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  1. Please allow me to chime in as I actually came on the board today to bring up this exact topic.

    Daniel Kelly = Total Tool !!!!!

    All this clown did was bash everything and everybody. Although he did name drop Parcells a few times, and actually had the audacity to say that Woody Johnson calls him and asks him for advice!? Laughable!!

    The guy was about as informative and entertaining as wearing a pair of wet socks~

    Seriously he said JD hasn't addressed the offensive line? Zach isn't the guy and the only reason we drafted him was because we use JetBlue to travel? He said Woody told JD to draft Zach!?

    Worst podcast I ever saw and I'm not joking. I actually said out loud I can't watch this anymore ...and I was alone in my house!

    Props to Richie Jets Media, the guys from XFactor, Green Boy, Matt O'Leary, and Ryan @bla bla bla

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  2. 5 hours ago, Larz said:

    Seems Legit Get Out GIF

    Dude I gotta tell you....lol

    my twin sons are about to turn 13 and their sister is 9.....

    This weekend I showed them The Hulk, The Bionic Man, we watched some Star Wars, and some pro wrestling.

    Just trying to share things with them from my youth like the Sid and Marty Croft Saturday morning cartoons Bigfoot and Wild Boy, Captain Kool and the Kongs, Wonderbug, Shazam etc.

    Was that the Hulk throwing a bear 75 yards or something? LMFAO!!!

    So anyway concerning the Jets apparently the word around town is Lawrence Cager has baby hands!?



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  3. Just wondering if the rest of you guys have any thoughts on this?

    I'm currently watching the episode with Joe Namath. If you don't know what it is, it's on YouTube it's a podcast with Mangold and Sanchez.

    I'm a big fan of things like Saturday Night Live, Pro Wrestling, The Honeymooners, Star Trek, The Michael Kay show ect. I like when they break kfabe and actually are laughing and breaking character. Other people actually laughing for real makes me laugh~

    The common theme here is you can actually see the friendship and inside jokes. It just puts a natural smile on my face.

    I've always liked Mangold and would love to have a beer with the guy, but I really didn't like Sanchez as a QB. However he's a very cool funny dude. They seem to have an honest and natural camaraderie, and like I said I find myself just smiling when I watch them talking. Pretty cool stuff~

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    Braylon Edwards was the third overall pick in his draft.

    If I remember correctly he had some off the field troubles I believe he had a couple of DWI's?

    Again the point of the thread was to compliment the HC because I think he's honest. I think when he says anybody on the team has a chance he means it.

    If the right tackle we just drafted blows everybody away, then he'll be starting.


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  5. 11 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

    I'll be proud when there's more wins than losses at the end of the season. Every year people project them to be way better than they will be then the board flips when the obvious becomes apparent until the next offseason of hope. People on here are building the hype to something beyond a 6-8 win season and when it doesn't happen you're gonna lose your sh*t again. 

    Yeah well I was more so being complimentary to the GM and the Head Coach and the types of people that they want to work with. However I do believe they will bring good things and I believe this will be a winning season.

  6. I actually congratulated this dude publicly on my Facebook page.

    Not everybody is going to make it to a pro football team. Also not everybody can say they made it to the practice squad of any kind of pro team.

    Not all of us can be this lucky but this is the kind of thing I preach to my children to persevere and work harder than everybody else. Life is about the journey not the destination.

    Some people join the army, some people go to college, some people start businesses, some people play in rock bands. Determination, honesty, and hard work all affect every other area of your life, for the rest of your life plain and simple.

    Congrats to Ruckert and especially his old man who must feel like he's in Heaven on Earth.


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  7. 5 hours ago, munchmemory said:

    lol  I could watch that flick every day.  So many memorable and hysterical scenes.  The final dance sequence is, no doubt, one of film's greatest moments.



    Dude LMFAO!

    The good part about having kids is you get the check stuff like this out!

    It's literally one of my favorite movies of all time, cuz Uncle Rico is ruining our lives and eating all our steak lol.

    In fact my favorite scene is when Uncle Rico throws the steak and hits Napoleon in his face 😂

    It's a tough movie to read the first time you watch it ...kind of like Time Bandits, or Pee Wee's Big adventure.

    Movies like that you don't know what you're watching till you ingest and digest the whole thing.

    Funniest of all one of my 12 year old twin sons actually talks and then runs away without moving his arms just like Napoleon Dynamite!

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  8. Well like I said those bad MFS in the trenches aren't easy to come by.

    These days you can pick a wide receiver in any round and he can be great because the game has changed. It's more about attitude hence why Mims is in the dog house, and Braxton just got a new contract.

    Obviously we need a good safety and a CB but I'd like to see another lineman on both sides of the ball. I think Jordan Davis is the DT that's a physical freak. I would love that guy on this team and the other guy Ikea the tackle that we all thought Beckton would have been?

    So my two pics at 4/10 are OT & DT.

    As far as an edge rusher I like the Greek dude Kalifakis or whatever his name is. He's a bad man.

    We can even trade back up to get him at the bottom of the first or we can take him in the second..... We'll go from there.

    I like my first three picks thus far~


  9. Definitely that QB draft class.

    I really wanted Baker Mayfield and he's turned out to be meh!?

    I actually yelled out loud noooooo like Darth Vader when we took Darnold instead of Josh Rosen.

    Is Rosen even still playing tennis? Man oh man was I way off....

    Yes I wanted Josh Allen the guy who plays on the defensive side of the ball and wanted nothing to do with Josh Allen the QB!

    So slap me a few times and I'll buy you a couple of shots!?

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  10. 12 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Human History would say otherwise, IMO.

    In Groups, they're outright vile.

    Alone, they can be decent, but mostly just ignore the bad of the world focused on their own needs.

    We are just animals, after all.  Special only because of our brains and nothing else.

    I get where you're coming from. I don't think we're animals but we are mammals. What separates us is abstract thinking. We can make fire, we can make movies, cars and guns. We're actually a pretty self-destructive race of beings. 

    Whales and Dolphins actually have more complex brains than humans. Hence why any of the E.T. bases on Earth are under sea. They communicate with the intelligent creatures that live here.

    Don't know if you're into George Carlin at all but post 1990 he wasn't just funny, but he told some crippling truth about humans~

  11. 7 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

    Well, I've got another movie on my watch list now. Thanks!

    I vividly remember the commercial for this movie on TV scaring the crap out of me so bad that I would cover my ears and run to the other side of the house. They use the famous Bigfoot howl in the commercial and the movie.

    It's definitely '70s hokey and if you have a wife she'd hate it!!! It's like a documentary/Disney/horror film!? A lot of big wide screenshots, think outlaw Josey Wales? Dudes on horseback with the Indian tracker. I don't want to spoil it for you but it's got a great ending.

    Definitely worth looking up on YouTube or just purchasing it for five bucks!? It's got some spooky foreboding piano music and then it switches to like John Denver folk music back and forth. But like the narrator says during the movie there's a feeling of uneasiness as they travel all summer on horseback through Oregon into British Columbia to the  river, and the valley of the Bigfoot.

    On a side note: in the early '80s version of Flash Gordon that the rock band Queen does the soundtrack for, Flash Gordon is the Quarterback of the New York Jets!!!


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  12. On 4/2/2022 at 2:41 PM, Panzer Division Marduk said:

    Shocking lack of Anguirus in this thread.


    He's awesome in Godzilla final Wars!

    There's also a scene where Godzilla and King Caesar and a few other monsters are playing soccer with giant boulders!? 🤣

    It's so ridiculous you can't shut it off!

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