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  1. Yeah the replay! You know what man all this critical precise thinking has taken all of the humanity out of the game. Go back and watch the Mike Tyson Buster Douglas fight. Only the biggest upset in sports history remember? In the eighth round Tyson catches Douglas with an uppercut and knocks him out cold. Somehow it took the referee 14 seconds to count to 10!? Yeah well the rest is history isn't it? You win some you lose some and the call on the field stands, according to the eye test. That's how it should be. All of the sterile craziness going on these days is mind-bo
  2. Nice!! Who's in charge of the NFL rules these days the Me Too movement !? SMDH!!
  3. The prez with a spot on impersonation of Jerry's Kids!! So happy we didn't pay that a-hole $1 Lmfao 4-ever!!
  4. I agree with you to the letter... I don't really care what anybody's personal, social, or political stance is. I'm a fan of the game of football not the NFL product. That being said the irony here, thread title included, is that even Pro Wrestling sucks these days. Even though they've openly admitted that the whole thing is an act and a set up, albeit entertainment, they still can't even get that right!? It's all watered down and everybody's crying like a pussy.... It's nauseating. Good on you and you're nod to Boxing! Your sentiments are definitely appreciated.
  5. BS.. Herndon had every opportunity afforded to him here and he just f***** up left and right. Kroft is hurt... But I think we're fine with him, Griffen and Wesco being the unsung hero. I think once they sort this offense out in a few more games you're going to see Wesco as a Braxton Berrios type. The best ability is availability, and these guys are just football players. They don't have a specialty but they can do a lot of things really well. Edit: I had to look up his name and it's Ray Cooper. If you've been around for more than a few decades you've seen this guy at every benef
  6. Damn!!! This is the same dude from the other day right? He posts in urgent Morse code from a submarine!? Funny sometimes I read these threads backwards. I'll just click to the last page to see where we're at. There are multiple posters on this site and I know who they are just by reading it. @SAR I @Defense Wins Championships @Warfish come to mind!!!? Lmao! This OP is a totally different animal.. Urgent Morse code! Superman.... Likely Heisman candidate.. JW ..JB....DOC...w.a.l.k. Send troops... Alfalfa. gipper.. Alpha male.. Kirk Herb
  7. What's up @GREENBEAN haven't spoken to you in a while!? Hope all is well. Here are a few takes and theories I have on what's up with Mims. First off let me state that I was one of the small percentage that wasn't exactly elated that we drafted him. There were a few other guys that I thought were going to be better NFL players Laviska Shenault, Jalen Reager, and Brandon Aiyuk.. to name a few. In fact I think Mimss was at the bottom of the first tier of wide receivers from the tape I watched. Number two.. yes he has the measurables but we all know that isn't everything. He can def
  8. Jeff beck, and Eric Clapton have both played on Roger Waters solo albums. Pros and cons of hitchhiking, and Amused to death. Both really great albums. they toured with him as well. There's some really good live stuff on YouTube especially from the Pros and Cons tour. That being said I had breakfast I took a nap I had a few cocktails and I've tried to read the OP a bunch of times and I still have no freaking clue what he's talking about. I even tried the first letter of every word to see if there was some kind of code involved!? Besureanddrinkyourovaltine-
  9. Dude maybe I'm getting older or it's just really early, but other than the words John Beck, I have no idea what the hell you just said?
  10. Op is Todd Bridges from Different Strokes! Whatchu talkin' bout Willis!!??
  11. I wouldn't offer Mr. Mevis a packet of cocktail sauce from Long John Silvers if he was starving. You got the guillotine boy! This ain't your home. Kick rocks....
  12. Jesus this place is like happy hour! You guys are making me late for my doctor's appointment..lol
  13. Well now there's an idea! in fact that's right up my alley and I'll do it for free! Listen up men! We've had a good week of practice, and you lifted lots of weights! You know what's on the line and you know what you got to do! Now dammit let's go do it! If you need me I'll be on the sidelines smacking babies and kicking dogs!
  14. This! And as I've said in previous threads losing Knapp was huge! That was his role here to mentor the OC and the QB. Obviously the loss of his life is way more important than football, but I really believe that him not being here is why our offense is holy swiss cheese Batman.
  15. Didn't he buy John Lennon's guitar for like a few million dollars or something? He just doesn't give a f***! You can't hate on a guy for that.
  16. I don't think Maye gets enough love for the player he's been. For the most part he keeps his head down doesn't say much and he always shows up on game day. That being said between the DUI and the injury, we can probably get a second or third from the Cowboys or the Raiders! Lol
  17. Yeah so basically what you're saying is let's not lose the ability to laugh at ourselves thing!? That's kind of what makes us human beings.
  18. Hey slim I thought I would respond because I liked your mostly positive take. I think the offense is still out of sync and needs to build chemistry. Perhaps adapting the same philosophy as the defense, which is keeping it simple. At least the defense looked good till both our starting safeties went down? Now the DBS look lost. The talent is definitely there all over the field. I honestly think there's just too many substitutions on offense to build chemistry, they're making it more difficult for Zach. Maybe Lefleur thinks he has a reputation to uphold and he's just trying to get too trick
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