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  1. Defense is doing a nice job today... Even if the announcer is wearing a strap-on
  2. seriously I would love to talk about the game but this woman's voice is like Chinese water torture... The emphasis on all of her RRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSS! I'm not kidding it gave me a headache
  3. at least you got that one out of the way!? No way to go from here but up
  4. I have a feeling Sam is going to wreck shop... They just have to let him that was the whole point
  5. okay I get it now I remember green Jets and ham the poster on Jets Insider and no I am not he... That was simple dr. Seuss word play. Sorry for the confusion
  6. I've been on all of the fan sites under the same name I believe... Huge Jets fan I'm just here to have fun drink a few beers and talk smack LOL. I've been a Jets fan since number 80 Waynes rookie year.. I always root for the underdog guys like Frankie luvu
  7. I've been around but I'm new on here. Just want to say that I hope they unleash Sam tonight. I hope they tell him to go take shots, do what he does best, trust himself and win the game. The last thing I want, is for the coaching staff to Spook this kid into becoming unsure of himself and a game manager? If you have ever read " The Arena " by Teddy Roosevelt, that's what I'm talking about. Let this kid take his best shot! I actually think we're going to see very good things tonight. However if we are going to lose or come up short, I would like to see this kid take his best swing, and not be restricted or hampered in any way. Todd Bowles needs to tell the defense to play with a fire under their ass... And Bates needs to be non-conservative in his play-calling. Cheers and here's to hoping for the best! I would not like green eggs and ham... I would not like them sam-i-am
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