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  1. Ravens, Colts or Dolphins. Please don't bring that loser here!? We have a Young quarterback we have to build a good honest hard-working team around. We don't need any more rap star me guys. No effing thank you
  2. Definitely 100%... at the end of the day.. is the all-time worst! I can't stand hearing anybody say it anymore and I want to spit on them when I do
  3. Cuz he's a selfish modern me player and a cancer. Just like OBj, RG3, and he hate me LOL. The list goes on and on. We don't want selfish players and he's not the guy that's going to put us over. What was the point of the Raiders trading for Antonio Brown? We need to build a team not make headlines. I'd rather spend money on Oline , Linebackers, Edge rush and WR's .
  4. Me too...dude from the chargers Tyrell Williams. But I think everybody's hallucinating thinking we're getting Brown and Bell and Paradis. Do you remember the Eagles Dream Team a few years ago? I think they're going to stick to the plan of acquiring a bunch of dudes under the age of 30 but have potential. J m h o
  5. I'm hoping for Anthony Barr but I think we're getting Shaq Barrett. Trey flowers would be nice. I'm also looking out for Sheldon Richardson, Mitch Morse, Golden Tate, and Mark Ingram
  6. Yay! I didn't see this one coming. I was hoping for BJ Finney from the Steelers till he got tendered a second-rounder. Hopefully Mitch Morse is next! I'll also take Trey flowers and that clown Dante Fowler for short money. Get it done Tanny.
  7. Omg! New unis!!??? Does everybody hope they keep the green? Maybe just a different shade of green? Maybe they'll still keep the helmets White? I bet there's a whole bunch of the Jets fans that really aren't going to like them no matter what.
  8. Guys that's the most typical green that they paint any muscle car these days! I'm so sorry to burst your bubble. But Nickelodeon slime green is not the color of the new Jets uniforms
  9. Omg..the Jets are getting new unis!!!?? Shut the front door! Are they still going to be green? Jeez I hope the helmets are still White...
  10. I'm sorry dude but I liked a lot of the moves that our GM made I think the coach had more to do with our losing record. That being said I am in no way stating that all of his moves were great or that he's a great GM. Yes Hackenberg sucked and that's a big black eye, Devin Smith got injured we can never know what he might have been. Darrelle Revis and mo Wilkerson packed it in how the hell is that the GM's fault? I think he's found some decent draft picks and some that are not so good and he's made some really good free agent signings with really good contracts and a few bombs. But he is certainly not the bumbling idiot that some posters on here make him out to be
  11. Actually no team is perfect and there's lots of differences. Some have a great linebacking and some have great wide receivers some have great offensive or defensive lines. They all have good and bad coaches make good and bad draft picks and they all over pay free agents. My point was acting like our team sucks because we're dealing with the same crap as every other team is ridiculous. It's not easy to run an NFL franchise
  12. Seriously do you think other teams don't make bad trades or Dole out horrible contracts to free agents or make bad draft picks that are complete busts? All you can name is 5 to7 guys on any successful team worth a crap. Take the Patriots the Packers the 49ers the Cowboys or whoever else you'd like to name. What's so great about their backups their trades their draft picks or the bottom 75% of their roster?
  13. In defense of our GM I think he's made some very smart moves, some great trade's, contracts and excellent picks. I get the feeling that some fair-weather fans don't really understand what it takes to build a football team and how hard that actually is. Obviously everything is always in flux, and I would last head coach had three different offensive coordinators in 4 years? We have a hundred million in cap space the number three pick a franchise quarterback and whether I like him personally or not Jamal Adams as the quarterback on defense. I love the coaching staff we just put together and it all looks like fireworks from here
  14. Hey 100% honest I thought we were taking Mayfield at 3 last year. I think there's too many comparisons and something about this kid just rubs me the wrong way... Fool's Gold?
  15. I say Gruden takes him and he becomes a Raider with their late-round first. And they trade Derek Carr to the skins or the Vagiants
  16. Well measurements aside he's an incredible football player he's just an unlikable guy and I don't see anybody wanting to make him the face of their franchise ....
  17. Somehow he's more of a cocky little dick than Baker Mayfield if that's even possible? I just don't see it.
  18. Due to his piss-poor attitude I have the feeling he's going to drop Brady Quinn Style
  19. Gase is a Moody and brooding grunge dude from the 90s admittedly. Kind of reminds me of Belichick. They seem to have thrown out the whole circus clown representative thing that Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan were asked to do which I'm very happy about. Gase isn't there to make friends it seems like these types of interviews are tedious and he has more important things to do, maybe pay attention to winning football games? I like him.
  20. Crap im at work.. is this going to be aired on any of the local sports radio stations?
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