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  1. Wow what a great thread!

    It's like everybody just broke out of Arkham Asylum!?

    Funny and witty stuff and a good job gentlemen. I'd like to give everybody a personal upvote ūüėÜ

    Should we draft the safety in the top 10!?

    That's like the shaving cream on the hand and tickling the nose with the feather trick~

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  2. 3 minutes ago, undertow said:

    What are talking about? lol  Flores just had a job making 3 mil a year and was probably gonna get a job within a few weeks and be out of work a few months.  You people who are treating Brian Flores like Martin Luther King are mental.

    Dude I think you completely misunderstood my response?

    What I was trying to say is Brian Flores is undermining all of the other people of his color that have never complained.

    They just worked their asses off like we all do to get to the top rung at our respective careers or jobs.

    We all have to deal with people being salty, bias, racist, maybe somebody just doesn't like you cuz of your hair?

    Who hasn't dealt with that?

    That was my point-

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  3. 19 minutes ago, undertow said:

    It's a meh hire but it's not more or less odd then hiring any other retread coach...as if hiring Todd Bowles, Brain Flores, or Dan Quinn is any different. 

    BS it's about them still hiring a Black coach not named Flores.

    They're distancing themselves from the situation.

    It's sad that it is come to this. What's even more sad is that we're taking away everybody else's uphill battle and what they fought through to climb the corporate ladder just like everybody else does in every other career or field of work.

    I've said this once before and I will try to be delicate with my words, but every time you congratulate somebody for being the first female whatever, the first black whatever, the first handicapped whatever, the first blind whatever.... It ruins their dignity.

    Hey listen I'm a musician and I happen to be deaf in one ear. Truth.

    I don't want to be known as the musician who's deaf in one ear. It doesn't matter.

    I threw my hat in the ring I'm ready to rock ....let's go.

    There are no exceptions and there are no excuses on your way in... or out.

    If you expect some free s*** because you complain, you can't complain about it afterwards.

    What does that say about the people that didn't complain and broke their asses to get to the top? We are only taking away from their plight.



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  4. 12 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    If Brady winds up with the Raiders?  That will be the greatest mind f*ck in the history of creation.   Would love to see this happen.

    The only thing that could Trump this (pun intended) would be Luke Skywalker showing up as the New Evil Emperor in The next Star Wars movie!! Lmfao!!!

    Like I said it's just too obvious and easy. Josh McDaniels his offensive coordinator for how many years, Mark Davis Deep pockets, Las Vegas!?

    I can think of about six teams off the top of my head that would trade for Derek Carr including the Jets~

    Brady is a total attention whore, there's no way he can say no.

    It's happening!

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  5. 4 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    If Brady winds up with the Raiders?  That will be the greatest mind f*ck in the history of creation.   Would love to see this happen.

    Dude it just makes too much sense! LOL

    Didn't they just hire their GM and HC both from the Pats!?

    This is like a huge F.U. B.B.!!!

    It's just too easy it's so obvious.

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  6. Yo I don't believe for one second that this big weenie is going home cuz his wife was upset that I had a bloody lip!

    No way not happening!

    He's probably going to the Raiders with Josh McDaniels-

    Notice how he hasn't even mentioned Belichick and the Patriots!?

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  7. We'll get back to you after these messages!?

    Nobody knows what Brady is doing.

    However I personally wish that Gronk would go away.

    Seriously do we really need a guy on Planet Earth that we call Gronk!?

    Hey what's your name man!?


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