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  1. Bill Cowher. Would do for the 2021 Jets what Parcells did for our 1997 Jets. Turn us around in other words. Bill is a football junkie still to this day.
  2. Ok and how does our defense look WITHOUT JAMAL ADAMS? We were top 10 defense with him last year and absolutely horrible without him. Our defense is awful without Jamal. He was SO GOOD for our defense where a winning Seattle franchise gave us 2 first round picks for him. JD throwing away both Robby and Jamal along with Mosley quitting were the 3 daggers of 2020. Our season was truly over before it even ever started. JD is awful. Outside of Becton he gave us CRAP on O Line throughout FA and the draft outside of one player. Lol. Pathetic. He's ruined Sam more than Macc.
  3. The only thing that Allen had to do in order to become a more deadly QB than Sam, was improved accuracy. And that he has. This kid is legit. Because he came in already much bigger, stronger (Roethlisberger like), much stronger of a cannon for an arm, way more athleticism as a dual threat QB who can actually fly when running downhill and oh yeah. His arm strength is top 5 it's an absolute cannon. And just the threat of him running makes his play action way more dangerous than Sam too. His down field passing attack is something Sam has never had within his physical traits either. He's in a better situation with Buffalo but pound for pound he's just a more talented physical QB than Sam Darnold. I wanted Sam so bad coming out. I didn't believe in Allen or his accuracy but I've been proven wrong Josh Allen is an animal out there.
  4. That's because A.) Our last two 1st round WRs drafted were Keyshawn Johnson and Santana Moss and. B.) Let an undrafted GEM hit free agency in Robby Anderson who's top 5 in receiving yards throughout 4 games with Carolina and replaced by a former 1st round BUST in Perriman. Robby Anderson. Denzel Mims. Jamison Crowder. Would have been our trio of WRs moving forward. JD not locking up Anderson was criminal. He was Sam's favorite weapon who knocks the top of a defense. Santana being our last 1st round WR 20 years ago within a passing league is embarrassing.
  5. Because he had a phenomenal rose bowl performance as a freshman vs Penn State. That performance put him on the map. What made him such a great prospect was his overall talent and youth (super young). He was overrated by the media and I fell for it as a Jets fan. He doesn't have the arm that Allen has. He doesn't have the athleticism as Lamar Jackson has. I'm beginning to think he doesn't even have the heart/leadership ability of a Baker Mayfield. He's mentally ruined and every game looks like a bust to me I hate to admit because I wanted him so bad coming out. His arm strength and zip looks worse than Pennington after multiple shoulder injuries/surgeries.
  6. I hate Oklahoma because they play in a conference with Swiss cheese defenses and are always overrated as a powerhouse. I love love love love to see Oklahoma lose. Put them in the SEC or ACC and they are a .500 team @ best (year in and year out).
  7. He's not a turnover machine as was Sam @ USC is the biggest difference.
  8. Yes. During his two years @ USC he couldn't stop turning the ball over (22 ints) and also fumbled the football 20 times (14 resulting in turnovers). That's 36 turnovers during only 27 college games. As an NFL player he's only played 30 games and has already tossed 32 interceptions along with another 16 fumbles (5 resulting in turnovers). That is 52 INTs/36 fumbles (19 resulting in turnovers). Zebras can't change their stripes and I'm sorry because I loved Sam coming out but the kid is turnover prone (as was Winston). Trevor: 841 pass attempts and only 12 ints with Clemson. Only 5 fumbles. Darnold: 846 pass attempts and 22 ints with USC. Whipping 20 fumbles. Bad HC. No O Line. Lack of WRs etc but this kid was a turnover machine in college too. Only an idiot would keep Sam over Trevor.
  9. The greatest thing about Trevor is that he doesn't turn the ball over nor commit head scratching decisions. Two flaws Sam had coming out were turnovers and questionable decision making. Trevor also has a much stronger arm and way more accurate deep down field. Has elite size too.
  10. Trevor Lawrence will break the all time NCAA record for most consecutive passes WITHOUT an INT (currently held by Russell Wilson). He's head and shoulders a much better prospect than Sam coming out (who I loved). Sam had college concerns coming out in regards to decision making and turnovers. You do not get these concerns with Trevor. Kid doesn't turn the ball over. At all.
  11. He's a better college QB at every statistical category than Sam was coming out. More TDs. Less ints. Better QB Rating. Better completion percentage. More rushing yards etc etc and he's also bigger stronger more athletic much better arm etc. And he's in a better conference destroying better defenses than Sam did. I'm an FSU fan and he's absolutely destroyed us every time. He destroyed Alabama during championship game too. He's for real.
  12. No matter which team picks 1st overall... They obviously sucked.
  13. You must like the way our defense looks without him. Some super fan you are.
  14. And Jamal has got good @ winning since leaving Sam Darnold for a real QB. Our Jets defense looks like sh*t without Jamal and Marcus Maye is complete trash
  15. 0-4 and just lost to an awful Denver team. The Sam Darnold false hope is over. I want Trevor.

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