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  1. Well last year when covid scared people only the sec committed to playing out the season. Big ten and a few other conferences (pac 12) canceled all there games. Clay travis brokered a phone call with Kevin Warren ( commissioner of the big 10) and Donald Trump and they basically convinced the big 10 commisioner to play football. That's from memory. Here is a quick article I googled for u https://barrettsportsmedia.com/2020/09/02/clay-travis-set-up-call-from-donald-trump-to-big-10-commissioner/
  2. I'd disagree 1 million times. Clay travis single handedly brought us college football last year. Agree or disagree with his opinions if you want. But he calls it how he sees it. And Clay travis has nothing to do with the fact that the athletic is hemmoraging money. They have been in a bad spot for a long time. I subscribed there in there inception. What a waste of 100 bucks lol.
  3. Can't believe this game is this close. Thought bucs would be blowing the pats out by now
  4. I've been a ZW hater but he played some good ball today. Best game so far.. Hope he can keep improving and cut down on the turnovers.
  5. Potential yes he definitely has some. Will he amount to anything? Probably not. We are the jets. We will ruin whatever potential he has.
  6. Just my opinion but this car is ugly as f*k lol. Who would buy that?
  7. May I ask. What gives you optimism about the future
  8. I never said we had to keep Saleh. He can go too.
  9. My plan Step 1 sell the team Step 2 move said team to London Step 3 change the name to werewolves Step 4 play this song 24/7 Step 5 profit
  10. I was a big supporter of jd. Year 1 strip down the roster and get rid of maccs blunders. He tried to address the areas of weakness. But the facts are that the team is still going backwards in year 3. My expectations weren't crazy like some here.. I was expecting about 4 wins this year. No gase. New coach. We sign davis draft moore draft AVT and somehow We look worse than last year. We are averaging 6 points a game for crying out loud. Perine doesn't play. Mims doesn't play. Becton doesn't play.. Ashton davis doesn't play.. His first draft is an utter disaster. If we win 2 games th
  11. Personally I'd rank us #4. Only behind the panthers broncos and pats
  12. No way we win 3 games this year. What's even more laughable is your 7 win prediction for next year. The only way that happens is if the new gm spends 300 million in FA Face it. This "rebuild " is going in the wrong direction. We are averaging 6 points a game. 6
  13. Normally this would bring me joy. But the state of the jets franchise is even more laughable than jamals stats. I thought jd could turn this thing around. Wasn't so sold on Saleh but a lot of yall were hyping him up. He might be more inept than gase. Which is actually pretty amazing.
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