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  1. However I believe that Bates is playing a little too conservative in this West Coast offense and it reminds me too much of Paul Hackett he's not throwing the ball down the field ever...
  2. Like Warfish said, I really liked Mayfield coming out and I thought we'd be getting him with the Third pick. And I liked him for the exact reason that we saw last night of how he lifted that team and organization. He's got a better on than Darnold... that being said there's a lot of football to be played over the next decade so who knows what's going to happen!
  3. okay I don't usually wear hats... however I had a Jets golf visor that I bought at Hofstra during practice and I actually had it signed by C Mart and Coles.. I loved it and was actually wearing it at work one day driving down Sunrise Highway in my work truck and I looked in the side view mirror and it blew off my head! Gone forever...
  4. actually let me reiterate one more thing... I absolutely remember fireman Ed doing a TV commercial and stating that he was a fireman from somewhere however he was retired or not from there and a lot of people got pissed off... This was definitely during the beginning of the Rex Ryan era and he was wearing a Sanchez jersey and right about halftime some people were going to kick the living s*** out of them and he was escorted out of the stadium and then stated he was retiring... Sucks that people have to be a holes at a sporting event but I guess it is what it is... so that's actually my final word and I definitely say bring back Ed
  5. Well here's a new spin... While listening to Boomer Esiason this morning on the fan, he stated that fireman Ed actually got loud with the Jets higher-ups over their handling of Mark Sanchez? that's definitely the first I've ever heard of that!? he kind of made it sound like after they gave him some kind of a mascot roll that he thought he had a say and actually started being voicetress with the people in charge of the organization? Now it's getting weird right? LOL! let the guy lead the freaking chant it's awesome! Enough said
  6. by the way yes he absolutely got burned this year... When trumaine Johnson went out, they stuck him on the outside and he failed miserably as usual... Completely got burned in the first game
  7. Sorry I'm late! Funny thing is I just signed on to actually make this thread! I can't stand this guy or his stupid freaking haircut! Everytime I get my hopes up and he does two or three good things, he does seven more miserable things dot-dot-dot penalties blown coverages giving up touchdowns Etc. Just get him off the team. Can't happen soon enough
  8. I didn't get a chance to read through the entire thread so I apologize if somebody else is already brought this up. At the end fireman Ed got so popular that he actually was on the Jets payroll somehow from what I understand if you remember he did a TV commercial? Obviously that put a Target on him and I think some of the drunkards in the crowd were threatening him with violence and saying the Jets were paying him to wear a Sanchez jersey? I remember he left the game at Halftime. That being said I am all for bringing back fireman Ed! He's good for the game he's good for the team he leads the chant.
  9. Well this is exactly what I was talking about! I won't be able to sleep tonight and I'll be watching the loop of the total Destruction of the lions from all three phases by the NYJ! Thursday night I think I'll go get myself a birthday cake or something LOL
  10. Screw being politically correct! I don't want to hear a woman announcing a New York teams Monday night national football game and she sounds like she's from Fargo! everybody should get a check in the mail just for putting up with this crap! my 72 year old mother said she can't stand listening to her announced this game! it's like when you're trying to get laid and your dog jumps on the bed..lol
  11. yeah I'm absolutely not used to anything good happening... Is this for real? Cuz if it is I don't know how to react!?
  12. Like I said earlier I'm seeing a much more gritty tough team and I think a lot of people in posters on here have sold Todd Bowles Too Short too soon
  13. yes jets are kicking ass! Unfortunately as a new poster I never set my notifications and I just received 1400 emails! Awesome!
  14. Was that an INT? I could swear I saw him drag his right foot? no challenge we just give them three points
  15. I'm definitely seeing a grittier tougher team and I don't hate on Bowles as much as everybody else
  16. just need to iron out the wrinkles.. Bowles looks frustrated with Sam taking time outs
  17. could have easily gotten that first down right up the middle from Crowell! Wtf... pitch it back 10 yards to the skeleton with hair? SMH
  18. Tremaine got blasted... that was an old school football hit... He'll be feeling that s*** tomorrow big time
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