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  1. Credit where credit is due. A lot of folks on here were crapping on this guy. I'd keep him around-
  2. Yeah let's turn this into the I hate the uniforms thread!!!!?? Sumbitches!!! sh*tty ass Uni's!!! Lol!
  3. Were you ever somebody else's forehead? I think I've seen you around..lol
  4. He's in a downward spiral now and it's obvious. He's the only one that doesn't see it. He'll resurface in a year or two a little more humbled.
  5. Blake Cashman needs a bus pass to parts unknown and I'm more than willing to chip in-
  6. I can't really say I disagree. But if I have to choose sides I'm going with old and wise every time. Just remember that Belichick was coaching football before Tom Brady was even goddamn born. Lol
  7. Wasn't Doss like a fourth round pick that was on the raiders a few years ago? I remember him making some noise but he was immature or something?
  8. Just a quick follow-up I will always be a Jets fan I have no love for the Pats or Belichick. However it's Tom Brady that I really can't stand. To be totally honest I'm a comic book villain type of guy. I love Darth vader, Rowdy Roddy piper, Mike Tyson etc. The men you love to hate. Nothing is good without a really good bad guy- In three decades of being a dedicated football fan what this guy has accomplished is amazing to me. I think you'll find out in the end that it was Belichick not Brady that made them so successful. The brains behind the brawn so to speak, even though Brady
  9. What has two thumbs and is going to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? This Guy!!!! Count on it.
  10. Yeah you sound like you have experience at being one of those brave internet insult guys.... Tell your story walkin' pal. The real problem is you don't "understand" what I'm saying.
  11. Hey new guy... thanks for coming in with your ears pinned with your Deep Thoughts!? But not really. Do a little more listening, and a lot less talking and definitely zero thinking on your part. Thanks in advance.... All of us.
  12. It's a Pats/ Bucs Superbowl- The fix is in ...write it down, you heard it here first! With Roger Goodell as the puppeteer, it's the NFL's biggest season ever! Don't think I'm the only guy who noticed that they've been promoting that all year? So what would be bigger than Brady vs. Belichick!? Nothing. It's a business thing man. This is the only matchup that can actually recoup all of the money they lost last year. Pats will beat the Bills tonight.
  13. Looking forward for Bart Scott mispronouncing words and Willie Colon looking like he's ready to kill somebody- Yay Sundays!!!!
  14. Men's shoe is a great backup to have on your team the guy can definitely come out and win and juice up the offense in a spot. I lobbied for him and it's on record. Saleh has high character guys on this team they're gonna get their s*** together.
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