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  1. Just wondering if the rest of you guys have any thoughts on this? I'm currently watching the episode with Joe Namath. If you don't know what it is, it's on YouTube it's a podcast with Mangold and Sanchez. I'm a big fan of things like Saturday Night Live, Pro Wrestling, The Honeymooners, Star Trek, The Michael Kay show ect. I like when they break kfabe and actually are laughing and breaking character. Other people actually laughing for real makes me laugh~ The common theme here is you can actually see the friendship and inside jokes. It just puts a natural smile on my face. I've always liked Mangold and would love to have a beer with the guy, but I really didn't like Sanchez as a QB. However he's a very cool funny dude. They seem to have an honest and natural camaraderie, and like I said I find myself just smiling when I watch them talking. Pretty cool stuff~
  2. If I remember correctly he had some off the field troubles I believe he had a couple of DWI's? Again the point of the thread was to compliment the HC because I think he's honest. I think when he says anybody on the team has a chance he means it. If the right tackle we just drafted blows everybody away, then he'll be starting.
  3. Yeah well I was more so being complimentary to the GM and the Head Coach and the types of people that they want to work with. However I do believe they will bring good things and I believe this will be a winning season.
  4. First off congratulations to the elder statesman on this board who have watched this team for decade upon decade. I may be a little long-winded. JD has put together a team between free agency and the last few drafts and the guy worked his ass off. I think it's obvious that he knows what he's doing. This year's draft was phenomenal and every media outlet has us at least within the top three of the best drafts, and that's on JD. I apologize that I can't find Robert Saleh in his season ending interview on the Michael Kay show but it was incredible. He didn't say a word that resembled Coach speak. He was pure and genuine and sounded like a guy who was relaxing with a Corona and a lime~ I really like this optic for the Jets. We've been cracking on Woody and Chris Johnson for a long time and I really felt over time that they were genuine and they really want to succeed. I think they really appreciate the fans but New York is a really tough market. We kind of can't wait to give somebody a wedgie or the middle finger right? Lmao!!!! So here it's Robert Saleh.... He's a new age different kind of coach that shows these young men respect. Obviously the days of Dick Butkus type players are gone. But I'm going to paraphrase a few statements, and it took me a while to post this cuz I wanted to be sure. At this point in life I walk down and f*** them all if you know what I mean!? At one point when Saleh was asked, you used to be so animated on the sidelines as a DC how come you're not like that now? His answer was these are young men who need to be treated like men and if they need to be yelled at to make of million dollars to play a kid's game, then they don't belong here. That's really an even give and take attitude, and it's going to attract a certain kind of person. Everybody has a different path and journey in life and some of these guys didn't get the same opportunities. The second quote I will paraphrase is that he said I don't care where you were drafted how much money you make or whether you're a walk on, if you show me what you can do on the field you will get your time to play. Again this will attract a certain kind of person. Quite possibly a person who will take advantage of opportunity despite his lack of opportunities. Braxton Berrios comes to mind. So does Wayne Chrebet, George Fant, Mike Devito, and Braylon Edwards. All of these guys were tough bastards who didn't have an easy ride but took advantage of their opportunity. Saleh and JD come off to me like guys that mean what they say and say what they mean and I think that's really important. So I think our GM and HC are going to allow the team to make itself. Young aggressive self-starters who take advantage of their opportunity. That's New York for you... The God damn New York Jets A team we can be proud of!!!!!
  5. I actually congratulated this dude publicly on my Facebook page. Not everybody is going to make it to a pro football team. Also not everybody can say they made it to the practice squad of any kind of pro team. Not all of us can be this lucky but this is the kind of thing I preach to my children to persevere and work harder than everybody else. Life is about the journey not the destination. Some people join the army, some people go to college, some people start businesses, some people play in rock bands. Determination, honesty, and hard work all affect every other area of your life, for the rest of your life plain and simple. Congrats to Ruckert and especially his old man who must feel like he's in Heaven on Earth.
  6. I've been a little busy and haven't been around here as much but I really wanted George Karlitis. That dude is going to be a player man... big time.
  7. A guy that I think doesn't get enough attention as a first round pick is Shawn Ellis. The Big Kat~
  8. Dude LMFAO! The good part about having kids is you get the check stuff like this out! It's literally one of my favorite movies of all time, cuz Uncle Rico is ruining our lives and eating all our steak lol. In fact my favorite scene is when Uncle Rico throws the steak and hits Napoleon in his face It's a tough movie to read the first time you watch it ...kind of like Time Bandits, or Pee Wee's Big adventure. Movies like that you don't know what you're watching till you ingest and digest the whole thing. Funniest of all one of my 12 year old twin sons actually talks and then runs away without moving his arms just like Napoleon Dynamite!
  9. Well like I said those bad MFS in the trenches aren't easy to come by. These days you can pick a wide receiver in any round and he can be great because the game has changed. It's more about attitude hence why Mims is in the dog house, and Braxton just got a new contract. Obviously we need a good safety and a CB but I'd like to see another lineman on both sides of the ball. I think Jordan Davis is the DT that's a physical freak. I would love that guy on this team and the other guy Ikea the tackle that we all thought Beckton would have been? So my two pics at 4/10 are OT & DT. As far as an edge rusher I like the Greek dude Kalifakis or whatever his name is. He's a bad man. We can even trade back up to get him at the bottom of the first or we can take him in the second..... We'll go from there. I like my first three picks thus far~
  10. It's funny cuz every year there's dudes that are set to be second round picks that wind up being Superstars Davante Adams being one of the dudes I was banging on the table for. This year give me the Ikem icky shuffle OT dude, and Jordan Davis. That's who I want at 4th and 10th. You want to build a team that wrecks shop? You start there.
  11. Definitely that QB draft class. I really wanted Baker Mayfield and he's turned out to be meh!? I actually yelled out loud noooooo like Darth Vader when we took Darnold instead of Josh Rosen. Is Rosen even still playing tennis? Man oh man was I way off.... Yes I wanted Josh Allen the guy who plays on the defensive side of the ball and wanted nothing to do with Josh Allen the QB! So slap me a few times and I'll buy you a couple of shots!?
  12. You like that one right? Acid casualty type stuff~ Depends on the day you get me.
  13. No that was me~ Um ... Sorry? But we did have a player who got caught waxing his carrot and showing old ladies cuz he was on some synthetic weed geeking out LMFAO
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