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  1. What is Jetsy? We gave the guy a shot and drafted a franchise quarterback then out of respect we traded him to a team with a 40 year old quarterback so he could have a shot to start. If anything we showed this guy plenty of respect. What would have been the point to keep him here trapped? This guy fought his ass off to be a player in this league again and we gave him the best possible chance and got a mid-round pick out of it? He also walked away with a half a million dollars guaranteed for hanging out with us for the preseason. I definitely would rather have Sam
  2. I know it's silly cuz it's preseason but something tells me there's still some fight in us... in the end we're winning this game. I'm seeing lots of players flashing on both sides of the ball.
  3. Looks to me like the line and linebackers are attacking of the secondary is thinking way too much
  4. And I just got done telling my father to take Ty Montgomery on FanDuel all year. Holy egg on your face Batman
  5. I actually really like Lucas on the post game show on SNY. In fact they had a few really good lineups on there and it was pretty funny even after some tough losses. Benigno on the other hand is just washed up at the stage of his career. He isn't funny or insightful, and quite frankly I find it insulting that he calls himself a Jets fan and barely knows any of the players names or positions or whether we traded for them or took them in the draft excetera.
  6. Best: I wanted Gase or Greg Williams as our new H.C. and we got them both. Double boner pants! Worst: apparently I was watching Jon Gruden's QB camp with Christian Hackenberg at the same time as Woody Johnson and Mike Maccagnan. I really thought he had " it" .
  7. I think I'm going to change my name to Dick Hammer! Is that taken already? If not it's mine. How about Krafty RubNTug!? Maybe.. Brady is a Catcher?
  8. Definitely not worthy of being called the next Broadway Joe that's for damn sure. Poor guy lol.
  9. If I remember correctly, Geno Smith had some cyber sex and the chick posted his unimpressive junk all over the Internet LMFAO! I knew it was all over right then and there.
  10. Yep! Just goes to show when these guys get football scholarships they don't even need to know how to read! SMH my sentiments exactly.
  11. This is stupid they barely even cracked the door open for this guy and gave him a chance. A deep thinker he apparently is not
  12. The first three games of the year will be very telling
  13. I'm going with a 7. Until he wins something or gets us to the playoffs or a couple of 10-win seasons in a row, I still think he's going to have a few bad games here and there, a couple of ints at crucial times a few wobbly passes here and there. That said I'm very excited about his upside and I have hopes and expectations that he's going to give us some really thrilling moments the likes we haven't seen around here..
  14. I think they brought him in for his presence... kind of like they keep McClendon around on the defensive line. That being said I actually thought that the backups and reserves on the offensive line looked pretty good
  15. I listen to a few podcasts last night I think one was called Robbie and Sabo ? Anyway they said that Burgess jr. is calling the plays for the second string defense and he actually is Avery Williamsons backup. During Gase presser after the green and white scrimmage he stated that Hewitt is currently learning a new position. Burgess was on the Browns last year w/ Greg Williams.. I expect Burgess Jr to be the starter next to CJ. Cashman will be sprinkled in sub packages
  16. Sorry I don't know how I quoted Ken!? But again where can I watch this awesomesauce event from my own home?
  17. If memory serves correct I believe winovich was touted as having a high floor? So pretty much he's as good as he's ever going to get. Polite dropped to the third round after being talked about as a first before his rotten combine. I guess they were banking on him having untapped potential? I really just think this is GM's in this league have a huge complex that Tom Brady was chosen where he was. Some of these GM's are trying to prove that they're smart and need to find their own unicorn so they get cute with some of their pics.
  18. And that's the bottom line.. cuz Leonard Nimoy said so!

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