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  1. Please name the team that’s giving us a #1 for him considering his lack of production and his contact status. This reads like one of those old call-ins on WFAN where the Yankee fan proposes trading a back up OF and an A ball OF for another teams left handed Cy Young candidate.
  2. 14 in Green

    Rookie Quarterback Progress Reports - 2018

    @JiF, My thought on McCown is last season he was getting reps with the starters the entire season, and was able to get into a bit of a groove. This year he was a backup and had to sit until Sam was hurt. He also got injured himself the first week he played if I remember. He probably should’ve sat out the last game he played because of his back(?) since at that point his health was no better then Sam’s. As far as Mahomes, I said earlier in this thread I thought it would be crazy to think Mahomes would put the same numbers up here that he has in KC. It’s my opinion though that he’s a better QB right now then Darnold, so if he was here, the Jets offense would be better. Aikman talked last night about good QBs being able to elevate the other players on an offense. I think Mahomes would’ve done that here. As I said though, just my opinion.
  3. 14 in Green

    Rookie Quarterback Progress Reports - 2018

    Good morning Johnny boy! It’s always nice to hear from you.Your thoughtful and clever insights always shed light on any topic. Just one thing though. I know you don’t like to let facts get in the way of your little rants, (your strong suit is to go with the nasty little remark) but I’d just like to point out that neither @Villain The Foe or myself were the ones who first brought Mayfield into this conversation. PK did when he suggested hiring McCarthy and McKenzie. Happy Holidays!
  4. 14 in Green

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    You’re certainly entitled to feel the way you do. He’s had as much success in his career as any recently fired coach I can think of the last few years. I just don’t want him here. If he’s hired, fine, I’ll root for the guy to do well, of course. Personally, I think you were better sticking with your earlier pick, Toub.
  5. 14 in Green

    Rookie Quarterback Progress Reports - 2018

    Of course not. How could they look the same when they’d be playing in different offenses? I think they’re better QBs right now then Sam though, so I think the Jets offense itself would look better. Aikman said it tonight, “...a good QB will elevate the players around him”. I realize Sam doesn’t have the talent around him now, which probably limits what the OC can do when game planning. This limits what Sam can do, but Mahomes has elevated the Chiefs from Smith (who was a good QB), and Mayfield has elevated the Browns from last year. I’m not convinced Sam has elevated the Jets from last year when McCown was healthy though. BTW I also mentioned McCarthy in the post I quoted you. I’m not a fan of his either. It wouldn’t kill me if we hired him, but he wouldn’t be my choice.
  6. 14 in Green

    Rookie Quarterback Progress Reports - 2018

    Agree with everything in this post except for what you said about Mahomes and Mayfield and McCarthy. 🤪
  7. You’d get Ryan and Stafford in a second. You couldn’t get the rest of them with Darnold and a first either.
  8. 14 in Green

    I’m sold on Whisenhunt

    Was going to debate this, but decided against it. You lost your credibility with me once you made the two Rivers comments. Sorry.
  9. 14 in Green

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    With us guys, and this team, we should upgrade to a slam bus...
  10. 14 in Green

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Yeah, but it’s football. Next man up.
  11. 14 in Green

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Calm down. It’s not like we are going to be without Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders. I’m okay seeing more of McGuire and Cannon, this is the time to find out what we’ve got with these young guys. As far as Enunwa, he’s the guy we love to overrate. He’s a slightly above average receiver. I like him, but he can’t help us if he can’t stay on the field. If we can resign him cheap, fine. If not, who cares?
  12. I got up from my chair screaming when he broke free. Such a great memory. I don’t know why, maybe because I always felt Sanchez was a pick six away from disaster, but that playoff run was phenomenal, edge of your seat stuff. Lots of great memories rekindled in this thread. I’m starting to think @The Crimson King Is a brother from another mother, lol. Every time he posts about something from the past, I feel like we’re living in a parallel universe. He’s done it quite a few times, not just this thread.
  13. 14 in Green


    Is your avatar a pic of “The Rat Patrol”?
  14. Maneesh Mehta has the bully pulpit a lot of guys here would kill for.
  15. Whatever it is, it’s a slam dunk... which I take to mean a done deal in this context.

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