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  1. Greenbloodblitz

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    And if Peyton Manning comes here, I think him, Adam Gase, and the Johnson Brothers should all SHAVE THEIR HEADS TOTALLY BALD!!!! Check out that visual! At the introductory press conference they can just stand up there and say " take us to your leader" !? Just picture it..
  2. Greenbloodblitz

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    First of all if there's any truth to this rumor it smells like a Woody Johnson move all the way! Favre, Tebow, Revis part 2... Backpage Splash kind of noise. I think this is just stupid and PFT is the only place apparently reporting that these rumors are " flying".
  3. I just got a phone call from the New York Jets! They said Adam Gase doesn't like me. They also said he doesn't like my mom ...or his mom...... or himself.
  4. Greenbloodblitz

    Return ..of Tannenbaum

    I think Christopher Johnson finally got the gist that Mikey Mac was kind of a pushover. I think he actually tried to please everyone in the building and was a good guy. When he saw how aggressive Gase was, he realized that we need somebody who is dominating, aggressive, and somewhat chippy to run a New York football team. To that I say it's about f****** time
  5. Greenbloodblitz

    Return ..of Tannenbaum

    HA HA!!! So what do you say to Mr T?
  6. Greenbloodblitz

    Mac fired!

    Funny I read earlier today that Bill Belichick will be the defensive coordinator in New England this year
  7. Greenbloodblitz

    Mac fired!

    Joe and Evan are losing their minds on the radio by LMFAO
  8. Greenbloodblitz

    Mac fired!

    I don't get what the hell is going on? They fired Macc and Heimerdinger? So are we going for Reggie McKenzie now? Maybe that dude from Philly? Just a total WTF!!??
  9. Greenbloodblitz

    What are your thoughts on Marcus Maye?

    Maye had a better rookie year than Adams. He's definitely in on plays and hits like a truck. I actually thought he was the better player and I'm not ticked off at all that we took them in the first and second rounds. Now that number 33 had his breaking out party last year, Maye has to do his part this year and obviously avoid the injury bug. I think both of our safeties are really freaking good
  10. They went undrafted and were projected to be cheaters. Maybe the assessment was that they would take too long to become quality cheaters? I guess the Patriots were looking for some natural born cheaters..
  11. At this point I just want to see the video so my f****** eyes bleed
  12. Greenbloodblitz

    Christopher Johnson vs Woody Johnson

    Pee-wee Herman...vs. Bizarro World Pee-wee Herman? My heart and brain both hurt badly now.....
  13. Greenbloodblitz

    New York Jets: Endgame (Hype Video)

    That was definitely good! I'm ready for some football
  14. Greenbloodblitz

    The Mini Camp Thread

    How about organization!? Hard hitting!? Plenty of chirping going on between the offense and defense who are playing hard? GASE AND GREG... dropping constant F-bombs!? There's a foot right up somebody's ass!? Undrafted rookies challenging second-year starters and vying for position!? Mr. Bell actually shows up? Robby Anderson cuts his stupid haircut and learns English? Sam Darold bitch slapping offensive lineman!? Polite... Unstoppable and the gem of this year's draft? I Can Dream can't I? LOL

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