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  1. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Haskins Impresses Giants!! Strengthens Trade Up Options

    Agree about Metcalf. I think Marquise Brown is the best wr in the draft
  2. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    If we fall to 15 i would love to get Hollywood Brown. I think he is the best WR in the draft. I know he does not have the ideal height for a true number 1 like DK Metcalf, but he has that big play ability, and can get over the top of the defense. He is lightning quick and runs good routes . I think he Could be the next Tyreek Hill / Antonio Brown (his cousin) / Brandon cooks. Get darnold a weapon in the first and take some o lineman after that
  3. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Mehta: The massive roster hole Jets whiffed on in free agency

    From Peter Kings FMIA: Leveon Bell to the Jets: I like the signing by the Jets, because I don’t think a man who was the best all-around back in football at 25 and who sat out the season at 26 and returns to football at 27 will be hurt much by sitting. In fact, he might be better for the lack of hits last year. Two things I worry about with Bell. One: Pittsburgh had a top-five offensive line. The Jets have a poor offensive line, and failed at one of the most important offseason jobs GM Mike Maccagnan had. He got neither of the top two free-agent centers—Mitch Morse, who signed with Buffalo, or Matt Paradis, who signed with Carolina. The Jets did improve the line with a deal for a former star guard, Kelechi Osemele, who needs to return to his Baltimore form, but it’s an average unit at best. Two: Without the kind of receiving weapons he benefited from in Pittsburgh, will foes load the box to stop Bell and risk less coverage on outside receivers?
  4. He is the only athlete that actually belongs in a studio booth. Check out his freestyle on sway. Dude kills it OdLSZKaFi4s
  5. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    So Confident this year is the SEA CHANGE....

    Thanks! Ill definitely look into this. 20 bucks is nothing
  6. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    If You Could Sign Any Player In NFL History (Not QB)

    Bo Jackson I Love me some Barry Sanders. But my favorite player was Bo Jackson. The man was 6'1 230 and ran a 4.1 40 yard dash. He would run over you or right through you. Total shame a freak injury ended his career.
  7. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    It's a joke, Not a dick. Don't take it so hard I found It hilarious
  8. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    So Confident this year is the SEA CHANGE....

    Yea I haven't had cable in a few years which is pretty awesome. The only thing I really watched on tv was sports so cutting the cord was easy. Which program do you use on the firestick? Does it run off Kodi? I have a few apps that work great for movies and TV series, but not so much for sports. I usually end up streaming nba, ufc or nfl through Reddit which has never let me down. But if there is a good app that I could use that would be easier. Let me know
  9. Leveon bell is exactly what Sam Darnold and the Jets need https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/3/13/18264376/leveon-bell-jets-new-york-sam-darnold-offense The Browns’ blockbuster trade for Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday eveningovershadowed the most anticipated signing of the NFL’s thrilling free-agency period. Shortly after the Beckham deal was reported, the Jets won the Le’Veon Bell sweepstakes, locking up the dynamic running back with a four-year deal worth up to $61 million, with $35 million guaranteed. And while much of the immediate discussion centered on whether Bell’s year-long holdout was ultimately worthwhile, less attention was paid to the impact the former Steeler can have on the Jets offense and its still-developing quarterback, Sam Darnold. As Beckham does for Baker Mayfield, Bell brings the ability to instantly make Darnold’s job easier, taking pressure off of the sophomore passer with his rare ability to tilt the field in both the run and pass game. The Jets still have a ways to go to build a contender, but the Bell signing is a big step toward giving the 21-year-old Darnold the type of supporting cast he needs. It’s been more than a year since we’ve last seen him on the field, so it’s easy to forget that Bell is a transcendent talent and playmaker. The 6-foot-1, 225-pound back has a unique style as a runner, mixing extraordinary patience with speed, power, decisiveness, and explosive burst through the hole. Bell’s idiosyncratic hesitation behind the line of scrimmage would typically be billed as a negative at the position, but his ability to decipher the running lanes opening up in front of him in real time is what separates him from so many other rushers. It’s almost like he’s timing his jump into double dutch, and when he sees his moment, he makes his move. That vision and understanding of how the defense is flowing in relation to his blocking helps not just at the line of scrimmage, but at the second level, too. Assuming he reports to camp this fall in game shape, Bell is more than just a reliable volume runner who can bring stability to a New York backfield that’s seen a different leading rusher in each of the past four seasons and is now being helmed by a new coach in Adam Gase. More importantly, the 27-year-old brings to the Jets ground game his distinctive ability to create something out of nothing. He’s powerful and elusive, and regularly ranked among the league leaders in both yards after contact and missed tackles forced in his time in Pittsburgh. Bell has broken 290 tackles on 1,631 career touches, per Pro Football Focus—and ranks third in the NFL in missed tackles forced on runs (214) since he came into the league in 2013. That’s pretty incredible considering he didn’t play at all last year, and missed 10 games in 2015, four games in 2016, and a game in 2017. But running backs in the modern era can’t live up to big-money deals on their running ability alone, and Bell is a major factor in the passing attack. Bell is perhaps the most dynamic pass-catching running back of this generation, a natural route-runner with the ball skills of a receiver and extraordinary run-after-the-catch elusiveness. Bell leads the NFL in yards after the catch at the running back position since 2014—again, that’s after missing 31 of a possible 80 games in that timeframe. Bell has soft hands and the instincts to make the first tackler miss, something seen on this play from the 2017 season: Bell is a massive upgrade as a runner over both Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell, and is much more dynamic in the passing game than either. He gives Darnold a big-play creator even on simple dump-offs—which are typically thought of in a negative light, but will likely still be a big part of Darnold’s repertoire in 2019. According to ESPN, Darnold finished last in the NFL in completion percentage (62.9) on throws between 1 and 10 yards downfield as a rookie, but Bell’s ability to create mismatches in the passing game in that area is where he could make a major impact. Defenses must now decide how they’re going to line up against New York: Do they bring in a safety or corner to help keep up with Bell and weaken their run defense? Or do they simply match up with a linebacker and take their chances in coverage? Bell’s left a long line of linebackers in the dust on two-way go routes up the middle in his career. Bell on a football field is like a queen on a chessboard. He’s one of only a few backs capable of lining up on the wing, running vertical routes, and elevating to catch deep passes like this: Bell’s price tag certainly comes as a shock for some—especially in a league that’s seen most running backs relegated to fungible status. In an already-good offense with an established quarterback, this deal wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense; but for New York, Bell’s ability to create for himself in both the passing attack and the run game could make him worth the investment. With Darnold locked into his rookie deal, New York can afford the luxury of paying top dollar to add a security blanket for the still-developing signal-caller. Combined with deals for offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele, slot receiver Jamison Crowder, and the long-term extension for Quincy Enunwa, the Jets offense—which ranked 28th in pass DVOA and 30th in rush DVOA last year—appears to be moving in the right direction. Bell could be at the center of a big jump in 2019.
  10. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Gamble to get Sam a true #1 WR? (Josh Gordon)

