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    Longtime suffering Jets/Knicks/Devil Rays fan (one day I'll celebrate and it'll become all worth it)
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    3 AFC Championship Game Appearance's. 1998. 2009. 2010 (unfortunately, all loses).
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    Vinny's torn ACL opening day of 1999.
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    My wife.

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  1. As an FSU fan I'm anxious to follow his Clemson career here in the ACC because I think he's an electric player @ QB. D.J. Uiagalelei is also built like a tank @ 6'4/260 lbs wow. I don't know much about your kid other than the two games I've watched him play vs. Boston College and Notre Dame and even though he went 1-1 it's hard not to be fired up for this kid (checking stats now) 59/85 (69.4%), 4 TDs/0 INTs, 2 rushing TDs and a QB Rating of 162 vs. BC/ND (combined). I remember he struggled some once in the RedZone but he's still a kid and was literally thrown into the fi
  2. He's actually a good one. Career .500 record (16-16). 60.1% completion percentage. 49 TDs/36 INTs and a respectable QB Rating for a backup of 82.8 and also played really good during his 1 playoff game. Hard to believe he's already turning 37 years old in a couple of days though because it feels like yesterday when he first came into the league. He'd be my #1 choice as a veteran QB but I'd much rather roll the dice on James Morgan and develop him into a quality backup who can one day give us a 2nd round draft pick in return which is why I'm hoping James Morgan has an awesome preseaso
  3. Damn bro I'm sorry man remind your kids (and yourself too) that he's in heaven and as long as they keep him in their thoughts, heart and prayers he'll always be with them and will never be gone. I'm sorry you're going through this and explaining to your kids is going to be hard you gave your little guy a kind and let loving life and that's for sure man.
  4. Big time series for both my Rays and your Yankees tonight. I'm always fired up for series vs. the Yankees and Red Sox. Taking my daughter to catch the Yankees game tomorrow @ 7:10 so fired up!
  5. No man I'm serious this thread was a wakeup call for me.July 27 6:22 PM if you ever feel I've crossed the line moving forward please Perma ban me man I love JN too much to make myself take it away from me. And I apologize to all who I've offended but I'm more mentally strong than some realize and I'm willing to Perma ban bet that you'll never see me become distracted again because I come here to escape reality and talk Jets and Knicks not to bother people. If I could eliminate my favorite sugars in life since 2017 I know I can eliminate disagreeing with Jets fans and ignore any posts I shouldn
  6. Nah I don't need a break I'm just going to ignore everyone who I don't agree with. Give me one more chance and if you ever see me disagreeing or just not talking football? Permanent ban me. You've got my word 100% I don't want to enjoy a 2021 season without my JN and from this day forward you'll never get another complaint from me again and that's my word Crusher.
  7. I went out of my way to PM asking to ignore one another in order to make JN a better community and in response he started to call me every name in the book so please lets not lie on me and tell JN how I started to attack him first because it was the other way around I've placed him on ignore after realizing he wouldn't agree to just stop but now I'm the bad guy? Have a good day man thnx for throwing me under the bus like that.
  8. Why? Because he jumped down my throat for being frustrated over Zach's holdout but no worries man I'm done with him he'll never get another reaction out of me again he's antagonized me for years has tried to get me banned for years and I finally realized it's my fault for letting people get under my thin skin and don't worry big fella I won't PM you anymore just going to try my best to enjoy our season and you're right I should just let things go.
  9. I was asking him with respect and kindness in PM on why he can't agree to place me on ignore? And immediately after he called me a bitch a dickhead a pussy told me to STFU and from there? I cursed back but no Crusher I never attacked him first and then he wanted to meet me @ a game to fight me lol I told him I have a wife to love a daughter to raise and a son on the way and a good job and I'd NEVER throw that away to "fight a stranger". he also said in PM how he wants to get me Perma banned and now he's making this stuff up acting like I'm the one who started name calling? I'm done
  10. I sent you a PM because it's obvious you don't like me and I don't care for you so I sent you a PM literally BEGGING for you to stop quoting me and I'll stop quoting you in order to make JN a better place. Not only have you refused and told me in PM that you'll NEVER stop quoting me (EVER). look man I just want you to know I don't need Jet Nut to talk about my Knicks and Jets but for some reason you can't talk about your favorite team without quoting me for many of years now. I started asking you days ago to let's just please stop quoting one another and this will be the last time I ever
  11. That's funny man especially coming from the same person who acted and pretended as if it were your "first time experiencing an NFL holdout over a contract while looking to BLAME Revis". You forgot you're that same person or something my dude? You should look in the mirror before trying to laugh @ Jets fans who are just frustrated about Zach Wilson being late to camp man. We're coming off a 2-14 disaster and just begging for some fun.
  12. • Bill Belichick is 61-72 without Tom Brady (.458%) and nothing you (try) and tell me can ever change that. • Bill Belichick has coached 8 NFL seasons without Tom Brady and has failed to make the playoffs 7/8 years. And nothing you (try) and tell me can ever change the that. He's a career loser without him and has never and/or will NEVER make it out of the 2nd round without him. Nothing you tell me can ever change that. And Tom Brady is 15-5 without Bill Belichick in Tampa Bay (don't forget his 3 playoff wins and 1 SB win = 15-5). √ And don't you ever mention "autism" to m
  13. Dude. I can bump that Revis thread and quote all of your Revis posts and show you just how extreme you really were "he's holding out and IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY he's holding out because he's HOLDING OUT!!!" What gives you the right to be frustrated over Revis holding out but then have the nerve to judge those who are UPSET about an unproven Rookie holding out? What gives you the right to decide which holdout is worth being frustrated about? Who are you to be frustrated over Revis holding out before "correcting" those who are frustrated over Zach holding out and missing tr
  14. Revis was an independent contractor and his teamates understood, remember? And as one of the greatest coverage CBs of All-Time he had every right to hold out as many times as he wanted in order to be paid as the #1 CB. He was an independent contractor and you imo were EXTREME in your Revis complaining.
  15. Steve is an awesome man and I'll be there week 2 with my older brother for N.E.'s game hope to meet you man any other JN posters go there?
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