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  1. 4 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:






    Honestly, seeing what the Jets offense looks like without Darnold, then with him, is the biggest endorsement you could get. I don't sense that with any of the other guys...

    It's fine to have Jackson currently ranked higher based on his overall stats/wins but I think you're crazy if you'd actually rather have him as your franchise QB going forward.

    After looking really strong last year Baker's sophomore slump is troubling to say the least. He has serious flaws in his game. 

    Allen is way better than I thought he'd be, but his ceiling is always going to be a poor man's Cam Newton.

    Rosen was dealt a tough hand but it's not a good sign when getting yanked for Ryan Fitzpatrick dramatically improves the offense.

    this right here.  can't believe I have not seen more posts pointing this out.  the Jets offense was simply INEPT for three weeks.  what changed?  did they all of a sudden get a good Oline? (one could argue it got even worse with Osemele out, Edoga replacing Shell, who was benched, and the aforementioned Shell having to switch to LT when KB got hurt)  did Bell run off 250 yards rushing?

    No.  Darnold returned.  that's it.  and as usual, I started hearing on the sports radio this morning "well the Cowboys aren't any good anyway" rhetoric that we've come to expect as Jets fans.  last week, all we heard about was how the Cowboys were top 10 offense and top 10 defense.  How Sam returning will help, but won't be enough blah blah blah.  now the Jets win, so they must suck.

    Put Sam on that Browns team with all those weapons?  wow - look out!  or Buffalo with the defense?  I could go on, but you get my point.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I agree, but for now Lamar is the real deal.  He may burn bright but short, and his window might be 5-7 years instead of the 12+ year careers that pocket passers can have.  We've been discussing this in another thread but I see a similarity with Josh Allen.  Allen is big, has a cannon, and can run/scramble....but his accuracy is lacking and if you force him into needing a long drive with numerous 10-15 yard completions, confining him to being a pocket passer, he's mediocre.  Sadly, I think Josh Allen (and perhaps Lamar) will go the way Cam Newton is going....taking too many hits, losing his running effectiveness and thus, his overall effectiveness as a QB.

    I guess, but that is why I do not like these "let's rank the 2018 QBs TODAY" posts.  Last week, Sam is dead last and today some have him 1st.  after one game?  My point on Lamar is:  which of these QBS would I have wanted the Jets to have drafted back in 2018 for the long run.  And I would not say Lamar.  As some have said, he was taken last in the 1st round, which means he went to the best team.  If he's our QB, he's not doing nearly as well as he is in Balto.

  3. 3 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


    I think the biggest improvement with Sam has been between the ears, and it may have happened during that 3 week layoff when he was hurt last November.  I'll also put myself in the camp of people who think the $10M we paid McCown last year was worth every penny.  It was a good investment to make having a guy like that in Sam's ear for his rookie year and getting Darnold off on the right foot.

    I think Sam is processing risk/reward very quickly in his mind now on every drop back.  If he knows the situation (having a lead late vs. being down by 2 TDs) he seems to process whether or not a risky throw is worth it.  He throws balls away at the right time, doesn't take too many sacks, and tucks and runs pretty safely.

    We all knew he had the arm and slight above average running ability for a QB when he came out of college.  But the two things that will turn him from good to great are his decision-making and truly elite ability to maneuver in the pocket forward, backward, left and right as if he has eyes in the back of his head.  This latter skill reduces sacks, adds another second to his time to make a decision and also creates some different throwing lanes and angles that seem to help him find guys crossing the middle like Crowder, etc.

    Totally agree with the McCown thing.  I know people on here get sensitive with the Jets-giants comparisons, but watching jones and eli interaction on the sidelines is cringe-worthy.  I mean every time Sam made a play last year, there was McCown clapping him up, giving encouragement.  when he threw an INT or made a bad play, there was McCown on the sidelines with Sam looking at the tablet, reviwing the play(s) to help him get better.  Say what you want, but that is invaluable.  having an angry backup looking for you to screw up so he can get back in there helps no one.

  4. I've said it in multiple threads on here:  9 TDs to 2 INTs over last 6 games.  Baker, Allen, Jones?  these guys have 2 INTs by halftime in one game each and every week!  

    But in all seriousness, the big knock on Sam was always his turnovers.  People sort of compared him to Favre; the "gunslinger" who takes chances, but unfortunately with that comes the INTs.  Now if we can get the Favre "gunslinger" TDs, and not the INTs?  man oh man!!  and imagine when we have Douglas actually run an off season and maybe we get an Oline!  The future is bright!!

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  5. wow.  I know I've been away for a bit, but are people actually talking about whether Baker and JOSH FRIGGIN ALLEN are any good?  Josh Allen?  not the pass rusher from Jaguars, but the QB?  wow.  the guy is a turnover machine that gets saved by a great defense.  makes Mark Sanchez look good.  difference between him and Mark was at least Mark got to the AFC championship game twice.  

    and we all know the deal with Baker.  it's his mouth; it's his attitude.  when you are a complete punk, and then don't play well, it gets magnified.  he's playing pi$$ poor right now with a TON of weapons, but I still think he is legit.  it's just things get magnified because he's just not a good dude.

