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  1. I'm thinking it's a toss-up between Greg Williams and Neville Hewitt.. if anybody actually knows anything about....
  2. We'll see them again.. put it in your pocket and save it for later. What comes around goes around
  3. Touchdown!!.. And a missed extra point!! Ugly..and a loss!!!! F*** it I still have some beer left, and the SNY post game show to ease my pain! Ray and Bart...Can't wait!!
  4. Oh well I'm deaf in one ear.. Sounded like J E T S to me!!! Either way Greenbean you must admit that even in losing, this looks like a different type of team than it has for the past decade. This squad is playing with pride. Obviously outclassed talent-wise I still don't see any quit. In fact I see anger in our QB's eyes.. and resiliency from our D. Yes we blew some opportunities and Sam is trying too hard and making some bad choices, but you can see that they believe. To me that means something. Cheers!

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