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  1. Defense Wins Championships

    Total set up

    There was nothing grown or adult like within your entire post as there was no intelligence within your original post whatsoever; just a bunch of absolute clueless and laughable word's consisting of nothing except negative rambling. Good job.
  2. Defense Wins Championships

    Total set up

    Didn't the Browns play last Sunday? Didn't Cleveland just play on the road Sunday and also have to travel? Enough of these bullsh*t conspiracy theories. The Jets have won 11 games dating back to 2016... How many for Cleveland?
  3. I'm starting to get worried about the injury to Marcus Maye. Now 3 games and has not yet played.
  4. As a fan, I want this game so damn bad. Just to improve to 2-1 and with a fighting chance to improve to 3-1 against Jacksonville throughout our first quarter of play.
  5. Defense Wins Championships

    NY Jets Hat Giveaway - Post in this thread to win

    I like them all.
  6. Defense Wins Championships

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    First Le'Veon Bell. Now Antonio Brown. O-Lineman haven't kept their thoughts to themselves and ran to the media. Antonio Brown sticking up for Le'Veon Bell through the media. Steelers are winless. Looks like Mike Tomlin has lost control of his locker room lol.
  7. Defense Wins Championships

    the fitz saga continues

    How many years has he been in the league? 14. How many Playoff wins? 0. How many Playoff appearances? 0. Career losing record of? 50-70. Career losing percentage of? .416%. But yet he's now being sucked off by Jet fans because of a "whopping" two games? Absolutely pahetic and should be ashamed of yourselves. The real Ryan Fitzpatrick is the same sh*tztragic who Jet fans witnessed crap the bed againt Buffalo during week 17 of our 2015 season followed by being the real sh*tztragic throughout all of 2016. The guy is a career loser. Always has been. Still is one. And always will be; a loser.
  8. Defense Wins Championships

    Browns game must win?

    If we have any dreams or aspirations of making the playoffs, then yes Cleveland is a must win. I'd hate to be 1-2 before having to play Jacksonville. Being 2-1 with a chance of fighting Jacksonville for 3-1 overall would excite this fan base.
  9. Defense Wins Championships

    Update: Josh Gordon is a Patriot

    Jet fans were saying the same stuff after Oakland quit on and kicked Randy Moss to the curb... 48 game's later and Moss was still a Patriot. In life you miss every shot you don't take.
  10. Defense Wins Championships

    Buster Skrine

    I'd like to see more of Nickerson and less of Skrine. Nickerson is blazing fast, lighting quick and has much better potential than Skrine when matched up against shifty slot receivers.
  11. Defense Wins Championships

    The JACK BOYS getting MORE RECOGNITION than NewJackCity?

    Exactly. Gave up 0 2nd half points. And two of their TD's were off of great field position. The offense LOST the game yesterday with mistake after mistake.
  12. Defense Wins Championships

    Some screen caps from the 2nd pick

    He's a 21 y.o rookie we don't need no thread dedicated to his every Interception thrown.
  13. Defense Wins Championships

    Update: Josh Gordon is a Patriot

    So what. The man is hooked on some good Marijuana. Do you know how many NFL players are hooked and addicted to pain pills? Now they are the real "drug addicts" however allowed to do so.

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