night, it was done long before the draft even happened. 

    Theoretically, all of the big 4 could have been gone by then...AND THAT IS WHEN you pay McCown 10 million dollars, because then he'd be your clear starter. Instead you gave him 10 million, 10 minutes after that traded up and essentially made him the highest paid back up in the league outside of the Superbowl MVP. 


    First off, they had a TON of cap room.  I know it's easy to say because it's not my $$$, but it's true.  Secondly, you deal in best case / worst case scenarios.  They did NOT want worst case, which would be to do what you said, and not pay McCown, then all 4 Qbs are gone AND someone else pays Josh say $5 M.  Now you're stuck with Hack - n - Petty!!  

    Yes it's $10 M, but I'd gladly start up a collection for that rather than be stuck with those two losers!!

  4. 24 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    But they had a a very good idea that he would. Good enough not to pay a qb who will more than likely be a back up 10 million and feed it to fans as "he's also a mentor and thats their going rate" 

    Many Jets fans went through the Fitz years and still haven't learned

    I don't think so.  when they signed Josh, they had the #6 pick.  Theoretically, all of "the big 4" could have been gone by then.  

  5. 1 minute ago, Lith said:

    The defense was pretty good all preseason, but the troubling sign is that in two games -- last night and Washington -- we needed a stop to win the game and couldn't get it done.  I know it was second/third stringers in both games, so it not like I am out on the ledge over it, but it would have been nice to see them get a stop with the game on the line.  Even if the games did not count.

    well that is what I'm saying.  We have been through this WAAAY too many times in the past, and I'm sick of it.

  6. 6 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    It’s a shame Pederson gave him a mercy killing after the 3rd turnover.

    I know.  and yeah it's preseason, but I really wanted to go the whole preseason w/o giving up a TD!  we were actually kind of pi$$ed!  and of course it happens on the last drive, AND causes us to lose.  I tell ya, I'm sick of those type of games.  I know that wasn't the "real Jets" but I hope it's not an omen of things to come...

  7. 4 minutes ago, Thai Jet said:

    Another one who doesn't "get it" . At the time we signed McCown we had NO QB's on the roster. He had a decent year last season and $10 mil is fairly cheap for a starting NFL QB. Picture this scenario. We get shut out of the top QB draft. At #6 this was a distinct possibility. No Sam. We grab TB but his knee is shot and his career is over. Then what ? I'm betting that Chris Johnson "gets it" .


    Right on target !

    I agree with you.  I think people here forget all about Kirk Cousins!  He signed with Vikings and IMMEDIATELY, Jets signed McCown, then Teddy.  did we really want to stick with the "Hack n Petty Connection"?

    Sure now when you have Darnold AND you see that Teddy looks pretty good everyone is bitching, but come on now.

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  8. 16 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    Been as advertised an the best QB of the draft to date.  What more should we expect him to be?  

    While we're  beating to death this idea that Macc overpaid like a drunk sailor for McCown, his $10 mil makes him the 22nd highest paid QB in the league this year.  He was ranked 17th. 

    did someone honestly ask what has Sam done thus far?  Did this guy watch the game last night and see Hackenberg?  Remember, we do not/have not had a Brady, a Rodgers...we have had Hackenberg, Petty, Geno, etc etc.  even w/o a regular season game, Darnold has exceeded anything we have had in the last 8 years or so!

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  9. 15 hours ago, jgb said:

    We might see the first ever pick by the peanut guy in section 120 

    wow.  was I right about the Hack or what?  2 Ints, fumble, sack, delay of game, 16.9 QB rating....need I go on?  this guy almost had as many rushing yards (66) as passing yards (69)!!!


    AND...he played better for them against us than he did for us against them last year where if I remember correctly he was like 11 for 31 or something?  Hack -> Darnold  Man, how far we've come!!

  10. 5 hours ago, nycdan said:

    I'm looking at how we handled the QB situation vs. the Bills and for once, it's nice to be firmly on the high side of the scale.

