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  1. I'm sure I'm the outlier but I can't stand Lamar Jackson.. or the Baltimore Ravens and I hope they get crushed! I also don't like the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott. Not a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, the Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears. I root for the underdog... that's why I'm a Jet fan. I'm not into bandwagon type things- I'd really like for Lamar Jackson to throw four interceptions and get stuffed. I also would like to see the refs start throwing flags against the fan favorites! I am enjoying the downfall of Patrick Mahomes tremendously..
  2. The Jets D will defend Saleh's pride. Despite the who's our safeties question, I expect the linebackers and D line to be ornery. An offense I expect big games from Carter, TY Johnson, Elijah Moore and Wesco. That's right I said Wesco! Mike White remains slow and steady two TDs one int. Josh Allen gives up four turnovers. Jets win outright in a bloodbath. I just cracked a Heineken and opened the chips I'm ready for the game! I don't care if it's Wednesday. The Bills will feel the wrath!!
  3. Sucks for Saleh and his Defense. I know all teams deal with injuries. I also know the next man up mantra. This week we'll be starting a guy we found at the rest stop Arby's! It's week 9 and 4 days before the game, throw him a playbook! Lol.. Remember the gross irony here is that Adam Gase went through the same thing with his Offense. It's gotta be frustrating.
  4. I think that's fair. I would like to see White in another full game. I actually really like our QB room.
  5. Oh yeah they left out that Duvernay - Tardif enjoys the occasional Tootsie Roll from time to time.
  6. Actually a very good read and I like this kind of stuff. Props to the OP.
  7. Hard to watch. I actually liked this guy and I thought he was a damn good player. I'm pretty sure he's done in the NFL.
  8. It was a numbers game and Adam Gase got squeezed!!!! You'll be sorry Pee-wee Herman!!!
  9. @TomShane you know this was stolen from me- No need to apologize to Adam he was the Martyr. He changed the entire direction of this team single-handedly, and got no love while he was here working his God-like magic! I had Adam Gase' back right up until the moment it was walking out the door at Florham Park with a knife in it!!! He was an absolute genius! He coached where football is going. He was a Quarterback Whisperer. Did you see the crap they gave this guy to work with!? He stood up at that podium every week and took it on the chin. Look what he gets for it! You all sho
  10. Literally made me laugh out loud! I also have to get a can of spray paint and polish up this big wooden coffee table I got at a thrift store some years back. You can arm wrestle on it, multiple people can sit on it and play video games and they do. They also jump off of it.. and on it! I promised my 8 year old daughter she can help me. We'll probably light a fire in the pit, maybe barbecue some steaks. So I figured I'd head to Walmart!!! This always helps out my stress and anxiety disorder, and that little bit of anger management.. that didn't manage anything. This should be an inter
  11. I really like a lot of the guys we have on Offense. You have a good QB room, good Wrs, RB's etc. If there's a standout Center, Right Tackle or Tight End I can see making the pick if we're getting value. The Defense is all jumbled between rookies, unsigned free agents, guys in their last year of contracts, injuries etc. Obviously there are areas that need to be solidified. The irony here is that this is the same thing Gase went through with the Offense for 2 years with all the injuries and overall imbalance. Offensive minded HC that couldn't get his actual plan on the field.
  12. I like strippers.. and monkeys. I've partied with both.. just never at the same time. Edit: Okay I take that back. Yes I have. The memory is still hazy but I believe it's past the point of the statute of limitations.
  13. I won't even entertain the thought of Odell Beckham Jr. on the Jets. He is total clown shoes. He's a guy that shouldn't be playing a team game. I have not been shy about my dislike for his type or ilk in the past and nothing has changed. Hopefully he's the last of his kind. The Diva Rockstar worried about his brand, and all about himself. Antonio Brown, Neon Dion, Keyshawn Johnson, Terrell Owens, Cam Superman, Moron Ocho Cinco.. etc. I love the game of football. I think the NFL does a great job of putting their product out there. I think these types of guys give the game a bad n
  14. MVP was a tough one. Quincy Williams has sneakily had a good year as far as the eye test, as well as Michael Carter at RB. Bryce Hall is going to stick around a while. Echolls has also popped up from time to time. I gave Saleh a C cuz he's dealing with rookies and he is one himself. I mean across the board he has some really young coaches and players to deal with. Funny that I was saying what a different market this is 2 years ago and was laughed off and now all of the talking heads are repeating me. I'll take that as a compliment fellas. You are what your record says you are, but I
  15. They're just finding new and exciting ways to be the SOJ !!!! Yay! I honestly don't think you finished your original post because you left out the Butt Fumble, Neil O'Donnell hurting himself walking out onto the field, Vinny Testaverde rupturing his Achilles tendon standing still, Bill parcells starting Tom tupa at QB cuz we didn't have a backup and the list goes on! How about drafting Kyle Brady? How about drafting Kyle Wilson for that matter!? How about the Louisville Slugger.. or Michael Vick who admits in week 6 he's never studied the playbook? Damn I just suddenly felt
  16. I think it's a little bit of both? We're talking about rookies across the board.
  17. I know there are no moral victories.. Once I saw Mike White's wrist flopping around like a piece of spaghetti it was a gut punch. Elijah Moore, LaFleur, Michael Carter, Josh Johnson has a rifle. Kind of reminded me of Geno Smith only smart? Lol! Either way the team didn't quit. We can bash stuff all over the place when we lose. Unfortunately this wasn't the DC's best showing. As of this writing I'm watching Saleh at the podium and was just going to say we gave Jonathan Taylor way too much room to run in the first half of the game. A lot of young dudes are flashing on b
  18. Is it "OFFICIAL" that Mike White has been "OFFICIALLY" vaccinated!? Or did he just have an immunization? George Carlin had an incredible skit on euphemisms I highly recommend it!!!
  19. Yeah brilliant idea coming off of an awesome win!! Let's completely change the look of the team for a brand new QB in his second start on national TV!!! Nothing like not having any clue who the hell you're throwing to!!! Maybe he can walk around the parking lot with the tailgaters handing out Jets lollipops!? Woody is like a bad mashup between Mr. Rogers and a Mall Santa, all whilst looking like E.T. Phone home Woody.. phone..home..
  20. I would love to! Unfortunately it was almost 20 years ago and technology has changed since then big time! I still have the CDs but most of the stations that were playing them aren't around anymore. The Bone became the Shark 94.3. Wrcn 103.9, I don't think plays music anymore.. we were on WBAB. It was pretty cool having people call me up at 1:30 in the morning telling me my song's on the radio. I do have plans to digitize a whole bunch of analog stuff and make a website with all the bands I was in with a menu and links. These days I have one of my 12-year-old sons Shane telling me I'm
  21. A third year QB who was a fifth round pick that got kicked off the team that drafted him and shuffled around multiple practice squads had a decision making process that was better and faster than the second overall pick in the draft,.. you are correct. Oh yeah and he actually was a baseball player. He wanted to get into MLB. Just to make it clear @DunnieI'm not on the Mike White bandwagon. I'm just stating that his decision making was obviously better than Zachs. Obviously something was different, something was changed because that's how the offense is supposed to look.
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