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  1. Is this the thread where Yankee fans make fun of the Mets, and brag how good they are up until they get knocked out of the playoffs again?
  2. So then what you're saying here is Darnold really sucked the last two years, huh? That's not going to be a very popular stance here, just saying...
  3. JetNation… We finally have a competent GM!!! JD is doing it the right way, building through the draft. Signing big name FAs never works. Also JetNation…. We gotta sign Clowney NOW!!!!!! Man, I love this place. You guys are the best.
  4. Remember last Saturday after the Adams trade? Mosely was how a "real leader acted" according to JN back then...
  5. You might not believe me, but I enjoy going back and forth with you... always have. You're a die hard, and wear your heart on your sleeve. It's all good as far as I'm concerned.
  6. You're welcome. Now put on your jammies and go to bad. It's way past your bedtime.
  7. Yeah, this tournament will probably be the highlight of the sports year in 2020. (especially if we get rolling) Props to the league. Looks like they nailed this.
  8. Keep doing you, bro. It's going well for you so far in this thread.
  9. Hard to take this too seriously... I just don't see a full season happening anyway. At least we have the Rangers. Tough one today, but man I missed hockey. Are you liking this tournament thing as much as I am? I think the NHL got this right.
  10. He got a $10 million bonus in March. He's putting off his additional 7 million until next year. He'll make either 150k or 300K this year depending on whether the opt out is medical or personal reasons. The rest of his contract gets pushed back a year.
  11. Remember back a week ago when the Jets traded Jamal Adams? How many posters in all those Jamal threads made comments ripping Adams as a faux leader? "The real leaders are McLendon and MOSELY" they said.... remember? Pepperidge Farm remembers. BTW I'm okay with you CJ, you did what you feel is right for you and your family. See you next year. Finally? This thread has been comedy gold though... thanks for the entertainment.
  12. THIS^^^^ Why risk getting covid when he can sit out this year, pick up 150k for some pocket money, and his '20 contract rolls over next year. Mosely has nothing to prove in the NFL. Stay home, be safe, come back next year.
  13. I knew it was too good to be true, with the Jets having only one end of the roster guy opting out until today. I won't knock anyone for not trusting the NFL protocols, even though I think they're trying to do everything they can. It's just not worth the risk, look at MLB. @slats I guess Vegas will drop another .02 wins off our total now...
  14. I know, right? Don't hate the messenger though, take a look at their numbers. If we're bad enough this year to be in a position to make a move for Fields or Lawrence, that means Darnold never progressed and had a bad year. After 50+ years of following this team, I'm not like the young guys here. I don't have 25 years of seasons left, and I don't want to waste 5 more of them watching Sam and the Jets trying to justify what we gave up to get him.
  15. Clowney, Ryan and Griffen aren't the type of players JD is looking for in '20. They will not come cheap, and we are in the midst of a teardown, rebuild. He's made it clear he wants to rebuild through the draft, and in the meantime will fill out the roster with cheap one year deal type players. If you believe in Douglas and his program, you'll just have to bite the bullet for a year or two.
  16. I certainly hope so, and trust me... I'm not kidding. Neither he nor Gase has any ties to Darnold. This is his 3rd year, It's time. So far he hasn't even been as good as Trubisky was in his first two. The last thing I want to do is have to sit through the '21 and '22 seasons reading about how Sammy is actually good, it's everyone else's fault he plays so badly.
  17. The fact that @SAR I can get 5 pages of content out of this thread is a tribute to his brilliance. As for the rest of you....
  18. He's just a TE. Plays a low impact position. No impact on W/L record. The 49ers should just tag him for 2 years and let him rot on the bench if he wants more than 10 million per. No team would give up more than a 1st and maybe a future 3rd for his a** anyway. How am I doing @Jetsfan80????

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