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  1. This is still anybody's game and I for one would love to see the Bills lose.
  2. I wonder if anybody has muttered that they should light Diggs up!!? Jesus you know the guy is dangerous put him in his place and make him see stars.
  3. That was a heady play by Wilson followed up by a boneheaded play by Mims.
  4. Yeah Crusher he's got to knock that s*** off. The kids got instincts he's just not quick. He plays cheap when he's getting beat.
  5. Hey does anybody know how it all lays out if the Bills and Pats lose today?
  6. It's raining, I have to drive my kids and drop them off at their Mom's halfway through the game while the Jets are losing miserably. Robert Saleh is skinny. Becton can't stop eating Big Macs and Peter Pan needs glasses. Oh yeah and most of our entire Defense do not know their assignments. If they don't resign Berrios and he winds up playing anywhere but here, I will be livid. That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more-
  7. Oh yeah he's a lyin' all right!!!! lyin' on the couch with a half a tray of biscuits and gravy and his own personal spiral ham for breakfast!! Dude needs a Bra!!!!
  8. I'd rather re-sign Berrios than Crowder in a heartbeat! He was a good player he was a good guy, but not a difference maker. His best attribute is consistency. I'd gladly take him back but I wouldn't cry if we let him go
  9. He already does!! I actually think he looks like Emperor Palpatine! Lmao
  10. I called this months ago. It was a thread where I brought up the difficulties of a head coach's job. I said Saleh got skinny since he's been here, he didn't look all diesel anymore. Same thing with US presidents. They always look like they've aged 20 years by the end of their first term
  11. Agreed. I can't even name our linebackers besides Quincy Williams, and we're on like our 7th strong safety this year? We're actually playing an undrafted free agent starting at free safety. Come on man it's a skeleton crew. The defensive line has been banged up or sick all year this basically mirrors what Gase had to work with on offense.
  12. Willie Colon just said Rich Cimini was cheering on the sidelines when we failed to get the first down on 4th and 2 LOL!!!
  13. Post game SNY they're destroying going for it on 4th and 2!!! I totally agree I knew the game was over right there smh...
  14. They should pay Braxton Berrios today!!!!! I've been saying it for a year and a half! My dudes price tag is going up like you just hit the Jackpot on a slot machine.
  15. Looking like we finally get a Christmas gift from the Jets!! I'm waiting for Tom Brady to just start crying and stomping his feet cuz the refs won't give him all the calls!!! Lmfao
  16. No Bowels was a terrible head coach because his coaches and game plans weren't cohesive, his players were lazy. He had absolutely no fire at all. Todd Bowles walked around on the sidelines and in the media post game press conferences like he was banged up on Xanax...
  17. Carter and Tevin Coleman have become a surprising one-two punch. We have to keep what works going forward. We got to keep some of these guys around when it's working. I don't know the status of all their contracts but Morgan Moses, George Fant, and Tevin Coleman have all been serviceable and veteran leaders. The Jets have a really bad habit of being Penny Pinchers for some reason, then they blow their wad on some ridiculous contract for washed up players who don't even want to be here? Makes no sense. I know we have to tweak and sprinkle in all the positions from the Draft and Free Agency. However we ALL know that we're going to lowball Braxton Berrios. Somebody else will give him an extra 2-3 million per and he'll be in the f****** Pro bowl for the next 3 years. Jetsy-
  18. Happy B-Day Dude!!! Always jovial, great sense of humor. Enjoy your day man!
  19. Well at least we got a couple of starters back. It would be glorious to upset the Brady's-
  20. Throughout the year we all spend a lot of time here jawing back and forth, making our points, and getting a few rabbit punches in. I for one am very grateful for the camaraderie and the humor from all of you. I'm happy to be in the mix and I want to wish all of my Jet brethren a Happy and Safe Holiday with your Families.
  21. Brady is definitely girly. He's like a broomstick with teeth and hair LOL. I definitely can't see anybody ducking or cowering down when he starts buggin out. More like dudes just laughing at him. Yeah we all have that friend who starts flipping out in the backseat cuz you smoked near his jacket or accidentally scuffed his shoe. I just bought this shirt!! It's my favorite shirt! Everybody just starts cracking up. Sit down and shut up Tommy!!!
  22. So he'll have one big leg and one regular? I guess he has to have pants custom-made ? Also it might be a little awkward when he's holding hands and taking a walk on the beach with his girlfriend. But hey it takes all kinds I guess.
  23. Nice play for the pick 6 Echolls!! Just like I said about Zack and the entire team let them claw their way back up. You got to lose to learn how to win. The character of this team will prevail.
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