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  1. Just now, Jet Nut said:

    And he gets a ton of credit because he's not Eli.  

    yes that, and the fact that it's the vagiants!  I mean the Jets sneeze and they get criticized for doing it wrong.  the giants get all the excuses.  drives me crazy!  if I had to listen one more time last week about how their o-line was missing two guys, and then three, and how their WR and TE were out.....

    please.  Jets started with three o-line men out (then 4 when winters went down), our #1 WR (Enunwa) has been out forever, and Herndon is done for the year after playing like 12 snaps.  unbelievable.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Baker’s TD-INT is 11/12. His highest rated QBR this season? 105.2 ... With Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, OBJ, Landry, Njoku and the same offensive system he went into the season with last year. (Of course with some added vertical routes from Todd Monken)

    Sam Darnold’s TD/INT ratio is 11/10 in less played games with his highest QBR being 121.4 and his second highest QBR(113.8) is still higher than Baker’s season best. Like I said, he’s done it in less games played with less to work with, worst OL in the league and several game plans where L Bell and Robby A don’t even get included in the offense. Darnold is throwing to a 78 year old DT and Jameson Crowder. 


    please explain to me how in tf he is better. Baker hasn’t even throw 3 touchdowns in the same game this year. He definitely takes a back seat to Sam this season even with all the franchise turmoil, injuries and mono.

    listen I am not one of these Jets fans who has to hate on baker to make Sam seem better, but even the biggest Sam basher/Baker lover has to admit:  Baker has MUCH better weapons, o-line, RB etc.  Yes, I said RB.  if Bell was actually playing like he did in Pitt, I can confidently say Sam would be so much better.  and I'm not saying it's Bell's fault - our o-line is flat out bad!!  

    for people who think Sam is bad, and it's not our line, ask yourself this:  is Bell bad?  is it typical for him to go 10 games w/o a 100 yard rushing performance?  NO!  I do believe he has been hurt the past few weeks, but come on; that o-line is bad!!

    we have our QB; now let's get the necessary pieces around him, starting with the line.

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  3. 22 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Jones should lead Sam in a lot of categories, hes played more games.  

    And his offensive line is better than the Jets.  Seem to be better in pass protection and run blocking is much better.  

    You watched the Jets Giants game and came away thinking the Giants had less talent at WR than the Jets?  Did you watch?  Jones threw little passes, one 2 yards short of the OL, one a yard off the OL and both went the for big gains.  Padded his stats and points.

    I've watched Jones and I dont see a QB with the talent of Darnold.  Doesnt have the arm talent, isnt as accurate.  He'll be decent but has limitations.  



    100% agree.  how anyone can watch jones and think anything positive is beyond crazy.  somebody touches this kid and he fumbles!  it's crazy!!  and you said it perfectly:  one TD pass was 2 yards in backfield, and Tate did the rest (Jones gets credit), another our "wonderful" CB fell down and he had to dump off a 6 yard pass to a WIDE OPEN RECEIVER for a TD.  a 3rd one, vagiants were goal to go distance and he had 5 seconds (FIVE SECONDS)!!) to throw a TD pass.  but yeah their O-line is worse than ours!!!  Please.  before the Jets game, their o-line was ranked #5 in the NFL!!!  guess where the Jets o-line was ranked?

    the Jets sold out to stop Barkley. and they did.  they let Jones dump off rinkey dinkey passes all day.  thier WRs did the rest.  but wehn it came down to crunch time (last 20 minutes of the game) jones looked simply awful!!!  like he does every week!  the fact that the vagiants punted on 4th down WITH NO TIMEOUTS at the end of the game says a lot about jones IMHO.

    and let's be honest:  based on what I see on this board week in and week out with Sam, if jones was the Jets QB, he would be getting absolutely CRUCIFIED on this board!!!  

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  4. 17 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    He can look bad at times, he can look very good at times. Even though QB’s take year two leaps, the kid is 22, has been playing QB for like 5 years, he was still a raw prospect albeit a very highly regarded one...this was always going to take time. We are still in the middle of the trials and tribulations of the youngest starting QB since the merger. He shot out 4 touchdowns and looked comfortable. He looked comfortable last week too. We just need to stack more and more games like these. I know the Redskins aren’t very good but they have a decent defense in place. Most importantly, Gase is finally putting Darnold on designed roll outs and the play calling aside from one or two head scratchers was solid today.

    Gase needs to continue to make the TE’s a part of the passing game because it helped Sam out a lot to have a in-line blocker as well as a receiving option in the same formation.

    very well said - as usual.

