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  1. Forgive me for not getting quite as excited about all of this news as you and so many others. It’s just that after watching this team for 55 years, every time since the post-Weeb Ewbank era we’ve made a change, I’ve heard the same song and dance about every new GM and their staff. The same goes for new HCs and QBs. After all those years of Idzick’s, Kotite’s and Browning Nagle’s, I’m going to wait a while and see how this whole Douglas, Gase and Darnold thing plays out before I get excited about taking down Super Bowl winners.
  2. So the Mets proved today that holding a team meeting on the day deGrom pitches is a smart move. The big 3 (actually the only 3 in our lineup) Alonso, McNeill and Conforto all had big games. deGrom dominated a red hot lineup, so all is good... for a day.
  3. Only people who have never played a sport at a high level call a pro athlete a scrub. I argued that point here when the Jets cut Tyrelle Pryor. Especially one who lasts as long as McCown. One thing I’ve noticed about you is your unusual way of evaluating QBs. You’re very fast to dismiss or anoint, depending on the jersey.
  4. Good. Your guy Familia 😉 is doing his thing again right now. I’m about a week away from doing the same thing if they don’t turn it around. I’m going to come up to Long Island this summer for July and August. Play a bunch of different courses, and spend time with family and old friends. Perfect time to take a break from this team.
  5. No need to rush the kid unless we deal a couple of starters. This team isn’t going anywhere. Looks like another loss tonight. That will be 8.5 out and sinking fast.
  6. One word for you my friend. Goodwill.
  7. Joe maybe you can get him a deal on a God d*** Jets tee shirt to impress the ladies? 😜
  8. You’re spot on with that. I had the Brave telecast on for an inning or two, and they were talking about our pitching staff. Gave a breakdown of each guy this year as opposed to last. Then the bullpen. Ugh. Then they made a really good point about BVWs offseason moves. Guys like Lowrie, Cano and Ramos. All 3 are 35ish, and though the names look good on paper, expecting them all to produce like it was 5-6 years ago is really pushing it. Long story short, in my opinion they have a two week stretch to prove they can be relevant. If not, we need to see some big changes. This just isn’t working.
  9. Here’s the scary part. Will anybody even care by then if he does or not?
  10. Hope you played well LOL. It looks like our golf games will have to get us through the summer. This team isn’t going to... They are lifeless. The starters have disappointed. The bullpen is a mess. I told you before the season started Cano had George Foster written all over him coming off a PED suspension at his age. Ramos is a DP waiting to happen. The manager isn’t good, but he doesn’t have much to work with either thanks to our new GM and the team he’s assembled. Tonight is the start of an 11 game road trip. 3 with Atl, 4 apiece with the Cubs and Phil’s. This is it my friend. We’re 3 under and what 7.5 out? If we don’t make our move now, start the fire sale. EDIT apology to @faba. I just noticed he already talked about the road trip.
  11. LMAO As funny as that is, I swear I wanted to reply to his other post about the Giants drafting a QB who couldn't throw deep. I was going to comment on how great the kid was looking and the reports how good his arm looked. Then I thought of you and the "vagiants fan" thing....
  12. Well said. There isn't a thing you said here I don't want to agree with. You've consistently been as optimistic about Darnold as I've been cautious. Trust me, I hope you're right.
  13. Yes he did. You're 100% correct. How many TDs did he have? Off the top of my head, I'll guess 29. One last time. Darnold played really well in 3 games at the end of the year until the New England game. That was really impressive. It showed guts and talent to finish his year with 6 TDs and only 1 int. He ended the year with what? 16 and 15? It also doesn't change the fact that before he sat out 3 games he had 10 TDs and 14 ints and after the Miami game he looked completely lost. There was a lot of talk on here about whether he would break Peyton's record and if was benched as much as injured. To his credit, he looked like a different player when he returned. Why is it we can give him credit for turning it around when he returned in those 3 games, but we aren't allowed to bring up what it was he turned around from?
  14. NICE SHIRT!!!! You know how I love Jets tees....
  15. I was going for the angry tough guy thing. Didn't work, huh? I saw the picture you posted last week, so I'm not going to say "Bring it". Both you and @The Crusher look like the solution to our OL problems. So instead I'll just say "You'd have to catch me first..."
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