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  1. That fool Jamal Adams is the epitome of everything wrong with The modern-day NFL athlete. Selfish me child, and little boy gifted with Talent yet no humility. Anybody notice the current trend of nobody showing up for involuntary workouts? It's not because of covid it's because all they care about is getting "paid" doing as little as possible. I call that lazy. I think it's sad because usually when a person has exceptional talent, they can't help but want to be the best and they would actually do it for free. Dudes these days are way too caught up in their brand, and taking care of e
  2. That's me right now! And probably in 4 hours from now. Curled up in the fetal position having nightmares about Herm Edwards and Todd Bowles dancing hand-in-hand in tutus! Come take a hit of this!
  3. Wasn't part 2 of that to draft 5 wide receivers!? SUPERBOWL!!!!!
  4. I'll support any QB we take in the draft. I will not support some kind of funky trade with San Fran and we get Jimmy G. Truth be told I liked Fields more than any QB coming out of this draft. However after watching the interviews, I've warmed up to Wilson. He seems to fit into the program as a whole. Just say no to Garoppolo.
  5. Excellent post! I haven't seen you around, but welcome to the board! As I stated the other day in a different thread I fully expect Saleh to take a few guys from our front seven and switch their positions and roles. Obviously this is to be expected due to the change in scheme. Don't know if I agree with your assessment of pick 23 as I think we need a Center. That's the base of your offense QB, LT, OC. However with all the picks we have I don't rule out JD trading up or down as we need help at pretty much every position on the team in all three phases. Seriously if we stay a
  6. I come here to provide entertainment and to be entertained it's usually pretty good. Honestly if people are such losers that they actually have to get in arguments on a football message board they should find some bigger fish to fry. I come here to have good conversation and good laughs and there are so many people on this board who I've never met in person and don't know their real names but they Enlighten my day all the time. What was that line from that Batman movie.... some men just want to watch the world burn? It's always a good thing here, let's just keep it that wa
  7. I said this the minute we traded Darnold that he was definitely going to have a better year. No doubt the kid needed a fresh start and to move on, but he will definitely be successful. Sam haters will definitely eat crow. I'm a fan of the Jets in general and whoever we get in here albeit Wilson or Fields, I will support them. However if JD pull some ridiculous s*** like flipping pics with Frisco and we get Garoppolo and take Sewell I will not support that! I actually had a nightmare about that last night. I don't like Jimmy G, I don't like any guys with perfect teeth. So that's a big NO!
  8. Didn't Welker disappear for a year from the league or something? He was hanging out with Johnny Depp tripping on ecstasy at the horse races? I vaguely remember some crazy crap like that going down. LOL
  9. A man with any character at all must have enemies and places he is not welcome.
  10. You mean Wes Welker was a poor mans Wayne Chrebet?
  11. Well for the first time in forever ago, it seems like we're trying to really get it right!? I honestly can't remember the last time we had a New GM that chose the coach and the quarterback + 21 picks in the next two drafts? Let's see what they can do! As a Jets fan I can say I'm intrigued!? Pretty much because I get excited every time there's a change and keep getting burned? Seriously it looks promising. If the Johnsons stay out of it we might even be able to build up a little respect around the league.
  12. Agreed. I was trying to say something like that too. More importantly if you caught A Football Life Eddie George on NFL Network? It was very sad yet relatable and one of the best represented versions of what a retirement is like. Not to get all mushy, but if you've only done one thing for 35 years and suddenly you can't do that anymore and you have no choice, as a man, I can identify. Just giving props to the guy he was definitely a player.
  13. Yeah he got that weird pat on the back, stop by anytime speech right before he hobbled out on his crutches Lol! Damn that's rough man...
  14. Yeah yeah I know it's Pats news but the guy was a pretty damned decent adversary for a decade. No way you can't respect his little bearded tough ass. Morso and on a side note I worked in the same industry for 22 years till I got rear-ended when I was sitting still. Obviously injured I was released from the company six months later to the day. That's not easy s*** for any man to choke down.
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