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    Loss to KC in 1970 playoffs was the first of many.
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  1. Prescott (really good QB, I wouldn’t pay him 30 mill however) Jones (will be #1 next year) Wentz ( good, but made of glass) Dalton (best backup in the league) Haskins ( I can see him taking a big leap this year) McCoy (meh) Allen (not bad, but seems destined to have a McCown type career) Hurts (I could see him moving up to #4 or 5 this time next year)
  2. Nice. The new guy is going to be letting us fill in the blank and finish his sentences. I like him already!!!
  3. This is why I always laugh when Lucy pulls the football away before you kick it....
  4. I thought the NFL was planning on doing this anyway. Wasn’t it next year with the 17 game schedule, or am I wrong?
  5. Cinnamon or naked? (the chips, not you, lol) Those things are soooo freaking good. seriously though, those are the exact things you have to watch out with. I know it’s hard with kids in the house, but stay away from the junk food, especially after dinner. The pounds will come off very quickly if you do. You said earlier about twenty pounds? That’s not too much to lose. If you really want to get it done, you can drop that in a month. You’ll probably lose about 8 the first week. Just challenge yourself... you’ll get it done. Btw your post about lifting more than a phone was hilarious. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  6. Lefthanders are far superior to righthanders. Only about 10% of Americans can make the grade.
  7. At this point you just know the ‘20 season isn’t happening. We’ll be talking about Jamal and his tweets for another 14 months...
  8. After an entire month of June filled with seemingly nothing but Jamal Adams threads and tweets, this story has given me hope for July. Thank you Jay Cutler, for telling the story, and thank you 80 for sharing it.
  9. I was THIS close to getting away with it in that thread... Then came you! 😊
  10. That whoosh you just heard? It was your point going over my head, lol. Sorry, my bad.
  11. I don’t know, I think his passing last year was pretty damn good. Just look at his numbers... 3127, 36tds 6ints, you have to respect those. That’s without his 1206 rushing yards... When he was drafted, the pundits talked about that being a weakness. To his credit, I think he’s allayed most of those fears.

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