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  1. Oh God please make it stop!? Does anybody else feel like they're getting surgery with no anesthesia!?
  2. Dude played his ass off he deserves it and he's a keeper. I'm not saying he's a World Shaker, but he's better than half the clowns that have been here for the last decade. Also I think there's a little something to it that he plays on the same team as his Brother? If you saw the thing where their Grandmother came and watched them play together you know what I mean.
  3. I'm loving the combine. Awesome checking out the prospects, surprises, underdogs etc. Weird I don't really follow college football but I love this time of year and I love the draft. Looking forward to the Jets upcoming season. Does anybody else notice there's a different vibe? I wonder if the Pandemic made everybody a little more grateful for their opportunities? I'm sensing a lot more positivity and a lot less entitlement? Wondering if some of these guys had a general feel that maybe this day would never come after all the years of hard work. I'm seeing some genuine happiness, and holy hell a lot of talent! Lol even the talking heads seem to be really enjoying themselves and are openly talking about being hungover and everybody getting loaded all night. Good stuff Good vibes and Good times~
  4. Currently watching the combine and it looks like we'll have our pick... whatever round we want
  5. As far as the original post on Saquon Barkley I would say that's a definitive big fat NO!!! I happen to like our RB room... Michael Carter, Ty Johnson they'll do just fine even if we add somebody in the draft? Barkley is often injured and has been a let down and his name alone will garner lots of money no thank you- Same with Amari Cooper no thanks. However I'm interested in Ryan Jensen.
  6. @MaxmanNP bro.. thanks for the update and you know we all got your back! Hope things are going well? Currently watching NFL NW showing the replay of the London game Jets/Falcons. I feel pretty good about this team moving forward .
  7. @SAR II Happy B-Day!!! Only you and I understand... Everybody else around here is simply blinded by the facts~
  8. While Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu come to mind, if we could have combined Adams and Maye into one guy we'd have ourselves a MF'n safety. I've always liked Maye and I wish him the best no matter what. Jamal Adams is a dick plain and simple.
  9. I understand what you're saying I guess we speak the same language. It's not so much about the measurables, it's about accountability. It's what I actually really like about Saleh, he means what he says. It's also why Mims is in the dog house and Berrios is getting a new contract. When asked why he wasn't as animated on the sideline as everybody anticipated, he said these young men are getting paid millions of dollars to play a children's game if they need to be yelled at then they don't belong here. That's very telling. He also said he doesn't care where you were drafted or how much you're getting paid, the guys that show on the field that they deserve to play will play. In my opinion he's going to turn this team around and put the types of people on the field that will get it done no matter what. Certain types of people will respond to that, hence the Michael Carter's, Braxton, Fant, Pinnock etc. I guess what I'm saying is if you know you're going to be buried on the depth chart your motivation will be different than if you actually believe you have a chance to start. I believe our H.C. is a man of his word. Dude's respect that. So I get what you're saying about the punctuality thing as he's looking for a specific kind of person that takes that serious, as they should.
  10. Huh huh! You said arbuably! Seriously Stafford is a very good quarterback but he's not great. I actually was hoping we could somehow get him on the Jets for the last half decade Plus. Really good but he's not Marino or Manning. Maybe Hall of Fame someday, but definitely not first ballot.
  11. Knowledge and Tyson in the same sentence ....impressive. Hey I don't understand why I got bashed but maybe you guys misunderstood. I wasn't looking down my nose at Tyson or judging him. I respect you guys as posters, so I won't respond aggressively but please allow me to explain? If you're just a casual boxing fan or not a boxing fan at all, I get that Tyson is somewhat Goofy. You read the headlines about him being in trouble. He's got a high-pitched voice, he went to jail blah blah blah. He's actually well read and a huge history buff. He absolutely can hold a conversation about Aristotle, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, the Dalai Lama etc. Burt Sugar a revered boxing historian, stated that Tyson knew more about the history of boxing than any other boxer he's ever met. Sugar was the guy with the Fedora and the cigar and gravelly voice~ Tyson admittedly fashioned his style after Jack Dempsey who was heavyweight champion in the early 1920s. Admittedly the guy has some behavioral disorders/emotional disorders.. as did John Lennon, Vincent Van Gogh, and Lawrence Taylor. I've been a fan of his since 1988 and was actually training for the Golden gloves. Unfortunately jogging with my girlfriend's dog he ran into the street and I stepped on a rock and snapped my ankle about a mile and a half from my house so that ended there. No more road work. He was trained by Cus D'Amato, Teddy Atlas, and Kevin Rooney. I've done my homework, I've spent a lot of hours reading and watching. The youngest champion to ever unify the titles in the heavyweight division. It's funny when you get into something so much, you kind of feel like you know these guys. The Beatles The Beastie boys etc. At least for me, Tom Petty played his final tour with a broken hip and wound up dying of a drug overdose, Tiger Woods just can't seem to get it right and he's always in the news for all the wrong reasons. Wasted talent. My point is I would rather see Tyson open up a gym and train some champions rather than own a weed farm. I can get weed from the gas station up the block. Again I wasn't looking down on him I was only hoping for and wishing him the best. Only Tyson knows what Cus taught him~
  12. Yeah back in the day when you had to wait to download a picture on AOL for about 3 or 4 minutes the Jets Confidential was something you looked forward to getting in the mail. Unfortunately it got to a point where I realized that Dan leberfeld was a total tool and had no friends and no connections. Also no inside information. It was all speculation. So and so is the type of player that coach so and so might like... Like somebody else said for its time it was good. I don't want to completely crap on the guy, I'm pretty sure he ran the entire thing by himself!? He actually called me personally one day and asked me why I didn't renew my subscription lol. I think I subscribed for about a decade until I started on the forums and message boards and it became redundant.
