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  1. Good article. Talent level of the roster is far better than previous years. I like the direction JD is going with this team. You can tell he actually has a plan unlike previous gms. But now it’s time to actually show some progress. He’s been on the job for 3 years now. Team needs to be competitive week in and week out. No more blowouts. Personally, I like JD but I think His 2 biggest mistakes are Wilson and saleh. I didn’t understand the Wilson hype coming out of college. and I thought saleh was equally overrated when he came here.( Personally I wanted pederson or daboll.) I hope Wilson and saleh can both prove me wrong. Theres nothing I want more than to have those 2 positions to be set in stone. But If Wilson busts I’d give JD 1 more crack at picking a QB.
  2. Wvu have a good offense. In 3 games they put up 31, 42 & 65 points, but have lost 2 of those games (1 in OT & the other was a collapse in the 4th qtr to Pitt) . There defense is atrocious. Can’t stop anyone. VT has a pretty solid defense so it should be a good matchup. I think it will be a close game but I’m not sure if VT will be able to keep up. I think WVU takes this one personally.
  3. I don’t know what he said but it sure was awesome
  4. But we haven’t been there lol. we’re jets fans we might get 3 more of these all year
  5. Best player on the team and it’s not even close
  6. Atleast the jets scored 2 tds this week. Double digits boys! Progress !
  7. Kwon Alexander has been a good addition that nobody has talked about
  8. https://www.streameast.xyz/nfl/new-york-jets-cleveland-browns/ https://v2.sportsurge.net/watch-6516-ny-jets-cleveland
  9. Your re watching this slop for a 2nd time? You must really hate yourself. Watching the game once was painful enough
  10. Wait did people actually expect 7 or more wins this season? If so That’s pretty hilarious. Did they just start rooting for the franchise this year?
  11. Season tickets are pointless. After week 4 you can buy tickets for 20$
  12. Oh man this is hilarious. I remember when every one was so pumped to land this guy and I was left scratching my head. I personally wanted pederson or daboll. Saleh is not a good coach. But atleast the defense looked decent today. Way better than last year
  13. Defense played pretty good and impressed me overall. Looks like a far cry from last years unit all the rookies played pretty well today. Johnson had a sack. Sauce looked pretty damn good out there. Wilson had a couple catches. And hall had a couple nice runs and a couple catches out of the backfield. breece hall and Michael carter will be a scary 1-2 punch in the near future but other than that everything sucked…. flacco sucks the o line sucks saleh sucks
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