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  1. Anyone who buys season tickets is obviously stupid. After week 3 you can buy tickets for 20 bucks a pop.
  2. Yes. Have u watched zach wilson play yet. He looks like geno Smith. But this could just be the jets factor. Zach wilson might be good when we trade him in 3 years from now tho.
  3. Been trying to tell you guys this all week. Get in while the odds are still decent
  4. I think darnold looks pretty good out there. 23-33 for 305 yards. Last time panthers were 3-0 they went to the superbowl. Imagine if darnold goes to the superbowl this place would self destruct
  5. Wilson is gonna get sacked 4 times and throw atleast 3 picks. Denver defense is legit. This game will not be very close imo
  6. Am I alone in still being excited? Im excited to win this bet.. Its going to be a long season. Any potential ZW had will be destroyed by this organization.
  7. Hes going behind 2 practice squad players and he's giving zero effort?
  8. Made the same bet last year and we upset the rams in week 15 to get our first win. I Was so close. Maybe this is finally the year we get our perfect season. The real test will be the jaguars and texans but I'm confident we can lose to both. It may be unlikely but definitely worth the 25 dollar dart throw.
  9. Kid deserved all the boos he recieved.
  10. Wilson matched Herbert's 2 int total after his first 2 pass attempts. I feel much better now
  11. You must really hate yourself if you watched that game twice. Watching it once was painful enough
  12. Should have kept darnold and drafted fields. Wilson sucked in college. He looks like geno Smith out there
  13. Some of yall are so impatient. "Hes been here 3 years and hasn't hit on any draft picks" Well he's had 2 drafts In total. 2. The first 1 doesn't looks so great. Agreed. I wanted wirfs over Becton and was screaming for Claypool. But the 2nd draft class looks better on paper. But they have played a total of 1 game. 1 freaking game. Maybe Wilson AVT and Moore will all suck. But they have played 1 game. Hard to declare this draft class a bust after 1 game. Hard to judge JD after his 2 draft classes have played a total of 17 games. We have a rookie qb. And a rookie head coach a
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