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  1. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    Bowles is a defensive guy who can barely field an average defense. And we probably have 8 first round draft picks on that side of the ball. I don't think bowls is a good head coach. We finally have our franchise qb. What is best for him? I want him to be coached up by an offensive guru. A head coach who will actually focus on the offense and get the most out of Darnold.
  2. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Lions Players Upset with Matt Patricia

    So are you saying that it wouldn't have mattered who was coaching Brady. That they would have inevitably won 5 super bowls solely because of Tom Brady. The coach has nothing to do with it? He was a 6th rounder. was he destined to be a football god or did great coaching help him become one of the best QBs ever. I honestly think if BB was the coach of the Packers the past 10 years Rodgers would easily have more than 1 ring. At least 3 Belicheck made matt Cassel look like a franchise QB. Jimmy g and Jacoby brissett also filled in wonderfully during Brady's suspension. Tom Brady is one of the 3 best QBs of all time. But I doubt he becomes this great without belicheck.
  3. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    How much will Enunwa and Robby demand in free agency?

    I think you guys are way over valuing enunwa. Dude has 1200 career yards. I'd re-sign him but nothing more than 4 years 16 million. And even that seems high to me. Robby will be the more expensive reciever and is becoming one of the leagues best deep threats. I think he could get a 5 year 40 mill.
  4. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Lions Players Upset with Matt Patricia

    Lol. Do you really believe this? Because it's a ridiculous comment. He's probably the best coach/GM in league history. If he was the Packers coach how many more rings would Rodgers have right now.
  5. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Things wrong with the current NFL

    I do not disagree with you at all, in fact I think you misunderstood what I meant. Maybe I didn't explain it properly. What I was trying to say was that if the league would Acknowledge that the game is dangerous, they wouldn't have to change the rules. Right now i feel like goodell is taking defense out of the game. (Especially with this new helmet rule) You can't even breath on a defender without a 15 yard penalty. And that's because of concussionss. If they acknowledge that the game is dangerous then the players now assume the risk. I wish they would stop trying to change the game "to make it safer". Keep it the same way its always been and just admit that there are long term health risks with playing the game. That's what's wrong with the nfl. They keep trying to change it.
  6. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Things wrong with the current NFL

    For me it's not being able to acknowledge the dangers of playing football. The league and the owners claim there is no link between cte and football. I wish the league would say "hey this game is dangerous and could leave you with future health problems." If they admitted this they wouldn't have to make all these stupid new rule changes. ( new helmet rule, kickoffs etc). Players would just understand that there is a health risk playing football, but you will be paid handsomely for your sacrifice. If they Acknowledge the game is dangerous, I don't think they have to make all these rule changes. Also the pace of the game. Every other minute theirs either a penalty or a commercial. The falcons eagles game was a perfect example. Every other play their was a flag. Snooze fest
  7. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Somewhat OT: Has the right time arrived?

    With the pain and misery that comes with being a Jets fan, I'm shocked you haven't drank that bottle already. This is maybe a 20$ bottle of wine. Save it for what.
  8. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Sam Darnold odds on favorite to win ROY

    Darnolds a safe bet for OROY. I wish I bet when the line was +1600. Glad I got in at +650
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