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  1. You like that one right? Acid casualty type stuff~ Depends on the day you get me.
  2. No that was me~ Um ... Sorry? But we did have a player who got caught waxing his carrot and showing old ladies cuz he was on some synthetic weed geeking out LMFAO
  3. I get where you're coming from. I don't think we're animals but we are mammals. What separates us is abstract thinking. We can make fire, we can make movies, cars and guns. We're actually a pretty self-destructive race of beings. Whales and Dolphins actually have more complex brains than humans. Hence why any of the E.T. bases on Earth are under sea. They communicate with the intelligent creatures that live here. Don't know if you're into George Carlin at all but post 1990 he wasn't just funny, but he told some crippling truth about humans~
  4. Yeah well that's what he needed! I'm pretty sure that was the message being sent and why he was in Salehs dog house~
  5. LMFAO I just thought both of the same things!!!! Who can catch the Clown!!!?? Nobody cares and you're cut so go catch a Greyhound-
  6. I vividly remember the commercial for this movie on TV scaring the crap out of me so bad that I would cover my ears and run to the other side of the house. They use the famous Bigfoot howl in the commercial and the movie. It's definitely '70s hokey and if you have a wife she'd hate it!!! It's like a documentary/Disney/horror film!? A lot of big wide screenshots, think outlaw Josey Wales? Dudes on horseback with the Indian tracker. I don't want to spoil it for you but it's got a great ending. Definitely worth looking up on YouTube or just purchasing it for five bucks!? It's got some spooky foreboding piano music and then it switches to like John Denver folk music back and forth. But like the narrator says during the movie there's a feeling of uneasiness as they travel all summer on horseback through Oregon into British Columbia to the river, and the valley of the Bigfoot. On a side note: in the early '80s version of Flash Gordon that the rock band Queen does the soundtrack for, Flash Gordon is the Quarterback of the New York Jets!!!
  7. I can't believe how hyped I am to watch Godzilla tonight!!
  8. He's awesome in Godzilla final Wars! There's also a scene where Godzilla and King Caesar and a few other monsters are playing soccer with giant boulders!? It's so ridiculous you can't shut it off!
  9. Right there with you bro I'm into stuff that has rich history. Kind of like listening to Bob Dylan, who's probably got at least 40 something albums out by now!? Star Wars!? OMG. I had a book that explained the entire chronology spanning thousands of years and of course I lent it out to somebody whom I forget and never got it back! Sumbitches!!! Lol But just to continue adding to the conversation, some short research on Wikipedia, Godzilla vs. the Astro Monster came out in the USA five years later and was actually called Godzilla Monster Zero. Also Ebirah Horror of the Deep was later released straight to U.S. television as Godzilla vs.The Sea Monster. It's been about a decade since I watched all of them through, and I've also moved so they're all buried in boxes. But something struck me as funny I was reading something about the different suit designs and what movie was it where Godzilla had googly eyes and looked like Scooby-Doo!? So anyway they're used to really be a lot of really good old B movies that were very inventive and imaginative and the special effects weren't so good. (Gene Roddenberry) Now there are a lot of bad movies with great special effects~ Do you remember Sasquatch the legend of Bigfoot!? Lol one of my faves!! That's a discussion for another time. But no worries Bro.. I talk a lot too~ Robin hand me the Bat Shark Repellent Spray!!!
  10. I guess you have to be a fan of the goofy campy corny stuff? The Godzilla movies much like the old Batman TV show or the original Star Trek we're very imaginative but they had no rules. Even pro wrestling!? Things didn't have to make sense, very much like how kids play when they're pretending. Hey there's a monster that's been sleeping in the mountain for 200 years and these two little fairies can sing and wake him up because the aliens are coming in their UFOs with the robots from outer space!? Classic pizza and beer night at my house! It's like they didn't even have a script they just made it up as they went along lol. Step on those plastic tanks and then bring in the UFOs LMFAO!!!! Like I said it's almost how kids pretend when they're playing, you can just add stuff in LOL. My family is full of creative people. Musicians, artists, athletes, actors, kung fu you name it. Always wondering, we actually make stuff like this on Saturday nights for fun. Great thread!!!!
  11. Yeah I may have them mixed up. I was fortunate enough to live very close to one of the last video stores that ever existed here on Long Island and the guy specialized in crazy ass B movies. He had all the different versions of everything. For example in one of the mechagodzilla movies the ending was very violent and bloody and that was only available in the Japanese version. I'm definitely a fan but I can't remember why Godzilla vs. Megalodon wasn't released in the U.S. But I do know that the original scenes with Raymond Burr were shot and added in after the original movie was released in Japan. It's hokey stuff but it's fun. Glad we could reminisce!!!