    But I agree with 90% of the people on this board, especially after events this past weekend:  Jets should just get rid of Darnold and continue "tanking for Tua".

    [obvious sarcasm]

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  5. 22 hours ago, Alka said:

    Damn, I was just going to say pretty much what you said in your reply.  The Jets are a different team right now, and not the team which lost to the Dolphins or the Patriots.  The Dolphins are not the same team that lost to Washington for the Redskins first and probably only win of the year. 

    The Jets offensive line is coming together right now, and the D line is coming together.  Offensive line is bad, but I believe is better than what we have seen so far this year.  The D line, now that we have established our players (minus Leonard Williams) has a chance to show what they will be going forward the rest of this year and next year.   Darnold will now be the quarterback that ended the season last year.

    Jets by 20 points today.  The Jets players said they will be going on a run right now, and they ain't lying!! 

    Before the season, I started a thread predicting the Jets will win 7 games this season, 8 if everything went perfectly with no major injuries.  Look it up if you like.

    Well, there have been major injuries.  Can the Jets go 5-2 to end up with 7 wins this year?

    I believe that they can, and I believe that they will.  Washington, Bengals, Dolphins, Steelers and would you believe it, Buffalo.  7 wins.

    I agree that they CAN...but next week is huge for that to happen.  Let's hope that whole "west coast team coming est for a 1 PM game" thing is legit - we need all the help we can get!

    If Jets win next week, they have a legit shot of being 6-7 before the Ravens game.  then just don't get embarrassed on a Thursday night game, end end with a couple of tough, but winnable games.  But yeah, key is next week.  all goes to crap if they lose to the Raiders.

  6. I think the horrendous blowout by the Patriots set the Jets back for several weeks, and they are only recovered as a team vs the Giants.  So I think the Jets beat the Redskins by double digits, with 20 points not being out of the question.

    Perfectly said. I’ve been saying this for weeks!

    Before that Pats game, against the blitz, Sam was “perfect”. Now what I mean with that is that he had zero turnovers. But hey, give BB his due. He found something, and exposed a big weakness for Sam (and ESPECIALLY our OL) and the very next week, Jags did the same thing. Fins did it to a lesser extent. Then you have the absolute moronic vagiants who are just God awful and did none of that and Sam did just fine.

    Again, what I have been preaching all year: it’s not WHO you play, but WHEN you play them. Sam just came back from mono, looked great against the Cowboys. Now you take that Pats game and move it to week 17, I sincerely think the Jets win in both FL games. Unfortunately, the mastermind found a big weakness and the next two teams piggybacked.

    Hopefully, that win last week has Sam back on track and we can go on a little run!
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  7. This was the perfect example of how stats don't tell the whole story. Jets sold out to stop the run and QB had a fumble returned for TD, threw the ball up for grabs several times, and stunk his last 5 drives. 

    You nailed it right here. Amazing how the narrative last year was Sam and Saquon. Now that Saquon had an epically awful game, and Sam played well, no one talks about it.

    It was a great game plan by Williams: stop Saquon, and let the turnover machine go. If he beats us, kudos. But more likely than not, this guy will fumble. And that he did; three times!

    Just looking at how awful our CBs are, and how beatup our LBs are, I think it’s crazy that Jones didn’t do better!

    It’s the same story with him week in and week out. Look at the Pats game, the Cowboys game, etc. they hang around with these teams until like midway in the third quarter, but then when the game is on the line, he can’t handle it, makes awful mistakes, and the team gets blown out.

    Even against the Jets: the kid did absolutely NOTHING for the last 20 minutes! They had to punt on 4th down with ZERO timeouts and a little over 2 minutes left because of how delicate he is. God forbid he has a TO again......but these people giving him accolades for throwing a ball 2 yards BEHIND the line of scrimmage, and the WR takes it 65 yards for a TD,or when our wonderful CB falls down on a play and he throws an 8 yard pass to a wide open receiver.....geez
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  8. 35 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    The plan:

    1. Darnold plays good, team seems to play hard.

    2. Jets lose 24-21 as they can't stop the pass.....again.

    3. Redskins trade up from #5 to #4 with the Jets to get a QB.  Jets snag Andrew Thomas OT at #5 and use the Redskins 2nd round pick on a Center

    4. I send a Thank You card to Dan Snyder.



    no way man.  I don't think I could take a loss to the Skins!  they have to beat them and the Bengals.  the raiders are actually looking good now, and even the fins looked better against us and the colts.  but the skins and bengals?  My God, you cannot lose to those two teams.

