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  1. What a load of BS this is... “throw out all the data from the Manning years” 😂😂😂😂 Because it couldn’t be possible that Peyton is better than Darnold, Cutler and Tannehill, right? Nah, let’s go with your rhythm thing instead.
  2. If you remember when we got him, talent was never the question, it was his knees. I want to say he had ACL surgery on both of them in consecutive years? There was also talk that he wouldn’t play at all in 19, but like you said, he looked pretty good when he did. The one thing I can’t remember though was if he ever got back in the rotation after getting benched by GW. I want to say that was against the Ravens?
  3. Yes, because he had a HC who would make Dowell Loggins look qualified. Just keep telling yourself that though while Baker is battling toe to toe against Big Ben and Lamar and putting up huge numbers this year. It will ease the pain.
  4. Props. That was funny. 😂 Dont hate Baker though, it’s not his fault Dorsey was smart enough to pick him. He’salways going to be “the one who got away” and it will always hurt. He was born for NY, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I know that won’t make it any easier watching Baker light it up this year, but you have to get over the hurt Phil. There’s still a chance Sam can be good.
  5. Now that’s a man, being a leader of men! He spends his offseason in the back parking lot of the Cheesecake Factory in a SUV with his “fans” While Sammy is busy romancing Joshie out in Cali.
  6. Let me know if you’re still having a problem with the remote. I can link you to some Browns game videos. You can catch up on your favorite midget’s exploits. 😜
  7. Actually that’s only true if you go through life judging people by how good of a QB they think Sam Darnold is. I get that this is a Jets message board, and the only reason we post here is because we’re all part of a small group that probably cares more about the team than most. I also get how important him succeeding is to the franchise. What I don’t get is how triggered so many of you get when someone doesn’t think he’s very good. 99% of us hate everything Macc did, he drafted horribly, yet you get offended at the idea that Sam is just another failed pick. Ah well, Leo and Jamal are gone, I guess we skip over Sam and move onto Quinnen as the next target, huh?
  8. Yes, but again Covid looms as a factor. Teams like Seattle, Denver, KC and Pittsburgh have always had huge “12th man” advantages. Playing on the road, with no crowd noise, or at home without their help? How much of a factor? We don’t know. As you said, it will be interesting this year.
  9. No, that the goal is to keep them eligible. I’m going to go down a slippery slope here, but wtf not... Just look at a guy we had hear on the Jets up until this offseason. I was a big fan of Robby Anderson, but you tell me how he stayed in school as long as he did? Did you see the Cam Newton tweet the other day? Until I did, I never knew a quadruple negative was a thing. I could go on, but please, don’t make me do it. Don’t act like you don’t know there are kids getting into these schools unable to read beyond a 7th grade level, and play there for 3-4 years without that improving. Or acting like you haven’t cringed listening to kids, or even professional athletes being interviewed.
  10. If my saying “half” was what caused you to use the word ignorant, I’m sorry, but I think that’s you being overly sensitive. I obviously don’t know the exact percentage, but was simply making a point. Exactly like what you’re doing when you say “maybe a few”. That doesn’t make you ignorant, it just means you see it differently then I do. I think it’s fairly wide spread, you don’t.
  11. Not to belabor this, but, no. UConn was a victim of the very type of greed we’re talking about here. Not that they were an innocent victim, but yes, they were a victim of Conferences wanting to become SUPER conferences. What is now the Power 5 wanted even bigger and more tv markets, and the ACC broke up conferences like the Big East to take schools like Syracuse and Pitt. Same thing with the Big Ten and Maryland and Rutgers. That left schools like UConn on the outside looking in. They’re still more fortunate than a lot of schools who were in that spot. They at least have a strong basketball program, and the Big East seems to have survived by returning to It’s roots as a hoops driven league.
  12. Only because we’re talking about canceling the ‘20 college football season. My problem isn’t with the athletes. I think a kid like Zion should’ve charged Duke at least 150k for the privilege of having him play for their program. My issue is with the schools themselves for allowing themselves to get to a point where Jimbo or Coach K is making more than any state employee and has more power than the University President.
  13. This all started with you calling my post ignorant. Now you post this. Where did I bash the kids for going to the school? I bashed the schools for allowing the programs to get so big, and abusing the kids by not educating them. I like you and most of the points you make when you post are excellent, but I’m not getting what you’re trying to say in this thread.
  14. John Campari and a host of other D1 coaches say hello. Their programs have become one, two year pit stops for NBA prospects. Zion Williamson and Duke would’ve never been a thing 15 years ago. It’s a cesspool, and they all swim in it. Football is just as bad, it’s just that there are 90+ players per team, we don’t know the individual stories as well.

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