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  1. I love it! He's burying everybody including Odell Beckham and the rest of the millenials that need a smack in the teeth
  2. Stupid move plain and simple him and Andre Roberts should have been sewn up immediately months ago..smh
  3. Yup..Finney is a center/ guard I proposeI've proposed this a few times. Also Shaq Barrett from the Broncos and we need to hurry up about it! Stefan Wisniewski would be another Plus! And quite honestly I would definitely trade down from 3 no matter what and no matter who is there.
  4. Well I'm trying really hard to talk smack and it's very frustrating
  5. Nothing is certain until these guys actually sign the contract
  6. Hey you want to know what was so great about Thomas Jones? Our friggin OLine!!
  7. keep the same crew we had last year. Crowell, Powell, McGuire, Cannon. If we get Paradis and keep building up the line and execute, all of those guys were pretty good
  8. Glad we came to our senses. When I voted earlier there were more votes for Bell. We still need a slot corner and obviously Paradis. Fuk Bell
  9. Goodbye forever thank God penalty Master Captain penalty devil of all penalties
  10. I'll take Morse and Smith and I absolutely want no part of mr. Big chests best friend ...LOL Bell
  11. Ravens, Colts or Dolphins. Please don't bring that loser here!? We have a Young quarterback we have to build a good honest hard-working team around. We don't need any more rap star me guys. No effing thank you
  12. Definitely 100%... at the end of the day.. is the all-time worst! I can't stand hearing anybody say it anymore and I want to spit on them when I do
  13. Cuz he's a selfish modern me player and a cancer. Just like OBj, RG3, and he hate me LOL. The list goes on and on. We don't want selfish players and he's not the guy that's going to put us over. What was the point of the Raiders trading for Antonio Brown? We need to build a team not make headlines. I'd rather spend money on Oline , Linebackers, Edge rush and WR's .
  14. Me too...dude from the chargers Tyrell Williams. But I think everybody's hallucinating thinking we're getting Brown and Bell and Paradis. Do you remember the Eagles Dream Team a few years ago? I think they're going to stick to the plan of acquiring a bunch of dudes under the age of 30 but have potential. J m h o
  15. I'm hoping for Anthony Barr but I think we're getting Shaq Barrett. Trey flowers would be nice. I'm also looking out for Sheldon Richardson, Mitch Morse, Golden Tate, and Mark Ingram
  16. Yay! I didn't see this one coming. I was hoping for BJ Finney from the Steelers till he got tendered a second-rounder. Hopefully Mitch Morse is next! I'll also take Trey flowers and that clown Dante Fowler for short money. Get it done Tanny.
  17. Omg! New unis!!??? Does everybody hope they keep the green? Maybe just a different shade of green? Maybe they'll still keep the helmets White? I bet there's a whole bunch of the Jets fans that really aren't going to like them no matter what.
  18. Guys that's the most typical green that they paint any muscle car these days! I'm so sorry to burst your bubble. But Nickelodeon slime green is not the color of the new Jets uniforms
  19. Omg..the Jets are getting new unis!!!?? Shut the front door! Are they still going to be green? Jeez I hope the helmets are still White...
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