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  1. Jets and Colts. Only two tone color schemes remaining. I'll miss our two tone green and white moving forward. Was just a classic look. Not looking forward to Jersey's with more colors than a peacock. Because that's where (I feel) we're headed. Colts Blue & White will become the NFL's last remaining two-tone color scheme.
  2. Le'Veon Bell is a 3 down back and has never once needed a backup to spell him. Bell is a workhorse and has carried the ball 90% of Pittsburgh's carries ala never needed a backup. Fk any other NFL RB as we've now got the #1 dual threat HB within the entire league and top 1-5 offensive skilled position player within the game today. Jordan Howard? lol Le'Veon Bell says hello.
  3. lol I've said it since day one. It's Super Bowl or bust for Mack and the Bears. You don't give up MULTIPLE 1st round draft picks for a defensive player + a boat load of cap space for anything less, than a SB. Le'Veon Bell is the big name player I wanted to spend our $ on. But as a FA. And we got him. And a chance to get a Bosa or Allen come draft night too.
  4. Moot point. Means nothing. It's all about Belly & Brady. How many OC's & DC's have came and gone over the years? How many times has turnover slowed them down? Never. It's all about Bill & Tom and until one of them finally calls it quits they will continue to win. I'm convinced. Randy Moss? Wes Welker? Gronk? OC's? Hah. Just wake me up when Brady retires or hoodie calls it quits. I give them a hard time over cheating and will always give them asterisks for their accomplishments but at the end of the day Brady & Belly are a dynamic duo that can never be counted out until out of sight is out of mind. Greatest QB/Head Coaching duo this league has ever seen. It really can't end soon enough.
  5. Find me just 3 DE's within a 3-4 defense and make sure those 3 DE's within a 3-4 defense never had an elite 3-4 OLB as a pass rusher and I'll be shocked to see them with big time sack #'s. Ever since we've drafted Leonard Williams I believe he's A.) lost all of Wilkerson, Richardson and Harrison on his D-Line. B.) Forced into a position that rarely ever produces large sack #'s (3-4 DE) and C.) Never once had an explosive OLB of a pass rusher lined up directly over him and D.) Fans want "sacks"? Na. It doesn't work like that. I believe in Leonard Williams. Give him an outside pass rusher and he'll make a living dominating the trenches and his #'s behind the line of scrimmage will flourish.
  6. I don't care. Just excited about the possibility of landing a pass rusher @ 3rd overall. Which makes me think of Leonard Williams. Line up a deadly pass rushee right over Leonard and I don't think it'll be possible to stop him. With a stud pass rusher @ OLB within a 3-4 D I don't feel people will sing the same tune as they've sung about Williams ever since being forced into a 3-4 DE without any help from the outside. Hah. And fans harp about his sack #'s? Give us Allen or Boss and forget about sack #'s because Williams will make a living behind the L.O.S moving forward. I've been wrong before and will be way off again but that much I'm confident in.
  7. He's 24 years young and ready to feast. I loved Ellis, Wilkerson, Sheldon and Snacks etc but I personally feel and believe Leonard is the most talented of them all and still has more potential than any of them, ever had. Here's why. It's something we as fans have yet to witness. But line up a pass rushing nightmare and pass rushing specialist such as a Josh Allen or heaven forbid Nick Boss right over Leonard Williams; and watch what happens. I dare you to add a dangerous pass rusher as an OLB within a 3-4 defense and you put him lined up right over Leonard Williams and it's a force that will cause problems. That is all. It's not right to talk down this kid who's never once had an outside pass rusher to work alongside of... as he's had to fight within the trenches, without one. I think it's a no brainier to take either of Boss/Allen pick #3. Not just for an outside pass rusher either, but to also tap into Leonard's full ability. Line up an electric pass rusher behind Leonard and watch Leonard himself dominate behind the L.O.S. I don't think it's a question either but instead only a matter of time.
  8. This was one specific thread that really bothered me at the time and one that I've yet to forget. Had to defend Jamal Adams like a dog. "Box Safety" my ass. Could harp all over interceptions all they wanted still couldn't change the fact that after only two seasons of play he's an All-Pro 2nd team and robbed of 1st team honors, Defensive MVP of the pro bowl (some say meaningless, but I say he was still there and played lights out) and just read an article where you can state #33 is (already) the greatest Safety within Jets Franchise history. Experts now RAVE about this kid as a rare defensive cornerstone to build around. And all of the he's "not a leader" was horse crap. Just ask Le'Veon Bell (a player I couldn't stop talking about as a potential Jet throughout his Pittsburgh holdout) and he'll tell you otherwise; as in Jamal Adams recruited him like a dog. Kid is the spitting image and definition of a natural born leader. There is no guarantee that Patrick Mahomes would look like KC's version of today, if had been drafted into a Jets offense two years ago who (as we all know) as a franchise has struggled with offensive weapons for far too long now; my user name hasn't been DWC for nothing. I can guarantee he wouldn't be the Mahomes of today. Not without Le'Veon Bell and not behind this makeshift offensive line he wouldn't. You give me Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold during back to back drafts? And you just guaranteed me two leaders to build around on both sides of the ball. That's special.
  9. We landed Darnold that's all that matters. But who's to say that Rosen's career is to written off after only 1 year? Even if Arizona quits on him, it's not over until it's over. Plenty QB's sucked after one rookie season only to become very good to if not greatness. It's called growing pains and learning from them.
  10. An Edge Rusher is super important. The last time we had one was J.Abe and because of the trade of a pass rusher we landed Nick Mangold. It's a passing league. Best way to stop the pass is pressure the QB. If Bosa or Allen are there, it's a must @ #3.

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