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  1. Rex Ryan's first few years here we're very refreshing and is barroom brawl style was awesome! It was exactly what the team needed at the time. Unfortunately Woody loved the guy so much that as it was all unraveling he kept hanging him out there like bad old bait and it was painful to watch. Other than Todd Bowles first season with Ryan Fitzmagic, Mangold, Davis, Weatherford, Brandon Marshall and Chris Ivory, Eric Decker etc. We haven't done Crapola since! I have no problem giving props to Rex he really kicked ass his first few years here. Then he became the chick that used to be
  2. I agree with you @Maxman... I'm a little more loose with poking fun and laughing at ourselves and each other. There's nothing wrong with teasing and a good grilling.. Hate speech is not cool. Most of us come here for entertainment or to entertain. This isn't a place to blurt out ones angry grievances with the world. Recognizing our differences while still getting along is a good thing. We're all different but that's what makes the world go round. We all come here because we like something in common. Live and let live it's as simple as that.
  3. This is not helping me mentally or emotionally. Joe Flacco... Really!?
  4. I always thought Ira would be a little Stout bald guy. When I finally saw him in person he looks like Joe Benigno's little brother with a big nasty '70s mustache- F*** Ira from Staten Island!
  5. Just to make it clear, I obviously was embellishing. No I wasn't taking out a bad jet game on my family in fact I was being humorous. I also stated I was cursing at the spare ribs!?
  6. Man those were the days! Big hair and leopard spandex! Poppin' hits of mescaline and drinking Southern comfort at the carnival !! I contracted gonorrhea at least three times to that song..
  7. My nervous system! Listen I'm usually a positive poster, in fact I'm a poster boy for positive posters. Seriously, I can't take it anymore. I don't know if Zach Wilson is blind, or Saleh bit off more than he can chew... I knew it was going to be tough sledding but this is f****** ridiculous! I don't know if it's injuries, circumstance, happenstance etc. This team is having a very tough time playing in sync. For those of you trying to throw Joe Douglas under the bus your dead wrong. He has done a fine job here. If it was your job how would you look at it? He got the hot coa
  8. Yes it's you. Now leave and go home.
  9. Great here comes Mike White... Playing football for the first time in his life!
  10. Actually Marcus Maye did nothing on that play... Hunter Henry was fixing the velcro on his glove. We got lucky on that one cuz he was wide open!
  11. Yeah if we lose this game and play this piss poor all day somebody needs to be fired or to resign-
  12. Here's a bright idea! How about we run the 2 minute offense ..and actually Rush the quarterback on defense!?
  13. Watching the Jets is like having a weekly proctology exam. big knuckles and no lube...
  14. Absolutely not!! We will drink and continue to remain in total denial. Jets fans are happier this way..
  15. As I have requested multiple times we need a post of the year award!!! Twist his brain up like a ball of yarn!? LMFAO!
  16. I would add diced tomatoes and green chilies! Now you're confusing me cuz I was going for the spare rib thing- Now I'm feeling confused like I'm going through menopause.. now I want spare ribs and Hawaiian pizza. Somebody slap me!?
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