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  1. Rookie HC, Rookie OC, Rookie QB, lots of Rookies, Players and Coaches!? Lots of Changes! Of course we all were hoping for more. We had big plays on defense, and special teams I just think the offense is a little behind. Btw..it doesn't help that due to injuries and whatnot we've been shuffling the O-line and the Wide Receivers..
  2. Peyton Manning threw six interceptions in his first two games. So far Zach has five, Trevor Lawrence has five. I think Matt Stafford had four or five as well...
  3. I definitely think this deserves its own thread.I've been saying for months this kid is intelligent and can handle this media. Sadly that was a dig at a 22 year old kid who just played his second pro game not to mention our entire franchise. It wasn't witty it was actually low. Glad our QB is a better man than whatever f****** moron asked that question.
  4. I agree with the what was he looking at territory. He zigged when he should have zagged. I'm wondering whether or not he's injured already? There were four or five throws during that game that were head scratchers to me just WTF? Some throws he should have rifled it, and instead he lobbed it, or threw short and vice versa. Again I will compliment the kid on his post game interview he's very intelligent. He might be pushing himself and throwing off his natural rhythm. I'm not trying to make excuses but I think it also didn't help that I couldn't even figure out who the hell half the w
  5. I don't care how old he is after that hit he was sucking wind! If you've never been there you'll definitely know when you are... trust me!
  6. Slim I thought the same exact thing! That was a picture perfect sack if I ever saw one right through the middle of that sumbitch's chest!! Oof!!! Poor bastard! Enjoy the jello in the ER
  7. Not even an option! Not live anyway. I always rewatch the next day to check out the the offensive and defensive lines and whatnot.
  8. Yo I noticed that too! either they jacked him up with painkillers or he's already hooked? He's already on medication but that was a bit of a scary look. I'm glad you brought that up. I could be totally wrong maybe he was just rubbing the paint off his eyes but I definitely noticed what you noticed. The dude definitely got rag dolled..
  9. Sam isn't even in the same class as Zack Wilson that much was obvious.
  10. I don't frequent the live games in person as my kids have been too little for the last 20 years. However I think I've missed one game in 30 years on TV. I go loose at my house, I put out the spread and drink like a fish and scream at the refs. I appreciate every one of you guys that do go and represent us!!! I mean that from the heart! Enjoy!!!!!
  11. That being said when he got sacked, I thought he was dead. That was 10 on a scale of 1 to 10! My dude got crushed LOL
  12. Agreed. the fact that his old man is rich and he looks like he's 12 years old worried me that he would quit as soon as he got blasted but he didn't. Way better quarterback than Sam and the kid can sling it.
  13. I hope so... Then all the ass kissing talking heads have to actually put in some time and actually work. Kim Jones from NFL Network comes to mind LOL
  14. I was actually rooting for Fitz because I like him, sucks that he got hurt in the first game. I cannot stand the Giants. It's a pleasure watching their stumbling bumbling fumbling quarterback Danny Dimes...lol. Typical fair weather fan base just like Yankees fans, and I can't stand them either. Fat Mike Francesa comes to mind. The Italian guy who always goes with the sure thing like he's part of the crowd and has some inside info. Can anybody say clown shoes?
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