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  1. Wow. ive been on the road since 830 last night driving up to Long Island., I just saw this. It made me sick to my stomach. you know how I feel about you, so you know it goes without saying you’ll be in my prayers. get back here and keep sitting people like me straight again ASAP. i will be checking in with you and/or your son to see how you’re doing via pm. Be strong buddy.
  2. No kidding with the regional thing.... I'm going to drive up from SC to Long Island tonight. My daughter told me to make sure I wear a mask before I go into a rest stop or stop to eat. I went and bought some for the first time this morning. I feel like I'm heading into a lions den, but I have to go up there for at least a month because of a family issue. Not looking forward to the trip...
  3. My grandfather trained fighters. When my cousins and I were growing up we were always wearing baseball or boxing gloves. I can't even count how many rounds I sparred in a ring before I turned 18. Your friend obviously knows and was trained how to use his hands, so the fact that he started the confrontation and used them on a stranger was wrong. He's lucky he isn't waiting to make bail right now.
  4. Come on, man. He's only 23. When we drafted him, every single poster here who talked about the pick said he was only a baby, and we'd have to wait years for him to grow into the job. Go back and look at the threads... nobody expected anything during his first contract, we knew better. It's not like people were comparing him to guys like Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Nobody was saying he was already one of the best QBs they'd ever seen. Nobody expected him to become a franchise QB before he was 25. You have to be patient. We all knew this was going to take a while.
  5. I'm sorry, but until I see you and @Jetsfan80 in the same room together, I'm not buying this Boston thing.
  6. LMAO I saw it, and I swear, I said to myself "80 had to put him up to this" Somethings going on here, but I can't figure out what!!! There's no freaking way TWO people on one message board pick "More Than A Feeling" This might sound kinda creepy, but from now on, every time I hear that song, I'm going to think of you two Jokers. 😜
  7. You think I'm tough on Darnold? If I was here when Sanchez played, you'd be saying you're amazed by how much I've mellowed with age.
  8. You're either being facetious, or you take this stuff WAYYYYY too seriously. It's only football, brother. The Jets game ends at 400. Unless you dropped a few more dimes on the game then you should have, just vent for a minute or so. Get something to eat and watch the next game. Rinse, repeat, and watch another one at 830 if you feel up to it.
  9. Think of "Tua." that might jog your memory. I remember it very well. After last night, its over with now as far as I'm concerned. 👍
  10. Yes, you're correct, but I also had an ulterior motive, my friend. I've been angry with the guy I quoted for a while now. He'd been making a bunch of derogatory personal remarks toward me, which started after he decided to get involved in something that wasn't any of his business about two weeks ago. When he posted the thing about "if Sam doesn't make the jump.... then Gase gone by December." I just decided to call him out on it. I have to be honest, it felt good. I'm Italian, and the word "vendetta" is too. LOL
  11. A lot of people are going to pull a hammy climbing on high horses just trying to show how woke they are in some of todays threads....
  12. Okay then. I believe you, and I also apologize for reading more into it than there was. After this morning in the other thread that was locked I thought something else was going on. There goes my 2 hour long streak of never being wrong....
  13. Happy Birthday to my fellow boxing fan, and my fat fingered friend!!!!

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