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  1. I'm not familiar with the Canon only the movies but it's good to know. Obviously I know the comic book character from my youth and thought that this latest thing with Natalie Portman was just a money grab. Obviously it's something you're into and I can really appreciate that. So pardon me for my lack of knowledge on the matter. I happen to be very heavily into Star Wars so I completely understand. However I was just making an example. I'm sure nobody cares about the new Men In Black movie and do you realize they're making a Terminator 6?
  2. Yes I can't wait for the Rainbow Brite movie so we can please all the transvestites and the gay and lesbian bisexual community. Maybe Anakin Skywalker can be a tranny in the next movie? How about somebody grows a set of balls and stop trying to please everybody by acting politically correct. Actually try to have a humble opinion and be real? And how are Tyson, Ali ,Lennon and Bonham make-believe characters? Lol why bother posting anything if all you want to do is be swarmy and politically correct? Snicker snicker snicker LMFAO. It's a f****** joke. Stop pretending you love everybody and everything and everything is okay because nobody really feels like that. But if you want to talk about make-believe characters....
  3. Hey man let me make this clear on a serious note. This is about Legacy, it's about tradition. It's about the greatness of the great ones. There's only one Jackie Gleason. Did you enjoy the movie version of The Honeymooners? There's only one James Bond 007.. as it was written in Ian Fleming's books. There's only one Luke Skywalker, Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, etc etc. Why remake The Goonies? Why didn't the Beatles reform without John Lennon or Led Zeppelin without John Bonham? How happy do you think the black community would be if he called some upcoming white boxer the next Muhammad Ali? Kurt Cobain was called the next John Lennon? Seriously man some things are better left untouched. Great people great works of art and the like. Little Orphan Annie wasn't a black girl LOL. And I like Bruce Lee just like he was. There's no reason for the sake of diversity to try to jam every race of person and every gender into every movie role or every biography. It's actually Reverse Racism and a money grab and a scam that in my opinion should actually be insulting to people. My point is just to let the great ones stay great some things just should be left untouched.
  4. Natalie Portman will now play Thor!? Not kidding..
  5. I have four kids. Yes they can drive you insane with toothpaste on the ceiling, knots in shoelaces, not eating their peas because it touched the rice Etc. You don't intimidate or abuse a kid or break his arm. Ever!!! This is totally unacceptable. This POS deserves the same treatment and to be sent back to the s***hole he was spawned from. Plain and simple.... there is no place for a guy like this on our team. I'd rather lose. I say take away all of his money and let's see where he is in his life in a year from now? How You Like Me Now?
  6. No the thread title and the thread itself are hilarious and we're meant to be funny. It's the offseason so lighten up Captain politically correct! SMH
  7. It's a person hole cover.. and now a man's man is a person's person
  8. WTF!? This has gone too far it's blasphemy! The Ghostbusters are girls? Seriously come on now! What's next! Luke Skywalker is a transvestite and he's angry cuz he can't find a bathroom with a tweener stick figure on the front of the door!? Is Wayne chrebet half black or Native American? Kermit is really a lizard who lost his tail and feels inadequate? Tom Cruise is making another mission impossible movie? Gary Busey is just faking being crazy? Tom Petty doesn't have big teeth? The whole freaking world is upside down now!!! I want to have a beer with George Carlin, Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, Rodger Waters, and Steven Spielberg! I want to video tape it and then give it to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Donald Trump! Let them sort this s*** out! Oh yeah I want to have a beer with William Shatner too!! I read Captain Kirk's biography by the way and he said that Leonard Nimoy really likes to eat fried egg sandwiches after he gets drunk at 3 a.m. . He says he hates the smell of stinky fried egg sandwiches... what does Sean Connery have to say about all of this!? Well what do you say Trebek!?
  9. I hope Robby Anderson the football player transitions to Superstar status. I hope Robby Anderson the man grows up. For real dude, you're a millionaire now.. go buy a suit and go to etiquette and elocution class. The whole troubled black youth from the projects, da hood, the streets, Hard Knocks..its old now. It's OVER!!! We've heard this story ad nauseam 50,000 times am I right? It's not threatening or special or unique anymore. Lots of people have tough lives. What you have to realize is that there's more important things than sneakers, weed, cars ,and neck tattoos. Hopefully somebody in this guy's life can be the voice of reason, tell him what a huge opportunity he has, and to cut his ridiculously bad hair!! Lol! D'Brickashaw Ferguson retired quietly, plays chess and classical guitar. Darrelle Revis never heard from again.. he's busy flipping commercial real estate. Curtis Martin the entrepreneur has ties to multiple businesses and he's looking to buy a professional football team. Dont be so busy representing Hard Knocks, that you don't realize when Opportunity Knocks.
  10. Manscaping is good and keeps us clean.
  11. I hate hearing stuff like this. Yes he's a football player but it could be any man. I have four children. I cringe at the thought of anything like this. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't involve yourself in BS. You never know what's going to happen. SMH
  12. Oh no that was you? I thought you were a Spanish chick!

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