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  1. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Well I can tell you that I for one and pretty excited man. I'm hoping this is somewhere between Parcells coaching strategy and Rex Ryan's bravado just without the clown show. I think these guys are going to bring experience, Swagger and I really believe that they are football guys. I read a quote from Greg Williams where he stated that the reason he didn't really work out as a head coach is because he doesn't want to be a representative he just wants to coach football. I like that. And then Gase in his interviews on the Fan and ESPN, really seem to settle down and say some good things that showed he's not only a player's coach but also a disciplinarian and a tactician. I have a really good feeling about what's about to happen. Hopefully things start going our way now. Cheers!
  2. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Thanks man I don't actually take these forums seriously but I've been watching this team for like 25 years or something religiously and I just want to see us win . When I look some stuff up online I thought these guys really could help us I really thought this is what we needed
  3. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    And there it is! And for everybody who wanted Fat Mike McCarthy who pretty much gave up and stated he's happy sitting home for a year with his family and that they cheered. He doesn't exactly sound fired up to work with our young Prodigy quarterback. I for one will take the ocd psychopath nervous guy with the bug eyes on offense and the spitting cursing veteran DC who got suspended for a year for bountygate! Now you're talkin New York f****** Jets football! I can't wait! Lol
  4. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Come on dude not even a modicum of success? Have you looked up his history in any way? What is a quarterback coach? An offensive coordinator? Tim Tebow in the playoffs? Peyton Manning in the playoffs? The best quarterback stats in a season ever with Manning in Denver? Jay Cutler's best season as a professional ever with the Bears? How can you possibly say he hasn't been successful? He beat the Jets five out of six times didn't he? Oh yeah and he had Miami in the playoffs his first year
  5. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Point taken. However if they came to an agreement with Adam Gase, and he is in agreeance which he said he was on the radio interview with Francesa, that he would focus solely on offense and Sam I'm getting a very experienced former head coach to be the DC then what is all the complaining about? And if Williams was actually Adams choice would we be complaining? I'm pretty freaking psyched about having these three coordinators running our team man!
  6. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Hey sorry man I wish I knew how to look up my older posts but I definitely am telling you the truth. The minute gaze was fired and the minute they said Williams probably wouldn't be retained as the HC of the Browns I wanted both of those guys. In fact in one of the McCarthy threads I said I wanted Gase or Monken, and Greg Williams as the DC. Fact
  7. Greenbloodblitz

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    I know that I definitely am. But all I'm hearing from the media and many of the posters is how they're so unhappy with they are so unhappy with the HC and how dare the front office get involved in the decision-making on the coaching staff. I don't understand what everybody's crying about they're trying to sign Solutions and they've offered us an offensive specialist and a defensive specialist and what was one of last year's best special teams.
  8. I just don't get it SMH! Didn't we just hear for the last four years, how Todd Bowles crappy friend Kacy Rogers completely sucked as a DC? Didn't our offensive coordinators get fired three out of the last four seasons? I don't understand the criticism and lambasting of the owner and GM, trying make sure we are not in that situation this time around? Apparently they were ready to fire Todd Bowles during the bye week but there was nobody on the coaching staff capable of being an interim head coach correct? So why wouldn't they dot Their I's and cross their T's? I don't know if it's the media or the fans or whatever but it seems like everyone just wants to find something to critique and complain about. I for one was all in on Gase and Williams from the get-go and never wanted McCarthy. This team is going to kick major ass imo..
  9. Greenbloodblitz

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    I didn't take what he said at all as negative. The Kaye show was a really good interview. I think he was just trying to transition into complementing Atlantic Health Training Center?
  10. Greenbloodblitz

    Joe Beningo

    I used to really like Joe Benigno...I do think Evan Roberts puts on a good show. CMB is currently blowing them all away including Francesa. However the fat man is still informative and such an egotist he's funny to listen to. I've heard Benigno screw up a few times not even knowing who was free agents and who we drafted so he seems to be half as dedicated as he claims to be. If anybody has done their research Adam Gase is a very qualified head coach now.. and actually has a great reputation around the league except for a few of his Primadonna malcontents that he sent packing which is a good thing. I'm hoping for Monken as OC and Williams as DC
  11. Greenbloodblitz

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Ha ha ha ha!!!! I wanted Gase or Monken.. I have a feeling we're getting more candidates that we interviewed than Gase
  12. Greenbloodblitz

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    Hey guys you are all wrong! Here's the real deal. Mangini wanted to keep Chad Pennington and Woody insisted I'm getting Brett Favre to make a splash. Mangini had zero interest in Favre as he had been building his program with Mike Tannenbaum which was working quite well. He had a promise from the owner that he would not be fired regardless of what happened as long as they got Favre. At the end of the season Mangini had words with Woody over Brett Favre's lack of commitment to the team, and how he was using them and waiting for the opening in Minnesota. Mangini was abruptly fired. That was Woody going back on his word. Look it up
  13. Greenbloodblitz

    Greg Williams relieved of his duties

    Would definitely like Williams as our DC. and I also like Todd Monkey as somebody referred to him as. I'm just not feeling Mike McCarthy for some reason. I would like somebody younger and more aggressive like Gase, Monken and Williams as DC

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