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  1. Sorry, Grandy. i know a lot of people will vote Sam, because QB, but I can’t agree. The mono thing blew up the season. He’s been up and down regardless, and there’s a big difference from playing the most important position, and being the most valuable, especially when the best thing you can say is we looked better with him than Falk. Look back at his year, mediocre at best, I’d say.
  2. Crowder has been very good, but Robbie is the guy team’s fear most I think, and he’s produced. He’s the big play guy. Lachlan Edwards wins Most Exhausted Player. We wore him out, lol.
  3. I think you most definitely can dare say that! 😉
  4. The funny part about this is how this evolved in the last week or so. It started with him saying it would help the team protect its young CBs if they moved him around more. He claimed by lining him up on the same side every time, the defense became predictable, and teams avoided him and could easily go after the rookies. Somehow, it went from there, to here. Why these guys think social media is their friend, I’ll never understand....
  5. Offense I’m going with Robbie Anderson. He’s done very well for us this year, and has earned the big pay day he’s going to get next year. I hope we’re the team he chooses. Defense I’m going with everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Jamal Adams. Love him or hate him, he’s been the best player on the Jets the last two seasons. That said we’re so terrible, his best asset is probably that he’s our biggest trade chip. My pick is: Robbie Anderson The sad part about this is that both of our two best performers in ‘19 could very well be wearing other team’s jerseys next year. So goeth the Jets, sadly. Who do you guys pick?
  6. Good post I love the fact you said “Gase and Darnold...” I thought they both were good last night, especially considering the matchup. Two disturbing trends I’m noticing here about Darnold are the dumb Favre comparison, and the “blame Gase when any play fails, credit Sam when one works” thing. The latter is predictable, but annoying. Gase has done as well as could be expected with the same lack of talent on this team that’s used as exhibit A whenSam struggles.
  7. I cannot tell you how good a reply this was. It could be quoted fifty times a day around here.
  8. I don’t think anyone is ever going to forget Sam’s age. Not as long as they log on here. 😉
  9. “Mayfield isn’t living up to expectations, but Sam is a good QB and a good one for the long run” LMFAO Not only did you insult Brett Favre by comparing Darnold to him, the Mayfield/Darnold thing is just ridiculously lame.
  10. Except Anderson would be foolish to re sign now. The Jets had their chance to lock him up, they didn’t. Robbie had to gamble on himself, and he’s won the battle Now he gets to choose where, who and for how much money he plays. He’s going to be a top WR free agent this offseason, That’s what guys like him get to do.
  11. Exactly. Even though I got pissed at my coaches and muttered behind their back when they screamed, I knew as long as they were screaming at me, they cared enough to coach me up. The guys who never got screamed at, rarely got to play.
  12. Apparently sports and the people who follow them have changed a lot over the years. Now it’s “yelling” and those people get alarmed. when we were kids it was called “coaching”. To me it still is., but that’s just me.
  13. On the bright side, I think his birthday is in July? So this will all end then. By the start of TC, it will be “he’s still only 23. Just a baby...”
  14. Depressing, but every word is true. There isn’t a single game changer on this team, and it’s not going to get better soon. Look at the schedule next year. Best case we have a couple or more raw inexperienced OL and CBs learning their job in a cauldron. Even If JD is good, this is going to take quite a while to fix.
  15. We did until just before the half. The int and the fumble were killers though. Darnold was pretty good otherwise. The team did play as well as could be expected though. The Ravens and Patriots were both in a different class then us this year, those 3 games were above our pay grade.

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