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  1. I have a lot of eagles friends. They were all upset when they let foles walk. they all hated Wentz even before this year. And they were calling for Jalen Hurts to start before week 1.
  2. He has the most passing yards through 2 weeks. 6tds and 0 interceptions. If darnold had these numbers we'd all be jerking each other off
  3. I went 8-3 against the spread last week. I Put 25 on every game except the Jets. Had to put a hundred on that.
  4. Bet against them every week. You will win a lot more than you will lose
  5. Looks like a lot of fans are not watching games. https://www.nj.com/giants/2020/09/nfl-rumors-giants-jets-are-dragging-down-tv-ratings.html The Jets' rating for the New York DMA was shockingly low — one of the team’s lowest on record. Competing against the U.S. Open at nearby Winged Foot, the team’s blowout loss to the 49ers registered a 3.9 local rating on FOX, which is closer to a regular-season Yankees rating than a normal NFL number. During Week 2 last year, the Jets pulled a 10.5 for its Monday night blowout loss to the Browns. The 0-2 Giants pulled a 7.4 rating in New York for its loss to the Bears, which was carried on CBS. Last year in Week 2, the Giants had a 10.0 local rating for a loss to the Bills.
  6. Gase wouldn't be here. He would be fired after we go 1-15. But yes, if Jets have the first pick, Lawrence should definetly stay at Clemson if he wants any chance at making it in this league
  7. Depends. If the goal is Trevor Lawrence you have to keep gase until the end of the season. If GW is the interim HC, we will probably win a few games
  8. I am not expecting the greatest show on turf. However, I do expect to see a somewhat competent offense. We look like a high school football team out there. This is gases 5th year as a head coach. This is a fact. Everyone knows he sucks except you and Christopher johnson. The jury is out on gase. Your the problem. You keep accepting mediocrity. Your watching the 32nd ranked offense 2 years in a row and you think he's doing a great job. you will defend him until the day he gets fired.
  9. I really liked Claypool coming out. Even drafted him in my fantasy league. Kid will be a stud
  10. As a Jets fan, having a secondary team is acceptable. We are essentially eliminated from the playoffs every year by week 2. But the pats? Cmon man. You can't do that. GTFOH
  11. I'm one of the biggest q haters here. Glad to see him finally make some noise. Hopefully he can keep it up and prove me wrong.
  12. You are either the biggest troll on this board or the most delusional poster I've ever seen. There's no way you believe half the sh*t that you spew. Gase is terrible and anyone with a functioning brain can see it.
  13. I wish we could go back in time and not let kliff Kingsbury go to Arizona. Oh well. Just another qb ruined and another season wasted One day the Jets will be good. I swear.
  14. I bet on the 49ers. So the positive is that I make some money to watch this sh*t

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