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    Beatles, Beasties, Pink floyd, Bob Dylan, David Lee Roth, Roddy Piper, George Carlin, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, just to name a few guys I'd like to have a few beers with!? Lol

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    Brady sitting on his ass in the middle of the field right before Bart Scott's "Can't Wait"!!!
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    I believe it was the Thanksgiving game where the pats scored 21 points in 58 seconds. I think it was the butt fumble game. My whole family was there and all my kids had Jets Green on and they all walked out on me and left me curled up like a water bug on the couch all sad.
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    camel toes
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  1. I think there should be a financial cap on every position. In other words no RB in the league should be able to make more than 10 million a year. He can sign for less but he can't make more. In my opinion it's getting ridiculous.
  2. After the game I always watch the highlights a few times on YouTube.
  3. Cancer sucks! I lost my Mother about 4 years ago. She was also tough as nails. I remember her watching me and my son shovel snow in the driveway and she was pissed that she couldn't be out there. We found out it was genetic and her sister, her, and her cousin all died at the same age. Sorry for what you're going through bro you can DM me anytime. I know it's not fun to say the least. Try to keep your chin up.
  4. I have gone out of my way over and over to say that the GM and HC of this team are building character. Yes he is definitely a good Head Coach! If you've ever built anything you have to teach people how to do it right.
  5. I think most of you guys have it right. Belichick's coaching tree sucks. Historically it always has. He can be Belichick but when somebody else tries to be him it's not the same.
  6. Listen we just upset the team that every sports show says is going to be the Super Bowl champions this year. I think some of you need to lighten up on this kid he's only been playing in the league for a year and a half. Yes he's a kid and he's playing in the hardest media market in the NFL. He's 23 years old some of you expect him to play like Peyton Manning or Dan Marino in their 8th year? In my opinion he did a fine job today. It takes all three phases and we won the game. If you've watched football for a long time other than for playing FanDuel, there have been a lot of Quarterbacks who are streaky. It's not like the kids not trying he definitely is. We're six and three give him a damn break. Hell when I was 23 years old I had one of the best rock bands in the world I would have put it up against led Zeppelin or Aerosmith! However I knew nothing about business management, credit cards, women, housing, and it was before the internet. Like I said he's only 23. I think the kid did a fine job out there today. We beat the team all of the talking heads on the sports shows consider the Super Bowl favorites.
  7. The Defense has to attack Josh Allen and not let him breathe! That's our only chance of winning.
  8. Just more woke BS! They never should have changed the name from the Redskins in the first place! Any man on here over 30 years old played Cowboys and Indians when he was a kid! We didn't play Cowboys and Native Americans! What's next are the Scandinavians going to sue because we have the Minnesota Vikings!? Maybe the Nspca might Sue on behalf of Lions, Bears, Dolphins and Rams? Get over it it's the name of a Goddamn Football team it's not really that serious!!!
  9. Hey not every 23-year-old can get shot out of a cannon and turn into Marino, Elway, or Manning. We do understand that that's very rare correct? I think we need to give the kid a f****** break he hasn't turned the ball over and he hasn't lost us any games. Also football is a team sport and it takes all three phases and I think we've been doing just fine~
  10. So I watched this documentary on YouTube about Jack Lambert. I heard a great quote."there are athletes and there are football players" I believe this team is blessed with both. Credit to the GM and the HC for building Character on this team. As far as Zach Wilson I think the kid has a really good head on his shoulders and really good character as well as the physical tools. I've never been more intrigued to listen to a QB in a post game interview on the Jets. He's actually being himself and answering the questions after thinking about them it's not the same old coach speak type s*** I'll allow the kid to have bad games once in awhile because we all have bad days at work once in awhile right? That's my positive vibes~
  11. Dire Straits money for nothing, chicks for free!?
  12. I agree with this as he is adjusting on the fly. It's like wrapping Christmas presents the night before Christmas~
  13. I'm a huge Beatles fan. This is one of my favorite songs. The rooftop jam! I'm pretty sure Lennon is wearing Ringo's wife's coat!?
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