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  1. Well at least somebody spoke up it was starting to get lonely in here! I haven't seen the Mandalorian I was moving and wanted to re-up all my TV and Computer Entertainment stuff. I had a tough time with the new movies too. I actually liked all of it except for the freeing the space camels part with the Chinese chick. Looking back Force awakens and Rise of Skywalker were not that bad. The problem with the Last Jedi is it was Mark Hamill's best acting job but he never left the island and anything and then they f****** killed him LOL? I think Rogue one was awesome, I think Solo was as bad as watching old episodes of The A-Team!
  2. Really funny s*** dude! That's like the backseat of my car when I pick my kids up LOL! It's tough to be a man baby but it's tougher to be a cab driver..
  3. Without checking stats I think Brant Boyer had his s*** together and special teams were doing pretty well. Special teams were one of our strong suits over the last few years. His first year was rough but we've been okay since. He knows the guys were keeping on the roster so it's a smart move. Joe judge was the Special Teams coordinator for the Patriots before he got hired as head coach of the Giants. The biggest reason for that is because the special teams involve offense-defense and he's involved with all the coaches and the GM. Very smart move in building a foundation. This guy knows the in and out the nooks and crannies of the whole team! He's like the janitor from The Breakfast Club LOL! He is the eyes and ears of this institution my friends LOL!
  4. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away .... So I've noticed that many posters on here, maybe obviously because of our age group, grew up with this incredible story. So all things George Lucas, Joseph Campbell the power of myth, Mark Hamill the Joker, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, you name it! And to my fellow otherworldly geeky brethren, I present to you a gift, and it's not two droids!
  5. F*** Tom Brady with a big black rubber dildo and then beat him over the head with it?
  6. First off it's only been one year that BB and Brady are apart. I give both of them nothing but props and I realized that during the Falcons Super Bowl. I told my children we were witnessing history. I think back and my father told me about the cars he had like the classics! 57 Chevy? 67 LeMans? Muhammad Ali!? Hey man I'm Jets all the way! I love football and the NFL did a great job this year. Everybody involved! I think it helped us all through. Brady is a great storyline. Don't think Belichick isn't coming back.
  7. No dude I clearly said I was cracking jokes! But he is not 6 '3", 210. He's more like 6'1" 190. If the kid can play he can play I agree with that. I'm just concerned about him getting broken in half. Let's take Mike Tyson as an example. In his prime he fought at about 218lb and he's five foot eleven. He had to get down to that weight. His hands, his head, his feet, his thighs are huge. He is a brick sh*thouse. Zach Wilson doesn't have the type of frame that can add a lot of bulk. When it's cold outside in the Northeast and he's taking hits from 300 lb d-lineman. There's a lot of time between now and the draft and I do like the way Wilson plays. I will continue to watch film there's a lot to assess. There's also the Sam darnold potential trade there's also the potential trade for Deshaun Watson. There's also the possibility of a quarterback competition in Camp.
  8. Dude he's got such a slight frame and he literally looks like Howdy Doody! He definitely has talent and he's smoking the competition at that particular level. Will that translate to the NFL? He looks like he's 12 years old will we ever be able to grow a beard? He looks like he'll be cold LOL. My dude is like 190 lb. He's a little more athletic than Sam, and obviously throws a better intermediate to deep ball. I dropped a few jokes in there but in all seriousness if Ben Roethlisberger or Josh Allen are the perfect body type for playing in the Northeast cold weather ,this kid is anything but that. That's my only concern. I will say that I like Fields and Wilson better than Lawrence as far as arm strength. When I check these guys out I picture them as the starting QB in a Jets uniform. The kid plays great but will he be able to take hits? How about that injury history?
  9. Lmfao.. I'm not ashamed to admit I was a stupid teenager! However I did see this kid Mike shoot one right through his front screen door! It was pretty funny. Actually in those days it was legendary.
  10. Hey here's a great idea! Let's just hire Jim Harbaugh and draft 5 first-round wide receivers and that'll get us to a Super Bowl right!?
  11. Nah I think you're just cranky and you got an axe to grind. You're not doing anybody any good here get some sleep dude. I will say this.. for all the years Woody was here he would change things up for no reason, make some knee-jerk reaction, fire or hire ...like Tim Tebow or Brett Favre. His brother has not done that. He seems much more composed and in touch. If you look at where we are set up right now that's all credited to him. I think Chris Johnson really gives a s***. He made changes throughout the entire organization.. his intentions are for better results on Gameday.
  12. Your grandmother isn't involved in a 3 billion + organization? Glad she's a great cook, but I just proved you wrong. Do you realize how much comes across this guy's desk on a daily basis? And let me make it clear I'm not picking on you or defending the Johnsons constant flubs over the years. But you have to be realistic man. Like I said three billion plus organization. It's not a high school football team. It's not as simple as drafting 5 wide receivers in a deep wide receiver draft. I totally get that you're unhappy with the results that you're seeing on the field as am I, but the guy straightened everything out as close as it's been to right and as long as I've been following the team which is 25 + years. The johnsons are not cheap. They throw money at free agents, stadiums, new uniforms you name it. I'm pretty sure they're trying to get it right. Negativity from the fan base and or media definitely doesn't help. You can say it's all about results and I understand and respect that stance, however there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than you probably realize. On a daily basis.
  13. BS! I said this in another thread Chris Johnson has done an excellent job. Things don't always happen overnight. I think he has listened to the fans, I think he listened to Gase which led to Joe Douglas which led to firing a bunch of people in the front office. I think he has listened and learned a lot more than Woody ever did. I think it would be a huge mistake to remove him from his current post. The guy is clearly learning from his mistakes. For chrissakes were just finally putting it all together and changing the structure and things are happening and going in a positive direction. Let's not mess it up now.

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