  9. 1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    So because Macc sucked at his job, tanking for a higher pick is bad?  Joe Douglas is the GM now.  I'd prefer to assume he's good at his job and give him as many picks as possible, with the highest pick slot possible, in an otherwise lost season.  

    First off, players do not tank.  we are just discussing whether it would be beneficial for the Jets to get a higher pick, or get Sam some more progression/wins.  Players are basically personal contractors; if they "tank" it shows, and their value decreases, and their next contract will suffer as a result.  Now when an organization (like the Dolphins) sells all your good pieces, that is a group trying to tank.  but watch those fins last week and this week:  they are trying to win!!

    I got off subject here:  I thinking tanking/discussing tanking at / before week 10 is absolutely ludicrous!!  I was on board with tanking last year after the Houston game.  Sam came back to be the youngest QB in NFL history to lead a 4th Qtr comeback win against the Bills, and then played extremely well in a loss to Houston.  At that point, the wins didn't matter as much as him playing well and Jets losing.

    But now?  the Pats absolutely destroyed his confidence IMHO.  He has gotten better and better each week since.  a little mind you, but still he is getting better.  I think he must be feeling much more confident after yesterday.  Go and beat the skins and it will continue.

  10. 1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Because we haven't picked good players with those picks.  And we also haven't picked high enough in certain instances. 

    In 2015, we could have had Amari Cooper instead of Leonard Williams if we'd lost just one more game.  In 2018, we wouldn't have had to cough up three 2nd rounders to get Darnold had we lost 1-2 extra games.  And this past draft, we could have had Nick Bosa instead of Quinnen with 1 additional loss.  

    But sure, the value in "learning to win" really worked out for us, didn't it.  

    I don't know, man.  all everyone said in the 2015 draft was that Leo was the best player in the draft.  I seriously doubt we would have taken Cooper!  I mean you are giving our previous GM a lot of credit here!!

  11. 5 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

    Green on green sucked with the old unis and they suck with the current ones. It's insane to me that the people who work for the Jets don't realize this and ban them forever.

    I think it's for the kids to be honest.  I never understand green/green, red/red, etc.  Yet my son and kids his age all love this same color combo stuff!  looks stupid to me.

  12. 13 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    Love the black uniforms I’ve been waiting 30 years for this 

    me too.  most of the Jets gear I own is black.  jacket, coat, hats, winter hat, gloves, etc.  still have my "Parcells" black jacket for '97!!  People at my gym thought it was brand new because of the new unis.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    You can also tank for a high pick so you can trade down to a QB-needy team for three first rounders.  I like that option.

    My ideal scenario is Darnold playing great but we lose a lot of shootouts.    

    yes but remember what happened this past year?  nobody wanted to trade with us, supposedly.  Now I know we have Douglas now, so I guess we should have a little faith, but NOTHING more important than Sam getting on track.  Not only playing well, but WINNING as well.

  14. I agree with all above me thus far.  You tank for a QB.  We got ours, now get the pieces around him.  If we get the #2 pick next year, will they take an offensive lineman?  nah, that's not enough for a #2 pick, let's take another d-lineman!!  when the Jets start getting it right in the draft, I think we can start the tanking talk again.  But yes, much more important for Sam to get back on track.  that Pats game killed him, and it took him a while to recover; hopefully this game will be something to build on.

  15. 7 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    It actually is

    100%!!!  It's amazing - all week, all the chirping from those a$$holes.  you'd think the vagiants were 7-2 instead of 2-7!!  yeat ever since 4 PM yesterday afternoon?  CRICKETS!!!  Love it!  there is nothing like a quiet giants fan!!  2011 until 2023 (at least) is a LOOONG time for these morons to go w/o beating the Jets.  I am so done with the whole idea of tanking for a higher pick  the Jets are NOT one player away.  you tank for a QB, and we got ours.  now let's put some actual pieces around him.

  16. The next few weeks should look just like today. Meaningless games between the Jets and fellow bottom feeders. Nothing Darnold or anyone else does against them or they do against us will mean much. Our season and those team's are over.
    Daniel Jones had an OL just as bad as ours today. He was missing his top 2 receivers, and throwing to a 34 WR a 5th round rookie, and some guy named Lattimer. He threw 4 TD passes w/o a int for the second time in 3 weeks.
    I am dumbfounded you don't see his abilities. 

    And he LOST.

    (And looked like a little bitch when he handed off to Jamal for 6!)
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