    Jets:  Brought back a competent, knowledgeable veteran.  Brought in a low-cost, high-risk young Bridgewater on the chance that if the draft didn't turn out we would have a potential prospect or at least trade value.  Made some moves in the draft and with a little luck, got a top prospect who know has the aforementioned vet to help mentor him.  The OLine is not good but may not be as awful as we expected.  Darnold has shined in the preseason and we converted Bridgewater into a 3rd round pick.

    Bills: Traded away their one meaningful veteran.  Brought in a guy who has thrown 14 passes in the last 3 seasons to replace the vet.  Moved up only to draft the most raw of the top prospects while leaving a much more advanced one on the board which would have been okay if they had some veteran help for this season.  Then McCarron gets hurt and Allen is going to be playing far sooner than he probably should and to top it all off, their OLine stinks so bad it's actually worse than ours.  Just to accentuate that, they replaced Richie Incognito with none other than Vlad Ducasse.

    Pretty much everything went right for the Jets and everything went wrong for the Bills.  I hope Allen pans out to be pretty good but things are not pretty in Buffalo right now.

    agreed, and man did you see Allen in last week's game?  D-A-M-N!!!  thank God that wasn't Darnold

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  11. 2 minutes ago, talonmm said:

    I'm thrilled Darnold will be starting.  But don't come at me for wondering about the Bridgewater trade.  Only a week or two ago, many on this board and most "experts" in the media said don't rush to start Darnold with our o-line.

    And I'm no fan of this coach, and he's trying to win every game to save his job, so I just wanted to see what others thought about this trade happening this week.



    I think you said it right there:  sure Johnson and MacC have input (ok a LOT of input), but this is BOWLES' decision.  His ASS is on the line and he needs to win.  that's what is making me so excited for Sam!  If he played anywhere near Hack-n-Petty Teddy would prolly still be here and styarting.

  12. 1 minute ago, johnnysd said:

    Darnold outplayed Teddy. Especially in camp which does matter. 

    Darnold easily won the job in my opinion. It was not just that he played decent in three preseason games, it was his demonstration of his QB skills and acumen that do not always show up in a box score. And almost never show up in a rookie.

    I am certain that he has exceeded all reasonable expectations that the Jets coaching staff and FO had for him.

    Most rookie QBs take a year to learn the playbook. Bates has said he knew it and was comfortable with the language and calling plays before practice even began. Bates gave the entire playbook to Sam and did not bring him along slower.

    He has shown the ability to almost instantly adapt and change to coaching, and learn from mistakes. Poor ball handling? Gone. Reckless with the ball? Gone. Elongated release? Gone.

    He has shown the ability to read defenses and go through his reads like a veteran. He uses his eyes to manipulate the secondary. He has shown the ability to make adjustments and audibles based on the defensive look at the LOS.

    He throws with extreme accuracy and anticipation.

    He has innate ability to sense the rush and move around expertly in the pocket.

    He has unique ability to throw on the run. He knows how to slide and protect himself.

    In addition I think we have not actually seen the Darnold offense yet. Bowles and Bates wanted to see him react to specific situations and also protect him behind a porous OL.

    We could not ask for a better start to a rookies career than what we have seen from Sam.


    THANK YOU!  couldn't have said it better myself.  Practice DOES count.  I was checking this website every day; they keep stats and update you on how each QB is doing each day of practice - how many reps with starters, etc.  McCown had highest compl %, but was just "meh".  Darnold and Teddy were neck in neck in the % category (I think it was 63% - 62% in favor of Teddy) but Sam had MANY more TDs and only 2 more INTs.  AND he's a ROOKIE!  

    Personally, after the Falcons game, you could just see a change w/in the organization.  at that point, I think it was Sam's job to lose.  and say what you want, Teddy HAD to absolutely blow him out of the water from then on, and he just didn't.

  13. 20 hours ago, Larz said:


    This guy gets it 


    The Jets pulled off a coup Wednesday, clearing the way for the new face of their franchise.

