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  1. That was a terrible play and they should have went directly to the end zone
  2. Not exactly world beaters just yet but they've dialed up effort in all phases of the game.
  3. The team is gelling ..it's a good thing. Remember they're all Rooks top to bottom. Gellin' like a Felon! Sure as s*** it's been painful to watch, but they told us that would be the case. They built this team around quality and character. The people and players they brought into the building are a good foundation.
  4. Yes I'm watching and I see extra effort from our s***** Defense. I didn't say they were playing well I said they were tenacious. They're hitting hard and giving extra effort.
  5. Tenacious D today! I wonder if Saleh actually had to give them a talk and say his job is in danger? This one's for the Gipper?
  6. Vin Diesel and Marcy Darcy came out swinging today!!! Let's see if they can keep it up!?
  7. Hey I was trying to respond to a thread I read earlier.. it was about Zach Wilson?
  8. Chippy to say the least? I'm anticipating a pier 6 brawl this evening. Bench clearing madness... it's coming!
  9. I'll call anybody I want "boy" who is half my age and I said a street gang punk. I never referenced his skin color. Nice try. For your information I have three sons and I call them all "boy" does that make me racist? Find something else to do dude.. please.
  10. BTW I didn't mention him being black or a gang member. But I guess you've been conditioned? I haven't and I won't be. What I said was a multi-millionaire should represent himself as the leader of a team instead of worrying about style and he's getting beat I was talking s*** about a football game. But you are more than welcome to think what you want.
  11. Stafford deserves to win tonight the guy's been around forever. Kyler Murray looks like a punk from a street gang. A multi-millionaire leader of a team should not represent himself like that. And just like that another touchdown for the Rams look at Kyler's stupid haircut! Lol! Get your priorities straight boy- Say it out loud Kyler... Cooper Kupp!
  12. I can't disagree with the OP. I think as Jet fans we're starving for something positive. We keep getting our hopes up only to get dropped on our heads over and over. It really starts to wear on you after a while. We shouldn't be surviving on a few flashes per game, it's ridiculous. Like I said in another post I'm watching the other teams highlights on the NFL Network and our team doesn't look anything like that LOL. We just re-did everything from top to bottom. The front office, the president, the gm, head coach, QB you name it. WTF!? I think Zach Wilson is blind in one eye. That's all I can come up with-
  13. @MaxmanI'm in the same boat 25 years in one industry and then I was injured in an auto accident. Wasn't exactly my choice to find a new career. The more they pay you the less support you have they expect you to work miracles with ropes and rocks and when the going gets tough they worry about their own saltwater pools. Anyway I have Capital to invest and also wanted to start a few small businesses just as the pandemic hit which has doubled down and made it extra difficult. The recent MRI of my back and neck is no more promising as I have an immediate emergency doctor's appointment with the neurologist. I'm more than open to any bright ideas-
  14. I'm one step closer to not following this team anymore. I'm doing something else with my Sundays. I know that's blaspheme as I've been a dedicated Jet fan for 3 decades. But I have the NFL Network and I watch other teams highlights. Smh.
  15. Sounds like a Hangover!? Saleh said he could barely stand?
  16. Basically Mims is mad that he couldn't be a Diva and that Pro Football is a job and it's actually work. Lol.. I guess he thought it was all about Bentleys and jewelry and tattoos and making it rain!? Well sorry son but you have to learn the playbook first... and how to catch the ball.
  17. After the way ZW played today I would gladly stand on his face and his chest- How you like me now!?
  18. Painfully I have to agree with you. I always say I really like this kid in interviews he doesn't seem like an idiot and he doesn't throw the same week in week out each and every play cliches.. But he better come out with some crap like I've been playing with a separated shoulder or I'm legally blind or something, cause my 8-year-old daughter could make those throws left-handed-
  19. Just a gut feeling but I'm starting to get the vibe that the players don't like Zach Wilson. If you watch the post game show on SNY you can tell these guys don't like him either. Don't know if it's a performance thing or a personal thing, just my opinion.
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