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  1. People see the franchise tag at 16 million and wonder how someone could possibly pass up that money. But if he gets injured, maybe that's it for him. It makes sense to sit out the year and wait for that big pay day. Gurley got 45 million gaurenteed. On the open market bell will easily top that
  2. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    This is who Chris Johnson is! I told you.

    I think Chris realizes how bad things are. But there's no competent coach to take over. he cleans house after the season.
  3. Rapsheet hasn't tweeted that out yet.
  4. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    We need to move Leo

    I like leo. He's a solid player. But he's no Kris Jenkins that's for sure. Double team, triple team, it didn't matter, he terrorized offensive lines.
  5. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Kyle Shanahan

    I'd trade all of our draft picks this year for Kyle Shannahan
  6. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Mike Greenberg Interview with Rex Ryan

    To be honest... I'd let mangenius be the GM here. He basically hand picked dbrick, revis, mangold, Harris, leon Washington and also cant forget vernon gholston. But hey know ones perfect.
  7. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Priority 1 for the Jets-New HC.

    Macc and bowles both need to go. It seems like everyone is ready to get rid of bowles. Seems like the board is split on Macc. I'm not sure why some people want to give macc a pass. He built this piss poor roster that bowles is forced to coach.
  8. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Next Head Coach?

    Another name I don't think anyone mentioned... Bruce Arians
  9. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Next Head Coach?

    Some names I haven't seen mentioned Pete Carmichael jr Jim Bob cooter David Shaw Chris Peterson Josh McDaniels
  10. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    What do the Jets do moving forward?

    Trade for Bell. We have 0 playmakers. Bell alone would make life much better for Darnold. We have 100 mill in cap for next year. I don't mind spending 20 of it on a player like bell. now you have 80 mill left to sign some lineman and wrs.
  11. Darnold Schwarzenegger


    Our WR & TE unit is easily the worst in the league. (Even when healthy) RB is equally as bad IMO. Crowell and Powell are both just average rbs. Our o line is middle of the pack. Probably our strongest unit on offense. but far to often Darnold is running for his life. Darnold has been playing damn good, especially when you consider the talent around him. (None)
  12. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Is Darnold the Starter In 2019?

    Stop being a nice guy. Nice guys don't get laid. It's science.
  13. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Eli Apple Traded

    Saints got fleeced. Eli apple is a scrub and a locker room cancer. What does he have 1 interception in 3 years? Giants couldn't wait to get rid of him.
  14. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Rosen Rosen!!

    Cardinals coaching staff is atrocious and not helping Rosen out any. And That offensive line was basically non existent last night.
  15. Darnold Schwarzenegger

    Ereck Flowers

    Your both right. He is playing well. But he is also JAG.

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