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  1. Okay okay so obviously I'm being sarcastic. I don't think we need a mascot, I think we need offense and defense. We already have plenty of entertainment with the Johnson Brothers looking like little gray aliens wearing green ties and Jet baseball hats, we have fireman Ed, Adam Sandler, and the fat guy with the airplane hat AKA JetMan? How about actually serving food that somebody would want to eat at an actual outdoor stadium event!? I think that would add to the whole experience!! Sorry but a cranberry salad in the freezing cold that just doesn't do it for me... neither do Falafel balls , or Bavarian chocolate fondue over rice squares! How about a nice bratwurst and a beer, hard hits and wins?
  2. How about a guy dressed in a green airplane costume? He can run around and pretend he's flying- that would be awesome right?
  3. Lol!! Snarling Beefcakes Great name for a punk band
  4. And f*** you to all the Giants fans who suddenly disappear and stop talking s*** when they realize their team sucks! At least JETS fans have loud mouths even when we know we suck. HAHAHAHA!
  5. Btw .. I meant every word of that so smoke em if you got em.
  6. Excuse me while I whip this out!!! I think Eli Manning is a huge goober with a really bad haircut and a permanent stuffy nose, who lived off his older brother's reputation. He got lucky in two Super Bowls. Whenever they play the Mayberry music on WFAN I laugh till I am in tears. Now watch out for falling Frozen iguanas the weekend may be windy.
  7. Did anybody else see the post game interview with Robby on SNY where he said " I muss be psychic or suntin' " He was talkin about the catch in the endzone in the Steelers game. I can't find it anywhere but it was priceless.. lmfao
  8. Um ..yeah..NAH - This is actually pretty ridiculous. I've heard good things about Jeremiah over the years, but this just looks like clickbait without doing any actual work. Maybe it's just too early, and of course there's going to be trades.. but this is just straight up crap. That's my very non humble opinion.
  9. I hate to use the term one-trick Pony for Anderson but that's basically what he is. He's an oddity / luxury. Granted his straight-line speed is probably top five in the league, Yet that only seems to matter when he slips through coverage and gets open. When this does happen nobody is catching him. However the rest of his skill-set is severely lacking. Poor route Runner, no jump ball skills, no strength to fight for the ball, doesn't start and stop on a dime, no Quick Cuts or juking moves. He usually seems to be going down whenever he catches the ball in traffic. He's worth 8 or 9 million a year and that's it. As I've said before a big name on this team will be getting traded for draft picks. I would love to see Joe Douglas somehow finagle Henry Ruggs III AND Laviska Shenault. I know it's a pipe dream but we'd have a dangerous damn offense!!! Yes I know we obviously need O line! That's a given.. and Shell is just a slightly above-average JAG.
  10. No way! Absolutely not! If Brady doesn't play for the Pats this year I fully expect him to be in Vegas or London. Followed by a collusion case. If Brady ever were to put a Jets uniform on I would never watch them again. I'm sure a huge percentage of jets fans would feel the same. Franchise suicide.
  11. I'm going with the Hewitt/ Burgess tandem as well. They both seemed to show up frequently in every game they played.
  12. Are we doing favorites as players or people? Like who are my favorite athletes or what guys would I like to hang out and have a beer with?
  13. I think all of the Jets Unis have always been Bland. The new ones make me feel indifferent. I was really hoping for something that would wow me and these definitely did not. It is still the Jets though and all I really care about is seeing a good team playing a good game.
  14. Of all the Butt Fumbles yours was the Buttfumbliest-
  15. I will say this. Somebody is getting traded, and a few guys are being re-signed, and then there are free agents to bring on board. Obviously we can only speculate. Bell, Adams, Mosley, and Maye..maybe even Avery Williamson's situation will eventually determine what falls into place. Also whether or not we re-sign Anderson. One way or another I think we're going to be adding more picks to The 20/20 draft. Count on it.
  16. Gunz Ablazin should be the name of the new GNR album
  17. First round pick will be a shutdown CB!
  18. I believe Braylon had had some prior problems with alcohol and couldn't always be trusted to keep it together off the field. It was a very stupid move to let him go and keep the other clown from Pittsburgh who was nothing but trouble on the field. Edwards seemed to disappear and I think the stigma was that since the Jets let him go there must be something wrong? We retained homes because Rex what's an egotist that believed if anybody ever beat him the guy must be great. What a meatball! Braylon was actually a really cool dude and if you remember he was one of the original Fear the Beard guys LOL! to that I will say I also would like to see Tee Higgins as a JET.
  19. Spare me..seriously. I guess we all overlooked superstar Ryan Tannehill!? Clearly he's the next Tom Brady right? Lol
  20. To all the guys crapping on Gase.. I'll see you next year at the chicken farm. We're going to need an enormous amount of eggs for lots of the faces around here.
  21. Well my friend then you're very fortunate to be in the 1%. I however grew up on the other side of the tracks. There are plenty of people who fully understand that you have to work twice as hard as the boss's son. For most people life is unfair and nothing is handed to you. That makes any accomplishments you have worked for even more rewarding and builds true character. If you just want to start handing out roles and awards to individuals just because of their race or gender or because they're handicapped, or considered minority in anyway ... you're completely diminishing everything the under-privileged person has fought for and against. Some people persevere despite the uphill battle of the odds being against them. They are the truly deserved and real winners.

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