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  1. Chicken Little is the unofficial mascot of the SOJFs who cry that the sky is falling for something that is common with high draft picks.
  2. Zach Wilson is not going to sign. The Jets are not going to win the Super Bowl this year again, ever.
  3. Two years of more of the same with Gase. No reason to believe that things will change or get better. Fire Gase!
  4. There is a difference between best and best available. Overpaying for offensive lineman is not a recipe for success. If we were going into the season with this roster, I'd be calling for JD's head. The sky isn't falling on day 2. Let's talk more after the draft and when teams are done making cuts to round out their roster.
  5. I expected that the Jets would have had a hall of fame caliber OL by day two of free agency. You find the best players in free agency. You build through panic signings and overpaying players. The draft? Pfffffffft. Who builds through the draft anymore?
  6. I know, right? We should have used all of our cap space and put together a patchwork roster. Teams are built through panic signings and overpaying above average players. I cannot believe that it's already day 2 and we didn't fill out our entire roster. Our GM = GARBAGE MANAGEMENT.
  7. JD didn't spend all of the Jets available cap space on decent, yet overpriced players. It's day 2 of free agency and it's clear that he doesn't know what he's doing. He is worse than Macczilla. We should keep signing overpriced free agents with slick contracts that allow us to release them a year later. That's how you build a team. JD is doing something different and is expecting a different result. We were clearly better off doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Same old SOJF.
  8. Can we see how the guy plays in 2019 before we send him to the glue factory?
  9. Can we please wait until we cluck things up before we say that the sky is falling?
  10. Mahomes had a good game. Let's anoint him as the new Savior.
  11. It all depends on what the girl is saying during foreplay. If she tells me that she has a lot in common with the Jets in that she has many holes to fill, it's going to be a 3 and out.
  12. We are only days away from opening day and The Jets have still not scored a TD and Jamal Adams hasn't intercepted a pass.
  13. Try harder. Say no with the might of the strongest man in the world. Come on. I know you can do it!
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