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    Beatles, Beasties, Pink floyd, Bob Dylan, David Lee Roth, Roddy Piper, George Carlin, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, just to name a few guys I'd like to have a few beers with!? Lol

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    Brady sitting on his ass in the middle of the field right before Bart Scott's "Can't Wait"!!!
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    I believe it was the Thanksgiving game where the pats scored 21 points in 58 seconds. I think it was the butt fumble game. My whole family was there and all my kids had Jets Green on and they all walked out on me and left me curled up like a water bug on the couch all sad.
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    camel toes
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  1. Strange my first foray into the draft forum this year as I'm about to start doing some homework, I personally think we don't need any help at running back. I think our RB room is fine.
  2. IDK I was eating an egg sandwich while reading the forum and getting a phone call. I didn't have any free hands so I just manned up and choked that bitch down~ BTW I made the egg sandwich
  3. Pinnock started flashing late when he moved to safety and seems serviceable. He wasn't incredible but he showed up in a few spots and it was noticeable. I'd say he was somewhat similar to Quincy Williams season. When we needed a big play they were popping people. I think the reason Ashtyn Davis is somewhat of a letdown is that we were expecting a lot from him and his athleticism. Unfortunately that's his problem he needs to be a little bit more of a heady player. In fact there were times that it almost seemed like he was running to beat the throw and sliding into third Base!? Lol Bo
  4. Yeah it's pretty rough I can only imagine what his back looks like! Yeah I just got so grossed out and I'm trying to figure out what I want to eat for dinner...
  5. That was a good team and a good year to be a Jets fan. They were a lot of fun. It was definitely genuine.
  6. Fitzmagic is Awesome and I'd take him back in a second! He is exactly the backup quarterback ZW needs. Not Joe f****** Flacco- Fitz has played for more teams than any QB ever in the national Football League. He's played in every conceivable offensive system. If you want a guy with experience to mentor your young QB look up at the picture of him. He looks like a damn Jedi Knight.
  7. LOL one of my favorite shows ever I've been watching since the beginning. Joe Gatto left the show for personal reasons.
  8. Has anybody else noticed that someone's throwing a roll of toilet paper during the kicks and extra points?
  9. Yo I started gigging in bars and clubs when I was about 15 years old. I can tell you this, you don't mess with guys like Nick Mangold. He'll pick you up by the back of your neck like a kitten and talk nicely to you as he carries you out to the parking lot lmao! Yeah he came out with his chest sticking out and I K did as he said so..
  10. You nailed it. Two immature idiots fighting over disrespect? Like either one of them needed 600 bucks? I agree on Mangold and would love to see him work for the Jets in some form or fashion. I don't really think he has what it takes for radio or TV professionally, but maybe the type of thing that the Manning brothers are doing is probably more his speed? He can just relax and be himself he's a really funny dude. I don't know him personally but he seems like a genuine guy.
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