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  1. https://www.pff.com/news/college-football-ranking-all-127-fbs-offensive-lines-through-cfb-week-13
  2. If you think the saints would trade Lattimore for a 5th rd pick you are high. They could let him walk as a free agent and they would probably get a 3rd rd comp pick. If he gets traded it would be for a 1st rounder. Maybe a 2nd rounder.
  3. Tom Brady has as many super bowl appearances as the bengals, bears, saints, Cardinals, titans, bucs, chargers, Jets, browns, lions, jaguars and texans..... combined that's pretty insane.
  4. Not going for it with 2 minutes left from the 5 yard line down 1 score is one of the worst coaching decisions I've ever seen.
  5. Hes a one year wonder. (Last year he had 11td 9 int) Never threw the ball under pressure because he was playing behind the 2nd best oline in all of college football. And he never faced any real competition. Quick, off the top of your head what was his best game? Was it when he beat navy? Or western Kentucky? Maybe northern alabama?
  6. And some people think the #2 pick is worth 3 1st rounders in a trade back. Yet Watson isn't worth 4? Why? Someone explain that logic to me. What happens when someone trades up to 2, takes wilson and he busts. Ive seen that story play out a hundred times. Darnold, trubisky, wentz, rg3 etc. etc. What happens if we stay at 2, take Wilson and he busts. In 4 years we will be in the same exact position we are in now. Atleast my scenario gaurentees us a good qb for a very long time.
  7. Personally, I think 4 1st rounders is fair. It's basically jamal and 2 1st rounders. And I believe that everyone would have made that trade last year without blinking. I think people are over valuing these picks. there's like a 50% bust rate for 1st rd picks. So it's safe to assume that we will most likely only hit on 2 of those picks. What are the odds that they end up being as good as Watson? But how will we build around Watson? Well There's still 6 other rounds in the draft. Darnold gets traded for a pick or 2 also. And there's also this thing called free agency. It's not like you only have Watson for the next 2 years. You have him for the next 15.
  8. I'd trade 4 1sts for watson in a second. And never look back. It's almost like people forgot that draft picks can bust. It's almost like people forget how terrible we are at drafting. Let me remind you.... 2009 sanchez 2010 kyle wilson 2011 wilkerson 2012 coples 2013 dee milliner / sheldon richardson 2014 Calvin pryor 2015 leonard williams 2016 darrin lee 2017 jamal 2018 sam In 9 years we had 10 1st round picks and 3 became decent players. (Leo, sheldon & jamal) the rest are busts. Draft picks are great to have but are only good if you use them correctly. I know what I'm getting with deshaun. I don't no what crap were getting stuck with in the draft. If we send the Texans 4 1sts, I'd bet 2 of those picks will bust.
  9. There's no scenario in which the Jets land Watson without giving up the #2 pick. It's the most valuable asset we can offer. To me it's a no Brainer. Give up the pick. Who cares if they trade down with it?
  10. So what would you trade for him? What is too much to give up? 4 1st round picks sounds like a lot. But 2 of those picks are from Seattle. Only 2 are our own. It Doesn't seem like a lot to me when you are getting a top 5 qb in return
  11. So basically faulty logic? Because what u basically wrote is that trevor lawrence would be a bad pick for the jets. Fields would be a bad pick. And Watson would be a bad trade. So in your opinion, when will the Jets be ready for a qb1? Next year? In 3 years? 5 years? Never?
  12. I'm shocked at how many people don't want deshaun watson. Shocked. It makes 0 sense to me. Seattle gifted us 2 1st rounders. We add in 2 of our own and we have a franchise qb for the next 15 years. What am I missing?

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