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  1. Eric Coleman, Willie Colon, Chad Pennington, Ray Lucas, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons, Greg Buttle, Mike Westhoff, Rich Eisen, Mike Greenberg and the rest of OUR sorry asses!!! Lol
  2. I've been saying it all year Quincy is the team's MVP on Defense.
  3. Agreed.. Rex should just shut up. And things like that. Plus that sorta stuff. And you know.. those types of things? I'll tell ya... Idiot-
  4. Come on man! If Rex really cared about the Jets don't you think he has the means to call Saleh personally? You know hey kid I've worked in this town it's not easy but here's some tips and pointers? You're going to blow the guy up on national TV or radio? It's a cheap move. He literally said don't ever say his name and my name in the same sentence don't ever compare Robert Saleh to me! He was scoffing at the HC. Uncalled for. How about if Joe Namath just blasted out to the media that he thinks Zach Wilson sucks and we made a huge mistake drafting this kid with the number two overall p
  5. Hey fwiw.. I'm also chimed in with my opinion on how different a job of being a head coaches as opposed to being a coordinator or an assistant coach. Not questioning anybody's knowledge or love for football but there is a huge difference. Saleh isn't out there telling guys to tackle dummies! He's delegating those responsibilities to other people now. He's doing lots of paperwork he's talking to the media every day, he's talking to the training coaches about injuries, the nutritionists, chartering planes, hotel rooms whatever department that is he's on the horn with those people. I've
  6. I think Robert Saleh is more frustrated with the way his team is playing, and he's also seeing the pressure cooker being an HC in this town is. Rex was wrong for getting personal and involving and comparing himself to the current HC, pretty much kicking the guy when he's down. Very unprofessional in my opinion. I don't think they were fighting words from Saleh, more like "he knows where to find me" as in I'm sitting at his desk and chair in his old office and you don't work here anymore sucker!
  7. Hey here's an idea! Let's just get the whole conglomerate and have a HC by committee approach!? What do ya say!? Let's get the Mangenius, Sexy Rexy, The Herminator, Sleepy Todd Bowles, and Crazy Eyes Adam Gase to supply the really good yellow rock cocaine!!! We can bring back a few assistants as well such as The Hobbit, the running back coach with the awesome Papa Smurf beard, anybody named Dick Curl the clock watcher, and that awesome Offensive Coordinator who we fired immediately for being successful!! Yay! Hell let's throw in Chad Pennington cuz he talks really slow
  8. In my time I would have to say Yes. I started following the Jets in 1995, Chrebets first year with Boomer. As I've said in the past I was a full-time musician back then and I needed something as a hobby to take a day off once in awhile. I picked Sundays and the New York Jets. To be quite honest and I'll give a nod to anybody that's been watching longer, we actually had a pretty good run from that point. We were in the playoffs it seemed like almost every other year? So I guess for that I'm lucky. Besides 2015 which was a fun group and a really good year just being competitive, w
  9. Maybe some of you other posters have not had the same forced proctology examination of being a Jets fan, but Rex Ryan was a Joke! Do you not remember how bad his teams were the last 4 years of his tenure? Do you not remember his postseason press conference where he said he's going to dedicate himself to the Offensive side of the ball, only to come back at the preseason press conference and say that he's a Defensive coach, and he's going to stick to that side of the ball? Yes Rex Ryan definitely livened up the place. But it just got worse and worse over time. I mean.. everything
  10. I was also going to start a thread about this but I'll just speak my peace here. Zach Wilson has a big brain. I'm trying to put this simple. I happen to have the same affliction and so does my youngest son. I was moved up two grades in school twice. My son was just chosen with three other people to run the entire School district's media Network and he's 12 years old. It's like accelerated comprehension. Unfortunately dependent upon your age you're maturity level does not always jive with how well you see the big picture. Your brain downloads constantly and you have incredible memory
  11. I agree I don't think Flacco helps the QB rooms psyche. We love our QB room, we just need to bring in another guy who's older and won a Super bowl because you schmucks are useless!? LOL! I mean come on man what kind of message does that send? I think you have to show confidence to build confidence.
  12. Hey look on the bright side, now we get to watch the post game show with Bart Scott mispronouncing every other word! At least we get to laugh!!
  13. At this point the only thing I haven't seen as a Jet fan (sucker) .. I'd like to see Robert Saleh completely freak out at the podium at the post game press conference. I mean legit ...like kick the podium over, give everybody the finger, cursing, throwing punches and straight up quit the job on live TV!!! Seriously just start throwing haymakers at reporters and security, rip his shirt off start yelling s*** out in a different language, veins popping out his head!!! We deserve this!!! Oh no Joe Flacco!? That's it man ..I'm done. Like the Tom Petty album titled
  14. I'll swallow that like a jello shot..
  15. Mike White is "thinking too much!" Three words put together that have never made any sense to me. Should the offensive leader on the football field "try thinking less?" ?????? I'm perturbed-
  16. Anybody else catch the cameraman flopping like he got hit in the nuts with the football!? The replay showed that the ball didn't even hit him!? Wtf!?
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