    Why not. They haven't done sh*t with him. Make them an offer they can't refuse
  11. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Gamble to get Sam a true #1 WR? (Josh Gordon)

    I feel like Julio Jones could be had from ATL. They already have his replacement in Ridley and Sanu is a good number 2. ATL might be willing to let him go for the right price.
  12. If I'm the Jets I think the focus needs to be a DE, CB, And olineman. At DE I'd love to get Justin Houston or Ziggy Ansah on a short 2-3 year deal. Both have injury concerns but both get after the QB. Shaq Barrett could be a solid option also. At CB there are a lot of good players available. Jets should look at Ronald Darby coming off an acl tear, maybe you can get him at a discount. Otherwise someone like Darqueze Dennard, Bryce Callahan, Bashaud Breeland, all seem like solid young players that Maccagnan would like. (All are 27, Darby is 25) Olineman I'm not so sure on. There seems to be some decent players but some seem to be up in age. Maybe someonelike DJ Fluker or Quinton Spain at G.
  13. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Did the Browns become a playoff team today

    Crowder is a solid wr, Bell is going to be so huge for this offense. He is really going to keep the chains moving and keep the offense on the field. If we can draft a true #1 wr this year or next then watch out. Darnold in year 2 will look much improved. And browns we're good last year. Mayfield looks legit. And on paper that offense is scary. I like what they are doing. They are taking chances on some mental cases, but they are very talented mental cases.
  14. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Where do the Giants go from here?

    Giants traded Odell so they have the ammo to move up in the draft. They can move up to 3 and we could get some nice picks. If they go ahead of us and move up to 2 to the 49ers than we get bosa. 1. Murray, 2. Haskins, 3. Bosa. Either way it's a win win for the jets Edit to add: Gettelman is ruining the Giants. And I love it.
  15. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    Crowder signing is solid. I won't knock that. Bell pickup is great. He's the one guy I definitely wanted. What else has he done. Cj Mosley for 85 million is a massive overpay. Do you realize he will be making 5 million a year more than Luke keuckly. Insane. we are only 2 days into free agency. He still needs to sign an olineman, a cb, and someone like Justin Houston. Ill hold off on judgement for now. I'm not going to blow him because he signed leveon bell. Ill let you do that .This team has a lot of holes to fill. Let's see how he decides to spend the rest of this money

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