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  1. So right before it T. Hill decided to give me another proctology exam this afternoon I had an intelligent thought. Does anybody else think that we should just start calling the two minute offense at the start of the game? That seems to be the only thing Zach is capable of.
  2. Does Quincy Williams again # 56. He's been a bright spot on defense I really like this guy
  3. Somebody posted a comment from cleco the other day about the defense needing to man up! He's old school but he was right. He said when your father gets pissed off in your house everybody better duck. I'm paraphrasing but I understand what he's saying-
  4. Alvin Kamara on angry runs! The only time you ever see the Jets on any football show is when we're getting our asses kicked.
  5. Mims Sucks!!! The only thing he can catch is crabs-
  6. This... I absolutely hated the Bell signing and Trumaine Johnson. I don't like when these guys treat coming to the New York Jets like their stopping by their new girlfriends friends party or something and can't wait to leave LOL. Michael Vick comes to mind. When Vick was here he didn't even bother learning The playbook.
  7. Yo listen I've already made my argument about Berrios, but here are a couple of facts. We plucked this guy off the Patriots practice squad and he was there to replace their slot receivers you know who those guys are right? Also Belichick likes guys who can play multiple positions and on both sides of the ball. Remember Ray lucas? How about Brad Smith? Certain guys aren't great at any one thing but they're very good at multiple things that's called a Swiss army knife. In fact who was the dude during the Herminator era that we took from the defensive line and turned him into a pro bowl Right guard!? Anyway Berrios shouldn't go anywhere else, we'd be stupid if we didn't resign him. Again he's not a superstar but you hear his name every week he does something good.
  8. I meant to respond to this yesterday. Any dumbass that doesn't realize that guys like Braxton Berrios are what you build the bottom of your roster with have their head jammed up their ass. He's not a superstar ..he's a consummate professional. I'll take Berrios over Corey Davis any day. Lol it's not even close. JD is confidently building the bottom of this roster so that we don't fall off when one of the three Superstars we have takes a plunge. That's how you build a team. That's why Berrios was on the Patriots practice squad. You can wish you had 53 guys like him. Oh a humble guy who shows up to work everyday and does anything you ask? You don't see Denzel Mims doing that do you? No he's worried about being Antonio Brown and a Diva. Mike Devito, Jericho Cotchery, Ty Johnson, Leon Washington, Bart Scott, Wallace Wright, Willie Colon. Etc. These are the guys that actually make up a football team. They're out there all the time, game in and out and you don't even notice because they're doing their job! Berrios is one of those guys and I hope we lock him up for a few more years.
  9. I hope he goes to the Giants and fails miserably! Can't wait!!!
  10. Credit where credit is due. A lot of folks on here were crapping on this guy. I'd keep him around-
  11. Yeah let's turn this into the I hate the uniforms thread!!!!?? Sumbitches!!! sh*tty ass Uni's!!! Lol!
  12. Were you ever somebody else's forehead? I think I've seen you around..lol
  13. He's in a downward spiral now and it's obvious. He's the only one that doesn't see it. He'll resurface in a year or two a little more humbled.
  14. Blake Cashman needs a bus pass to parts unknown and I'm more than willing to chip in-
  15. I can't really say I disagree. But if I have to choose sides I'm going with old and wise every time. Just remember that Belichick was coaching football before Tom Brady was even goddamn born. Lol
  16. Wasn't Doss like a fourth round pick that was on the raiders a few years ago? I remember him making some noise but he was immature or something?
  17. Just a quick follow-up I will always be a Jets fan I have no love for the Pats or Belichick. However it's Tom Brady that I really can't stand. To be totally honest I'm a comic book villain type of guy. I love Darth vader, Rowdy Roddy piper, Mike Tyson etc. The men you love to hate. Nothing is good without a really good bad guy- In three decades of being a dedicated football fan what this guy has accomplished is amazing to me. I think you'll find out in the end that it was Belichick not Brady that made them so successful. The brains behind the brawn so to speak, even though Brady just emulates Belichick. Lastly I've recently been floating around the idea that it's all fixed. Nothing would recoup lost revenue like a Belichick vs. Brady Super Bowl. Anyway I was getting sick and tired of hearing about Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bumpkins, and just like Hot Rod Piper was applauded when he came back to wrestling, it was fun to be right about this guy pulling some Evil Emperor type s*** out of his ass! #gameplan
  18. What has two thumbs and is going to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? This Guy!!!! Count on it.
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