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  1. Saw Pearl Jam in September in asbury park. Great show
  2. It’s still +10,000 on DraftKings. Plenty of room on the boat.
  3. Might as well pick the team there gonna beat
  4. My only complaint about last night is that if you were willing to trade #10 for deebo and 49ers declined why not pivot to the titans and aj brown ?
  5. Rd 2 I’d prefer offense specifically rb Breece/ walker if we go defense I’ll take a nakobe dean or pitre
  6. Jets have never drafted a player that I wanted. So I’m expecting that trend to continue lol. for the record I want thibs@4 and Jameson or London @10 assuming we don’t trade back. so that almost guarantees we take a tackle at 4 and Wilson @ 10
  7. I don’t think they would draft him if he is there at 4. I think he should be the pick if he is available. But I think he will be gone before the 4th pick
  8. I feel like I’m alone in the fact thinking that Debo Samuel is overrated. If we’re gonna trade #10 overall it would be for mclaurin, dk metcalf and or aj brown in that order. Deebo? Eh not so much. Not sure he’s worth that high of a draft pick. He’s kind of a 1 year wonder. no doubt he had a really good season last year But his injury history scares me. I’d rather take London or Jameson @10 Is deebo really that good?
  9. Man I would absolutely hate that draft.
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