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  1. I never said it was the only benchmark. It's far from the only benchmark. I was Just stating facts. And the facts are that the safety we drafted at 6 overall has 5.5 career sacks, and 2 interceptions. Adams was a luxury pick. And we couldn't afford a luxury pick with holes all over the roster. So how does he make the jets better? Serious question. If he wasn't on the roster does our team immediately get worse? I don't think so. He doesn't affect the W/L column at all. Do you want to pay him 15 Mill a season? I don't. Ill take the draft pick and rebuild the offense.
  2. He was drafted at 6 overall. He better be Ed Reed or Troy Polamolu. Why else would u take a safety that high? To help stop the run and get 2 sacks a season?
  3. Mosley has 1 int in 1.5 games with the jets. Adams has 2 in 38
  4. The Best player on defense has 2 career interceptions. Jamal is a good player, don't get me wrong, but he does not affect the game in any way shape or form. He is no ed Reed or Troy Polamolu. If he was we'd have more than 1 win. I'd trade him for a first Rd pick and never look back. Use that pick on a WR or an Olineman to protect Sammy. Are Giant fans pissed that they let Landon Collins walk? I don't think so. Why waste 14 Mill a year on a safety. Spend that money elsewhere
  5. Pure leader?. We're 1-5. So maybe his leadership sucks? He sure does a lot of talking, but the Facts are that he has 2 career interceptions and is gonna be looking for a 90 Mill+ contract in a year from now. Id trade him in a second. I'd even trade Q. Get a first for each and you have 3 first rounders to fix this disaster of an offense
  6. Yea his 5 sacks in 7 games is just okay. Glad we took Leonard Williams part 2 instead.
  7. I'd trade him and his 2 career interceptions for a first rounder in a heartbeat. No way I'm paying this guy 90 Mill+ like Landon Collins.
  8. Worst part about this loss: jets didn't even show up. Got embarrassed on the national stage once again. And Darnold looked worse than Luke Falk. 3.6 passer rating. 3.6! Refs had nothing to do with this shellacking. Its just a weak ass excuse.
  9. Exceptional against the run? Did we not give up 3 running TDS to Sony Michel?
  10. The most disappointing part of this game is that the entire team didn't show up. There wasn't anything positive to take away from this game. Offense looked like sh*t. Defense looked like sh*t. Special teams looked like sh*t. And worst of all Darnold looked like sh*t.
  11. Kyle shannahan was the real reason that team was any good. And since he left they have been garbage.
  12. That's a long list of free agents for the jets. But there's only 2-3 players from that list that are actually worth trying to resign

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