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  1. That sucks I caught it quick I thought it was different maybe they leaked it by accident.. oh well the waiting continues
  2. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    Hey all kidding aside. Fat Mike has been around for 30 years on the radio and was involved in sports for a decade before that. I agree with him that the modern-day athlete is an entitled " me " guy. It's disgraceful unfortunately. It is the complete opposite of what it takes to be a leader in a team sport. And unfortunately they're being congratulated by former players for " gettin that money". The modern-day athlete is concerned with his own brand. I'm raising three sons and I certainly don't tell them to look up to obj or Lev Bell! In fact it's the opposite and I use those guys as examples of what a true a-hole is, entitled and putting himself first and his team second. His team is only a vehicle for himself. Do you think all the guys on the Steelers we're happy that Lev Bell got that paper? Do you think all the guys in the Giants couldn't wait for obj to get the ball so he could get more endorsements? What about the guys who actually are good teammates and want to win together? Look up the definition of team... oh and by the way somebody just started a thread about antonio brown being late to his own introductory press conference SMH.
  3. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    Actually it was pretty cool. Thinking back to the old days we were actually men we learned how to work hard, we were actually accountable good teammates we learned how to fight with our fists. Our mommies didn't drive us to school we didn't get cereal bars and we had no step daddy's to make us microwave Hot Pockets for dinner when we got home. We actually had muscles.. and we certainly didn't talk sh*t because we knew we could hide behind our little phone😉
  4. Greenbloodblitz

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Can't wait for him and Robby Anderson to become fast friends you know? Nothing to worry about except Bible study lol
  5. Greenbloodblitz

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Well since he's been in the league and only got caught with 20 grams of weed, was suspended for four games got 15 months probation. Was suspended again for four more games the next season for missing drug tests. Held out an entire camp and refused to sign the franchise tag got hurt half of season then held out for 14 months. But he does have a few religious tattoos and put out three rap albums. So my total bad dude ...I guess he's a model citizen!
  6. I saw that one to SAR but the one I'm talking about was the three of them standing together and it was in the background behind the commentators
  7. Watching NFL Total Access live at 8:05 p.m. and they just showed a graphic of Bell , obj, and brown and their respective New Jersey's the Jets Jersey definitely looked different. It was a darker green and a neon green and definitely had black in it. Again it was a graphic not a photo
  8. Greenbloodblitz

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Well just like signing that Thug Bell, this is the opposite of the correct way to build a team. We take two nobodies from out of nowhere and they are special teams Pro Bowlers and we let them walk away to division Rivals? What kind of message does that send to the rest of the team? SMH
  9. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    Cuz he's a total cancer.. football is a team sport. And unfortunately the opinionated Fatman is correct in this instance. The modern 21 year old football fan only cares about FanDuel video games and haircuts. Nobody even knows what a good football player is anymore. It's all about highlight reels and fantasy football. Unfortunately we just sign Bell who is just as big of a self-centered ass clown
  10. Greenbloodblitz


    Why do they start that when all the people who I can actually work and buy tickets are still at work?
  11. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    But he just made a huge ass point about the three most talented guys in the NFL being Beckham, Bell, & Brown. They all just got new addresses... because they're entitled self-centered me guys that aren't team players. Better known as jerk offs.
  12. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    And signing Bell was definitely a colossal mistake
  13. Greenbloodblitz

    Fat Mike Fran

    I love it! He's burying everybody including Odell Beckham and the rest of the millenials that need a smack in the teeth
  14. Greenbloodblitz

    Myers moving on

    Stupid move plain and simple him and Andre Roberts should have been sewn up immediately months ago..smh

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