    Gang Green traded Teddy Bridgewater to the Saints, opening the door for the Sam Darnold Era to begin in earnest.

    If there was any lingering doubt about who the Week 1 starter would be, this move should remove it. Darnold is set to become the youngest opening-day starting quarterback since the AFL-NFL merger: 21 years, 97 days old on Monday night, Sept. 10, for the opener at Detroit. Tommy Maddox will be the only quarterback younger than Darnold to start any NFL game (21 years, 81 days old in 1992).


    Less than two weeks after the Daily News reported that at least two teams had expressed serious interest in trading for Bridgewater (and plenty of other teams inquired about him), the Jets dealt the quarterback and a sixth-round pick to New Orleans in exchange for a third-round pick, according to sources.


    It was a major move for general manager Mike Maccagnan, who brilliantly turned his $1 million investment in Bridgewater into a premium-round pick.


    Pull back the curtain and behold just how terrific this move was for the organization.

    Team decision makers had the foresight to pivot from losing out in the Kirk Cousins Sweepstakes, to sign Bridgewater — a 25-year-old pedigree quarterback with playoff experience — to a one-year, $6 million deal in March.

    The Jets ponied up a grand total of $500,000 at signing, protecting them against the worst-case scenario that Bridgewater’s surgically repaired knee that cost him the better part of two seasons wouldn’t hold up this offseason.

    They added $500,000 in workout bonuses to total the $1 million investment. The summer couldn’t have gone better for Gang Green, who watched Bridgewater and Darnold excel in training camp and the preseason. Bridgewater morphed from insurance policy to expendable asset once Darnold gained the organization’s trust this summer.

    The presence of safety net Josh McCown made Bridgewater’s fate inevitable. The team was bent of trading the former Vikings starter.


    Bridgewater’s market value would have spiked if a starter on another team suffered an injury this summer. That didn’t happen, making the mission clear: Find a playoff-caliber team that wanted to take a page out of the Philadelphia Eagles’ playbook from a year ago. Philly showed the importance of having a top-notch backup signal caller. They have the Lombardi Trophy to prove it.


    So, Bridgewater becomes a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency option for the Saints, who are clearly Super Bowl contenders.

    39-year-old Drew Brees goes down with an injury, Sean Payton has a proven backup who can keep the ship moving in the right direction. If Bridgewater earns any of his playtime/performance bonuses tied to the $9M in incentives, that money will count toward the Saints' 2019 salary cap. Not 2018.


    New Orleans has the added benefit of having Bridgewater, who is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent after this season, in their building for a year in case they want to sign him to a long-term deal in the offseason.


    Did we mention that Brees is going to be 40 in January? So, it made sense for the Saints to pay a third-round price for the future Hall of Famer’s potential successor… and one of the classiest athletes walking face of the Earth.


    To wit, Bridgewater made it a point to board the Jets bus at the team facility before Gang Green left for Philly for their final preseason game on Thursday just to say his goodbyes to his former teammates.


    It’s a rare win-win-win trade. Everyone is happy.


    The stage now belongs to the most important person on One Jets Drive: Sam Darnold.

    what has happened to Mehta lately?  the guy who would never say ANYTHING good about the Jets (in fact, it even looked like he went out of his way to drag them through the mud) now has a hard on for Darnold?  I mean come on Manish, tell us how you really feel!!!

    Did someone w/in the Jets organization have naked pics of him or something?

    I mean don't get me wrong, I love the positivity; just wondering why the drastic change?

  14. 2 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

    First, I don't think Bowles is reluctant to play rookies. He didn't play Petty and Hackenburg because they were terrible. We saw that firsthand when Petty started the last few games in 2017. And Hackenburg was even worse than him.

    Second, Bowles has been gushing about Darnold all preseason, and giving him the majority of the first-team reps.

    That's enough evidence for me to say the conspiracy theory you propose is fiction.

    and don't forget Petty in 2016 either!  Nothing to play for, go out and "get 'er done" and he......completely blows it.  they shoulda gotten rid of him then....

