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    Extremely handsome, and very intelligent! LOL
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    Super Bowl III
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    No. Gave them up the year before PSL's
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    Loss to KC in 1970 playoffs was the first of many.
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  1. 14 in Green

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I'm not sure what you're talking about. The thread is 90 pages. If you take out the 41 joe willy filled up telling us he doesn't want a change and he won't buy any new stuff because he'll hate it, that leaves 49. Then take out the 42 pages of memes he posted, you're down to 7. That's really not a lot of activity when you think about it.
  2. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    I know who the resident looney tunes are though.
  3. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Oh jeez, now you're going to get Joewilly all wound up again! Did you HAVE to mention the uniform thread??? JUST KIDDING @joewilly12
  4. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    I think I'll get to use his last post ^^^ quite a bit.
  5. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    and thankfully the conscience of Jets Nation once again sets us back on course...
  6. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Awkward silence ensues...
  7. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    I'm thinking we might not hear from @joenamathwouldn'tcry for a while. I'll bet he's watching You Tube swing tip videos. Good for him!You have to put in the time and work if you want to sharpen your game Joe! EDIT THIS WOULD'VE BEEN FUNNY IF YOU DIDN'T POST AGAIN BEFORE I DID. LOL
  8. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Good stuff. Like I said I'm glad you're back. I felt you got a raw deal here. You started your thread and confined your schtick to that thread only. I never understood how guys choosing to go in there solely to rip you for doing it could end up with you as the bad guy. No need for you to reply, you just got back. LOL.
  9. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    As long as we're trying to fill out a foursome, check out Paige Spirinac. You can thank me now or later...
  10. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Yeah, but I'd take Arizona weather and Holly Sonders over New Jersey any day.
  11. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    He ended up ok. Arizona media, weather, and Holly Sonders. Now that's a trifecta! What do you think is going on out there with the Rosen/Murray thing? Was he being genuine when he tried to squash those rumors this week?
  12. 14 in Green

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    We might have one helluva ride the next 10-12 years, huh? Guys are age who stuck around with this team deserve one. LOL.
  13. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Yeah, best you lay low until September. There will be plenty of opportunities to sneak the Klingsbury, Mahomes, Mayfield and Murray stuff into game threads, 😉
  14. 14 in Green

    I'm out on....

    Now, YOU I missed... Get to work!
  15. 14 in Green

    Kareem Hunt Signs with Browns

    Here's the thing guys like you, me, and @joenamathwouldn'tcry have to realize. The Patriots, Steelers, and Chargers QBs are nearing the end of their careers. The new wave of teams we will be dealing with for the next decade in the AFC will led by guys like Mahomes and Mayfield among others (Allen, Jackson etc?). So we better start caring about Baker Mayfield. If Darnold becomes what we hope, he's going to be linked with those other QBs the rest of his career. He will be judged on how he performs against them, and it won't only be in the head to head battles. We'll be battling them for playoff seeding, and even our front offices will be competing to surround these guys with the talent they need to succeed. So yeah, you better start caring about Baker Mayfield. He isn't going anywhere, and we're going to be dealing with him for a while.

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