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  1. The 2nd round is a legendary NFL round you little stupid dumb fk. Stop acting like back to back SAFETY'S just went 7th round and not the 2nd round you little stupid dumbass idiot.
  2. Giants/Pats go 2nd round back to back SAFETY (trying to find their next #33). But yet only clueless jet fans mock the power and impact of Safety position. Lol. Jamal Adams is a TREND SETTER forcing NYG/N.E into SAFETY ahhhhha
  3. Well at least we now know that no Coronavirus can not stop NFL Football. Can play games with no fans and the TV Ratings will skyrocket throughout the roof.
  4. Too bad there is no more such thing as an NFL KR these days because the days of #21 Prime Time and Hester etc are a thing of the past and so are the likes of electric Jet KRs in Morton, Brad, Leon, Miller etc The stupidest thing the NFL ever did was completely eliminating KR by making it so every kicker can boot the football out of the endzone while removing the most exciting play in all of football @ the same time; the Kickoff Return (not even allowed to build a wall for returners anymore it's absolute horse crap) And Mike Westhoff was never the same after all of these new KR rule changes. And good luck recovering an onsides kick these days either as the NFL changed this rule too and now almost physically impossible to recover one. I understand rule changes for player safety but eliminating the Kickoff Return has watered down this game big time (there were 0 Kick Returners who scored multiple KR TD's last year).
  5. False is Right. I don't remember Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer being the best player on their TB & BAL SB winning teams. Flacco wasn't the best during Ravens second SB either. Not even Troy Ailkman was the best player on his fully loaded Dallas teams. The list goes on and on not even a younger Ben Roethlisberger was the "best player" during his 1st SB etc. Sam Darnold won't have to be the best player once surrounded by a powerhouse team fortunately for us he's already our 2nd best player outside of Jamal Adams. Jet fans lie and make things up in order to provide false facts lol
  6. Robby Anderson someone who's regarded as a true #2 WR and never had an All-Rookie selection, no Pro Bowls and 0 All-Pro's just got a $20M contract over 2 years and $12,000,000 guaranteed 1st year. Jamal Adams is a forner All-Rookie and 2x Pro Bowler, 2x All-Pro and on everyone's top 20 list of impactful NFL Superstar; he's going to get paid $$$$$ for his services. At least $17M per at the very least and with $200M in salary cap 2020 it's pennies on the dollar however he is getting paid and a lot more than "Robby Anderson" who's not even half the greatness of Jamal.
  7. Damn I was 100% confident he'd make it into the 2nd round. He's going to become a Star.
  8. Nope. We've got Perriman who's also featuring Olympic track star speed and his last 5 games of 2019 are better than 6/7 years of this overrated, bust. Literally Perriman's final 5 games of 2019 were more productive than Goodwin has ever recorded during 6 of 7 years. Hell no. I wouldn't even trade him for a 7th (if we had one) and I wouldn't even kick his tires with an undrafted pick.
  9. Yes, but she's married to a Latvian man taller than Porzingis @ 7'4
  10. Not true I'm 5'9 (5'10 with shoes on) and I have a head full of hair (sharp fade) but what difference does it make on how I look because I'm a man and I really hope you don't judge men as cute or ugly off of appearances lol. And last night I couldn't even get on the camera myself because my my wife was sleeping and was butt naked but tonight? It's on and popping and going down lol see you there TommyGunz
  11. @T0mShane @#27TheDominator @Lurker89 You 3 quote me more than anyone, ever. So please show up tonight live and in person (no hiding like cowards allowed) as I personally would love to get my hands on you and strangle you with sports talk 101 (over a mic and not a keyboard). See you tonight, sweethearts.
  12. We do have him under contract for 3 more years if wanted to play hard ball with him. However don't quote and question me. These are JD's words, not mine. JD is the one who promised he wouldn't trade Jamal on draft night and JD is the one who mentioned contacting Jamal (after the draft) in order to begin long term negations. So either create a Twitter account and go question your GM JD or just hush shhhh and deal with it, Thomas, Tommy Boy, Tomgirl or whatever you call yourself Shane just shhhhu hush it and deal with it.
  13. LT. You don't draft 11th overall to start him @ RT. You throw him into the fire. Sink or swim @ LT. Same with Brick. Started from LT from day one. He's here to protect Darnolds blind side.

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