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  1. I've said it a few times that 2015 was one of the most enjoyable years for me as a Jets fan. Fitzmagic is just gung-ho and I really enjoy his playing style. Not saying he's good or great just saying that I think he has a good balance between being a professional and actually enjoying playing the game? That particular year was very tough because my mother was going to chemo and fighting cancer and she eventually lost we all know how that goes. But she would watch the games with me and the post-game stuff with the photobombs Etc. Guys like Fitzpatrick and Mangold Decker Marshall they were a lot of fun man you can tell they were actually real friends. They were easy to root for. Kind of like the Beatles they almost made you feel like you were in on the joke and you knew them? Anyway that's a memorable season for me. And I will also State once again that instead of Josh McCown being a backup or becoming a coach I think Fitzpatrick would be outstanding with Sam Darnold.
  2. Jake Plummer / Sam Bradford? I happen to really like Fitzpatrick. I enjoyed his time here especially the first year was a lot of fun. Obviously he never got us over, but I actually think he has a similar style to Sam. He if anybody is the guy that we need backing up Sam, not Flacco! Yeah yeah I know every few games he lays an egg and throws four or five interceptions, but you got to admit the guy is a total gamer! The rest of the time he's just running down the field diving head-first and throwing touchdowns! I appreciated his time here he was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I'd welcome him back with his goofy beard and big forehead anytime!
  3. Good post. Yes I remember that for quite some time the Jets really didn't have a lot of injuries. It really sucks because Gase is taking the blame. However it's not just here it's all around the league and I'm wondering if there's a whole bunch of crying wolf going on? This is a really strange time because of the pandemic. I'm very sure there were a lot of guys on the fence about opting out, and having a deadline to do so.
  4. Hey no doubt that their shell shocked by the amount of injuries from last year and immediately in practice this year, guys were going down right away. This may sound silly and it's just a theory but since there were complaints about the new turf at MetLife, I wonder if the same company supplies the turf at One jets Drive? The amounts of knees ankles and hammies is absolutely ridiculous. They need to figure out what the f*** is going on
  5. honestly I have nothing to add but to say that I love you guys!
  6. Freaks disturbing movie. one of us, one of us. here's something for your eye!
  7. I don't usually agree with you but I absolutely do here. This is where the Layman don't understand what the head coach's job actually is. When we're getting beat that bad you don't put your quarterback in the crosshairs. That's the time to protect him. It's been a rough couple of years for the Jets. There are no excuses, there are only facts. You can damn sure bet that Adam Gase and Sam Darnold are both equally frustrated. Who's the new group of wide receivers he'll be throwing to for two hours during practice before the game this week? It's been a ridiculous stroke of bad luck and I really don't think it's anybody's fault.
  8. Wasn't Lane Kiffin fired mid-season from everything he's ever done? Who the f*** cares, why post on a Jet's board if you hate the Jets?
  9. Wasn't it Fabini who said he was like an egg back there? lmfao Good old noodle arm throwing paper airplanes!!

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