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  1. Sammy is only 23 years old. He's younger than Burrow. Sammy has only been playing QB a few years... he was a LB in high school Sammy has no weapons!!! Sammy's a gunslinger Sammy's floor is Favre Sammy finds tight windows Sammy is being ruined by everyone, and we promised his parents we wouldn't Romo loves him some Sammy Watt told Sammy he'll be a great pro someday Go back to your Giants message boards and leave my Sammy alone, you bunch of miserable trolls.
  2. I went with Neutral on both questions. Why? Neither Douglas nor Gase drafted Darnold, they're not tied to him. Without a doubt, Douglas gets to pick his own QB if he wants to move on from Darnold NEXT year. If he extends him though, Darnold becomes "his one guy." Gase? As hard as it is to imagine him coming back as HC next year, I haven't heard anything from the owners or GM that indicates he will not. The only "noise" I've heard is from fans and media. In Gase's defense, he was able to take a bunch of misfits to a 7-9 record last year, and JD has given him the worst roster I've ever seen this year. I won't blame Gase for losing with JDs torn down roster.
  3. I can't remember giving less sh*ts about who won a game... ever.
  4. Foles gets hurt, but Trubisky out with a Darnold, uh I mean shoulder. LOL So somebody named Grey comes in...
  5. Please tell me... Is DWC older than Sam Darnold?
  6. Horrible game The NFC stinks Arizona is the only team in the Conference that's fun to watch, but them being the 2 seed right now is sad.
  7. I watch this inept Bears offense, and it's makes me wonder who has a better chance of reviving their career, Darnold or Trubisky? If they both get a chance, I'm going Trubisky.
  8. Don't mention Cook, Joe DWC will hear you and come back...
  9. Bears don't look like the Bears in these jerseys'
  10. Be better than the Eagles? As sad as that team may be, we're not even close. The Jets aren't bad. They're epic bad.
  11. I stopped paying attention after the part about me being right about Darnold. My eyes glazed over when you brought up Maye and Cook. so... No. No, I'm Good.
  12. If you decide to leave, can you take DWC with you? Please?
  13. Enough already... Nobody gives a sh*t about who you want/wanted to draft.
  14. Serious question, if you don't want to answer, I understand... I'm just really curious. How old are you? You're always talking about an older brother, the way a youngster does, so I wanted to say about 15, but then you posted about being on Jet boards for many years, so I'll guess early 20's? I get a kick out of your posting style though. It's pretty frantic. You're all over the place. It's the equivalent of listening to someone talk and talk without stopping to breathe, LOL.
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