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  1. 36 minutes ago, Greenbloodblitz said:

    Yes!!!!!!! Now that's Sam Darnold is officially out for who knows how many weeks, Bell has a shoulder injury, Williams has an ankle injury, Enunwa is done for good, and CJ's pee pee is hurt, I would officially like to express my feelings of dismay. How the hell does a grown man who makes millions of dollars a year and his hired for his mental prowess not know how to say the word especially? I guess at this point I'm just venting and need a drink badly, but I feel it's important that I alert the world that it is not pronounced "EK-SPECIALLY"!!! Maybe I'm cracking up but this s*** really bothers me! So there I said it and I feel much better now. We need to bring in another quarterback add another wide receiver since Demaryius Thomas as a hamstring injury, and apparently we need to bring that running back up from the practice squad. What a f****** letdown after months and months of anticipation. This absolutely sucks "  ek-specially " !!!

    wow.  of all the things to talk about today:

    1) Darnold - mono

    2) Gase - ek-specially

    3)  Bell - MRI

    4) Quincy - done for year

    5) Mosley and Q - injured

    yeah I think I'll go with topic #2!!!

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  2. the ONLY silver lining now is that the pressure is off.  it's weird how Sam goes down, and I no longer feel this monumental pressure that we MUST win on Monday night.  if they lose, "well Sam was out, and we had a backup QB in there".  it's not "yeah Baker made Sam look like he didn't belong out there" type of scenario.

  3. 43 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

    It's Thursday, time to put last Sunday's game in the rear view mirror.

    Lets talk about Monday nights game. It features a team coming off a bad loss at home. The team had high expectations coming into this season. The 2nd year QB was horrible. The OL was horrible. The D melted down. The new, first year HC looked lost.

    You guessed it, I'm talking about the Cleveland Browns.

    We're the home team. I said last week I was more worried about the Bills game then I was the Browns, and that was before I saw Cleveland sh*t the bed Sunday. Monday night in front of a crazed crowd, the Jets will come on the field in their Stealth Black for the first time and dominate from the start.

    Monday night is when Gase, Darnold, and the Jets show the NFL and the nation who they are in 2019.

    man, I hope you are right!

  4. 3 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    the first few games of just about every season are pretty much just an extension of pre-season.  even if cleveland had won it really wouldn't say much about this year's browns team.  likewise they lost but it looked like they were playing pretty well early on.  and of course the jets lost their first one.  so these teams are feeling their way at the moment.  both teams really need some work to keep moving forward.

    I agree, but we are playing the Browns, NE, Philly, Dallas, NE again next few weeks.  we don't have TIME to work things out!!!

    By the time we play the Bengals, Skins, Giants, Raiders, etc, it may be too late!!

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  5. 34 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Yes.  If anything, Sunday's game leaves me more encouraged than ever.

    * We may have a Top 5 defense, a complete turnaround from past seasons.  Gregg Williams on point.

    * Le'Veon Bell looks like he hasn't missed a step and is the best offensive FA acquisition this year.

    * CJ Mosely looks like a beast and is the best defensive FA acquisition this year.

    * Jamison Crowder might be the best slot receiver we've had since Chrebet.

    * Our OL will only get better-  its clear that they were out of sync and Gase was protecting that weakness.

    * Our O will only get better- see above, we ran a conservative playbook due to the OL being challenged.

    * Our D will only get better when the O isn't going 3-and-out and tiring them.

    We had that game won.  Bizarre circumstances like a K who sucks and an ILB that got injured cost us the win.  I see a very good team out there in the midst of Week 1 growing pains.

    SAR I


    wow.  I am (some would say) a little TOO optimistic, but you my friend take the cake.  I think the "Darnold sucks" and "fire Gase" ramblings are moronic, but to actually think THAT game was a good thing that leaves you MORE encouraged?  damn.

    hey - I hope (pray) you're right, but these next few weeks are doozies!

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  6. 16 minutes ago, GREENBEAN said:

    I’ve actually asked myself the same thing yesterday and today which is sad. It’s worse than ever around here. I’m not sure why but I seriously see almost every thread as an attempt to troll.
    I don’t get it

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    yep - bad enough that I (like you) had to be at that game with my son, and feel awful, but then to come on here and see things like "Darnold sucks", "fire Gase" etc after 1 bad loss....ugh

    and I mentioned months ago on this very site:  it's not WHO you play but WHEN you play them".  the next few weeks we play VERY good teams.  it is going to be UNBEARABLE around here....

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Think they're taking the week off and continuing after the opener. 

    At least that's what I heard

    ok thanks.  I just re-watched the end of episode 7, and they said "next time on OJD..."  not "next WEEK on OJD".  Strange that they showed Mosley, etc.  you would think they had the episode set, but oh well.

    because last year, they had one after the detroit game and then.....not so much after that!  then when we had the 2 game win streak, they had an episode and then nothing till the Bills win!  haha  hopefully, we give them more wins to make more episodes!

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