  6. First pick after 179 consecutive passes. That's a key stat right there.

    Especially watching other 1st and 2nd year QBs throwing INTs like crazy (Baker, Allen, Jones, Rosen, Even Haskins in limited play) should make you feel GREAT about our Sam, given that the TOs were the big knock on him.
  7. 4 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    Strange.  I thought we weren't allowed to make any excuses for young QB's around here.  

    Only Sam.  Guy has had one int (ONE!) in his last 5 games combined....Danny TO has that for breakfast!!

    and if you watched any of that game last night and saw the amount of time the turnover machine had last night!?!?!?!  holy crap!  if Sam could have just half that time....my God.  The kid was setting up for a picnic back there and still turning the ball over like crazy.

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  8. 1 hour ago, chrisfaceoff said:

    Please be healthy.

    Please OL, do not screw this up.

    Please Robby catch the Ball

    Please Herndon be ready to go

    Please actually put us in a position to succeed Gase

    Le'Veon Bell....Dont change.  You've been killing it.  Keep doing that.

    the fact that you didn't even think to mention Crowder says a lot about this offense the past few weeks....

    ahhhh....to go back to complaining about only being 70% comp % on dink and dunks to Crowder.....doesn't seem so bad after the last few weeks of Jets offense huh?

  9. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:

    Yes we do.  He had to given when he was diagnosed and how the illness progresses and he said he just thought he was coming down with something, he felt lethargic, weak and groggy.  

    All symptoms.  



    exactly.  I tell ya, the people on this forum.....

    they announced it first day of practice, which was Wednesday - THREE DAYS AFTER the game!!!  yeah I'm sure he came down with it Tuesday night and was 100% on Sunday!  sure - let's "tank for Tua"!!

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  10. 5 hours ago, Newjetsfan said:

    Some people here seems to go over board  about Darnold's  less than stellar performance in Buffalo...well, he did better than Brady with a lot less!

    Brady vs. Bills

    18/39  150yd  3.8avg 0td 1int

    10.QBR / 45 rtg


    Darnold (no sleep mono) vs. Bills
    28/41   175   4.3ave    1 td 0int 

    37.8 QBR / 84.9 rtg

    Who was better vs. The Bills?


    thank you!  I have stayed away from this site last few weeks because of all the morons.  Now obviously, Sam is not "better" than Brady, but all the idiots going crazy about Sam's performance in week 1....just blows my mind.  then you have Brady do worse!  

    That game mirrored our game against Bills in so many ways:  Pats getting TDs that were not due to the offense (punt block, int deep in Bills territory) - although Sam did lead a TD drive, with a TD pass and a 2 pt conversion pass;  the turnover machine that is Josh Allen made appearances in both games;  our kicker missed an XP, so did Pats',  Bills losing 16-10 late in game, thinking that XP miss would come back to haunt them.  only difference is Allen was out in the game against the Pats (and the Pats defense of course)

    again, not saying Sam is Brady, or we are in same league as the Pats, but it just goes to show that the "real Jets" are ok.  this abomination we have right now is just unreal.  Sam, Quincy, ALL starting LBs (Mosley/Williamson/Jenkins/Copeland - I mean my GOD!), still no Herndon, Siemian, QW.....all of that aside, what team is winning with their 3rd string QB?  then you throw all of THAT on top of it?  come on!

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    The only thing worse than the Yankees is Yankee Fans.  Easily the equal of Patriots Fans, and just as worthy of disdain and derision.

    hey I resent that!  I think you mean Yanks fans who are also giants fans!!  those are the a$$holes who give us a bad name!  

  12. 5 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    So if they jets were 2-0 with lamar jackson tearing up the league, you would be on this board calamoring for sam darnold?

    Time to get honest and remove the green glasses bro.

    There are 3 qbs from last years draft head and shoulders above darnold and at this point, sam is closer to 5 then he is 3.

    they wouldn't be 2-0 with Lamar.  Jets aren't lucky enough to play the dolphins and cards in weeks 1 and 2....

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  13. Just now, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Fair enough. It bugs me too when people try to “police the forum”.  Heck, recently I was making fun of someone for doing that exact thing.  

    My point was more about questioning why we need to try to “rub it in” when the Giants are struggling.  

    nah - I think "rubbing it in" would be posting that article on a giants forum.  I don't understand why when we see threads about AB, or "Dolphins 2019 highlights", etc it's ok, but the second someone says something about the midgets, people get very defensive on this board?


  14. 1 minute ago, southtown24th said:

    so fun to watch this franchise crash and burn and crash and burn...the ultimate undoing will be (hopefully) when Daniel Jones starts playing and REALLY sucks....

    Misery loves company.

    And we embody misery. 

    exactly.  Jones starts, does terrible AND THEN they have to go BACK to Eli?  damn - that would be simply amazing!!!

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