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  1. Okay I know Sam Darnold is back. Herndon is coming back, Copeland and maybe even CJ Mosley!? I must admit that there is a part of me that foolishly wants to believe head coach Adam Gase has been holding back, and he is now about to unleash the Beast. Are we about to see the Firepower and the real plan on offense? Crowder, Herndon, Anderson, Montgomery and Bell? Sam rolling out and making magical plays happen!!?? Listen.. I have said before that I really like Gase and I actually think Greg Williams has done a really good job with the defense. I just don't understand what the hell is going on with our offense! Especially our offensive line! All of these guys are Pros and they have definitely played better than this before. It's not like they suddenly all just suck. Something is definitely wrong but it looks to me like only about three guys out of 11 understand what the hell they're actually supposed to be doing on every play. I mean it's not even close it's like they just walked in off the street and have no idea what the hell they're supposed to do! It's f****** mind boggling how out of sync the blocking scheme is with the rest of the offensive play. If any X's and O's guys have any answers please let me know what the hell you're seeing. I would absolutely love to see our offense open it up whoop the Cowboys asses and go on a nice run. Cheers and let's hope Sam can get it done! Could this be magic? Could This Be Love? Could this turn tragic? It seems Jets magic often does.....🙈
  2. Jesus Christmas the Browns are so bad, they're almost as bad as the current WWE Monday Night Raw. Totally unwatchable at this point. Maybe I'll just go check out some repeats of River Monsters... Jeremy Wade is a baaaad man! maybe some ancient aliens? I'm looking forward to Darnold's comeback. that's for damn sure
  3. I am so totally enjoying the fact that the Cleveland s*** Browns are getting embarrassed! For every loudmouth, every diva, every Criminal that they brought to that team who was talking major crap, it's an absolute thrill to watch them look like garbage just like I thought they would. So Baker got benched and I just turned the TV on and watched OBJ fumble the ball running backwards! I knew this was going to happen Lol! I actually don't even feel so bad about the Jets
  4. I always thought the same thing. Unfortunately I heard an interview with him probably about a year ago and he said that time is past he wouldn't even take a job as a head coach now. However he did say he thought about it for a lot of years and felt that he was passed over a few times with the Jets. He was just a cool f****** guy in general lol! I haven't looked but last I knew he was the special teams coach on the Saints that's why he's not around the Jets at this time.
  5. I love the post game show on SNY it's always been good I think they need one more guy in there with Bart and Ray. I actually liked Adam Schein back in the day. And Mike Westhoff was great too.. I always wind up cracking up. A few weeks ago when they were giving out grades oh, Bart Scott gave the offense a G.. cuz that's lower than an F !!! Lmfao
  6. I have clearly popped a lot of s*** about Gase as our head coach and my support for him. If he doesn't win this game, he should be fired immediately! I've had enough. He either needs to be on medication or he's just completely inept at play calling.
  7. At this point the only Solace I have to get me through the afternoon is to root for the Jets to look as embarrassing as possible! The more they look like the Keystone Cops the more I f****** laugh!
  8. Winter's absolutely sucks he should be benched immediately the guy's been hurt for 3 years and just had a baby his head is obviously not in the game
  9. By the way I like Falk way better than Fales or Simeon... I think this kid throws a nice ball he just doesn't have a rocket for an arm. Reminds me very much of Chad penny pre eggshell era

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