  13. It's sad to see Tyson getting wasted and making an ass of himself. He's had a lot of opportunities and he should be training young dudes with all the knowledge he has~
  14. Here's how we do it at the GreenBloodBlitz facility! I marinated drumsticks last night, plus Brats, Spanish rice with diced tomatoes and green chilies. Tortilla chips with queso dip, potato chips, pretzels, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with ranch dressing. Pigs in a blanket, pizza rolls, jalapeno poppers, black olives. Onion dip~ Sierra mist for the kids at halftime I'm going to make cornbread. I got some Heineken lights and a vodka and cranberry for myself! Dad's watching it with the four kids!! Enjoy the game!
  15. Hardly a Mass Exodus!? So the GM, OC, WR, QB, and OL Coaches from the Pats, all just ended up on the Raiders. Yeah they announced that they want to keep Carr and give him an extension. He has one year left on his contract and can easily be traded to multiple teams for picks and or players. Yes they have Waddle.. and yes Brady is a Free Agent ...and so is Gronk. Hey I know it's fodder and I'm obviously just having fun here. But if you align the Stars there's a hell of a lot of coincidences going on right here. Apparently they learned from the best!?
  16. I don't really have a dog in the fight, but there are some great storylines in this year's Super bowl. It's going to be really fun to watch as there are a lot of great matchups. Specifically boiling down to Joe Burrow vs. the Rams Defense. Logic dictates that the Rams have the more complete team and they should win it. However if Burrow plays lights out and can pull the magic out of his hat and keep it close, the Bengals can win. Tough call for me cuz I've always liked Stafford the grizzled veteran who's been through it all. Obviously they have Kupp, Akers, Donald, Ramsey etc. But the Young Bucks, Cool Joe, Chase, Higgins and Mixon are scorching hot right now. I think experience wins out here with McVay and Stafford but I'll be rooting for Burrow. The Rams TE's are banged up. Joe keeps it close but the Rams win. It's going to be a good game. Enjoy!
  17. I'm pretty sure it already has!? It may be coincidence but I've casually observed a chain of strange events over the last few weeks. First TB12 somehow can't keep a lid on his retirement and awkwardly puts out a press release that doesn't mention the Patriots. Then Gronk says he hasn't decided whether or not he's personally ready to retire (Gronk). Brady re-releases a statement including his former Patriots coaches and players. Josh McDaniels gets hired as the head coach of the Raiders.. even though the guy that took over for Gruden got them to the playoffs? Two separate statements from his best friends hit social media stating they don't think Tom Brady is staying retired. Gronkowski and Edelman or it may have been Amendola. Literally no research this is just off the top of my head. Sudden Mass Exodus from New England coaching staff to the Raiders? Yes.. mostly from the offensive side of the ball. That's a lot of ingredients stirring in the soup if you ask me~
  18. Anthony Schlegel was his name right? I didn't look it up. There always seems to be some kind of dude we draft in the mid rounds that for some reason Jet fans get behind lol. Most recent for me was Perine. As far as the Boar Hunter we were all pretty psyched that he was tackling big pigs with knives, and then of course there was the dude who was driving upside down in the Lincoln tunnel LOL. Then it was that poor bastard WR we drafted who punctured his lung in training camp, and then ripped his knees up two years in a row!?
  19. If I remember correctly, the catch was that he only hunted boars with knives. That's actually pretty badass. However keep in mind the guy probably couldn't chase down my 8-year-old daughter!!! I wonder where he is these days?
  20. Wow what a great thread! It's like everybody just broke out of Arkham Asylum!? Funny and witty stuff and a good job gentlemen. I'd like to give everybody a personal upvote Should we draft the safety in the top 10!? That's like the shaving cream on the hand and tickling the nose with the feather trick~
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