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  1. I voted "Yes".  My son is a Bridgewater guy, and is understandably devastated today.  While I agree with him that perhaps Teddy outperformed Darnold, I think the fact that it's even a debate means you go with "The Future".  Yes, maybe Teddy's numbers were better, but all I heard after the Falcons game was "well Sam only played with/against backups" yet no one seems to be saying that about Teddy the last two weeks?  Especially in the giants game - I was actually a little disappointed he couldn't get a TD against giants backups.


    Meanwhile after watching (and re-watching) that giants game, I actually think Darnold played better than he gets credit for.  thanks to our "wonderful" special teams, Darnold started 3 of his 6 possessions against giants starters inside his own 17 yard line!!!  Each of those times, I'm just sitting there praying he doesn't fumble, throw a pick or get sacked.  he did none of those things.

    His other three 1st half possessions resulted in 2 TDs!!  I'll take it!


    Very excited for this year.  I'm taking my family to our first Jets game (Home Opener against Fins) since 2011!  I  As for record?  I'd like to see better than last year, but I think the ceiling is 8 wins.  So between 6-8 wins here.  If they win 8 with Darnold this year, I'm doing jumping jacks.  If they win more....I just don't know.....may go into cardiac arrest!!

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