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  1. Although not exact I can see a good comparison there. Again I named Bilal Powell and Curtis Martin, because neither of them were really fast or really big, just pretty good at everything. I would say it's a given that they brought in Frank Gore to be a mentor to Perine. I also think lamical is a little more athletic and more explosive than Gore at least at this stage of the game obviously LOL. Jetnut compared him to LT... maybe a poor man's LT? We can only hope! Personally I love the Chrebet, Jericho Cotchery , Mike DeVito types. The B+ players. Everybody doesn't have to be a total Superstar and I think it's these types of players that really make a team what it is. the Guards, Nickelbacks, Special Teamers. Wallace Wright? Ashton Davis Etc. Some dudes just have Grit.
  2. About the same size right? I think LT was a little faster though. Perine runs hard man he's a f****** baller. I really think it was a great pick, he's just a good football player and he gets it done
  3. Definitely. I actually see a little bit of Bilal and a little bit of Curtis. Dude isn't really explosive and doesn't really seem great at any one thing but he's pretty damn good at just about everything. He runs hard. Looking forward to see what he can bring.
  4. I'm just f****** around I'm actually psyched about this guy! One of my favorite picks from this draft.
  5. It's pronounced Pee- rine Which reminds me of pee stain from Dumb and Dumber every time.
  6. I'm still waiting to see any proof .. who said Adam Gase was an Offensive genius, Offensive Guru or a Quarterback Whisperer LMFAO!? I really don't give a flying f*** what our offensive rankings are, I don't play FanDuel or Fantasy Football. I care about WINS...thats all. Our entire team and culture has changed since he got here. From top to bottom! I'm looking forward to a much better year. I'm looking forward to a competitive season where we are tough in all three phases of football so that I can watch it on television and enjoy it! I really don't care what Patrick Mahomes does or how many fantasy points he puts up. I think Adam Gase is the best coach we've had in years. I have had the head coaches back since day one and that will continue. Great hire!
  7. Total BS! In fact It's usually the polar opposite! Normally teams that make the big dance are followed up by a huge Exodus with players and coaches abandoning ship.
  8. I'm going to send a case of Binky's to 1 Jets Drive. C/O Jamal Adams. And in big black Magic Marker I'm going to write. " STOP CRYIN " on the box!
  9. This exactly! Straight from everybody's living room cheering on the team... ain't nothing wrong with that at all! I've actually been contemplating this for a few weeks.

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