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  1. Adams and Maye were both fantastic today. Both of them are the type of players this team needs more of. Talented, hard working, and leaders.
  2. You have to be very careful around here. Not a lot of sharp knives in this drawer.
  3. I don’t do Jets game threads, too much nonsense, so here goes... Darnold was fantastic today. This is the best game I’ve seen him play, I finally saw what you guys told me you were seeing. I also loved the aggressive play calling on both sides of the ball. Props to Gase and GW. I almost forgot what it feels like to win a game. Damn this felt great. Darnold, Adams, Maye, Gase, GW, and everyone else in Optic White, Thank you!!! @SAR I I told you last week, you’re prophet. 1-4, we’re playing with house money next week against the Pats. The playoff run started tonight.
  4. Your team is fun to watch. They gave LSU everything they had tonight in Death Valley. What a gauntlet the SEC is though...
  5. It's so stupid. I wouldn't like it, but I could see if they gave the other kid one series a half, but this yoyo sh*t is ridiculous. And as I'm typing this LSU lands the haymaker...
  6. Gators are emptying out the playbook on this drive...
  7. Could be a big shake up today. Ou and Ga in dog fights... Doesn't it seem like every year there's always that one Saturday when crazy sh*t happens in a few games?
  8. So you're saying there's a chance? EDIT damn you and your ninja ways @fusionCA LOL
  9. C'mon @Lith your guys gotta get this done. No way do I want to listen to my GF go on all week about her "ass kickin Chikins".
  10. Yeah that was fun stuff watching them score 8 points despite four turnovers. Crowder might have set an NFL record having under 100 yards with 42 catches, so there's that. And oh yeah, the 84.5 QBR. Good times!
  11. I like watching Cynthia Freuland predict things. I'd really like an hour long show where her and Ponder sit poolside together in bikinis and discuss analytics. Or anything else they wanted to.
  12. Good call. Weren't they the team he was talking with last offseason when we were trying to finalize his deal? If I remember correctly, he was negotiating with both the Jets and the Skins for a DC position.
  13. @greenwichjetfan and @Dcat I blame the two of you for this, LOL At least when you two do it, you do it well. The back and forth is fun. That doesn't absolve either one of you for the posts of those you've spawned with your evil actions, however. 😉

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