  12. Yes there's a difference between the Japanese and American versions. Some of the movies have different titles and different editing. In fact there's also two different endings for King Kong versus Godzilla the original. Totally a cool part of having kids is you get to revisit all this stuff!
  13. I believe thats Son of Godzilla? That movie came out after All Monsters Attack. Which was the movie with the Bullies with the little kid with the shorts on, mama going to get he gets kidnapped and kicks everybody's ass at the end!? Some people think that's the worst one ever I actually really liked it when I was a kid.
  14. Isn't this the one they didn't release in the USA it's hard to get? At one point I had them all! Which is the one where he dances at the end? I think Godzilla does the Russian hokey pokey or something!? When my son was little he was a huge King Caesar fan. In my opinion Godzilla final Wars is probably the best movie it has all the Monsters, Aliens, Ninjas, Motorcycles, the kid the old man and baby Godzilla. Lastly they have a really ridiculous version of a macho white American guy with a big mustache flies like a space submarine and carries a samurai sword I love it it's so bad you can't turn it off!!
  15. There's no way this isn't a good thing. It's actually commonplace now in the NFL for QBs to do it. Let me say this that when I played in bands I used to do this. It works it builds rapport and camaraderie. Also you learn what motivates people. Who's got a sick grandma, who doesn't drink milk, who's ready to fist fight after a few beers... It's good to hang out with people out of the workplace like at the company Christmas party. You learn who people really are~
  16. You've learned your lesson boy... Never try~
  17. Geez.. I thought I posted dumb sh*t when I was drunk!? Thanks for clearing my conscience.
  18. YouTube is awesome ..my twin sons are about to turn 13 and I let them stay up late the other night watching attitude era stuff!! Hey man whatever makes you happy. When Stone Cold hit Vince McMahon in the head with a bedpan me and my father were calling each other five times an hour laughing hysterically!! The best part of pro wrestling is when they work the mic! I have history in the entertainment and performance industry and let me tell you that they have music, fireworks, comedy, live stuntman fights, it's just an amazing field of work. I didn't watch for the last few years and I turned on raw the other night and it was awesome. YouTube is great for the behind the scenes stuff. They are on the road 300 days a year? I'm getting my Son's tickets for their birthday~
  19. I wasn't crapping on anybody's podcast, I'm just saying we're oversaturated with stimulation in general. Like how can you tell the difference between what's good or bad? Where are the Stevie wonders, the Howard Cosells, the Elton Johns, Terry Bradshaws etc. Old is a state of mind but I get what you're saying it's like guys that count on getting their buttered roll, their newspaper, and coffee in the morning. Netflix is great, technology at our fingertips, but it shouldn't kill the thrill of going to the movie theater and smelling the popcorn the night the movie premieres. Virtual simulation is not the same as being on a roller coaster. Packing a cooler and setting up the gear to go fishing at 4:30 a.m. can never be replaced by a video game. Every young man and woman should feel the experience of walking through a carnival and smelling the popcorn and cotton candy while holding hands for the first time. Oh yeah, how are we going to supe up electric cars!? Lol.. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's more about mood, and feeling, and experience. Watching fireworks on TV is not the same as your Dad lighting fireworks on the 4th of July. Ordering from GrubHub is not the same as putting on some tunes, cracking open a Corona, and throwing some marinated chicken on the grill.
  20. I think it's safe to say that like Pro Wrestling, sports talk radio has become Sports Talk Entertainment!? I don't really have any qualms. It's the producers trying to get ratings that way they get the Big money commercials. Shows like GMFB, the Michael Kay show, Speak for Yourself, etc. They're all good shows and they're all entertaining- Dependent upon your age obviously. I used to have crackly AM radio on all day on the work truck. Most of the time it's just white noise for me. I'm really only into Football and Boxing so when they go into tennis, baseball, or basketball I could give a crap. In my opinion with all the technology at our fingertips and social media, there are just way too many options out there. There's no chance for the cream to rise to the top. How many podcasts are there? How about streaming channels? Music? Fan made movie trailers? Music mashups!? Anybody with a cell phone can download an app and now they're a Music producer? Fantasy football, betting, and gambling shows. Reality shows and spin-offs. My head is spinning. The Book of Boba Fett was The Mandalorian 2.5! ? Okay so 7 half hour episodes consists of a season? My son Shane is 12 years old and has his own video game podcast lol!
  21. Is that 15 million for 3 years? How did we not offer him that?
  22. Maye was always better than Jamal Adams from the minute he stepped on the field. I consider this a loss. He's one of those players who you're going to start hearing about when he's on another team.
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