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  1. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    Romo is easily the best NFL broadcaster I've heard in a while. When I listen to him I feel like I actually learn something. He's is very good at breaking down a play so the casual fan can understand and at the same time the more hardcore fan can pick up some new info. Seems like every other announcer is pretty terrible and you wonder how they even have a job. You can tell Romo watches a ton of film and breaks down each teams tendencies based on down and situation. It seems like he would make a great coach if he wanted to.
  2. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    How to Bet the NFC Conference Championship Game

    They should want Goff V Mahomes
  3. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Here are my picks for this weekend. Patriots -4 and under 48: Phillip rivers has never beat Tom Brady and it's not going to happen now. Colts +5 and over 56.5: Colts are the hottest team in the playoffs and luck has been here before. Colts defense does just enough to win a close 1. Eagles +9 and under 52 Nick foles has won me some pretty nice money the past few weeks and I'm not going to start betting against him now. Eagles with a major upset. Rams -7 and under 50 Mcvay gets his first playoff win Who y'all got? Last week I won $500. parlayed chargers and under and eagles and under. Hopefully my good luck continues this weekend.
  4. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Interesting Gase article from one year ago 1/4/18

    It's also warranted because browns signed him to a 5 year 75 million dollar contract, and he's not worth it. He's being paid as a top 5 reciever and he's barely top 20 at his position. He just posted a career low in receptions, Less than 1000 yards and only 4 TDS.
  5. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Discussion on How it Went down from Good Morning Football

    What if they take Kyler Murray at 1 and trade Rosen?
  6. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Allbright: Jets job trending towards Matt Rhule

    Jets really make you scratch your head. Matt rhule? Really? This is frustrating. Remember when the Knicks finally fired isaiah Thomas, and then decided to hire him back as a consultant. This would be equally as stupid
  7. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    REVISED: Kingsbury signs with the Cardinals

    Get it done
  8. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Ravens put Joe Flacco on the trade block

    Flacco will enter his jouneyman phase of his career. Will probably play on 4 different teams in 4 years and get paid 10-15 mill a season.
  9. I hear ya. Personally I'd love Arians but that's not going to happen. If McCarthy is out I wouldn't be upset with a guy like Kingsbury or Monken. Who would be your next choice? Gase has a good track record with QBs but he didn't have a good go in miami. Not sure if it was his fault or not. Caldwell is unispiring
  10. I'd be fine with McCarthy. But you have to admit that he has his flaws too. And he might not want to come here.
  11. Oh so you want Dirk koetter? Mike munchak? Ken wisenhut? Josh mcadaniels? How about you name somebody that you would support.
  12. So like I asked you twice already. Who do you want as head coach? Because all of the known candidates have some flaws.
  13. So mcvay doesn't get credit for turning around Goff? Reid doesn't get credit for Mahomes? McCarthy isn't credited for Aaron Rodgers? Etc. Etc. He has an innovative offense and develops QBs. This is the type of coach the jets need. Who do you want for the H.C. position?

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