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  1. I have a 9 turning 10 year old daughter. I wouldn't be able to live on without her. Damn Toon I'm sorry man ;-(
  2. It's 'Darrelle' not "Darelle". On a more serious note, Curtis Martin and Darrelle Revis are my two favorite Jets of All-Time but unfortunately one was a RB and the other a CB; and none of them could do what Joe Namath did @ QB (win us a Super Bowl). Namath was before my time but he's still the greatest Jet of All-Time. However, if Revis would've led us to a SB win during either 2009/2010? #24 would've gone down as the greatest Jet of All-Time. Joe Namath is still the greatest and I pray to God we win another SB during his lifetime; this way I can see him make guaranteed
  3. I don't want to get my hopes up. But if Jax gambled, fell in love with Zach Wilson and selected him #1 overall? I'll explode. Out of celebration. I'll change my username to OffenseWinsChampionships. Trevor Lawrence? An N.Y Jet? I'm sorry but I'm taking Trevor Lawrence over Zach Wilson every single time. Unfortunately, Jax isn't passing on Trevor Lawrence because if he lives up to everything? Jax will never forgive themselves. I'm anxious to watch Wilson and Fields pro days. Can't wait. I'm all for keeping Sam but I'm open to QB @#2 as well. I hope both Zach a
  4. And 99.9% of us fans (including myself) are guilty of not only: A.) Expecting him to show signs of greatness (while surrounded by absolute crap, everywhere) but also... B.) Now wanting to run him out of town only 3 years later for one of either Fields/Wilson (before ever watching the kid play a single down of Football while surrounded by offensive fire power). • I've mocked his QB Rating. • I've made fun of his INTs. • I've pointed to his career losing record. Etc. I took my frustrations out on Sam. I'm guilty of that. 2-14 wasn't his fault. At all
  5. Great depth signing. This kid isn't a 1,000 yard back but he's experienced and even tho coming off an injury he's a nice rotational back. He'd make a beautiful change of pace back to Najee Harris.
  6. I don't know anything about him other than he's 28 and was Pittsburgh's #1 CB on the outside. If the plan is to build a pass rushing 4-3 Defense around Quinnen Williams? Having a #1 CB who's experienced could really help our defense (a lot). Sign him JD. I'm all for it.
  7. Detroit would be awesome. #7 this year = one of Sewell/Pitts/Chase. #41 means we'll have two 2nd round picks where we could draft either one of Najee Harris or Travis Etienne with our pick and then also Terrace Marshall Jr. with Detroit's 2nd round pick. But the icing on the cake is two more 1st round picks next year getting Detroit's 2022 1st (could be a top 5 lottery pick) and, 2022 LAR 1st which could also become top 10. We would then have 4 first round picks come 2022 (ours, Seattle, Detroit's and Rams). Wow! Next season would be so much fun rooting against a
  8. We're a dominant pass rushing DE away (opposite of Lawson with QW/Rankings in the middle) from featuring an absolutely deadly 4-3 D-Line.
  9. I would say talent wise our WRs rank bottom 20s and our O-Line ranks bottom 25 (heading into the draft). Our RB and TE positions both rank bottom 20-25 imo too. In other words; our WR/O-Line/RB/TE position(s) all absolutely stink surrounding our QB position. • No true explosive dynamic #1 WR. • Outside of Becton a bottom feeding O-Line. • No game changing dominant RB. • Crap @ TE. The only way to fix this? Is unfortunately A.) Trade back and accumulate A++++ draft capital and B.) For JD to strike gold with his draft picks.
  10. Offense is a completely different story but on defense it's all about building around our future NFL superstar; Quinnen Williams. If placing both Lawson at edge rusher DE in a 4-3 and Sheldon Rankins right next to QW @ DT... will help Quinnen Williams both get after QBs and absolutely demolish the run game up front? Them moves like this are potentially A+.
  11. Sam Howell. Desmond Ridder. Spencer Rattler. Kedon Slovis. Malik Willis. We missed out on Trevor Lawrence; does than mean we're forced to automatically settle for Zach Wilson or the kid in my Avatar, Justin Fields? No. Because next year, all 5 of these QBs (in bold) have top 10 potential heading into next year's draft. Look @ our roster especially on offense. It's really bad and deprived of talent. We might as well trade both Sam and the #2 overall pick and accumulate A+ draft capital in order to attack (over the next two drafts) an outside #1 WR, a
  12. Clown? Do you not see our current roster? With the help of both Macc and JD it's full of nothing but clown players. As much as I love Sewell and hope for Fields/Zach? lol. They have 0 chance of having this current compete for a future SB. Might as well trade out of #2 overall and begin to build a TB Rays type of farm system. A pipeline coming through the draft over the next 2 drafts. Make our roster exciting for once with youth and potential. See what James Morgan has and chances are he'll fail next year. As would Sam Fields or Wilson.
  13. My question is. Because I've never studied the draft chart. How many picks would we get for trading out of the #2 overall pick? And what types of picks would they be? This year, next year etc. How much draft capital would we gain? Trade Sam too. Fk it. He has 0 chance right now.
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