  15. 10 minutes ago, JiF said:

    You’re Teddy take is awful.  He was on a one year deal.  Had no future here. He provides no stability.  The Jets are looking for back ups no matter what next season.  They weren’t resigning him.   His handling of the Teddy situation is his best work to date.  

    It cracks me up how in one hand people are all pump the breaks on Darnold but act like Teddy was this all world player.  He wasn’t and he’s not.  Getting a 3rd for a player nobody wanted 3 months ago is pretty huge. 

    Jimmy G, a much better QB than Teddy and very healthy, yielded a 2nd.  


    and Tyrod (call me TEARrod) Taylor got a 3rd rounder from Cleveland as well.  I'm not upset by this.

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  16. 2 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    i've had my criticisms of Darnold this summer but all 3 of these players are at least starting caliber.  The trade of Teddy simplifies matters but the kid has looked better than any Jets QB prospect we've seen maybe ever. I wasn't alive for Joe Willy Namath. 

    me neither but just going by recent history:  Hack, Petty, Geno, Sanchez (Jets ruined him, but still).  Need I go on?

  17. 21 hours ago, lounap23 said:

    Macc Handled the QB situation perfectly this offseason... Sign McCown as the insurance Policy..... Sign Bridgewater with all his upside for peanuts and hope he plays well enough in training camp to trade for a 2nd,3rd or 4th rd pick..   Trade up take the QB of the future..... have the QB of the future play well enough to make the decision to trade Teddy easier......  with a little luck on Teddy B and a little luck on Sam dropping to us it's all perfect... Now trade Next years First rd pick and one of the Third round picks and one of the young Wr's to get Khalil Mack.....  Spend next offseason signing the Best OL talent  and draft a RB with the other 3rd pick... BOOM

    I agree with everything you said, except....you started a little late.  Forgot to mention Kirk Cousins (that rat bastard!)

    I don't now about others here, but I for one am SO glad it went the way it did.  could have paid $90 M GUARANTEED to a 30 yr old, who I really don't think is so great.


  18. 3 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    These results have to be rigged.

    59 - 0

    Have we all ever agreed on anything?

    rigged?  nah.  listen if this was a team like Sanchez came into in '09 it would be a different story.  Sanchez had Clemens as "competition".  it's the only reason he started.  after watching three pre-season games, I do not think we have a very good team.  people forget this team was predicted to go 0-16 last year!  yes, we over performed, but let's no go nuts!! 

    you can argue who did better - Sam or Teddy, but the fact that there is even an argument, you go with "The Future".  if we ha da realistic chance at playoffs, sure, you'd start Teddy, but I don't think that's the case.  

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  19. Just now, jgb said:

    Wolford better play entire 4th preseason game. Macc gonna look like a dunce if McCown gets hurt. I would seriously actually sign Sanchez as emergency QB.

    Wolford?  well, at least we can watch our D destroy the Hack!!

    I like your three gifs.  while the butt fumble is embarrassing, I don't think it belongs with the other two.  they still hurt to this day....

  20. Just now, talonmm said:

    A lot of Jet fans thought the team should have waited until an NFL starting qb got hurt before trading Bridgewater as the trade could have resulted in a higher draft pick.

    We've seen Bowles refuse to start rookie qb's and that was frustrating to our fanbase and perhaps Mccagnan too.  Mac was not able to evaluate Petty and Hack last year in an actual game and since Bowles  does not report to Mac.

    Anyone think Mac traded Bridgewater early to force Bowles hand in starting Darnold?



    I don't think so.  The guys on the Jets SNY show Sunday night made a great point:  it was obvious Darnold was starting because Bowles would look like a moron if he started Bridgewater after giving Darnold the majority of the reps with starters.  Yes, he started McCown last year after no reps, but he gave Hack-n-Pet the same opportunity he gave Darnold and Teddy.  Difference is, they did nothing with that opportunity last year!  So I don't think McCown is a factor either.


    It is Sam's team, and an opportunity arose, and they grabbed it.

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