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  1. He should do it. He just has to grow 4 inches and gain 40 pounds of muscle.
  2. Jets are a year round circus. The tents never close.
  3. Slightly better thank ok? Dak is a 2X pro bowler and a top 10 qb in this league weather you think so or not. Probably right around the 7-10 range. This year Dak ranks 1st in passing yards, 3rd highest qbr, 3rd in TDS thrown, and 11th in completion percentage. (Darnold is 21st or worse in all those categories) So, yes I hope darnold can eventually put up numbers like Dak. Because right now statistically darnold doesnt even come close.
  4. Really? How so? Wake me up when darnold finishes a season with 23 TDS and 4 interceptions. Darnold is more likely to toss 4 ints in a single game than to toss 4 in an entire season.
  5. I think the cowboys suck because Garrett is a horrible coach. Roster has too much talent to be a 6-7 team. Don't understand your Dak hate. He's not a top 5 qb but he is good. Jet fans should hope darnold becomes as good as Dak is.
  6. Well I basically said the exact same thing today in the other quinnen Williams thread. At least I'm consistent
  7. Because darnold has shown flashes of how good he can be, and quinnen Williams is completely invisible?
  8. I understand everyone had ranked Q very highly. That wasn't my point. What I meant was that no DT should have been a serious consideration with the 3rd overall pick. What are the most important positions on the football field? 1. Qb 2. Left tackle 3. Olber/pass rusher 4. WR 5. Cb With a top 5 pick you need to draft a Qb, someone who can sack the Qb, someone who protects the Qb, someone for the quarterback to throw the ball to, or someone to intercept the QB. You don't waste top 5 picks on run stuffing defensive tackles. But that's why we have a bottom 5 roster. Macc had no idea what he was doing.
  9. Neither Q or Oliver should have been considered at 3. both would have been the wrong pick. Josh Allen was the way to go.
  10. How about the Bengals game. Gase should have run Bell more. He had 10 carries. The Bengals have the worst rush defense in the league. They give up 160 yards a game. Yes our o line sucks but Gase is also clueless.
  11. DI Quinnen Williams, New York Jets This may be the most surprising rookie performance of the 2019 season. After recording the highest single-season grade of any defensive player we have graded in the PFF College era at 96.0, Quinnen Williams was getting a lot of attention and was even being considered by some to be a better prospect than the second overall pick Nick Bosa. Williams ended up going third overall to the New York Jets and everyone thought they got the safest pick in the Draft. Thus far in 2019, that’s not even remotely close to being the case. Williams has produced an overall grade of 67.4, ranking 46th among 76 interior defensive linemen. He has made a few plays in run defense and made his way to the 37th best run-defense grade at 70.5. However, Williams’ run-defense isn’t the issue – it’s his pass-rushing. Williams drops all the way down to 60th in PFF pass-rush grade at 57.2, has produced pressure at an astronomically low rate of 4.7% and has won on just 7.3% of his reps. Injury had gotten to Williams early on, but he’s been healthy as of late and has still made little to no impact plays. There’s more optimism with Williams than any other rookie in PFF’s stock down report, but his play thus far is certainly cause for concern. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-stock-up-stock-down-nfl-rookies-week-13-2019
  12. Guys this games on me. I broke the cardinal sin and bet on the Jets. Whenever I bet the Jets they lose. Forgive me

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