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    Longtime suffering Jets/Knicks/Devil Rays fan (one day I'll celebrate and it'll become all worth it)
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    3 AFC Championship Game Appearance's. 1998. 2009. 2010 (unfortunately, all loses).
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    Vinny's torn ACL opening day of 1999.
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    My wife.

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  1. Sorry. I counted wrong by 1 and should've used a calculator. 18 QB Hurries. 23 QB Knockdowns. 10.5 QB sacks. 53 QB pressures. 36 QB hits. = 140.5 QB Hurries/Knockdowns/sacks/hits/pressures. You set out on a mission and proved me wrong by 1. Happy now? I was incorrect by 1. You were incorrect by 36 ("104.5"). 🤣
  2. 104.5 pressures? You forgot to include his 36 QB hits. 🤣
  3. Fowler was never traded. And won't be. And it were others who reported Shaq Lawson to the Jets yesterday while mentioning player and team names before it happened. Adam Schefter never did. He never mentioned any single players names or teams but I'll still admit to being wrong. I'm just anxious to see Shaq Lawson alongside of QW.
  4. I had him as one of my FF starters. He's now on the bench. Wont be long before I cut him. I should've never drafted him because I've been telling everyone he's the most overrated WR ever and only sat out all of 2020 due being scared of being exposed without JOE BURROW. Terrace Marshall Jr. is the real deal from LSU (I drafted him too).
  5. Quinnen Williams (BEAST).. C.J. Mosley (4x Pro Bowler 4x All-Pro). Marcus Maye (will breakout as a ball hawk within Saleh's Cover-3). Mekhi Becton (BEAST).. Corey Davis (BEAST). Book it. All 4 of Zach Wilson, Elijah Moore, Alijah Vera-Tucker and Hamsah Nasirildeen will make the All-Rookie team too.
  6. Well at least you now know these beast stats are real and you now see why I've been fired up since yesterday since the rumor began.
  7. All sites have the same stats with the same advanced statistics too. And I don't post fake stats because that's bad business. These stats posted reflect his previous two seasons combined (Buffalo/Miami) but let me guess, you're going to thumbs down vote this post just like you've done to my posts for two weeks straight now 😅
  8. Why didn't you create Zach Wilson threads? And why didn't you makes posts about confidence builders after Zach Wilsons two A+ performances? (I'm onto you).
  9. My stats are 100% accurate. I'm a stats guru. Are you saying you don't believe me?
  10. And he was a major part to a 2019 Buffalo Defense that ranked... ▪︎ 2nd in points allowed. ▪︎ 3rd in yards allowed. Buffalo fans wouldn't waste their time going out of their way in order to post on JN if they didn't know we received a steal. I bet they've already created a thread about him too.
  11. Only a not so bright fan looks at "sacks" as a way of describing a pass rushers ability. Because this man has just as many sacks as Carl Lawson over the past two years (10.5). Shaq Lawson of 2019 Buffalo Bills: 15 games. 6.5 sacks. 9 QB Knockdowns. 12 QB Hurries. 13 tackles for loss. 18 QB Hits. 28 QB pressures. And he was a major part to a 2019 Buffalo Defense that ranked... ▪︎ 2nd in points allowed. ▪︎ 3rd in yards allowed. This man is going to BEAST under coach Saleh and alongside of QUINNEN WILLIAMS.
  12. The only "fool" is the one who defends Sam Darnold but yet trashes every player on the Jets. Shaq Lawson: previous 2 years. 1,055 Defensive Snaps. 17 tackles for loss. 10.5 Sacks. 18 QB Hurries. 24 QB Knockdowns. 36 QB hits. 53 QB pressures. 141.5 QB Sacks/Hurries/Knockdowns/Hits/Pressures (combined). vs. Brandon Copeland (2 years as a Jet). 948 defensive snaps. 13 tackles for loss. 6.5 sacks (7 career). 14 QB hurries. 8 QB Knockdowns. 17 QB hits. 29 QB pressures. 74.5 Sacks/Hurries/Knockdowns/Hits/Pressures (combined). And only a FOOL would comparing Shaq Lawson to "Brandon Copeland". Joe Douglas is no "fool".
  13. The best part about this trade is if Carl Lawson can return to even 75% our pass rush with both Lawson's at DE and QW in the middle at DT will become scary.
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