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  1. In my opinion Morgan Moses should be a priority free agent resigning this off season. The offensive line more than any other position group on a football team needs experience working together. Along with George Fant sliding over to LT I think they did just fine. No they weren't world beaters, but I'm not interested in starting over every year. As I said the other day in a different thread we need to start by resigning the guys that made a difference THIS year. This is our foundation. Let me add that Becton at this point is a borderline afterthought. Overweight, out of shape, always injured. No good- Becton is going to have to earn his way back into the starting lineup. Lastly it's time for us to stop this revolving door BS and actually pay the guys who have earned it for playing here and continue moving forward. We have to stop constantly restarting over chump change.
  2. Denzel Mims doesn't get "it" Berrios does. I'd rather have Braxton than Mims, Robbie Anderson, Perriman, OBJ, or Antonio Brown. I really hope they do the right thing and keep this kid around for a while.
  3. I just heard the news and I was going to post this. This is a really great advantage as far as the draft goes. The last time the Jets coached the Senior bowl we drafted Marty Lyons and Mark Gastineau. I'm starting to get a positive feeling... which is kind of awkward being a Jets fan.
  4. No way! I don't trust anybody with perfect teeth.
  5. I get the Geno jokes, but upon reading the news something isn't right. The laws vary from state to state but a DUI is not a DWI. It's possible he was arrested for drugs, there was nothing I could find about drinking. He was released 7 hours later on $1,000 bail and made it to team meetings? He was arrested on suspicion of DUI? IDK something doesn't sound right to me. When was the last time you heard of somebody arrested for driving around wasted and they're out 7 hours later and at work the next morning LOL!? Doesn't exactly sound like he was a threat to slide into any school buses. Maybe it taint what it seems!?
  6. @Maxman I just watch the game and it's all about the eye test. Whoever pops off the screen. I like guys who play with heart. I can see who's still playing hard when our backs are against the wall or when we're losing. Who plays with personal pride!? IMHO.. Willie Colon, Wayne Chrebet, Victor Green, Nick Mangold, Jericho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Braxton Berrios are the kind of guys I want on the New York Jets. It's just a small sample but all of the above played the game like they were saving a baby from a burning building! Lol. They weren't worried about stats. It's not always how big or fast or strong they are, it's about guts. Some of these young dudes still honor the game and they respect their opportunity to do what they love to do. If I'm building a team and there's a dude who's still playing as hard in the third quarter as he did on the third play of the game, I want every guy on my team to be like that. I'll take that every time- Regards to you and the Fam Bro hope all is going well.
  7. Yeah that's very possible there's a lot of that going around the NFL these days. These guys know how to play the system. It must be nice to be filthy rich and still have good knees when you're 45 LOL.
  8. R.I.P. Don Maynard... Might I also add that's a decent tweet from Rich Cimini for a change?
  9. I think the first thing we need to do is resign the players that actually made a difference this year. Berrios, Moses, Quincy Williams etc. Also somebody who's coaching on the Defensive side of the ball absolutely sucks! This needs to be addressed immediately as good coaches all around the league are becoming available. Something on Defense just isn't right, and usually I'm on top of this stuff but I just was unable to be this year. My point is I want to see them take care of our home base first. Especially Berrios! We better not give this guy away over chump change. Am I the only one who noticed him and Brady whispering to each other after the Tampa Bay game? This has happened to the Jets way too often. Again the first task at hand is evaluating our current roster. Both of our starting safeties went down and completely took the veteran presence and leadership away from the secondary which is full of first-year starters. Ouch. Aside of Mosley and Williams I couldn't tell you who the other linebackers are on this team. Obviously we need a pass rusher and it's been that way for years lol. As far as free agency and the draft we mostly need some Plug and Play guys in my opinion we have some good foundational pieces. I was impressed with Salehs post game press conference yesterday. He's patient and level-headed and really made it a point to get his message across that he has young guys who are being taught and are learning. Now it's up to JD to keep them and keep them moving forward.
  10. Keep Fant and Moses.. no matter what. The Ghost of Becton is busy eating Big Macs.
  11. This is still anybody's game and I for one would love to see the Bills lose.
  12. I wonder if anybody has muttered that they should light Diggs up!!? Jesus you know the guy is dangerous put him in his place and make him see stars.
  13. That was a heady play by Wilson followed up by a boneheaded play by Mims.
  14. Yeah Crusher he's got to knock that s*** off. The kids got instincts he's just not quick. He plays cheap when he's getting beat.
  15. Hey does anybody know how it all lays out if the Bills and Pats lose today?
  16. It's raining, I have to drive my kids and drop them off at their Mom's halfway through the game while the Jets are losing miserably. Robert Saleh is skinny. Becton can't stop eating Big Macs and Peter Pan needs glasses. Oh yeah and most of our entire Defense do not know their assignments. If they don't resign Berrios and he winds up playing anywhere but here, I will be livid. That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more-
  17. Oh yeah he's a lyin' all right!!!! lyin' on the couch with a half a tray of biscuits and gravy and his own personal spiral ham for breakfast!! Dude needs a Bra!!!!
  18. I'd rather re-sign Berrios than Crowder in a heartbeat! He was a good player he was a good guy, but not a difference maker. His best attribute is consistency. I'd gladly take him back but I wouldn't cry if we let him go
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